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Girlfriend sucks a black dick. Both make different entrances with Jamal paying guys to walk him to school as his posse and Chris driving his dad's car. The students of Manny High have a statue made of Ms. She thinks that he has another girlfriend besides her. So they decide to sabotage the show by tampering with the audio during editing.

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The best 10 real wrestling moves are used commonly in professional and amateur wrestling. White babysitter gets thick black dick. No Holds Barred Wrestling Moves Which no holds barred wrestling moves you are allowed to use will largely depend on which organization you are competing …. Al wants to DJ at the party, but Dawn refuses until Al gets rid of the competition. Noble and Cassidy create a horror radio play. But with the PSATs coming up in a few days, everyone tries to cope with the loss. Meanwhile, Dawn, Al and El-Train volunteer for a psychology experiment and Dawn becomes frustrated when she can't do as well as the two guys.

Later, El-Train wants to go on a double date with Al. He is hesitant, but Dawn urges him to go. On the date, Dawn spies and sees the girl kiss Al. She storms out on Al at the Science Fair.

Noble talks with Dawn and helps her realize that she said "yes" but really meant "no. Al forgives her and they decide to have their relationship go public.

It's career week at school and Chris and Jamal pick architect, but soon their boss Rebecca starts making seductive advances toward Chris. Chris is not sure if he can handle it, especially when she threatens to give him a poor grade if he doesn't accept her advances. El-Train challenges Jamal by running against him in the school elections. They grow to love the church but are devastated when Noble tells them that the church is going to be torn down by Chris's dad's construction company, in order to build a mall.

When Chris's attempts to reason with his dad fail, the gang joins in and creates a radio-a-thon to raise money to save the church. After this fails, Noble says there's nothing more to do, but Chris and Dawn chain themselves to the church. Chris's dad sees his dedication and decides to build the mall around the church. Noble learns tenacity and determination from the kids. The gang start working at a toy store and the owner wants Jamal and Chris to be friends with his son.

His son, Tommy, is in a wheelchair and don't like it when Jamal treats him different because of his disability. El-Train's girlfriend has a secret addiction The gang is working at the NY Toy Co.

Dawn and Chris go to deliver toys to the community center and meet Alison. They have a great time playing together, but realize that Alison and her mom need help. They decide to throw a Christmas party for Alison, her mom, and the rest of the center. At the party, Alison is sad and Chris and Dawn realize that Alison wants her dad back in her life.

They find her father and convince him to come back to spend some time with Alison and her mother. Jamal is getting too close to his new girlfriend and does whatever she wants to do. When they find out it has been closed off because of too many people, Chris and Al convince Dawn to use her spare keys and let them into the school so they can watch from the roof.

While on the roof, the whole gang reminisces about the times they've spent together, until Miss Noble shows up, wanting to know why they broke into the school. Manny High is entered in a charity event. Everybody agrees to try the fast, but their commitment doesn't last long. El-train is caught smuggling in food, Al and Dawn are caught sneaking off to celebrate their anniversary, Cassidy is caught trying to turn in a re-written term paper, and Chris and Jamal are caught with food stains on their clothing, which indicates they sneaked out on a date.

The gang apologizes, makes the rest of the student's breakfast, and arranges to fulfill the school's charitable obligation themselves. Jamal creates an internet woman for his father. The problems start when his father wants to meet her. Noble to pretend to be Harlem Honey.

Noble fool Jamal into thinking that they really like each other. Ilunga Adell Teleplay by: Dawn is embarrassed by her mom's drinking problem. When Al gets special treatment because he is a star athlete, Dawn tries to tell him he still needs to do his homework. Not taking her advice, he and El-Train work on a paper together, with poor results.

Meanwhile, Cassidy and the rest of the gang help get Ms. Noble in shape for her class reunion. Noble meets a very special friend from high school. Chris and Jamal are in need of tutoring for midterms, and find an unlikely study buddy in the irritating studio technician Jasper.

When Chris and Jamal get the opportunity to meet famous deejay "Jo-Jo On The Radio" for an internship interview, they are afraid Jasper will ruin their chances so they lie to him about the meeting time. When Jasper finds out he is hurt and the guys feel guilty, until they come up with a plan to make it up to Jasper. Noble is having man trouble and her bad mood is scaring all the students so Al, El-Train, Cassidy and Dawn plot to get Ms.

Noble and her boyfriend Billy back together again at what turns out to be quite an engaging dinner date. When Jamal and Chris don't study for their chemistry final and are faced with the prospect of summer school they decide to make cheat sheets. Just before the test the sheets are accidentally switched and end up in El-Train's book.

