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Bohdi the Torterra The Hero: Which just so happened to be Hilbert. Non-Elemental Making a Splash: Chugga likes him for his bulk and that he gained more attack power with his evolution in the game.

As a Whole

His role from this game is kept in HeartGold and SoulSilver. And seems to be researching ways to force Pokemon evolution. This purpose never got served because Haywire got extremely lucky with Full Paralysis stuns, one of which stopped Lenora's Watchog from using Retaliate after her Herdier fainted. Likes to shout out "NO! In his deleted tag video, Chugga claims he can turn his head degrees. Then again, I always get all these comments from girls being like, "You're so cute when you're nerdy. They just scavenge for items while the rest of the party fights.

He might be affected by Jon and Tim. Comes with a big "What The Fuck! Some of his friends and some on the commenters on the StephenVlog s and Tim 's vlogs, mention how handsome they think he is. Chugga is really surprised by this due to all the bullying he has experienced in his childhood. Loves to crack puns. Is often told in comments that some of his jokes are not funny like a few about rape and suicide.

According to ProtonJon all of The Runaway Guys come with suicide jokes due to having been suicidal themselves. Spell My Name with an "S": Despite writing his name as Emile and nickname as Chugga, there are many commenters who write Emil and Chuggaa. Well, it's better than to be called Emily again, isn't it? Chugga's FireRed team no longer exists, as his FireRed cartridge has, unfortunately, been lost to time Even as a Bulbasaur, he was able to carry most battles when his teammates couldn't.

Green Thumb Heroic Second Wind: He has decent attack and bulk, but he's fairly slow. To Chugga's online resource for his Pokemon LPs.

Chugga likes using him to put opponents to sleep. Bulbapedia went the longest without being given a nickname, so for a while it was just "Khold," "Meow Mix," "Mimien," "RK9", and Neither attack was used throughout the entire fight. Tended to lose a lot more battles the more the journey went on, even occasionally as a Venusaur. As a Spearow, he kept getting screwed over by bad luck in his early battles. He quickly Took a Level in Badass from Mt. Fearow's attacking stats are decent and its speed is pretty high, but its other stats are mediocre.

Chugga specifically picked Spearow because it's faster and more aggressive than the Pidgey line. Named After Someone Famous: He was named after The Khold One as he traded Spearow for Farfetch'd in his playthrough and complained about it being useless.

To accuracy-lowering attacks thanks to Keen Eye. Its other typing that it shares with Meow Mix. At The Khold One. He was kept out against a Lass's Nidoran with 1 HP. The Nidoran only used Tail Whip and Growl before going down , though it did leave a Poison Point before being defeated.

Chugga picked Meow Mix because he was a fan of Meowth in the anime. The species' speed is its main appeal, as its other stats are mediocre. Before evolving, Meow Mix's ability was Pickup, allowing him to get some decent items.

As a Persian, his ability is Limber which prevents paralysis. The other team members were more effective at what they did than Meow Mix. That being said, he's had quite a few notable victories to his name, and he even contributed a great deal in taking some of the tougher opponents down.

To the cat food brand of the same name. Chugga seems to think so. It was obtained in an in-game trade, so he couldn't change it. At one point, he had Magical Leaf in his moveset. The drug jokes did not escape Chugga. As it was obtained in a trade.

Chugga got rid of Reflect because Mr. Mime would be more suited to tanking special attacks than physical ones. He clearly forgot that when fighting Gary's Gyarados. Mimien has the Soundproof ability, which makes him this to sound-based abilities.

Only Known by Their Nickname: Averted, as Chugga rarely calls him Mimien. Becomes part Fairy type 3 generations later.

At least it would, if it wasn't for the Bus Crash. Reasonably fast with plenty of special-based offense and defense, but his physical stats are incredibly lacking.

A Dog Named "Dog": She has the Intimidate ability, which lowers the enemy's attack upon being sent out. Ended up in at least one failed attempt where she used Roar to flee the coop. The Growlithe line has a balanced set of stats, allowing it to hit hard and tank some hits. The Intimidate ability even makes that last part more pronounced. Playing with Fire Punny Name: It's pretty much the name of its species. Two Girls to a Team: With Tessie Xtreme Kool Letterz: Used to make the Punny Name.

