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dating maxon pedals

The lower end models such as the EG mostly used 3 piece maple tops while the higher end models mostly used 2 piece maple tops. Everything we know about these guitars comes from a photo taken of his personal guitar collection in , since Gary was rarely seen playing acoustics live. We can tweak the deluxe memory man to about mS or so if you need just a bit more than the stock one has our delay time slight tweak. The Slow Gear for example?

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The Slow Gear for example? Jimi's Pedals What order did Jimi Hendrix run his pedals? In the s, the Nisshin Onpa company who owned the Maxon brand name, developed and began selling a series of effect pedals in Japan. But I have a TS that has mostly tan coated resistors and a few green ones so they were not consistent. I rarely sell items in Good condition or less.

The Radius series is now discontinued. Some of these featured tri-sound switches which enabled the player to alter the humbucking pickups to single coil or out of phase modes. The artist series established the company as manufacturers of high quality original instruments. Early endorsers included Bob Weir and Steve Miller. The AR has since been reissued as a cheaper, downgraded model.

It features an [Asymmetric asymmetric] double cutaway body with two humbuckers, a hard tail bridge and a bolt on neck. The top end model the CN was one of the earliest guitars to feature "half vine" fingerboard inlays. Past and Present Main article: Hoshino Gakki licensed these for sale using the name Ibanez outside of Japan. These two companies eventually began doing less and less business together until Nisshin Onpa ceased manufacting the TS-9 reissue for Hoshino Gakki in Ibanez "Super 58" pickups made by Nisshin Onpa Maxon had a alnico 3 magnet.

Ibanez "Super 80" pickups made by Nisshin Onpa Maxon had a ceramic magnet. All of the above pickups DC resistance is approximately 7. Hey folks I was just going threw my warehouse rafters the other day and I have found some fretboard blanks I completely forgotten about and I thought they were lost - these 4 are old stock Exotic Brazilian Rosewood with some beautiful vivid grain pattern and landscape figure and killer color to them please see the pics Here we have an original matched set from this set includes nickel covers, the original wiring harness and the original gibson k pots Tim Shaw paf HumBuckers.

This is set of 6 excellent vintage reproduction Kluson style aged tuner tips for your Historic or vintage recreation LP guitar these will bring realism to your Vintage les Paul our any other Gibson or Gibson style guitar requiring old accurate looking tulip tips Also these look real and fit real vintage Bursts Let us know if you need a set. We also now make aged double ring Kluson tips for your restoration needs These are our Aged Generation II We are proud to introduce our own line of Aged Reproduction guitar parts lineup I'm a Les Paul lover myself and have had some real fun over the last 20 years or so building and restoring vintage guitars in my own shop.

I have some collectors ask me if I had planed on getting into this I hadn't realy thought it threw so it took some time to develop. The website will be updated sometime in the near future to centrally locate your vintage restoration parts much more easily so forgive me until that time please Let me know if you want to try a few sets Thanks.

Here we have a clean set with the original nickel covers. This set is from an Original vintage Tokai LS very highly regarded as being amongst the best 59' Paf Replica humbuckers that Tokai used in this period. Here we have a vintage set of Japanese crafted PAF Humbucking cones made back in the golden era These are amongst the best sounds PAF's made anywhere worldwide these capture the real Gibson type tone..

Restore your high end vintage Burny or Greco Les Paul to original spec with this set. Here we have several more of our old stock exotic Brazilian fretboard blanks , The boards pictures have sold out quickly.. These amazing Dalbergia Nigra found in our warehouse Thank you for looking.

Here we have our own offering set of aged tips Reborn Old Tuner Buttons These look right for 50 year old Gibson type guitars EZ change out instructions included with your purchase , order 3 sets and receive free shipping! This Jensen C12K speaker has about hours on it now and is as new. The C12K is a real workhorse, heavy on the mids with a solid, straightforward excellent tone. When your amnp is cranked up with overdrive, compression or distortion it powers through with lows that are bold and heavy.