Noble discovers the cheat sheets she decides to make the entire class re-take the test. The students are all mad at El-Train but Chris and Jamal do not confess until they understand the consequences of their actions on their friend. Ultimately they decide that it is better to tell the truth and save their friendship.

Meanwhile, Dawn and Cassidy decide that if the guys can have their own radio show than the girls can too. Tempers flare between Jamal and a gangbanger classmate until they decide to settle their differences in student court, and the gang discovers through trial and error that looks can be deceiving.

Meanwhile, Al and El-Train face the challenge of auditioning as slang-free radio deejays. While Dawn and Al seek some time together, El-Train seems to spoil every opportunity for them to be alone. With Dawn's urging, Al sets El-Train up for a date in order to distract him. Meanwhile, Chris, Jamal, Ms. Noble and Cassidy create a horror radio play. Noble is getting married. Noble cancels the wedding after discovering Billy's bachelor party with Hula girls. She regrets the choice as Billy decides to leave town, so it's a race to the airport to prevent him from leaving.

Jamal and Cassidy develop feelings for each other as the wedding is being planned. They soon find out the feelings are just from the wedding and not themselves. When El-Train arrives at the dinner with a bruised nose, he complains about the lack of lights at the basketball court. He comes up with an idea for a glow in the dark basketball.

El-Train, Al, Chris, and Jamal decide to go into business together after El-Train's invention turns out to be lucrative. When Al starts to take over, Chris and Jamal decide to start a rival company. Al discovers it's hard to run a business with only one employee: Cassidy becomes jealous after Dawn gets the part in a famous director's movie. Chris gets involved with Sarah, an international star and soon realizes her life is harder than he thinks.

Chris and Jamal are assigned to write a paper about someone who has witnessed an important historical event but when they can't find anyone to interview, they make one up. Noble is so impressed that she books "Great Uncle Jesse" on a local television show and El-Train attempts to assume the role. Meanwhile, Dawn and Cassidy decide to go into business selling the fruit tarts they created in home economics class. No one is laughing when Chris and Jamal's rivalry with the deejays from another school escalates from spirited pranks to costly property damages.

They destroy the other deejay's equipment and end up losing their radio show until repairs are done on the other. Chris quits the jazz group to play with a popular band that just lost its guitar player. Cassidy and Dawn try to learn more about El-Train's troll doll. Jamal battles Malcolm in a dance contest during the school dance.

Meanwhile Al and Dawn break up after arguing. In this clip show, the gang once again reflects on events from the past year. Noble informs the gang that their international penpals in Japan, had just suffered from an earthquake. The gang e-mail their friends about the times they have had during the year. When "Mean Dean," New York's morning shock jock, can't make it to his live broadcast from Manny High, Chris and Jamal are offered the chance to fill in for him.

The guys do such a great job making their friends the butt of jokes that they are offered a permanent show — and must decide if they want to achieve success by hurting the people they care about.

In the meantime, Cassidy, Dawn, Al and El-Train try out for cheerleading, all for different reasons, with surprising results. The gang returns from summer vacation to find Manny High resembling a prison after the school board installs new security measures.

Noble encourages the unhappy students to find a constructive way to voice their objections, they go on strike and are suspended and nothing is solved until the gang learn to compromise with the school board. In the meantime, Dawn and Cassidy's friendship is tested when they promise to be honest with each other, no matter what. Jamal's uncle comes to the school to speak to his class and sparks something in Jamal to be more active in African American affairs.

He starts a club for the Black students and excludes Chris from joining. Noble has to figure out the truth as the gang must account for their whereabouts after sneaking into school. The stories all occur on subway train and range from a clown giving birth, Al and El-Train battling Russian spies, and an emergency make over of a homeless woman. Dawn saves Al and Cassidy from robbers on the train and the school newspaper soon learns of Dawn's heroic actions.

Everyone is obsessed with making the grade during midterms at Manny High. When Jamal and Chris fail their first midterm, Chris' father pulls strings to put Chris back in prep school. At the same time, Dawn feel like she is losing her brainpower after Cassidy scores higher on a test than she did.

While Jamal and the rest of the gang begin to take study group more seriously, Chris discovers that no matter how much he goofs off, he will not fail at prep school thanks to special arrangements made by his father.

After midterms, the gang celebrates passing grades and discover it feels good when they apply themselves to school, while Chris is left feeling like a spoiled loser. Noble convinces Chris to talk to his dad about the important lesson he has learned and about returning to Manny High where he belongs. Meanwhile, Al Dion Basco and El-Train discover that they can big bucks selling old items from the school basement on an internet auction.

