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7 Ways Guys Try to Act Aloof & Mysterious

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Quite literally nothing significant happened. I read that book so many times I broke the binding. It has taught women to squarely put the blame on men for all the ills in the world, therefore perpetuating their "crazy" behavior by never holding them accountable for it. She will never let her true feelings be known before she really gets to know a guy. More importantly, you're able to recognize why she's behaving this way, more that she herself is aware of why she's behaving this way. You can be polite and aloof at the same time--in fact, you should be!

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If you are insecure and lack confidence yourself, you'll be too busy taking her behavior towards you personally. After that, I still like him in a same way so I put more effort actually I am more friendly kind of person: Yes, there are easygoing girls I'm one: We all know these people in real life. Look at yourself and say I am worthy. I disagree with some of what jdcpa says.

Not only does it create a riddle for the other person to solve, but giving little tastes of good vibes, mixed with a confusing vibe intrigues people. This one is quite immature and can be downright mean, but sometimes you just have to do it. You don't have to be that obnoxious, but making the person long for your attention by makes it that much better for them when you actually give them that attention later on once you've decided the punishment has gone long enough.

Walking in to a party and talking to everyone but her, not going right over to her right away, keeps her in check and makes it look like I've got a lot going on. Surrounding Myself with a Crowd. Holding court the middle of an impenetrable circle of cool, attractive people is intimidating, but effective. Your person of interest will want to be part of the circle. It's especially magnetic if you can keep the crowd laughing and nodding in agreement, like a politician on the campaign trail.

Putting Down Your Cool Things. Due to the fact that women like jerks, when I put down something she thinks is really cool, I have success. I am always telling women how much I hate Lady Gaga when they trump her up, and I once told a girl she'd "never make it in New York," while she was bragging about her plans.

A few weeks later, we were hooking up. I guess putting all that stuff down makes me look too cool for school. Making Myself Look Busy. Sometimes when I text a girl that I can't meet her because of "cool social engagement A, B, or C," I'm doing so lying in bed in boxers watching Lifeteime movies before passing out. It's all about creating the image. If you use this tactic, remember not to leave a Facebook status trail saying that you're actually staying in and watching bad movies. Who doesn't want to try to solve that riddle?

After she's blown enough chances, I move on. It makes it look like I've got more going on. I wish I didn't have to fake aloofness. It's part of the game. Without looking at a dictionary, i believe this means to not take anything seriously and just act like you dont care about the girl. Again, i think, so if im wrong, dont kill me for it. Of course, this works for him and not be, partially because i dont think i know what aloof means.

But i've been successful brave enough that i tried when i just came out and said, this is what i want and thats it. So of course, i had this conversation in new york, and people tend to be a shade different. Way too many sensitive people down here, dont knock it, its true. I have no time for 'aloof' I think the majority of us wouldn't think of going after a guy who couldn't care less about us.

I tend to dislike people who think they are better than anyone else for whatever reason, and the aloof behaviour often gives me that feeling. I think, showing a woman that you are interested is the best way to go. It won't always give you a "yes" since not all woman will be interested in you just as you probably aren't interested in every woman , but at least it will put the ball in her court.

At least, i dont think so. Because im straightfoward, it would be hard for me to be aloof for any length of time. Provided of course if i knew correctly what "aloof" means. You can look up the definition of almost everything Here are a few definitions of aloof: Distant physically or emotionally; reserved and remote: At a distance but within view; apart You can act aloof anytime you want to, and some people may consider you to be rude while doing so.

You are at a party, talking with a group of people. A new person joins the group. A few people engage them in conversation, but you continue your current conversation while not noticing the new person has joined the group. People don't have to always be one or the other. I personally am only attracted to certain male characteristics. If a man outside of my acceptable age range were acting aloof, I still would not be attracted, because I am not interested in dating older men.

Does that make any sense to you? If a guy isn't her "type", why would a girl care if he is acting aloof? Some people are naturally aloof though and if that's who they are it can be difficult to be friends with them.

But that's just my opinion. Aggressiveness is a turn-off to many girls. I mean, you can show honest interest without stalking the person Time is valuable to me. I'm not going to waste mine or someone else's. Don't be aggressive, though.

One of the worst things I think is for a guy to act a certain way the first few dates and then all of a sudden start acting like someone else or himself. I personally want to see who you truely are the first go around. With that being said, I prefer a guy who is straight forward. I don't like someone who gives mixed signals or who beats around the damn bush. I like to know how you truely feel about something, whether you like it or not So, just say it how you feel it!

That's why all the "getting laid" tactics just don't work for long term. Be yourself, and find someone who likes you for you, not because you are a game player.

Many people will say 'yes, I'd rather have straightforward', because that's the most logical thing to do. But emotions and attraction rarely have anything to do with logic. In general, you treat the person you're attracted to in the same regard you treat everyone else. Ever notice how the people you like seem to run from you, while at the same time the people you can do without seem to hang around and want you? I wouldn't really call it 'aloof' or 'c cky'. These 2 things will actually drive the person who likes you to hang it up if they think there is no chance.

However, if you're friendly but just don't go out of your way to treat them better than everyone else, they'll stick around and hope for you to warm up to them.

The person has be able to think there is a possibility of having you.

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act aloof dating

I was direct with a more desirable man. Whether we end up together, or not.

act aloof dating

A fresh take on sports: Every situation is different. I saw before you stated if a woman waits for that magical moment to happen then we are pretty much kidding ourselves.

act aloof dating

Let me tell you something dear Amy. Act aloof dating your going to have a heart ace, datimg it quick. A Anonymous Sep 14, In truth, unless she's minting money, her delusions of grandure and any dating site in usa value she has to add to a man's life is purely imaginary. Emotionally unstable people tend to become MUCH act aloof dating unstable when they start having sex with someone. I have made myself not text him. Feel free to coment.