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How do you wire speakers and tweeters off of a 2 channel amp?

can you hook up door speakers to an amp

Hi have no idea to be honest. A good choice for an affordable price. March 7, at Thanks for another great and insightful article, Bjorn.

Welcome to Tacoma World!

Fuzz pedals needs some volume to open up. September 14, at 7: Hi, I bought the laney IRT studio hi-gain amp my first tube amp. To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Plug your fav Les Paul into your tube amp and listen for your self! Check out this guide to Echoes with some tone tips:

Remove the door lock lever assembly by turning it from the rectangular opening. Vehicle speed input signal. Driver-side headrest speaker output LH -. Driver-side headrest speaker output RH -.

Rear speaker output RH -. Many of the wires are very small gauge and can be difficult to splice into when adding circuits. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. A coaxial speaker only needs one speaker lead from the amp to the speaker. Lurkin , Aug 3, Ahh, now I see. Yes, you'll need either a crossover,,, or you could wire the coaxes and the tweeters in series to ensure that you don't go below the rated ohms of the amp , and then attach a set of bass blockers to the tweeters.

If it were me, I'd be using a crossover. You might also try cancelling the order and look into a set of real components as those will come with the crossovers. Cost-wise you may be getting close to that.

Note that running a set of coaxes and tweeters may give the sound a bit too much brightness highes for you as you've essentially doubled up on the high sound producers.

Another option would be to just use the coaxes alone and see if that gives you the sound you want without getting into the complexities of wiring up a set of tweeters and crossovers. May 14, Member: I would send the tweeters back. You don't need them if you bought coaxials. Mar 13, Member: Zombie Runner , Aug 3, Sep 30, Member: Sam Richland, Washington Vehicle: You don't need the tweeters. But if you really do want them, you could get a bass blocker and run them off your head unit, with the orions off the amp.

Running both the tweeters and the speakers on the same channel will bump the speakers down to 2 ohm, which will fry your amp. It's really much more of a hassle than it is worth. Rather high mids, than treble. You could try to increase the mids a bit and maybe even roll down the bass a bit to open up the tone. Try lowering the treble too but not too much. It provide a bit of mid range, but not as much as a Tube Screamer, which can be bit of an overkill.

I have a BK Tube Driver too, which is better for the clean boost role on my board? I really appreciate your kind comment! The settings depends on your amp and pickups. I usually use the Banana for clean boost and the Tube Driver for overdrive. My settings are fairly mild and the idea is to add more life and bite to the amp and Muff and not so much overdrive or boost.

Try setting the gain at noon, bass noon, treble Tweak your way around that: A test would be highly appreciated! Kind regards from Budapest, Hungary! Hi input, bright off, bass 4, middle 6, treble 5, reverb off, tone 3. Man what a site! My query is that I am finding my Marshall 62 Bluesbreaker tube amp to sound really thin and lacking depth sometimes.

Sometimes it will sound great but at times it doesnt have that nice full sound of say a fender amp. I am debating on switching my Marshall for a Fender Twin reverb but I am worried that the Twin wont be able to get a good all around sound and crunch for playing stuff like Zeppelin, Sabbath etc as well as Floyd. Is a fender twin my best bet? Tube amps tend to be moody and they will sound different from day to day but the most important thing with amps is that they fit the application. In some cases a Bassman would be better… or a Deluxe… or something completely different like a Mesa, Vox… The Twin is a bright amp and you might have a hard time dialing in your fuzz and Muff tones.

A little while ago, thanks to you, I bought a Laney Cub 12, which I love. Do you think an extension cabinet would provide that? The Cub12 is only 15w so it may not be enough on gigs. I will probably go for a new Mistress for now. Great sounding amps and he did use the tremolo feature for One of These Days. I also recommend the Mooer ElecLady. It sounds a bit like a mix between the the old 9V and Deluxe.

Quite nice and a lot cheaper than the current Deluxe. Good idea Bjorn can you give me some basic settings as a starting point? I think that should get you pretty close: I had the chance to plug my stratocaster inot a laney Lionheart l Head last week end, and was blown away! The owner had just replaced the valves with Jj electronics. And as you say it is a mix between a Bassman and a Vox, what would be your setting on the drive channel, to give the amp a VOX flavour.