Tessie's Water Absorb ability makes her this to Water-type attacks. To Earthbound Stone Wall: Her other stats aside from speed are decent, but her main draw is her massive HP stat. Odairu is a transliteration of Feraligatr's Japanese name. Gratuitous Japanese 11th-Hour Superpower: Odairu evolved into Croconaw before fighting Whitney.

He then proved essential to beating her, along with Darmani's Mud-Slap. Compared to Typhlosion and Meganium , Feraligatr has a well-rounded balance of offense and defense. A small running gag in his first couple appearances, Phanpy would run away in fear often. Except for his HP, all of his beginning stats were at seven. He has a good amount of HP to compliment his high attack and defense, but his other stats aren't too great.

Majora's Mask , who would make Link's Goron Mask, which allowed him to roll. Notably, due to Generation II being the first generation where stone evolutions could learn moves, Roary winds up learning Extreme Speed as an Arcanine. Like RK9 before him, Roary has decent stats all across the board. The only difference is that abilities weren't introduced yet, so Intimidate isn't a factor.

Was named Roary because of how it kept using Roar and forcing the battle to end early. Made more ironic since it's only other move was Bite when Chugga first caught it. Roary's species was previously used in the FireRed Let's Play. Roary's original nickname was just Growlithe with the vowels taken out. A minor one to Mimien. See Squishy Wizard below. He even learns Psybeam as soon as it evolves. Espeon has incredibly high speed and special stats, but is lacking in the physical department.

Knew Self-Destruct, then replaced with Explosion. Chugga's reaction to seeing it's shiny Koffing form. Methane is a blue gas with a propensity to explode. Which is a 1 in chance at this point in the series. Chugga even stated that he got it because he needed a "Defensive Wall". Learned Self-Destruct a level after being caught, and was later taught Explosion.

Is met with Extreme Speed, a move it can only learn through breeding, due to being obtained through the test in the Dragon's Den. Though it didn't get it's Flying Sub-type until the semifinal episode.

Evolved in the semifinal episode, just before fighting Red. Volvagia in OoT is male, whereas this Volvagia is female. Dragonite are more than capable of wrecking house and tanking hits, but their speed stat is middling. Granted, Volvagia doesn't become this until right before the fight with Red. Named after a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Is the only girl on the Crystal team.

Epic Slave the Suicune Almighty Janitor: Is the version mascot of Crystal and also a bit more heavily tied to the story as a result. His role from this game is kept in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Making a Splash Mundane Made Awesome: An "Epic Slave", if you will. It's only ever on Chugga's team for Waterfall and Whirlpool usage. Being a legendary, Suicune has no given gender. Suicune is known for its amazing defense and special defense.

The Bus Came Back: Prior to that, they appeared in Yoshiller's th Whatever Wednesday video for a match against his own Emerald team. Gains this type from Combusken onwards. His offensive stats are absolutely phenomenal and his attack coverage is pretty great for a starter, but everything else has either a base 70 or 80 total.

His Blaze ability works this way. Playing with Fire Shout-Out: Invoked to a reference to a previous LP. Ludicolo in general are like this, as this trait appealed to Chugga. In the final battle against Steven , he got four critical hits in five turns.

Green Thumb Healing Factor: His Rain Dish ability allows him to restore HP in the rain. His overall statistics even each other out, though he mainly has an edge in special attack and special defense. She doesn't need elemental attacks to be completely overpowered.

As part of a Self-Imposed Challenge. Has Hyper Beam, or as Chuggaa calls it: She's named after Chugga's male cat despite being female. Chugga frequently mistakes her for a male because of this.

Was taught Hyper Beam to get around the attacking only once every two turns handicap. Despite the massive weight gain compared to Vigoroth, Teddy actually gains speed upon evolving into Slaking. She has high HP and attack, while everything else is above average.

As a Vigoroth, her Vital Spirit ability prevented the sleep status. Why it was captured in the first place. It's ability Truant makes it only attack once every two turns.

