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Will estate agent John give Sarah, who's deaf, the butterflies in the stomach she's hoping for? If that isn't enough, Mr. Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Characters. But is Monica still a lesbian, and will she give up her fight for Frank and her kids? This episode is subtitled 48 mins. Elsewhere, the strain of running the Gallagher household has finally taken its toll on Debbie.

The Great Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C

Back at the Gallaghers', Monica and Norma return, and events finally come to a head at Liamday, the fund raising event. Will she want to spend it with her date Carl? With strong and saucy language This episode is subtitled 47 mins. Chesney Karib , Meena Karib. After a conversation with Frank, Jamie and Shane engineer a plan to raid Manchester's former War Rooms, now owned by the Lottery, with the aim of lifting a stash of scratch cards as a way to make some easy money. Frank is desperate to keep the fact that he's still married to estranged wife Monica from Sheila, and Monica isn't making it easy for him as she continues to sexually pursue him. Paul is desperate for love and also heart-wrenchingly worried that fear makes his stutter worse.

Libby and Frank are supposed to be getting married, but this is put on hold when Frank disappears on his stag night. In his absence, a face from the past reclaims her place at the Gallagher household - Monica is back. But could she have had some involvement in Frank's disappearance? Eager to make friends with the locals, Avril throws Libby a hen party in order to raise her spirits, and the Powells are not the only new additions to Chatsworth — unluckily for Chesney.

Elsewhere, Karen has returned to Chatsworth, determined to save her marriage, while Mimi is on a mission to track down the father of her newborn baby, Cilla. Monica lies and says that Debbie had died while she was in the army, but she hadn't Monica wanted an excuse to come back to her family. Frank is still missing and imagines that he is in a parallel universe featuring Doctor Who characters.

His ex-wife Monica, having heard that Frank has gone, wants custody of Stella and Liam. Can Libby and Carl find Frank before the Gallagher family falls apart? Meanwhile, Mimi is recovering in hospital following her collapse, and promotes Shane as the head of the family in her absence, instigating a deadly feud between Shane and Jamie for headship of the family business.

But when Shane finds himself in grave danger, Will Jamie save his brother or ensure that he is taught a lesson he will never forget? Elsewhere, A feud between Patty and the Powells gets out of control when it threatens to leave the Powells homeless. When the local school fails its Ofsted report, Shane discovers a new venture for the Maguires - school security, and he develops a close bond with a young boy who is being bullied. Meanwhile, Mickey fears his secret will finally be revealed when his gay pen pal is released from prison and comes to stay at the Maguires'.

And, Libby decides to move on with her life after watching grim footage of Frank at his stag night, while Avril's kindness towards Mimi leaves her convinced that Avril is a lesbian. After returning to the Jockey, Karen attends the psychiatric hospital as an out-patient and finds that Frank has been there all along. Can he break free and save his relationship with Libby? Meanwhile, Sita is devastated when she fails her exams, and discovers her tutor will pass her if she sleeps with him.

Determined to pass her exam, Sita turns to Carl for help. Elsewhere, Aidan Croker Robbie Conway , Patty's great nephew, arrives on Chatsworth following his mother's imprisonment, and he proves more than a match for various Chatsworth residents.

When Monica announces her divorce with Frank will be nullified unless he objects, Libby desperately tries to get Frank out of hospital so that they can marry and save the Gallagher family home. In hospital, Frank stages a breakout and finally discovers what happened to him on his stag night. Back in Chatsworth, the residents come together to organise a wedding, but time is running out. Meanwhile, Jamie is still struggling to accept Karen back into their marital bed, and refuses to allow her to help in Frank and Libby's wedding arrangements.

It's Carl's 21st birthday, and Frank, Libby and the Maguires are planning a surprise party for him. Carl gets a job working for Jamie. However, his first job does not go to plan when Kelly steals money which was supposed to go to a business client. The business client in question is a ruthless psychopath. Left alone with him, Carl faces the most darkest experience of his life, and his problems have only just begun when Jamie accuses him of trying to steal from the family.

