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How do u tell if someone is a drug dealer?

dating a drug dealer yahoo answers

Rodgers fell "substantially short of the high standards to be expected of Department of Justice employees and of the duty he owed to the President of the United States," the Inspector General said. To give you a real idea of this, the other day he and I were making out with Ghostbusters II playing on the telly. Should I break up with him or maybe give it more time? What to Read Next. Why Do ppl think drug dealers r BAD!!!!!?

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But I'll never forget the one phone call that was like no other I've ever received. I know deep down he is not a bad person and I love him too much to leave him but when I'm with him I feel so guilty. I need opinions and advice.? To give you a real idea of this, the other day he and I were making out with Ghostbusters II playing on the telly. I'd heard rumors that he was a narquillo, which is someone who works for a drug lord.

But I was still like any other year-old girl who wanted to party with her girlfriends and meet boys. In the '90s, the place to be was Baby Rock, a megasize club that attracted big names and people with lots of money, and I was there almost every Saturday, dressed in high heels and a Lycra dress, and wearing lots of hairspray. Yes, I said Lycra. After all, nothing shows your curves better when dancing!

At Baby Rock, it was common to see the richest people in Mexico, celebrities as well as drug lords. I wasn't even a big fan of drinking; as a teenager, my quest was to find the love of my life - a task difficult for any girl my age, but for me almost impossible! Don't get me wrong: I was a catch, if I do say so myself. My obstacle was that any guy I dated had to pass my dad's "background check. I have three sisters, and my dad always gave us freedom about who we dated.

But in the '90s, he faced the most difficult task of his life: As a Latinx family, we had lots of family time, and on Sundays, it was our tradition to have breakfast together. Over breakfast, my dad would always ask me the same question: I would tell him the names of the guys I met, and he would do his background check.

At that time, it wasn't very difficult to find out who the narcos were; everyone knew where they lived, what cars they drove, where they liked to eat, etc. A few days after our Sunday conversation over breakfast, my dad would give me the results of his background check, and the answer was either "Tania, he's fine," or "Tania, you can do whatever you want, but he is a narco. He wasn't a dictator; he was protecting me. So unless he said, "He's fine," I wouldn't date the guy; narcos were never my thing.

But it wasn't always easy to say no to dating a narco. One time, an extremely cute and charming guy think Brad Pitt in his younger years knocked on my door.

My mom opened the door, told me I had a visitor, and said, "I don't like him. I'd heard rumors that he was a narquillo, which is someone who works for a drug lord. But every girl in Tijuana wanted to date this guy, and I felt like I was living the dream.

However, my dream didn't last long; he left me for my best friend, and they ended up getting married because she got pregnant. But at the age of 21, she found herself a widow with a child to care for because her husband, the narquillo, was kidnapped in Tijuana and killed in the most horrific way.

At the time, I was working as a TV news anchor at Univision, and I learned the news before she did; I was the one who told my friend about her husband's murder. Looking back, I'm glad the narquillo left me.

The author pictured here with her sons. Growing up in this very tough and violent environment taught me many lessons, one of the most valuable being that communication is the key to good parenting. My boys are only 8 and 9 years old, but just like my father asked me about my Saturdays at Baby Rock, I ask my kids very specific questions about their day at school: Who did you eat lunch with? Am I wrong to be dating a drug dealer? I'm 18 and I have fallen in love with a drug dealer.

I come from a very respectable family and have never been in trouble before however I met this guy and fell in love with him from the moment I saw him.

He is only 20 but has a beautiful house, a BMW,and loads of designer clothes. He takes drugs himself. I know deep down he is not a bad person and I love him too much to leave him but when I'm with him I feel so guilty. Every present he gives me I feel guilty because it was bought with "blood" money and when I'm with him in his house or when he drives me places I feel guilty for having nice things from ruining other's lives.

I am wracked with guilt but I love him so much and I know he will never give up drugs. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Obviously you dont love him. You know its a bad situation you are in. I know he could probably be so charmin and handsome and funny YOu are just showing him that you support what he does.

No you're not wrong to fancy him, love him or even go out with him. But it is wrong to start trying to make what he does sound ok, by saying 'he's a good person really Everything he owns was bought out of being dishonest, ruining people's lives, breaking the law, and probably also the odd bit of theft to fund his own habit when he's broke. This is never ok. I wouldn't mind betting it will only be a matter of time before he tricks you into trying a drug, and before you know it you'll be addicted.

Don't let it happen -please! You'll also push your friends and family away when they find out the truth. Don't let your morals go. You know the effects of what he does are awful, which is why you feel guilty.

He is a slithery serpent and he's drawing you in- like therson above said, you are headed down a dark path if you carry on. And tell the police too. I am not joking, if I found out the love of my life and I have one was doing what your boyfriend;s doing I would grass her up.

Becase it's just not acceptable. Well the answer to your question lies in a question. What do you want out of life? Do you want to be a drug dealer's baby mama?

Do you really think it's a good thing to take gifts from blood money. You said you fell in love with him the moment you saw him, well , sorry love doesn't happen that way. If you think you want to have a life of crime and breaking the law go for your drug dealer. I have a drug dealer that lives in my area and he is selling his crap to kids.

Why don't you find you a nice guy your parents will like and has a J. I'm going to assume for the moment that this is a legitimate question He makes all his money by basically sending other people to Hell on Earth. Not a cent of it is honest or good. You'll always be a distant third on his list of priorities, behind the drugs and the money.

Remorse, conscience, and second thoughts are not generally emotions that a drug dealer can afford to have. You say that "deep down," he's not a bad person, but how far are you willing to go, to actually PROVE that? Are you willing to put your life and your future on the line?

This guy is never going to make you happy, I think I can promise you that A criminal is such a catch. Do you like visiting people in prison? He's well on his way. Not only does he sell drugs, but he does them himself. No good end can come of this.

Imsges: dating a drug dealer yahoo answers

dating a drug dealer yahoo answers

Well you need to ask your self if that is the crowd you want to hang with.

dating a drug dealer yahoo answers

Wouldn't be surprised if you did not come top of the list, and that will be the way until Mr PC Plodd comes knocking. A few months later, I found out he had been killed.

dating a drug dealer yahoo answers

Don't let your morals go. How can I impress her? Don't be so gullable! What do l do? My best friend knew how much I cared for daitng and she kind of served as a wingman for me.