This speaker 8 ohm impedance Genuine American Vintage Gibson used guitar part. I just got a case of these great old stock medicine bottles and these even have the caps still on them These are just perfect I'm sure you already know great blues slide players used these medicine bottle have some wonderful tonefull qualities. Legendary for making a guitar sing like no other slide can.

Here we have several more of our old stock Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard blanks.. These blanks are I also have a vintage Nickel ONE you can see in our other listing no piting just some dust as seen in the light is all. This is a larger magnet version of the legendary p10Q used on the 59 Fender Bassman. Recently reconed with Weber VST parts, it has a 25 watt 1. Sounds fantastic, clean with nice Fender twang at low volumes and breaks up smooth when cranked, big low end and tons of midrange punch.

A bit more efficient and punchier with tighter low end than the P10Q. NOS perfect for your restoration or to simply pretty up your beautiful Ibanez investment grade guitar. This guard is made to that of Fenders - 62 original specifications in every way possible The best of the best possible You will not find a finer aged more accurate looking vintage Fender pickguard period. This guard is made to that of pre CBS era Fenders Also - 65 original specifications inearly every way possible You will not find a finer aged more accurate looking vintage Fender pickguard anywhere period.

Here we have a great replacement or upgrade for your broken Gibson L-5 bridge and is also correct for super 's , Tal Farlows, Es's, Herb Ellis, Howard Roberts and many other great guitars including Greco, Ibanez, Aria and others Thank you for your interest Joe. Here we have a great replacement or upgrade for your broken Gibson L-5 bridge and is also correct for super 's , Tal Farlows, Es's, Herb Ellis, L-4ces, Es, Howard Roberts and quite a few other great type guitars including High end Japanese Archtops lieke Greco, Ibanez, Aria and several other Japanese brands Vintage correct in the style of the 's threw 's Gibson es as well as other classic ES models.

Suitable for any fine fine archtop guitar. Well made old school cast bronze yet not to heavy and finished plated in gold or chrome. We can also pre-age this piece to match the vintage hardware on a 60 year old guitar and it will not stand out.

Here is something of a passion of mine the past several years I have been at the bench working for the past 5 years on our latest JVGuitars Reborn Old re-creation from the vintage 60s our own Vintage Basement I was looking for a realistic strat sound. One of my favorite Strat sounds I ever experienced was from a little Trio came out with an album called Electric Lady Land.. I had it on Reel to Real and man it sounded amazing that was an excellent quality recording you can really hear Jimi's tone RING Hauntingly threw to your soul That is the classic strat tone in my minds eye Sound effects aside when Jimi's strat was just serious as in he meant it and pure sounding pretty clean at times talk about expressive WoW I would like to present a great sounding vintage Strat set made here in USA my own version of one of my favorite year stats tone wise the JVG 69 Reborn Old gray bottoms staggered poles I have spared no expense in the development our building of these aged replicas These have been developed over several years of trials and tweaking until this is my finest replica style pickups I have produced yet- as used in some of our own Reborn Old Str.

There are lots of handmade pickups out there- Iknow I'v tried just about all of them personally in my Strat These pickups come one way thats realistically aged so they look right at home in your Strat or Custom JVG Recreation and sounding like the real deal Here we have a nice find a correct precision built to fit the REAL Vintage 69 Tele and also the high end Reissues in the correct color!

Features a very cool San Francisco Hippie to Woodstock pattern. Original from the late 's. Ace was featured as the most influential guitar strap and for that reason they were and still are very popular and used today. Dylan, Hendrix all used these straps because of the feel that 60's vibe and the quality. Now you can use it too. So much life left. Genuine used Vintage US made vintage Hippy - Woodstock era Guitar straps excellent if these straps could only tell their story Here we have something I completely had forgot about having and I just recently found in my warehouse while looking for something else.

I purchased several of these came with a Lot I purchased from a retiring Luthier shop owner I met back in at a guitar show.. These came with a deal and so here they are offered to you. These turn out to fit the vintage 's Gibson Trini Lopez guitars Top quality made in USA the best! Here is your correct for - - Les Pauls and other Gibson guitars may fit other brands as well.