Meanwhile, one of Joe's money-making schemes comes back to haunt Chesney, leaving him and Sita in debt. Mickey encourages Chesney to set up a gay hotline. Chesney is reluctant, but Mickey is left wondering what he has started when Chesney becomes addicted to the hotline. Shane and Kelly's new business of giving people their sexual fantasy threatens the Maguire family business when their client, Sandra, is reported missing by her husband.

As the police swarm Chatsworth searching for her "Kidnappers", Shane calls upon the residents to help him, but Jamie is determined to make Shane see that he is not fit to run the business, even if it means sending his brother to prison. Meanwhile, Sita is annoyed to discover Chesney's new Muslim driving school scheme is a ruse for wild parties at the shop, and fearful that Chesney is losing everything the Karibs have worked for, Sita calls the terrorist line, but her actions result in a robbery at the shop, leaving the Karibs penniless.

And, Patty, Mimi and Lillian go to battle over a bingo win, while Jackson becomes an unlikely drinking buddy for Frank. Struggling to work for the family and care for baby Cilla, Mickey comes up with a new way of making money: In a very Shameless take on the Robin Hood notion of robbing the rich to give to the poor, Mickey and Aidan take from the really bad guys and give to those much more deserving - themselves! But it's not long before the police are alerted, and the family face ruin.

Meanwhile, Patty falls in love with suicidal Trevor and the pair get married. But tragedy strikes when her new husband comes up with a chilling plan, while her mother's romance leaves Libby fearing that Frank no longer wants to marry her. And, Sita is being harassed by a schoolboy.

After sleepless nights with Cilla, Mimi is starting to feel bad and believes that she is going mad, as one of her relatives did, and that the house is haunted. Finally she believes that Kelly and Shane are trying to kill her and locks them out of the house though she recovers after seeing a vision of Mandy, who tells her what to do. Kelly is suspicious of the power new girl Bonnie exerts over Lillian in the brothel, and Avril and Jackson's continuing efforts to spice up their sex life leads daughter Letitia to believe that her father is having an affair.

Mickey needs somebody to love. Mickey goes to the shop and returns to find Philip dead. He is also upset to learn that Shane has killed the cat and dumped it in the bin. Libby gets her mother a nurse to look after her when she's at work, all doesn't go to plan when Libby's mother is mistreated. Lillian reveals that she has signed over the house to her newly adopted daughter, Bonnie.

Bonnie tells Lillian about her life growing up and then commits suicide. Mimi's transsexual sister turns up, but isn't all she appears to be. The Maguires are still at each other's throats, and Chesney is in danger as he and Jackson join the British Alliance Party, and manage to rub them up the wrong way. Following his sexual encounter with Letitia's headmistress, Miss Heller, Frank has had his final chance with Libby, who seems taken with the mysterious Martin.

Shane's theft of Tilly Pucker's wheelchair further strains relations between the Maguire brothers, coming to a head in a showdown with Tilly's minders. It's a black day on Chatsworth when Paddy Maguire is returned in a coffin. While the residents grieve, Jamie gathers the Maguires to lift the lid on this 'special delivery'. Leticia dares Aiden to break in and take a photo of Paddy, but they're in for quite a surprise.

Meanwhile, Karen sets up a kids' entertainment business, but the joke's on her when Mickey, Avril and Lillian join the team. Competition is fierce, but when a catfight with a sexy rival is popular with the dads, Karen discovers a new way to make some extra cash behind Jamie's back. Little does she know the danger she will face. Frank's war with Patty is re-ignited after Libby's departure, and he makes a shocking discovery that leaves Patty at his mercy.

People start to wonder how Avril is able to afford lavish watches, and other gifts with a job that no one knows about. Jackson becomes suspicious of his household. Finding herself emotionally and sexually unfulfilled with the absence of Paddy, Mimi begins to fancy a new man whose hard to catch up with in more ways than one. Chesney, who saved his business, realizes that "something" else may need saving. While cleaning the windows, Jackson spots Letitia kissing Dee Davies in her bedroom.

One night, he storms round to Dee's house to find Letitia. Meanwhile, Frank staggers off to the Jockey, leaving Carl to nurse pox-ridden Stella.

