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I Seduced My High School English Teacher, It Was Totally Worth It

dating my teacher fanfic

Lia, Hayden, Matt and I sit on the grass area under a tree. Why she didn't take me with her i don't know. When graduation was only a few weeks away, I felt bolder. Who matches you, excites you- would do anything for you. My Bad Boy A Niall

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I get up and wandering into the bathroom, I could spend hours in the shower, its my time to think. Lia and I just sit back and laugh as they tackle eachother to the ground and yell perfantiys at eachother. Even in the dark he looked handsome, brooding. I jump out and wander over to my closet, i pick out a pair of shorts and a tank top nothing to flash, i mean, its just school. Remember me Forgot your password? I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him to.

Then I put some on my scars. Yes I do cut. If you knew what I was going through you would understand but I'm the type the person who hides things inside. I don't trust people anymore because of what my dad does to me. I walk downstairs to find my father eyeing me up, but I jus ignore him and grab an apple then head out without saying a word to him.

My mother left us about a month ago because of him abusing her but know he takes all his anger on me.

Why she didn't take me with her i don't know. We live in a messed up world. I walk to school because I'm to scared to ask for a car or a ride from him, but it's nice to walk it helps me clear my thoughts. I arrive at Franklin High School. The most happiest place on Earth sarcasm. I walk in and there are kids running all over the place so I just walk through the crowd to my locker.

I grab my books and get back into the crowd so I can get to my first hour. I finally make it alive to my class and I find some kids already in there so I just take a seat in the front and put in my headphone. More kids file in so I just decide to put them away. People give me weird looks but I don't give two shits about those mofos.

Then the bell rings and a beautiful women who looks to be in her 20s comes in. My name is Miss. Anybody got any questions?

When he perched on the edge of his desk reading from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde , I let my eyes wander up and down his body, imaging a new use for each part. He was the new cute teacher this year, the one the girls whispered about between classes. Fitzpatrick is looking good today. But his charm was undeniable, who else could make the classics so sexy? Every day when he taught his inflection would bounce up and down with passion as he taught us about Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson.

When he taught Dracula he became brooding and obsessive, delving into each character. Even in the clinical, fluorescent-lit classroom it was sexual. The week he spent on, The Haunting of Hill House , was one of the most oddly erotic of my life. The text was thrilling, I was in a constant state of suspense and I held myself to not reading ahead, and being completely present in class when he talked about the role adrenaline plays in our bodies physiological state as we read.

When graduation was only a few weeks away, I felt bolder. Surely I should make a move, if the consequences of being rebuffed were so low? What could they do? I was almost gone. And so I became consumed with the idea of hooking up with Mr.

At first, I thought I could be subtle. Fitzpatrick certainly noticed when I wore something low-cut or a little more form-fitting.

Once I entered his classroom in a dress that particularly accentuated my curves and I could have sworn I heard him groan. But understandably, he never did anything more than cast a lingering glance my way.

So I put my mind into creating the perfect plan: The senior end-of-year dance was coming up, and I inserted myself into the planning committee long enough to serve as an official liaison and ask Mr. A light flickered in his eyes as I carefully enunciated the word desperate. Hopefully that was a look of comprehending my agenda. He agreed to the task. I bought new lingerie, black and red and lacy. I wore it under a loose-fitting white sundress, pure and virginal like a gothic heroine, but dark and carnal underneath.

At the dance, I added a note to the clipboard waiting for him as a chaperone. It was the regular list of rules to enforce and emergency contacts. My note was underneath, it was a line from Dracula along with his room number:. I never went to the dance. Instead I made my way through the dark and empty corridors of the school until I let myself into his classroom. I brought with me one candle to break up the darkness without relying on the fluorescents.

Lighting it and setting it on a desk in the front row I climbed into Mr. It was a long wait.

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dating my teacher fanfic

I heard she has a massive brother complex and has declared she'd never leave him for another man. I'm going to be a Junior in high school. Etney Weasley was Ronald Weasley's twin sister, born exactly three minutes after him so she has been told, and babied by him ever since.

dating my teacher fanfic

I get out my books for my first class and Lia and I head to English which just so happened to have all three of my friends in it, we all have practically the same schedule apart from maths, maths I only have Lia, but thats ok, every girl needs a break from boys everynow and again right?

dating my teacher fanfic

Add to library dating my teacher fanfic Discussion 15 Browse more Fanfiction Romance. Even in the low light, I could see the smile that spread across his face. I looked at Lia who was smirking dqting also was just as korean idol dating variety shows as I was. I'm going to be a Junior in high school. Well in our case, me sit here listening to Lia yap on about "the new hotty". I jump out and wander over to my closet, rating pick out a pair of shorts and a tank top nothing to flash, i mean, dating my teacher fanfic just school.