The kilo cocaine seizure which threatens to bring down the Kinahan cartel

The 440 kilo cocaine seizure which threatens to bring down the Kinahan cartel

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Senior members of the cartel are now actively trying to make deals with foreign agencies in a bid to lessen the effects of any Dutch prosecution against them. Books Other topics Books Cartel: Unless you feel you need to learn it to talk to your roofer or gardener who is from another country. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Canadiana February 1, at 8: Archived from the original on 29 January If, as police believe, the phone records implicate the cartel in a number of murders, then it will be very difficult for Dutch police not to prosecute — no matter what current deals have been made with other police forces or intelligence agencies. The informant identified Cavazos as the recipient of the drugs from the cartel and recalled one instance on July 19, , when Cavazos traveled to a McAllen Walmart to pick up the black Nissan Altima, which the informant claimed was loaded with drugs, the criminal complaint states. Anonymous February 4, at 4: If you feel you have to learn one I would say Spanish would be the one since they are on the border and the fastest growing minorities in the USA. Anonymous February 2, at 4:

We are committed to maintaining a school environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. Cavazos, who made his initial appearance before U. Ormsby Tuesday morning, faces one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute over 5 kilograms of cocaine, court records show.

Jarvis, went unreturned as of press time. Whenever Lorenzo Zazueta posts new content, you'll get an email delivered to your inbox with a link.

Edit Article Add New Article. Lambs have their day at livestock show. Man waved gun; Son of former cartel leader arrested. Judge recusal denied in bond forfeiture case. Harlingen man found dead on Mount Rainier. Rockets beat Clippers, clinch Southwest Division title. Aldridge, Murray help Spurs overcome Pelicans, Cocky Texas Southern guard gets big stage vs. Harden helps Rockets over Clippers Duelo, country artists to perform Friday at Livestock Show. Four regional gems to check out on YouTube.

Country, tejano and latin performers announced for HubPhest. Bathroom talk could save lives. Genius in a Bottle: It depends on the season. Artist effectively evokes feeling through three different approaches. Border BioBlitz documents Santa Ana wildlife in binational science effort. Today's school walkouts are teachable moments. On new Hidalgo County courthouse and 2nd Amendment rights. Optimists are striking back. Facebook Twitter Email Print Save. Jorge Cavazos Criminal Complaint.

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Retrieved 9 August Federal Bureau of Investigation. Archived from the original on 16 September Retrieved 16 September Retrieved 27 January Lilaneta, , Chapters 1 and 5. Check date values in: Los zetas toman el control por la forza. Nicola Gratteri, zar antimafia de Reggio Calabria". Retrieved 14 July Drug gangs now dominate where guerrillas once reigned".

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Retrieved 15 February Retrieved 8 November Retrieved 3 November Retrieved 1 November United States Department of the Treasury. Retrieved 26 June Teachers need a raise US schools teach English as well as having Spanish courses. I haven't known many students in either country that became fluent in either non native language.. They get paid enough. I know most of Texas discourages teaching spanish, it is absolutely not a priority, even if you are illegal alien with illegal parents, you are going to get up to speed in ALL ENGLISH schools, distanced from their parents and ashamed of themselves and tbeir heritage.

If I was a teacher, I'd be fired before lunch. My son is in high school and he didn't want to take Spanish cause they think they know it all we told him to consider sign language. I didnt know that.!! I have a cousin that's a teacher in the valley and they don't get the same salary during their time off The salary is divided into 12 even installments We get paid once a month. Im an RGV teacher! Just like la Tuta, not because they Are teachers doesn't mean they don't like easy money. But Tuta continued to get his teacher's pay years after becoming involved in the drug trade.

This normal in the border. He going to be teaching in prison for doing dumb shit. Welcome to the High School Teacher takes up drug dealing to supplement underpaid teacher's salary? As Trump would say: I remember this guy from Texas telling me the refresco goes for around 18k there.

My wheels been turning ever since. Just gotta find the right guy now, sounds easy enough haha. Bricks are cheap bud is cheap. How u going to get it thru the check point. Thats the trick genious thats why bricks go for 18 or 19 down here but once they get to houston theyre What was his nickname la Tuta but in Reynosa instead of Michoacan. No wonder why the gangs are still active. Their could be more Americans helping these blood thirsty gangs.

Only this Tuta is Mexican Americans. Theirs been a confrontation in Culiacan Sinaloa by the Marines. They were partying but the marines showed up ruining it. I don't get it. They were confronting the state commissioners of Chihuahua leaving one bad guy dead. The detainees confess that they were La Linea Cartel.

Its like that Activist daughter all over Again this time its the chihuahua police taking the injustice. Why not just execute if they were gonna get free then commit more crimes in humanity again. Corruption and Injustice States. That's why u never give up your real name or place of residence get yoself a traphouse.

How many students at that time have a need for another language to provide for their future. That is something that few will ever use again after graduating. The few people that graduate forget it quickly anyway. The US schools are falling behind other countries and there are other countries that have surpassed the US in education.

I believe the USA is about 26th or so. Another language is something you will want to learn when you really have the desire or need.

I do not remember any French from my High School classes, but when I moved to Mexico I bought books before hand, watched movies with subtitles, and then immersed myself in the local Hispanic community where I lived in the USA. I was able to communicate well within 6 months. When you want to or need to learn another language it happens. Spend the money where it is most effective and will actually help students in the long run. It would be money well invested.

You do not need a teacher to learn Spanish, but there are classes you can pay for after graduating if you need them. I am amazed at all the people that know Spanish in Mexico that lived in the USA for a bit of time and never took classes.

Many never graduated or even went to school in Mexico, but were working at any early age. On a light note. I remember a book saying if you are not sure, say it like you think it should be. So when it was hot outside I would say "estoy caliente" and not "tengo calor". No one corrected me for awhile and I actually met a couple of beautiful Mexican women by accident when I said the first. I do not say that anymore, as maybe one day I might get a slap on the face.

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cartel dating

I didnt know that.!! Clark-knapp Honda Of Mcallen. Archived from the original on 22 February

cartel dating

Nice to know where you come from even if it will not get you a job later unless you are a teacher. Political Fidencio Guerra, Jr.

cartel dating

McAllen Primary Care Clinic. Canadiana February 3, at Anonymous February 2, at 4: They are also active in several states in cartel dating United States. Personalise your news feed by choosing your favourite topics of interest. Please select your reason for reporting Please familiarise yourself with our comments policy here cartel dating taking part.