Pissed-up Frank leaves the pub and accidentally gets on a minibus, waking up in a synagogue. He's discovered by Isaac, who thinks he has been sent by god. Back at home, Stella takes a turn for the worst. Karen is on a mission to regain control at The Jockey. A new gang has rolled into Chatsworth with an unlikely mission - to save the souls of the community.

Jesus O'Toole leads the group and seems to know too much about certain residents. Aidan is certainly open to the possibilities that religion might bring, but love soon turns to hate when local businesses are picketed. An explosion on the Maguire's turf sees the family prepare for revenge.

Kelly is attacked by a familiar face - Marty Fisher, who is on the run. And, Patty returns, missing Libby, she turns to the only person who might know of her whereabouts - Frank. There's uproar in The Jockey when Frank pockets Cynthia's scratch card.

And when Cynthia is assaulted, Frank becomes the prime suspect. Frank remembers nothing but scratch marks on his chest tell a different story. While Frank hands himself in, a distressed Carl seeks to prove his dad's innocence and phones Kev Ball, who returns to the Chatsworth like a knight in shining armour.

New video footage jogs Frank's memory, but puts him in a stickier situation. Can a deal be made with gangster Growbag McCready? Frank's fate rests in his hands. Meanwhile, Mickey moves into the Jockey after a disagreement with Mimi, and Marty's presence continues to cause trouble between Shane and Kelly. Aidan's bad behaviour has landed him in court, but it's Patty who'll decide the outcome. Feeling unwelcome at the Gallaghers, Aiden leaves Chatsworth to find his mother, recently released from prison.

Mimi is unexpectedly reunited with Billy Tutton, Cilla's father, and his return to Chatsworth causes tension between Mimi and her children. Frank takes in a Polish man as a lodger.

Marty and Mickey become flatmates, and both men reveal their secrets to each other. Desperate for money, Marty turns to crime and makes the mistake of stealing from the Mauguires. Shane investigates Marty's sudden return to the estate and is horrified at what he discovers, while Kelly continues to battle her feelings for both men. Billy's plan to impress Mimi backfires. Mickey channels his' inner drama queen' at the community service with a difference. Ray's skill with numbers does not go unnoticed by Mickey, and a trip to the casino seems on the cards.

But Ray's only got one thing on his mind, and it's not the jackpot! The community service cast are unhappy with their leader, Michelle and the play.

So when Michelle has a timely accident and the centre is shut, Mickey takes the lead, bringing Christmas to Chatsworth early. Meanwhile, Mimi might wear the trousers in the family, but it's time Billy pulled his weight, so Mimi sets a profitable challenge to test his manhood. Carl witnesses a crime but walks past, unaware of the consequences. Policeman Simon finds Carl and begs for help. No Gallagher helps the filth, but Simon's grim fate changes Carl.

Turning down jobs from Jamie, workouts and exams, Carl's hiding something big. Will Aidan tell Frank what he finds?

Meanwhile, the game is up for Billy and Mimi when Mickey catches them in a compromising position. And while Mimi is over the moon, Billy is bricking it as the Maguire brothers want his blood for daring to marry their mum, and Kelly must make the biggest decision of her life.

Series 9 began on Channel 4 on 9 January and consisted of 11 episodes ending on 13 March Chatsworth is in a time of darkest austerity. The Gallaghers and half the estate are evicted as part of Operation New Start - a multi-agency crackdown on the benefits culture of those in social housing, led by the ruthless Carmen Kenaway. Jamie and Karen find themselves housing the entire estate, and the community turn against Frank when he drunkenly gives Kenaway information that results in more evictions.

However, Frank has his own pile of problems: Carl is in police training and to top it all off, a routine check-up at the clinic makes him realise that he is not as indestructible as he thought. Meanwhile, Jackson finally becomes a teacher, and reels in the fact that he and his family can finally escape Chatsworth life. However, Avril and Letitia have settled into the community, threatening both Jackson's marriage and career.

Elsewhere, a heavily pregnant Kelly orders Marty to evict Mickey from their flat, only to have it backfire drastically when they all end up on the streets. Carl arrives back on the Chatsworth as a qualified policeman, but he receives hostility from Frank and a surprise welcoming from Jamie.

