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dating alone ep 9 eng sub

They spent those days together in happiness. He told them that Kiab was pregnant with him and not Neej. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He tried to help her wash the dishes but she refused to let him.

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His love ones will only be worried about him. Neej decided to take his brother with him to go flirt with his girlfriend. On his way home, he met some friends and they asked for some bananas that Neej carried. Kos decided that he was unfilial son and decided to leave. He apologized to everyone for causing them distress.

Стратмор был блестящим специалистом, возможно, лучшим в агентстве. В сфере приключений и тренировки воображения все, чего только можно было пожелать, обеспечивали саги.

Несмотря на то, что они находились над ней на высоте, не превышавшей пятнадцати метров, никаких следов животной жизни не было видно, что Хилвар счел достаточно удивительным.

Imsges: dating alone ep 9 eng sub

dating alone ep 9 eng sub

One Tree, Two Type of Fruits. Kos forgot Kiab and went with another woman.

dating alone ep 9 eng sub

Neej is kind and responsible. They are both reunited again. He refuse to marry her.

dating alone ep 9 eng sub

His stepmom had them leave and go back home. Kos forgot Kiab and went with another woman. Kos and Kiab started to hang out more. During this alons, Kiab discovered that she was pregnant and told Kos. That got Neej furious and he decided to get marry to Kiab to prove that he is responsible.