Is named after one of Chugga's cats, Teddy. When she evolved into Slaking Say hello to ProtonJon 's update schedule given form! Saikou the Espeon The Ace: Has the ability Synchronize, which allows him to pass on status effects.

The Power of Friendship: He even has Return at full power at the very start. Saikou can be pronounced "Psycho". Psychic Powers Recurring Element: Saikou's species was previously used in the Crystal Let's Play. Just like Vui in Crystal , he has high speed and overall special stats, but can't take physical hits worth a darn. Was taught the move to give it more attack diversity. He has good special attack and speed, but it's other stats aren't too impressive. In the past, Chugga's even compared the Cyndaquil line to the Charmander line in terms of overall use.

Has the ability Blaze, which essentially works like this. In fact, it's the only Fire-type used in Colosseum and XD: To the last level in Super Mario Sunshine that he had extreme trouble with: Was taught Earthquake for dealing with multiple enemies. And he knows Surf. Making a Splash Mighty Glacier: Marshall's attack and defense are equal by default, and his HP is his most defining feature. However, he's slow as molasses. His ability Water Absorb made him immune to water attacks.

Surf is a good attack, but Quagsire's Special Attack is rather lousy. Evice could have easily finished him off but decided to use two X Attacks instead. Affection the Misdreavus Ascended Extra: Went from a slot filler to an actual team member after the Running Gag started. Was named Affection as part of the Running Gag.

Not just to Normal and Fighting types, but her ability Levitate makes her immune to Ground types as well. It doesn't affect Misdreavus! Gale of Darkness Team Michael's Team. Was complimented for being able to outspeed many of the opponents. He outspeeds almost everything and he's got a great Special Attack stat to complement.

Voltaire is not only a name based on electricity, but the name of one of Chugga's old friends. His Volt Absorb makes him this to Electric-type moves. Espeon is basically Jolteon, but with the special attack and speed stats switched around. As such, Voltaire has high special attack and speed and above-average special defense, but his other stats are pretty low. As a Spheal, when he uses Charm. Making a Splash Meaningful Rename: Mah Ball was not quite ball-like after evolving into a Sealeo, so a new name was in order.

His offenses and defenses are all reasonably high, and his Thick Fat ability makes him further able to take Fire and Ice typed attacks. Mah Stache sounds like Mustache. Mah Ball is a reference to Lucahjin. Both names started with "Mah". The Baltoy line doesn't have genders.

It's Levitate ability allowed it to be used with Billy Bob's Earthquake without taking friendly fire. Psychic Powers Stone Wall: It's slow, and it's offenses aren't too impressive, but it can take hits well.

Named after the Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster card that is impervious to Trap Cards. Billy Bob's Rock Head ability prevents recoil damage. One of the names guessed for Doopliss in his Paper Mario: A fear-inspiring metallic, dragonic juggernaut It Makes Sense in Context. A Running Gag was how most attacks would only do one point of damage. And he can dish out damage pretty well too.

Gadzooks the Zangoose Early-Bird Cameo: Appeared in the third episode. He's a very powerful fighter and reasonably fast, but his other stats kinda suck. Unlike the others, Gadzooks was around the story the longest. Named for his former trainer Zook. To any Ghost-type attacks due to his type, and any attempts with Poisoning due to his Immunity ability.

The amount of battles in the main story which Trifecta makes significant contributions to can be counted on one hand.

She's fast, but one or two hits can take her out. At the very least, she can also do decent damage if she manages to stay in for long enough. Her Early Bird ability makes her wake up quickly if she falls asleep. Three heads, and her name is based on a group of three. To Chugga's XD team. Took a Level in Badass: She was constantly getting K.

Gene the Teddiursa Item Caddy: Would usually find exceptionally rare items. Not an official team member, but was kept in for it's Pickup ability until Dodrio joined in. Was in the party for most of the time, due to Dodrio not joining until the final dungeon. Gets hit with this a bit as a Grotle, being overshadowed by the others. When Chuggaa goes to the move relearner to reteach moves, Bodhi only had three to choose from Tackle, Withdraw, and Absorb , while the others have entire lists.