Here we have a perfect Replica of the originals used by Gibson since the early days as seen on so many Hollow and semi hollow body models for decades Great for Gibson restorations. Each unit is hand aged for realism and comes with its mounting gold screws as well.

Any questions or to order contact Joe by email at jvguitars gmail. Aged coloration that nails late 50's to late 60's style. Thin skin so she'll continue to age gracefully like the old originals did, Fits standard Tele pocket built to last! She's got the vibe and feel of yesteryears guitars for the Vintage Guitar lover with slightly rolled edges it has the feel too Made of Eastern AA Figured Maple you see some natural flame and fine mineral streaks in it but not over the top like most all the real vintage necks this one really nails the vibe and at a great price Its not just the neck but the aging art work and the NITRO finish Eye matching aging finish work and then custom hand burnishing NOW she's Ready for you to finish your project Otherwise expect it to arrive as the one seen in the pictures.

Fits standard Telecaster neck pocket body's perfectly.. Hand made nitro thin skin authentic finish Rolled edges and smooth broken in feel fretwork, Aged as seen not road hard and put away wet but a soft Patina well played wear aged fingerboard with a slight dink here or there just as seen Beautiful aged color and Patina as the originals look and feel This one is a 9.

The neck comes with the pre slotted nylabone nut its installed with hide glue and the final installer will file the nut to fit your final set up , This is offered for the Project type guy To buy now email Joe at: This is a plaque that Gibson has used for several DECADES to Retrofit standard stop tail type guitars to the popular Vibrola and or Bigsby type installations to convert a standard guitar to a vibrato type guitar and retain guitars originality.

With this plaque you do not have top fill holes and match original finish of a guitar. This part simplifies the job to an instant. Some late originals used the brown coated resistors also, so check the date codes on the electrolytic can capacitors. Usually the first two digits are the year, as in the pictures below: Also you can tell the original JRC chips as they are shiny and dark, while the new chips are dull and a bit grey looking. Reissue TS9 board below:.

In early Ibanez finally reissued the TS pedal due to popular demand. It looks fine except the color seems a bit off. See my tube screamer page for more info. Each position adds low end, increases volume, and actually decreases distortion.

The 1st mode is the same as a TS9, the 2nd is not too bad but the 3rd and 4th are too much. See our TS9DX page for more info on this pedal. It is made in Taiwan like the TS5 but in a metal case that should stand up better. There are several circuit boards inside, they seem to be generic and several different effects can be built using the same boards they are mostly empty boards!

These have a HOT mode switch for extra distortion and volume, which is quite useable. The HOT mode still works after the mod, and gets a similar improvement to the tone less harsh, smoother, but still has lots of drive. All the boards, connectors, and cables inside add a lot of complexity and there are many things to break. Also the tiny micro switches seem to be failing and we do not carry replacements.

This pedal is the highest-end Tube Screamer ever made, to get part of the boutique market. It does not use a circuit board, instead parts are hand soldered onto a strip board like some old fuzz pedals, our Beano Boost, and many prototypes.

The parts are about the same as a normal TS except I noticed they used our King Of Tone clipping diodes, which makes them a little louder and less compressed. They also have true bypass and come in a cool box. We can do our silver or TV mod on these but can't change the chip. However they use a "select" JRCD chip which should be fine.

The OD is not as well made as a TS9 though, the pots are really cheap and break easily and cannot be replaced with a normal pot like a TS9. So the OD is only recommended for pedalboard use when it won't be moved or stepped on much due to the cheaper construction. The Maxon OD-9 was released in the summer of It had "normal" bypass like an old 70s pedal but did not really suck any tone when OFF. Later ones have a 4pdt switch for true bypass and LED switching. These are hand-made with normal hand-wired parts pots, jacks, etc like the TS9 so we can keep them running forever.

In order to make an Ibanez, Boss or other electronically- switched pedal true bypass, we need to drill a hole on top and mount a standard round metal stomp switch. On the TS9 there is already a small hole under the plaque on top, and there is just enough room inside the pedal for a switch.