But Carl is determined not to go ahead with the training until he receives his father's blessing. Meanwhile, Jackson is fingered for falsely claiming benefits, resulting in the withdrawal of his teaching job, and his marriage is thrown into chaos. Can they prevent the council from destroying Chatsworth forever? Elsewhere, Kelly visits a client in the hospital and runs into his wife, sparking off a heartbreaking chain of events that will change her life forever, while a confused Gloria Meak Angeline Ball tries to remember who took advantage of her the night before.

Mimi worries that she can't be everything that Billy needs and proposes an open marriage, which he reluctantly accepts. However, their arrangement soon causes chaos when Shane is assigned with the task of finding his stepfather a younger women and Billy becomes convinced that Mimi is sleeping with Jackson.

Meanwhile, Kelly seems to be spiraling out of control following her miscarriage, which leaves Marty and Lillian concerned for her state of mind. And, Patty finds herself in a tricky situation when she attends the funeral of an old friend. During a lads' night out, Mickey is the victim of a homophobic attack, leaving him mentally and physically scarred. Carl tries to persuade Mickey to let him track down his attacker and bring him to justice.

When Mickey discovers his attackers' whereabouts, he goes looking for his own form of justice. Meanwhile, Ruby Hepburn Kari Corbett , Mimi's niece, arrives on Chatsworth, and she is an immediate hit with the men of Chatsworth - even amogst her own family.

And, Aidan falls into the wrong crowd when he befriends a local psychotic thug Fraiser Kane, but a practical joke turns sickening when a schoolteacher attempts to rehabilitate Fraiser. A face from Jamie's past arrives in Chatsworth. DS Brooks, suspended on serious charges, needs Jamie's help. But Jamie is unable to do what DS Brooks has asked him to do. However, Brooks holds incriminating evidence that could destroy the Maguire family, and Jamie finds himself hired as Brooks' hitman.

Meanwhile, Aidan is traumatised after watching Fraiser Kane sexually assault a teacher, and it seems Fraiser has set his sights on Letitia. Can Aidan overcome his guilt and ensure that Fraiser gets his comeuppance?

Elsewhere, a routine debt collection changes Mickey's life forever when he becomes trapped in a room with a heavily pregnant junkie who goes into labour.

Desperate for cash, Jackson agrees to help Shane on a robbery job at a supermarket. Meanwhile, Gloria's brother Dominic Stephen Lord , a whisky priest, causes mayhem on the estate when he pushes his luck with two married women. Elsewhere, Frank is lonely after Carl moves out, and while taking Stella for a birthday treat, he finds an ally in the most unlikely place. Elsewhere, Chesney and Carl's girlfriend Clem go for a picnic.

Things are getting worse for Kelly and Marty. While Marty's grief for his lost children reaches breaking point, Kelly appears to be punishing herself for her recent miscarriage, and when her friends attempt to help, Kelly disowns everyone she knows and leaves Chatsworth, where her life begins unravelling. Meanwhile, Avril finds herself out of her depth when she attempts to help a troubled colleague at the hospital. Elsewhere, Dominic makes a bet with Karen that he can lure Ruby into bed, and if he does, he gets to sleep with Karen too.

Is Karen about to revert to her old, cheating, ways? Times are hard for the Gallaghers, and Marty's attempts to save money plunges the whole estate into darkness. Frank loses something very precious and gains a new friend. Elsewhere, Chesney's desperation to protect his shop from lawlessness leads to tragedy, and Avril and Marty find themselves in a police cell together.

Chesney arrives home from hospital to find his cousin Toof waiting for him, who has been sent their grandfather to negotiate Chesney's future in Chatsworth. Lillian holds auditions for new staff at the brothel. Ruby makes an enemy out of Kelly. Jamie is in turmoil after sleeping with Gloria, until he ends up in bed with her again.

After a conversation with Frank, Jamie and Shane engineer a plan to raid Manchester's former War Rooms, now owned by the Lottery, with the aim of lifting a stash of scratch cards as a way to make some easy money. Frank is recruited along with Aidan, while Ruby persuades Shane to take her along.

And although the heist starts off well, tensions quickly surface between the gang down in the crumbling network of tunnels, and Frank's cowardice leads to catastrophe. Karen is determined to prove to Mimi that she can run the Maguire business in Jamie's absence, and Letitia joins a girl gang. Trapped underground, the pressure mounts for the five. Frank's life flashes before his eyes, with a particular event that occurred 35 years ago.