He definitely grows out of this as a Torterra. Cast from Hit Points: One-shots Cynthia's Lucario with Earthquake. His secondary type as a Torterra, complete with learning Earthquake upon evolving. Has Wood Hammer, with Chugga even referencing this trope by name in Episode Of sorts, to Ash's Torterra , in that the latter got overshadowed the more it evolved, whereas Chugga's grew out of that once he reached his final stage. His Overgrow ability works like this.

Bodhi is a magnificent tree, which Emile believes the little sprout he was as a Turtwig will grow into someday. And boy, did he. He's incredibly slow, but he can dish out damage like nobody's business and tank just as much. Averted as a Torterra, however.

Evolves into Torterra just before the battle with Crasher Wake. And it sweeps right through Shady Penguinn's team in multiplayer. Was able to defeat Barry twice without taking any damage, because Barry's Chimchar kept using Leer to lower his defense. During the last battle with Jupiter, two Flamethrowers from Skuntank would've beaten Bodhi.

However, Skuntank used Smokescreen instead of Flamethrower. Zubat is actually one of these almost every game, but Chuggaa decides to add one to his team because it grows into a powerhouse. He fell to a one hit KO to Roark's Cranidos, revealing that the latter was faster than Zubat, much to the dismay of Chuggaa. A Day in the Limelight: Bonus points since the episode is almost 50 minutes long.

It only took three levels for him to evolve from Golbat to Crobat, resulting in a massive stat boost. This happens immediately after the second gym. Has a reasonable attack stat and an incredibly high speed stat. The latter is especially evident as a Crobat. His Flying typing makes her immune to Ground attacks, and he has the ability Inner Focus, which makes him Immune to Flinching.

What does Zubat become when it fully evolves? Had Supersonic before being replaced with the much more accurate Confuse Ray. Once he finally learned Wing Attack, he was able to defeat a trainer's Roselia in 2 hits on his own, which is a huge step up from his weaker attacks before. Had Magical Leaf up until Episode 25 where it was replaced with Thunderbolt. Has Metronome which allows Supernova to use any attack at random, but for the most part, it hasn't been too helpful in the adventure.

At least until one iteration gives it Roar of Time. Chugga likes her for her power and cuteness. In the boss battles she takes part in, more often than not she gets hit by a status effect or a crit at an inhuman frequency. Averted again in her battle against Lucian, as she takes down Bronzong, one of Lucian's strongest Pokemon, with two Fire Blasts. Considering her atrocious luck beforehand, this is a pretty damn good showing. Her bad luck returns with the fight with Champion Cynthia. Supernova is sent out first against Cynthia's Spiritomb, and Supernova manages to not miss any attacks.

Supernova is knocked out without even sending out the Reflect that Chugga had replaced for, or even getting Cynthia to use a Full Restore. A streak of getting KO'd before doing anything worthwhile, coupled with abysmal luck? The poor girl can't get a break. The reason why Chugga chose the name Supernova. Has Meteor Mash, the move Chugga wanted her to learn before he evolved her. Failed a Spot Check: One of the ones traded was Supernova, which dropped her happiness down to its original value.

Chugga doesn't realize this and commends Kellz's Ponyta for taking a Return well. Aside from this being her type until the fairy-type retcon , she was taught Return, not just to take advantage of the Happiness factor, but for the Same Type Attack Bonus. Has the ability Magic Guard, making her immune to damaging status effects and weather. Her normal typing also makes her immune to Ghost-types. Our Fairies Are Different: Knows the move Fire Blast, which actually helps Chugga win a multiplayer battle against Tamashii Hikora and her Leafeon.

Knows the move Thunderbolt. Her HP and special defense are pretty above average. She could also hit reasonably hard, if she'd just land hits more often. Cleffa have a high base friendship and Chugga gave her the TM Return, power based off of how high the friendship is.

And like Zubat, it's another happiness-based evolution. She becomes this to Chugga because of her poor luck. By the time Chugga faces off against Crasher Wake, she's 5 levels above the next highest leveled team member.

She also has the poorest showing, getting dominated by Wake's Gyarados without getting a single hit in. In both of Chugga's battles with him. She's then defeated by Yoshiller's Gliscor, who's four levels lower than her, without getting to do anything to it.