Some even say that the drive channel is very marshall JTM styled… What do you think and again, cool if you have recommended settings. Yes, the Lionheart is a great sounding amp! I base all my tones on the cleans. I mostly set it up for something like this: Tweak your way around that to match your guitar and pedals.

Is it possible to get anywhere near his tone with my setup? However, with some tweaking and the right pedals, you should be able to get very close. The essence of your tone should be your guitar and amp alone. Try the suggestions in this feature and tweak your way around them to get the tone you want. Check out the pedals tone feature as well for some tips. Let me know if you need more help after that. I play all effects pre-amp including: Any and all recommendations on power tubes are welcome.

Thanks and keep up the great site Bjorn! Of course, bad tubes needs to be replaced but choosing the right tubes for your amp can do wonders for your tone. Consistent and good quality production and they fit nicely with most pedals.

Great article as usual! Try using one of the recommended amp settings in the feature and tweak your way around that. I was wondering if anybody has installed a Weber Thames in a Laney cub12r Combo.

Any info would be great? Hi, I bought the laney IRT studio hi-gain amp my first tube amp. Im kinda trying to get a good gilmouresque tone out of it.

Any kinda setting that could get me somewhere nearer to it?? Guess it houses the same specs as Cub 12 R. Any suggestion will be very welcome! Thanks for your attention! Best Regards from Brazil: I know it would require some great effort, but I think we all know you are the man, and I would like to read your another analysis. Anyway thank you very much for your work on this site and all the information you provide. PS Just for the record and good start: Hello, Bjorn, what a great website! My question is what kind of amp do you recommend to amplify my acoustic guitar?

How do you do that? And how David does? Is it like I would plug my el-acoustic guitar to eg. Why just not to use dedicated acoustic amp?

The AERs he used on the acoustic shows were just monitors. But, after I took the jumper off, and plugged into the normal input, the PS did what I expected.

If you have the settings as posted above, but volume is still low for what you are considering stage volume, it could be just that you are attenuating more power than you want to with the PS among all the other reasons Bjorn has noted. I hope this helps. I plugged into the normal channel, and it ztarted to have the desired effect. The crackling noise is still an issue, but he thinks taking the tubes out, and reseating them may cure it. So, while I was freaking out yesterday, I am a little less concerned.

Could it be the dead room, and two less speakers causing the volume issue? If anyone else on site have a Custom 50 PS, and 2 x12, do you find you need to turn the Drive, Master , higher than the settings shown above? Loud enough to blow your head off? I play loud but I also want to be able to control the sound. I would like to start out and say your site is fantastic. I have learned so much. I am in the US and it is hard to locate a Hiwatt amp.

I can find Laney amps here without issue. How do they compare to the Hiwatt? It seems like they are pretty close. I play at home, but I have forgiving neighbors. Do you have any recommendations as to which would be better for home? In reading your article I understand you have to crack the amp to get a smooth tone from the Muff or Fuzz Face, If I get the 5 watt version will I still have enough clean headroom?

Any help or suggestions would be great. Hope this will remove the Tone colouring? Hello Bjorn, Have to say I enjoyed the article very much indeed, thank you very much. I play guitar for quite some time and enjoy experimenting with amps for sound, basically Marshall tube ones, to get the sweet spot. The highest I can get on the volume for the gig is on 2 which understandably is very low to get you there.

What do you think Bjorn? Thanks a lot in advance! Using boosters is an old trick for getting more out of your tube amp. Back in the late 60s, guitarists would use boosters to get more gain from dark sounding amps but you can also use them to get more character and punch on lower volume. Basically to get the tubes working on lower gain settings.

Still though, try to tweak your way around it and hear what you can come up with. Do you have a setup recommandation for the Hiwatt T20 head in a home setup? As I wrote in another comment, I always liked the clean channel of the Cube 80X, but now, I found something I like even more: PCL Vintage Amp manages to give you smooth tones from quiet circuits. Although they obviously work with fine components, their combos and stacks are not really expensive.

Question is; Is it worth upgrading the pickups on the guitar epiphone sg or upgrade the cub itself or upgrade to the vc15 which dont know much about looking for a better lead sound to learn solos many thanx. The Cub should be able to deliver some really warm, crunchy tube distortion and even better if you use pedals to boost the tone.