Jamie knows his freedom could mean the end of his marriage, Ruby wants to be accepted as a Maguire, while Aidan is sick of being treated like the idiot child. Back in Chatsworth, Karen searches for clues, while Gloria wrestles with her guilt over Jamie. Shane's plans discovered, a search party is swiftly formed, but time isn't on their side and decisions have to be made whether to involve the authorities for help.

Series 10 originally consisted of 11 episodes, but for an unknown reason was changed to It started on 12 September Frank's workshy past comes back to haunt him when he is hounded by the Department of Work and Pension. Faced with losing his benefits, Frank finds himself doing something he's never done - entering the world of employment. Meanwhile, Shane and Jackson launch a new enterprise of bootleg booze, but it's rank and nobody is buying their stuff.

Billy offers to help and concocts a brew using his extraordinary sense of smell and amazingly, it's a great success, but Shane soon grows jealous of Billy's success. And, Avril supplies pills to Patty, who wants more than her recommended dosage, but when Avril turns down her request, Patty springs into action with a plan to steal them, and Aidan, fearful she is turning into an addict, resorts to drastic measures. Frank loves his new job at World of Burgers. His banter and laid-back approach wins the respect of the team and sales figures increase.

But his new boss, Wesley, isn't happy and hatches a plan to get Frank fired. However, the plan backfires when Frank replaces him as manager. Frank soon longs for his old job when he is faced with an armed robbery and a staff walkout. Meanwhile, Karen and Mimi test out a new parenting method, but the result leaves Mimi questioning if she is a good mother to Cilla.

And, Kelly attempts to bond with Aidan after overhearing him make a hurtful comment about prostitutes, but Aidan begins growing feelings for her.

Marty befriends a Brazilian housemaid and becomes determined to rescue her from a life of slavery, and he resorts to stealing from Lillian to buy her. However, she mistakes this grand gesture and becomes a maid for the Gallaghers, and Frank decides to use her good nature to his advantage at the World of Burgers.

Meanwhile, Dominic has a surprise visitor: Dominic tries to make peace between his mother and sister, but their relationship is beyond repair. Hazel makes it clear that she has no love for her daughters, and attempts to lure Dominic away from Chatsworth. And, Billy is tired of being treated as a pushover, and confides in Karen, who is convinced his problems could be resolved with a self-help tape.

When Billy finds a pregnancy test, he fears Mimi is having another baby and confides in Jamie. However, Jamie is rattled when he discovers Gloria and Karen spent the night drinking at the Maguire household, and either of them could be expecting his baby. Gloria is faced with an even bigger problem when she is left debt-ridden by a loan company.

A worried Dominic attempts to help by taking part in a boxing match to raise the money, but the problem escalates further out of control. Meanwhile, Jackson is suspicious because Avril and her new friend Callum are always together after hours, but when he sneers at an invitation to go clubbing, Avril leaves him behind and makes it a night to remember.

And, Aidan and Chesney collect meat for a raffle and manage to get stuck with a live cow, while Shane tries make amends for his shocking crime by protecting the family of the man he killed. Shane is consumed with guilt after the hit-and-run and desperately tries to make amends for his actions by befriending Ruth, the wife of the victim. Ruth welcomes him into her life and family, but her wayward son, Shaun, takes an instant dislike to Shane, and Shane finally finds a way to make up for his actions - by helping Shaun through his grief, but Kelly fears the truth is close to being revealed.

Meanwhile, a rival brothel opens up on the estate, and threatens to put Lillian out of business when many of the locals, including Frank, begin getting serviced elsewhere, and to make matters worse, Kelly has been offered a job in the new brothel.

Could this be the end for Lillian's business? And, Chesney falls in love with a local girl called Beccy, but when he humiliates himself in front of her, Patty steps in to help him. Marty decides to ask Kelly to marry him. But when he discovers that his deceased wife and children, who perished in a fire that he was framed for starting, are still alive.