She also pulls her weight against Lucian, being able to solo-kill his Bronzong with her Fire Blasts. Had Magical Leaf up until episode 28 where it was replaced with Leaf Blade. His secondary type as a Gallade. Has the Steadfast ability, which allows his speed to increase every time he flinches. Chugga gives Psythe a selection of Increased-Critical moves, and just before the Elite Four also gives him a Razor Claw, giving Psythe increased critical hit chance.

Didn't See That Coming: Chuggaa forgot Ralts had Teleport when he tried to catch him. Dude Looks Like a Lady: Ralts and its evolution Kirlia are quite feminine looking, but Chugga specifically wanted a male one. Grows out of this when he evolves into Gallade, though. Psythe levels to 53 during the battle with Elite Four Flint and learns Close Combat, which Chugga had thought was learned at level This leaves two other battles to use that move in.

Psychic Powers Punny Name: Who am I to turn down that kind of request? I'm not a jerk, you know. Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": He occasionally refers to the Pikmin as carrots. It's a subtle reference, as in-game, Olimar named the little creatures after a common food back on Hocotate, Pikpik Carrots. Even better, those kind of carrots do come in yellow and blue varieties. When he does a game that's in the same series as one he's already played, Chugga will usually quote something that he once said during the original LP.

Or whenever he feels like. He nicknames his Torchic in Emerald Moegami , even going as far as saying it's a call back to an older LP. A shorter-range example, he notices that the final boss of Majora's Mask does the same dance that the ReDeads from a few episodes ago did, and makes the joke again.

In Episode 49 of Skyward Sword , he opens the episode lamenting giving up Breath of the Wild 's bigger stamina wheel, referencing how he opened Episode 49 of his Majora's Mask LP lamenting giving up Skyward Sword 's run button. Chugga knows the video hasn't been uploaded, so he keeps spoilers to a minimum.

Aww, aren't you a cute little Voldemort impersonator These things are adorable. Ok, my Attack power was sharply lowered if you can tell by my voice getting that much higher. One cutscene in the whole game that starts in about five seconds. Swing around to achieve your wildest dream: And in this episode, with our awesome Goron rolling spikey-powers of spikes we are going to be going forth!

Over there you can see that there is a treasure over there. Right here we have this map right here Redundancy, thy middle name is Alot of people were disappointed that my D. S rate was down. Used to be one of these for a long while, but has since averted this , with The Speed Gamers and an interview or two. In Luigi's Mansion, he says to make sure a Boo doesn't go in a certain hallway. Said Boo does go in said hallway. Failed a Spot Check: In Pokemon Platinum , he bemoans the fact that he didn't get a single flinch on Commander Mars' Zubat, despite the fact that barely a minute earlier, he confirmed Zubat's Ability as Inner Focus , and he himself uses a Zubat.

When the relevant episode was re-uploaded to fix a different issue, he took the time to poke fun at his error. Also in Pokemon Platinum , he fails to realize that the "5-Maid Knockout Exact-Turn Attack Challenge" requires him to defeat the maids in an exact number of turns. Failure Is the Only Option: Chugga had used Surf on Marshall's turn because he had nothing better to do and Explode on Walnut's turn to defeat Gyarados and Milotic, and bring out the Shadow Togetic alone.

Gyarados went first and used Earthquake Cue epic freak out Fake-Out Opening: Of Flannery , if at least to use his wording on the matter.

He's also convinced she Needs More Love. If you don't know whether or not he likes one of those, you have not watched more than five of his videos.

He states many times in his Xenoblade LP that he is a Melia fanboy and always seems to gush over her. He also misread the name of the Tox Box enemies as 'Toy boxes'. Fan of the Underdog: Gale of Darkness Chugga stood up for Trifecta the Dodrio and stated that he did not regret having it on his team, though he really does hope it can prove its worth in the postgame.

He's only shown his full name once, as he prefers to go either by Chuggaaconroy or his first name Emile. For the curious, his full name is Emiliano Rodolfo Rosales-Birou. Episode 33 of Okamiden has this. And even though it takes a while, he always catches them in a weak ball, at near-full health, or both.