A pickup upgrade often does wonders so you should really look into that. Personally I prefer the vintage sounding PAFs and late 50s buckers but there are lots of different models to choose from really. Hey Bjorn, just wondering if you have a preferred muff to go with your classic 30?

Think its time to get a new set of those as well. Very clean and warm sounding. Sovtek, TAD etc are brighter and perhaps more suited for heavier rock. My guitars are a PRS and a Strat. Combination of home playing i saw the caveats about needing to drive the pedals a bit to achieve a good tone and small venue gigs.

Much appreciated, and thanks again. Check out some YouTube clips and reviews. Just one aditional question: There is a huge difference in sound:: Looking on the pictures with the Reeves amp, I can see that you plug in your cable to the upper brilliant input.

As I assume that Reeves amps are more or less exact copies of the old Hiwatts, I think that the upper inputs are the low level inputs — which means that you would get more volume from your amp by using the lower inputs.

I own three vintage Hiwatt SA from the seventies and was never totally happy with the sound. I used always the high level brilliant input and connected a cable from the low brilliant input to the high level normal input: Then I changed the configuration and the treble response was much better.

What is your experience in that regard? Beyond I have made the experience that the importance of using Hiwatt amps is a little bit overrated for some of Gilmours tones. Beside my old Hiwatt combos I use an old Fender Dual showman head where I disconnected the power amp section; from there I go to all the nice effects mistress, CE-2 etc.

The sound is amazing! I really believe that most of Gilmours sounds are at least a mixture of Hiwatt and Fender amps: To my ears at least, using the upper bright for the guitar seems to produce the best tone. Just combining the channels add the extra presence and clarity I need. What you need is an amp that has a transparent tone without too much mid range and preferably tubes. A lot of amps can deliver that.

Bjorn, I was wondering whether the same settings would apply with an old Peavey Mace, I just picked one up last week and am trying to find that sweet spot. I think the overall concept is to keep the treble low and try to get the clean as warm and punchy as possible. Stephen, thank you for your continued support! You mentioned how beautilful it is to see a handwired amp, and the funny, and great thing about the TSA15H is that when you look through the top vent, you see a heavy duty tube socket with individual wires going to each pin hole on each socket.

But on the 30, unfortunately you see the miniscule tabs coming through the PCB and folded over, then soldered. I am going to get with my dad, a retrofit genius! Keith, Sorry to hear about the tragic amp mishap Keith. Glad that it is under warranty still, hopefully it is fully covered. Amp repair runs high quickly especially with these PCB built amps with everything directly hardwired to them.

I had written an earlier response that must have gotten lost in cyber space. The last reply had no great insight either, since giving amp diagnostics over the internet is like a doctor giving a diagnosis without seeing the patient. To my surprise, They said okay, go pick out an amp. I played every amp in the huge store over a 3 hr.

She checked, and they have 2 in NYC, still in the box, unopened, and after owning the amp for 6 months, I am getting a brand new one next week! They even took all of my new JJs out, boxed them up, and gave them back to me! I will never complain about the service from Ash again, that was the way every business should treat their customers, and they will reap benefits from being so flexible, as they have a customer who will never go to another big box store for anything musical after such a great experience.

Glad it worked out for you and good luck with the new amp: Hey Bjorn, looks like the amp is going in vacation to New Jersey to fix the hiss that has started in my Very disappointing since the amp only has maybe 20 hours on it.

Peace, Love, and Gilmourish, KC. Dear Bjorn, and all in the Gilmourish community. I found this site 7 months ago, and have read it every day since. I always check posts first, unless there is a new review, or tutorial, and then start reading achived articles and posts to catch up on all the things I missed before finding Gilmourish.

I have bought every pedal I own based on suggestions from Bjorn, and have basically followed his advice in almost every way. Well, I realized today that had I actually paid close attention to this very important detail, I could have saved myself, and Bjorn alot of trouble. This man has been doing the Gilmour thing for a long time, and he knows Jack Shit personally! I cranked the gain to about 2: I know, because I got the cops knocking on my door right before I sat down to write this.

Peace, Love, and Gilmourish, Uncle Ebb. It is those damn Chinese tubes again!. I noticed a microphonic ring after I posted, and started swapping out preamp tubes, and was able to get my bottom back, and a much more focused clean at a higher volume. They literally Suck the tone out of an otherwise great sounding amp!