He is determined to find out what happened on the night of the fire. But his quest to find answers to his troubled life in Spain threaten his bright future with Kelly. Meanwhile, Karen is convinced Jamie is cheating on her and confides in Gloria, who has recently resumed her affair with Jamie. Lillian has a vision, but she can't decipher its meaning. As she tries to solve the puzzle, she fears disaster is looming for one resident of Chatsworth.

Shane and Jackson's business is booming. Expansion is afoot and their future looks rosy. But Shane suddenly turns charitable and begins giving the homeless their stock, infuriating Jackson and causing a rivalry between the two business partners, and when the local priest begins stealing their business contracts, Shane discovers his one good deed could ruin him and the Powell family for good. Meanwhile, the residents are shocked by Patty's sudden generosity towards her neighbours.

But when she begins hosting a coffee morning for the elderly, they discover a scam is afoot, and the whole estate turn against her. An outcast in the community, Patty finds her problems only just beginning when she is targeted by a hate campaign.

Billy is having trouble in the bedroom, and a devastated Mimi is convinced he no longer loves her. When an old flame commits suicide, Dominic's faith is completely destroyed.

Feeling he has no purpose to life, Dominic enlists Frank's help - to end his life. Can Frank single-handedly prevent Dominic's various attempts at suicide and convince him to change his ways? Meanwhile, Letitia decides it's time to lose her virginity, and sets her sights on Aidan. However, Aidan has found love with someone else.

With Gloria's help, will Letitia get what she wants, or will another Chatsworth resident seduce her? Lillian becomes a life-coach for a magistrate. When he begins receiving threatening letters, Jamie fears the Maguire's past has, again, returned to haunt them, and when Karen and Connor find themselves in danger, Jamie's love for his wife is tested to the limit when he receives a ransom.

But he soon discovers that he enemy lies much closer to home. Meanwhile, Avril makes a shocking discovery about Patty - she's dying. Elsewhere, Frank is determined to prove to Dominic and Billy that he has slept with everyone on the Chatsworth estate, and his time at the World of Burgers comes to an end, while Kelly discovers Lillian is not a British citizen. It's Mimi and Billy's first wedding anniversary, and they decide to mark the occasion by renewing their vows.

Determined to make changes to her life, Mimi attempts to throw away everything about her marriage to Paddy. But she causes a rift within the Maguire family when she makes a hurtful comment about Ruby's father, leading to a life-or-death stand-off between the whole family, with at least one of them breathing their last breath.

Meanwhile, Patty wants to visit Ireland before she dies, and Kelly persuades a reluctant Frank to accompany her, and the heartbreaking events that follow threaten to change Frank forever. Elsewhere, Avril and Jackson's marriage is well and truly on the rocks as Avril's deception is finally revealed, while a heartbroken Gloria ends up in bed with the most unlikely Chatsworth resident - her brother, Dominic. It's a grand occasion as the residents of Chatsworth celebrate being awarded an Olympic ring from London The Maguires toast the expansion of their empire: Mimi's hijacked control of the local school via the PTA and Shane's setting up a new business venture.

Business is booming, but the family is thrown into turmoil when Jamie discovers Paddy is not his father, tearing him and Mimi apart and forcing him to question everything he knows.

Meanwhile, Frank is climbing the employment ladder as caretaker of "St Mimi's School", conveniently funding his new leisure activity - the Gastric Bandits, a prostitute double act with Sherilee and Derilee.

Elsewhere, Avril's marriage has ended, leaving her and Letitia on the streets, forcing Avril to ask her eccentric, snobbish sister, Patreesha St. Rose Jacqueline Boatswain , for help. As a member of the PTA, Mimi demands respect. But when the teachers threaten to quit over the return of a notorious troublemaker and Mimi's quick to dole out advice, Headmaster Banbury couldn't care less. When Mimi hears that the school will be failed by School Inspector Edward Clayhill, she recruits the residents of Chatsworth to help her save the day.

Meanwhile, Jamie tries to contact his half-brother Kassi, but after his violent outburst in The Jockey, Kassi won't pick up the phone, forcing Jamie to question whether his new brother has a place in his life. Elsewhere, Frank discovers an unexpected perk of being caretaker at the school: Quick to take advantage, Frank invites the Gastric Bandits for an after-hours drug-fuelled romp, while Gloria and Dominic continue to hide their sordid affair.