On his older playthroughs, whenever he made a really bad pun, which was not as often, he would be ashamed or at least laugh at its stupidity. Nowadays, he is widely considered the king of bad puns by many fellow let's players, and takes full pride in that, dropping them much more consistently. There's a quick black screen with Chugga giving one of these right after. Happens in Episode 27 of Link's Awakening. Upon realizing that the crystal switch needed to be hit, Emile delivers the flattest what he has ever delivered in any of his Let's Plays.

In his Pikmin 3 Let's Play, Chugga points out how beautiful and realistic the fruits look, and how incredibly thirsty he gets when they're turned into succulent juices. Chuggaaconroy after mixing strawberry juice with lemon juice: And right there, that makes me so thirsty right now. I love strawberry lemonade, and just how it combines the colors of the juice right there, makes me want to drink it so badly.

The nests of the Legendary Birds have been disturbed Giovanni has an apparent son somewhere Team Rocket is hoping to find its lost leader someday And seems to be researching ways to force Pokemon evolution.

Is the world's greatest Pokemon Master The camera then zooms in on the black area to the left of the image of Red and Blue's confrontation after their battle, before pulling back to reveal—accompanied by a tense, suspenseful bell—the following, final question. I wonder how that will affect the future?

Insert some kind of Overwatch joke, I guess? I've never played, but someone watched over me editing this said I need to acknowledge it. So, this one-frame gag goes out to them! Don't tell them, though. If a mask contains a spirit, then why do you have Mario's face on your backpack? In other words, it grows a dick.

Apparently, he "enjoyed labour" during Chapter of Super Paper Mario. Chugga has varying preferences on this. For games where the hero isn't a blank slate, such as the Legend of Zelda series, Chugga prefers to use a Canon Name. For games where self-inserting is a focus, such as in Animal Crossing: Wes and Rui for Colosseum , Michael for XD , and Blair for Black and White the male protagonist's official name is Hilbert, but Chugga elects to go with his name from a different adaptation, as he couldn't take the name Hilbert seriously.

He also picked "Palette" as the name of his Animal Crossing: Here We Go Again: Chugga sighed when he saw 5 red leaf Pikmin which he called Steve — which has a HUGE fandom — knowing people will squeal over it. In his Super Paper Mario LP, he stated that he liked Peach better when she was a redhead, which she was in her 8-bit form.

He reveals within an episode of his playthrough of Super Metroid with The Runaway Guys that he's a fan of the works of William Shakespeare , making a specific reference to Macbeth. Surprising, considering that he's proven time and again that the bulk of his knowledge seems to revolve mostly around technology and video games. The video is over ten minutes long , which is probably saying something. This video contains Chugga's only death in EarthBound which he never showed in the original playthrough.

However this forshadows the many failings and deaths to come, because of the dreaded Let's Play curse. Hoist by His Own Petard: The only reason Steve bothers him is because fans won't stop talking about him.

The only reason fans won't stop is because Chugga kept bringing it up afterwards and indulging opportunities to mention him in later LPs. For as much as Steve haunts Chugga, a lot of it is Chugga's own fault.

Since this is oddly ignorant of Chugga, it's possible he's just trying to ham it up and play it for laughs. Chugga loved talking to Shari in Animal Crossing New Leaf , despite and at least because her spacy dialogue and the character he had made for her creeped him out. As it turns out, the number of times you speak to an animal is what monitors who your "best friend" is. Holding Back the Phlebotinum: In-Universe , he considers himself to be this.

He constantly refers to himself as "the worst singer ever" and "the most tone-deaf person on the planet," and apologizes whenever he starts singing. He frequently promises never to sing again, but that never seems to work out Chugaa relaxed and celebrated, thinking he'd beaten the Gym Leader Where's Chugga when this was happening?

Being Bound and Gagged somehwere in the distance followed by being left behind by Jon to remain that way. Don't worry though, Someone did eventually untie him. Going to ' Con Bravo! If you seen the above video, you'd think he was Bound and Gagged again , turns out however, he was actually completely fine, and takes over after Masae's "preformance". In the Pikmin multiplayer videos, each of his guests end up doing this for their introduction. As it draws on Chugga gets more and more bemused by this, because it wasn't a scripted gag and none of them had planned it, it was just coincidence after coincidence.