Peace, Love, and Gilmourish!!! However, when I try to set the gain the way you suggest on the 30, I lose clean rather quickly, but if I set it like your main setting on the cub, with the gain around 3, I can get a warm clean tone to almost ear splitting volume.

Could part of this be the cheapo preamp tubes, because if they suck as bad as the output tubes did, it would make a huge difference. Thank you for more than I can ever express, or repay, Your faithful padawan, Uncle Ebb. Set the amp they way it sounds best to you and stick to that.

The Hiwatt, and my Reeves, has tons of headroom and with high wattage speakers you can pretty much turn the preamp all the way up without the amp distorting. His combination of the pre-amp at breaking point and the high presence for more attack is what produce the rich sustain.

So, by setting the master higher on lower wattage amps you should get the oposite. A thin, dull clean tone. This means, that the settings you should use must be matched to the amp and the speakers. After trying some tube amps most of them only in stores, I admit , I found that they never seemed to sound quite right below a certain volume level as you say.

The amp that sounded as fat and warm as I wanted my tone to be, was the Roland Cube 80X with its clean channel. I would never have expected that, but that was my experience.

My main guitar is a Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin, and I play my own stuff that combines swing music with a playing technique that is very similar to B. I play clean most of the time, and my amp works well with my Rodenberg overdrive pedal with a mild setting. One of my favorite players alongside with David is Herb Ellis who played Polytone transistor amps in his later years. King has been using a transistor amp for more than thirty years even for his overdrive sounds.

For the cleans and mild overdrives in my music, the Cube is great. There are no rules when it comes to amps or guitars. Whatever works for you will always be the best option.

There are many great sounding transistor amps on the market and as you point out, many of the biggest guitarists has employed transistors throughout their career. Fuzz pedals needs some volume to open up. The Blues Jr sounded great with Muffs so I would assume it works well with fuzz as well. I am interesting in buying a Laney Cub Because my Fender combo is being repaired right now, I want to use the way it is would consider a speaker and tube upgrade later.

How does the Laney sound with original speaker and tubes? How does it sound using a Muff or Tube Driver noth harsh? Personally I think the amp sounds best with JJs. The stock speakers are quite OK. Hey Bjorn, I have a follow-up to my old Jet City comment. After some youtubing, I found this amazing video: That Bugera completely beats the Jet City for clean sounds!!

A good choice for an affordable price. Jamerson used a borrowed P bass [his own had been stolen or pawned for drink money ]. It had a warped neck, one set of flat wound strings which he never changed in his entire career.

No offence to all you gear junkies out there! I plan on using it as a mild overdrive head set to probably a Time-esque or Learning to Fly style sound. Will they sound bad or is this amp good for my needs? Just lower the pre-amp gain to 1 or 2 and increase the volume. You might have a hard time getting enough headroom and volume if you intend to use the amp in a band situation but at home it should be more than enough.

Try different setups and settings and listen for your self. Hey, thanks for the Laney CUB12 15w, suggested high gain setup settings! They work better if you crank the amp for a typical Hendrix tone. Not as big though but they work better. Thanks for passing on so much of your learned wisdom is such well thought out articles. I have a question about the effects loop I have a Laney Cub 12R 15w. Thanks again for all you do.

You shined on Shine on, you echoed the beauty of the Earth in Echoes, and you taught me how to just Breathe! While I have dedicated my musical goal to be the kind of player your mate David has been, I will always think of you as the very soul of Pink Floyd, and irreplacable. Without you, there will never be a Pink Floyd, just as there will never be another Rick Wright, only xerox like copies, who while talented, and committed, they will never come close to the crystaline clarity of the original.

Sincerely, God bless all, Keith. Long time lurker both here and on your YT channel, I have learned oodles thanks to your efforts! I have just recently come home to playing guitar. Oh yeah, then I became a computer geek, I had Cubase v1 on Atari. I went looking for a POD the next day, limited funds. Or will it be too clean because of the high wattage? Your videos sound pretty great when you demo pedals with a Cub 12 head through 2 Weber Thames. Hi again,my fine fingered friend! I have nearly completed the first part of my Gilmourish journey.

I am also saving for a colorsound Power boost, which will follow the Webers. So as it stands, my rig is as follows, and there is a question or 3 in here: Would I put it after the Musket? I hope you get excited when you see my last email, about sending you a guitar to review,I will be paying frieght, and insurance, as part of my donation to the site! Peace, Love, and all things Gilmourish, your friend, Keith.