But how long can they keep their disgraced secret? Kelly agrees to help save Lillian's savings from police survelliance. But when she discovers how much Lillian has, she is forced to decide what she values money and a chance to escape life in Chatsworth or Lillian's friendship? Meanwhile, Mimi attempts to build the confidence of a schoolteacher who has just lost her husband. But she ends up creating another version of herself.

Elsewhere, Patreesha plans a housewarming party for Avril. But sibling rivalry soon comes to the surface, while Frank continues his affair with the Gastric Bandits. Jamie discovers his brother's life is not as perfect as it seems when Kassi's house is raided by the police. Once released from police custody, Kassi refuses to tell Jamie about his troubles, asking his brother to find him and his family a place to live in Chatsworth.

As his kids befriend the locals and his wife Esther takes an unlikely shine to Frank, Kassi must deal with his growing troubles - and an enraged Mimi, But will a dinner party between the Blancos, Gallaghers and Maguires help to un-strain relations or will it be a night of chaos? Meanwhile, Shane is playing a dangerous game as he continues his sexual relationship with Sgt Randall. Elsewhere, Kelly and Marty decide to buy a house with their recent windfall. But the residents are suspicious about their new wealth, causing them to make a life-changing decision about their future, while a 6-year-old Stella Gallagher follows in her sibling's footsteps by taking over at the Gallagher household.

Esther , Thalia and Saul Blanco. Chesney meets Remona, a fiery chemist while looking for a replacement chillers and he soon decides to renovate Chesco, add a pharmacy department and employ her to run it. But will his new business move cost him - and Chatsworth itself - dearly? Meanwhile, Kassi, Shane and Jamie plan a night out. But the night ends in disaster when Kassi finds himself behind bars, and Jamie and Karen are stunned by Esther's relaxed attitude towards the situation.

Elsewhere, Avril is forced to work at her sister's car wash. But she soon discovers Patreesha's life isn't as perfect as she makes out. Aidan is again in trouble with the law. But his life is thrown into turmoil when Stanton dies, and he finds himself under suspicion for murder by Dominic. Meanwhile, Esther's daughter, Thalia, is becoming increasingly irriated by her mother's friendship with Frank, and resorts to desperate measures to erase Frank from the Blanco family for good.

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Father's heartbreak at his daughter's words after knifeman For today's new episodes go to epguides. To find the next time an episode will play in your area, visit the DirecTV Channel Guide and search by the episode name. Washington's Spies AMC If you have any general questions, please read our FAQ , which also includes instructions on how to send us e-mail for corrections to menus or general show info. For corrections and additions to episode details for specific shows, click through to the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider: Airplane Repo Alan Carr: Doomsday Preppers Dora the Explorer [anim] Dr.

Robot [on hiatus] returns in Mr Sloane Mrs.

Imsges: dating in the dark uk episodes

dating in the dark uk episodes

Trying to stop her son from supplying drugs, Esther takes her kids, along with Frank, Karen and Shane, to a polish club dance, with disastrous consequences. When Manchester experiences an earth tremor, Monica's waters break and she goes into labour. At odds on what to do with their prisoner, the couple quickly realise their relationship is falling apart.

dating in the dark uk episodes

After Liam denounces religion in school, Debbie has to act quick when the teachers request a home visit. Three daters return to the restaurant hoping to pull a cracker in time for Christmas, while some couples who had more luck first time round return too. Can the Gallaghers cover up Carl's shocking crime?

dating in the dark uk episodes

Egyptian engineering student, 18, dies after she was Will glamorous dental nurse Cece make DJ Collins' heart skip a beat? Meanwhile, Sheila tries to overcome dating hashtags agoraphobia with Debbie's help, whilst harbouring a life-changing secret, and it dating in the dark uk episodes Steve's days as a datkng man are numbered when a jealous Tony discovers the source of his fortune. Can the Gallaghers cover up Carl's shocking crime? Meanwhile, Carl uses Katie as bait to seduce a local girl. But when Libby learns the truth, she rails against a righteous Patty in order to raise bail and free her love, while Frank shares a cell with a physcotic murderer.