Making fun of Pokemon Emerald for using bad puns for names. Some of the comments lampshade this. I Just Want to Be Normal: According to his now-deleted 50 Facts video according to Chugga, some of those facts were seriously outdated , he's actually autistic but tries "as hard as [he] can to act like a normal person because [he] always dreamed of being one as a child. Chugga's striped polo shirt. He's usually portrayed in fanart with one because in Real Life , he is very rarely seen in public without one.

Happens in his Splatoon LP when going over the weapon bios, most of which have different variants, which in turn each have a different secondary weapon and special attack to go over, as well as synergy of those attacks and his recommendations for bonus abilities. He will inevitably have to take a break during every LP, due to illness. Especially prominent during his LP of Xenoblade and Animal Crossing , as he had to take a break for several months to get over an infection.

Lampshaded in episode 14 of Luigi's Mansion. Regigigas in his bio picture, where a tiny Regigigas on a rock yelling at a normal sized Player Character the latter of which just stares at it in confusion, though we really just see a leg. In case you're wondering why this is the case, this legendary was Level 70 in Diamond and Pearl, but Level 1 in Platinum.

Oh, and beating the Pokemon League is one of the requirements needed to summon him. At the end of Kid Icarus: Uprising , he put the usual series-end "previous" and "playlist" buttons at the top of the screen during the credits, complete with annotation links.

Averted, however; they disappear when Hades rips through said credits. The actual end plate has the "Next" button as well. Dark Moon , Chuggaa invited guests to show off the multiplayer and he would keep the identity of the guest a secret until they introduced themself.

However, the description to these videos contained a link to the guest's channel allowing one to easily find out who the guest is before watching the video. As a hardcore Nintendo fan who has LPed games on every one of their systems, his first game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

He has never beaten the original Super Mario Bros. It Is Pronounced Tro Pay: He also gets into a debate with AriZonia about the pronunciation of her name at the start of the second episode of Organ Trail R1 Redux as she previously told him that it doesn't matter if he says "Air-ee" or "Ah-ree", as she goes by both anyway. Only for him to reply that "if I'm not anal about it, the comments are going to be anal about it for me, and I don't have a choice but to be anal about it.

It's Popular, Now It Sucks: While Chugga isn't nearly as hateful as practiced examples of this trope, he will often proudly state when he's unimpressed with something popular, and other times gush over obscure things. Only a mild example though, as there are popular things usually popular games that he still likes. Croque from Animal Crossing: New Leaf , which is why Chugga hates him. Croque taunts Chugga frequently and responds to everything with "as if".

To a lesser extent, Pango. Emile's commentary during Ari Zonia 's Organ Trail Round 1 Redux seems to bring this out in him, which may just be because it's a zombie apocalypse going on and morals tend to fly to the wayside anyway.

May also be a case of Not So Above It All as he has no qualms of saying virtual-Jon's life isn't worth anything when held up by a bandit, and even laughs when suggesting Ari shoots a man hosting a game of rotating cups just because they lost. Brought up again in the final episode where where there is a man that is willing to trade a large amount of fuel, food, or money in exchange for Jon.

Emile declines this offer but still muses that in another universe, he sold Jon for three hundred dollars. Croque and Pango never seem to receive any comeuppance for their actions.

He calls himself "spastic and always bouncing off the walls. He loves cats, and has a cat named Kirby. He also once had two other cats, one was named Teddy who was around the same time as Kirby.

Imsges: are emile and masae dating

are emile and masae dating

Altair the Altaria The Chick: Has the ability Magic Guard, making her immune to damaging status effects and weather. It's a subtle reference, as in-game, Olimar named the little creatures after a common food back on Hocotate, Pikpik Carrots.

are emile and masae dating

Tessie's Water Absorb ability makes her this to Water-type attacks.

are emile and masae dating

That being said, the name just so happens to sound like rock. She has the Intimidate ability, which lowers the enemy's attack upon are emile and masae dating sent out. Roary's species was previously used in the FireRed Let's Play. Ottawa the Samurott The Hero: Has the ability Marvel Scale, which increases her defense if afflicted with a status ailment.