We also need to hot-wire the circuit so it is always ON. We do offer true bypass mods on the TS9 and TS If you already have a TS9 or TS, and have too many buffered pedals on your board, then the true bypass mod could be a good idea.

If you don't already have a tube screamer, and want true bypass, the Maxon OD9 is the obvious choice and will work out cheaper too with our classic or silver mods. These are handy for having around, you can even use it as an AB box in a bind. See our switchbox page for many examples. There was a small loss in very high frequencies, but the sound was excellent and actually can be better when using very bright amps like my Deluxe Reverb. Another use, which works best with a TS or my TS mod is a clean boost.

Turn the gain top left knob almost all the way down maybe on 1 and turn the tone middle knob down almost all the way too, and crank up the output volume top right to the desired boost level. This can boost a tube amp with nice smooth tone and very little pedal distortion makes more tube distortion. Do you change the capacitors or other components in your mod? Anyone can find information online on changing various capacitors in a tube screamer to add low end.

I have tried every mod I have seen online and many more that I came up with, and none of the simple capacitor changes sound quite right.

They lose the sweet tone which is the reason to use a tube screamer, though it will sound good in a bedroom it may get very muddy on stage or recording with a band. The pedal featured Tone and sustain knobs on the side, a foot pedal to control the volume, and a bypass switch under the heel of the foot treadle.

Rocking the treadle forward raised the volume, but even at maximum the volume was barely at unity, making the treadle a bit useless. The circuit was basically a straight rip off of the Big Muff four stage transistor circuit, but some of the cap and resistor values were modified well outside the range E-H was using in Triangle Big Muffs from this period, giving it a slightly different tone than many of the real Triangle Big Muffs being made at the time.

To my ears, the sound rivals many of the Triangle Big Muffs I have played, with perhaps a bit more biting distortion sound. The Creator was likely first manufactured in , more than a year after the first V1 Triangle Big Muffs hit the market, so it appears this was one of the first, if not the first, clone of the Big Muff Pi circuit.

The low pass filter at the input stage was removed, as was done on some early Big Muffs. Feedback resistors were low k to k, values very uncommon in real Big Muffs.

Many of the other resistor values were uncommon as well. The input, coupling , and clipping caps were all common. A modern equivalent is 2N Thanks to Chris Martin for photos and Kurt for additional information, and Edkoppel for alerting me to one on ebay.

See the fuzz pedal timeline here for more information about other fuzz releases from this era. Chris Mahoney stated his version was based on the second version of the Triangle Big Muff. There was not just a first and second version of the Triangle Big Muff circuit, there about a dozen, but regardless, the real Jordan Creator does not have component values that exactly match any V1 Big Muff I have ever seen.

The Mahoney version sounds comparable and features a mids knob not found on the original, and the pedals were signed by Jordan founder George Cole. Shown above - The very rare Jordan Creator with pots dated The four stage circuit design was copied from a Big Muff, though component values are slightly different from Big Muff circuits from this period Thanks to Chris for the photos.

Shown above - Another Jordan Creator with pots. On the middle-left is the Jordan Gig Wa-Wa, built into the same style cast aluminum enclosure. Unknown Place of Manufacture: The Tri stood for Triangle, as the V1 Big Muff had come to be known due to the triangular knob layout.

Hohner had been around since , known as one of the worlds largest accordion and harmonica manufacturers. Hohner branched into making keyboards in the s, electric guitars in the s, and acoustic guitars in the s. As many other companies were doing at the time, Hohner also branched into the effect pedal business in the mid s. These included the Sound Modifier Series, the Dirty Booster Overdrive, and the Tri Dirty Booster, which was essentially a straight clone of an early Big Muff with an extra capacitor in the tone section.

The circuit was likely cloned from one example of a V1 Big Muff, though the particular circuit copied had a very good set of component values. I have seen a few examples of these with slightly different capacitor values, but overall they seem to be identical.

Most have a pF cap in the first stage, and pF caps the two gain stages. The extra cap in the tone section is a bit of a mystery. I assime it was added to alter the tone range on the bass side, but I cannot hear much of a difference with or without it.