One thing that is talked about very little are guitar tone capacitors. After extensive experimentation, I find them to have definite effect on not only tone, but feel, attack, etc.

Do you happen to know what tone cap and value David uses in his black Strat? Caps and pots have an effect on your tone. I use my Carbon copy for warm analog delays, and I love the mild modulation, but for stuff like the little section of echoes where he does the 10 9po 12po open e triplet kind of thing, I know there has to be either more than one track, or two delays, at least on the Meddle version.

I was wondering about the dual head tape function on the DD Have you experimented with it? If you know anything about it, could you give me some settings to try? Any settings you could suggest for the unit would be greatly appreciated.

When you finally get your hands on one, crank the amp to just about break up, and kick in the TS circuit with the OD all the way down, the tone at about David did use the Binson between — mostly with a ms setting. Thanks for this great article. I wanted to ask you for a speaker recommendation for my Laney Cub 12R combo.

Where some speakers are not meant for being on their own. Anyway, if you have any suggestions or think the Thames will do well in my combo please reply back. Check out Eminence and Jenssen too. Thank You, very much!!!: I usually use the Laney for demos and sometimes cleans when we record properly but for most of the stuff I either crank the Laney really hard or use bigger amps.

You need to have a minimum of volume to smooth out some harsh overtones that you often get with gain pedals. You might be able to do that at home as well, depending on how sensitive your neighbours are.

Try pushing the amp as much as you can and try different mic setups and listen. However, it sure will get you much closer to some actual tone than any of those crappy Marshalls in that price range.

It goes without saying that your work is much appreciated. A semi-related question — on the Reeves, when you are connecting the input channels with the jumper, what gauge wire are you using? I am anxiously awaiting the next Airbag album! Thanks for another great and insightful article, Bjorn. A new amp is next on my list of things to buy. I liked the Back to the Future photo! That movie was the reason I started playing guitar when I was ten years old!

Are they good for Gilmourish sounds? Its maybe a little bit offtopic, but i just ask it here: How do they compare to the Cs 69 or other Gilmourish Pickups? Is it a night and Day difference between them or are they very close tonewise, so that its not really needed to change them for Gilmourish things?

I have the Official Fender tech Specs about them which tells: Alnico 5 Magnets Neck- 5. Sorry for all the asking, Bjorn, but i want to thank you here for all the information you do with your site and help to keep up the Pink Floyd sound and spirit for us all!!!

The reviews are promising though. In regards to the Fender Standard PUs. They do have a bit more output, warmer tone and mids than the 69s. A bit too overwound and middy for my taste but quite OK. Nice to see you have got some free time between all to update you site. Most people would set the EQs higher to get more volume but it made the amp way too aggressive for my taste.

I have hiwatt t20hd, with fender stratocaster with EMG dg20 pu, tube driver BK, custom muff costalab. What kind of tone is better for the a momentary lapse of reason? Position of treble, bass and middle? Hi Bjorn, you tried the Blackstar HT 20, you think an amp to practice at home and playing in a jam … To play at home has no power scale, you think which can be get a good sound at low volume?

Perhaps best suited for rock and metal. That being said… You should be able to get some really nice tones with it even at lower volumes. It has quite a lot of headroom too. I was using the bass 5 mids 4 and treble 5 and it was very bright. Now I have a fuller darker tone that has everything working much nicer.

Imsges: can you hook up door speakers to an amp

can you hook up door speakers to an amp

An Shure SM57 was placed one or two inches off the grill but way off center, creating this very dark, muddy tone. You don't need them if you bought coaxials. I have nearly completed the first part of my Gilmourish journey.

can you hook up door speakers to an amp

March 29, at 2: The settings suggested in this feature should apply. I wanted to ask you for a speaker recommendation for my Laney Cub 12R combo.

can you hook up door speakers to an amp

Without his hands, guitar and not least his amps, the pedals would be quite redundant. Email required Address never made public. Yyou plan on using it as a mild overdrive head set to probably a Time-esque or Learning to Fly style sound. A semi-related question — on the Reeves, when you are connecting the input channels with the jumper, what gauge wire are you using? March 12, at 5: Try using one of the recommended amp settings in the feature and tweak your way around that.