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Identifying Vintage Guitars, Banjos & Mandolins

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The neck was basically the neck stocks from the L-5 archtop: A also known as the A-0 Brown or black finish, some binding only on the top and in the soundhole with one ring around the soundhole. Changes made late in CLB, Classic guitar of Brazilian rosewood, gold tuners. The bracing for the new larger models was X braced: By , either natural or sunburst were available. Year Earliest Known Serial Number That Year 1 Banjos from various contracted builders Earliest reference to Forrest Dale VT Groton CT facility opened The Silver Bell introduced Ads for the Sultana model Symphonie, Sultana, and Senorita introduced September hurricane hit Gretsch purchases Fred Bacon Banjo Company Sequence 3 Depending on the selected source, there is disagreement about these numbers.

Current Epiphone Serial Number Information

When it came out in it was the most expensive Gibson flat-top in the line. They did not imprint the instruments with any particular brand. The 1st year of the J actually had similar appointments but they were reduced and simplified for model clarity in During the war years women played a greater role in manufacturing while young men were fighting overseas. The Gibson Company was formed in late and the early mandolins evolved from the original Orville Gibson designs. If you have additional information or corrections, please contact us.

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Imsges: dating fairbanks banjos

dating fairbanks banjos

They were available in steel string or classical.

dating fairbanks banjos

Introduced , Basically an more economical LG

dating fairbanks banjos

Introduceddiscontinued inreintroduced in the s and still produced today. Mid to latethe neck block revert dating fairbanks banjos datig mahogany, though poplar is occasionally used. Bacon serial numbers begin in 1 and 2 digit and run consecutively until the sale of the company to Gretsch in 5 digit. The guitar designs, however, were not the problem. The selected tuners varied randomly by model and year. It would have helped if the Larson brothers had datiing serial numbers but there is just enough contradictory evidence to prevent one dating fairbanks banjos trusting numbers that appear to be sequential. The Gibson LG series of flat-top guitars were developed as the natural evolution of the earlier L-Series.