The manufacturer Hohner contracted to make these pedals in unknown, but it was made in the USA. The enclosure is identical to the rare Rogue Fuzz, from around , so this appears to have been made by the same factory. Pot dates I have seen on the TDB are from and ' Thanks to DiscoFreq for help identifying the enclosure. An early clone of the V1 "triangle" Big Muff. This one has a replacement footswitch. The Hohner Tri Dirty Booster was made in an identical enclosure to this, with the same label on the back side, indicating the Hohner was made in the same factory.

Jen Elettronica Place of Manufacture: Jen was one of the largest OEM original equipment manufacturer musical electronics manufacturers in the Europe at the time. American made Vox amplifiers were to be less expensive solid state designs, rather than expensive tube amps like their European counterparts.

The Wah pedal circuit was the result, which Thomas Organ decided to market as a stand alone pedal in Joe approached the manufacturing company Eko in Italy about making the Wah. Eko declined, but Eko's manufacturing manager, Ennio Uncini, wanted to do it. Jen then began to market a line of pedals under their own brand in Thomas Organ patented the Wah circuit design, but by the time the patent was granted there were already dozens of copies of the pedal on the market.

It was decided enforcing the patent was too expensive, so no attempt was made to stop the knockoffs. Jen then got into the market of cloning other company's pedals themselves. Around Jen created a series of four brightly colored effect pedals in die cast enclosures, each with slider controls rather than knobs, and each using reworked circuits based on existing designs from other companies.

The enclosure used was simiar to Jen's black powder coated ToneBender case, but with recessed areas on the top for the color label plates to be applied. Shown above left to right - The Jen die cast pedal collection, Sound City price list and catalog page showing the Dallas Arbiter version of the Jumbo Fuzz, and the Jen made Cry Baby wah pedal from , using the same white rubber skirt edging as the Jumbo Fuzz case. Component values seem to be based on a few V1 Triangle Big Muff circuits, with the pF caps from the V2's thrown in for good measure.

The really unique modification to this version of the circuit was the addition of a Germanium noise gate section to help tame this noisy circuit.

It also had the effect of giving the muff some sputtery gated fuzz effects at the right setings. The gate includes two Germanium transistors and two Germanium diodes. Oddly, there is a 22k resistor in the gate section that was left in for the versions without the gate. From what I can see, it does absolutely nothing. There is also a 6. Apparently it was only used on the Fuzzola II version.

Based on the Jen case style used, the numerical codes on the back, the techno font used popular from into the 's , packaging style, and other OEM versions dated the same way, I estimate this pedal was made circa The Dallas Arbiter Jumbo Fuzz version first appeared in a Sound City then owned by Dallas Arbiter price list and catalog, which is the earliest appearance I have found for this pedal.

Shown above - Dallas Arbiter Jumbo Fuzz and packaging, circa Note that the packaging is rather generic, with no labels on the product photo.

Shown above - Circa Jen Jumbo Fuzz, packaging, circuit, and my circuit traces. The front graphics for the Jen and Dallas Arbiter versions were identical. For a thorough listing of all the Big Muff clones and variants throughout the years,.

Sola Sound Place of Manufacture: They created a line of very popular effects pedals under the brand name Sola Sound, and later under the brand Colorsound.

Imsges: dating maxon pedals

dating maxon pedals

Second on the right is an original silver label TS9. If you use a generic "radio shack" unregulated, unfiltered wall-wart power supply you will not be happy nor will your pedals! We can't do delay time as the cable to the EXP pedal will not work on that part of the circuit.

dating maxon pedals

The sound is similar to the early editions, but with less bottom end. Let me know if you want one we have several in stock at this time

dating maxon pedals

You may be able to do this without removing the board, it is just below the tip connection of the input left side dating maxon pedals. Yes, you may be able to fix it. RT series — Superstrat pedalls with 24 frets. Beautiful aged color and Patina as the originals look and feel The guitar featured cherry red finish, square inlays, and a pair of Gibson Dating maxon pedals pickups with no chrome casual dating milano.