They accidentally sell the school basketball trophy from They latter discover that Ms. Noble had bought it from them. The gang are invited to appear on a teen show to talk about their friendship. The night before the show they all get drunk and fight with each other.

Noble and Billy discover them and attempt to knock some sense into them. The gang go on the show and realize what true friendship is really about. Noble decides to loosen up and be more cool in order to win a most popular principal contest, the school turns into an undisciplined zoo.

In the midst of the chaos, the gang try their hand at after school elective classes. Love is in the air at Manny High as the gang prepares for the Valentine Dance. Cassidy decides to play a "dating game" to get the school's resident hottie to go with her, only to realize that she has feelings for Chris. Noble's meditation class only to cause Ms.

Noble to become stressed herself. Jamal develops a gambling addiction that strains his friendship with Chris, Al and El-Train. El-Train enters the Science Fair to prove that he's smarter than everyone, including Jamal, who thinks he isn't. The gang's holiday weekend at the Andersons' place in the Hamptons goes adrift when Chris, Cassidy, Dawn and Al run out of gas while yachting.

Meanwhile, on shore, Jamal and El-Train's attempts to score with two honeys are interrupted by an unexpected visit from Ms. Chris tries to make surprise anniversary dinner plans for Cassidy, but his sneaking around leads her to think he's cheating on her. She thinks that he has another girlfriend besides her. Meanwhile, Dawn and Al challenge Ms. Noble and Billy to a "Best Couple" contest. Jamal runs into one of his old friends and discovers that his friend is a nerd.

So Jamal attempts to change his image and soon creates an egotistical jerk. Meanwhile, El-Train buys Ms. Noble a brand-new watch for her birthday that the gang all pooled with their money, but it turns out that the watch that El-Train purchased from a mysterious bearded woman was actually the same exact watch that was reported stolen.

By spending all her time designing the Manny High School website, Dawn becomes distant from Al and that puts a strain on their relationship. She becomes involved with another student whom she had been chatting and e-mailing to on the internet.

Then she has the shock of her life when she finds out that it was El-Train whom she was communicating with. This situation forces Al and Dawn to realize that even though they care about each other, they really do not have anything in common to sustain their relationship so they decide to break up. Also, Jamal feels alone and unlucky with the ladies, so he spends all his time interrupting Chris and Cassidy when they want to be alone together.

Jamal is labeled a chicken when he refuses to fight a gang member. Wanting to get rid of his reputation, he fights the gang member. The gang member pulls out a knife and stabs Chris, who was trying to save Jamal. Chris meets Cassidy's father for the first time.

Also, Dawn vows with the help of Al to rid Ms. Noble of her addictive smoking habit. Dawn has trouble accepting that Al has started dating a new girl so soon after their break up.

Meanwhile, Chris, Jamal and El-Train hold a survivor type competition in the park with Noble overseeing. Jamal teams up with Malcolm, his dance nemesis to audition as backup dancers for a group called six-street.

Dawn and Cassidy ask Al and El-Train to secretly take over their advice column for women temporarily. The column becomes a bigger success, but it proves to be an unfavorable double-edged sword for the two when Al and El-Train decide to manipulate the column for their own purposes. The gang gets involved with a music group trying to make it big.

It is senior ditch day at Manny High. Noble tells them they can't go because they have to have a radio-thon to raise money for children. Jamal and Chris decide to skip this and rig their radio booth with pre-taped reel-to-reels of their show. Meanwhile, Dawn fights against a student named Kitty Collins for the attention of Ms. Noble and the title of valedictorian. Dawn falls for and starts dating Chris's old friend, Jack from his former prep school and she tells Cassidy that he might be the one.

Chris finds out that Jack is still with his old girlfriend and Cassidy tries to tell Dawn, but she doesn't believe her. Dawn confronts Jack who tells her that it is over between him and his old girlfriend, but later finds out that she had been lied to. On the way, they pick up a hitchhiker who robs them and leaves the three tied up on the side of the road. Jamal falls for and after some mistakes in introducing himself, he hooks up with and starts dating one of the waitresses at the Manhattan diner named Rosie.

She is very independent and not afraid to speak her mind, which proves to be trouble when she begins to offend customers who get on her nerves at the diner.

After numerous complaints, Mr. Grant gives his son the uncomfortable job of firing her. Cassidy auditions for a play with a prominent Broadway director. She manages to get a small role but is thrilled just being in the play. Later, Chris sees the lead actress quit because the director is hitting on her. The director then gives Cassidy the lead role.

Cassidy is thrilled until Chris tells her what happened to the other actress. Instead of believing him, she thinks he's just jealous that she's spending so much time with the director. But when the director comes on to Cassidy, she realizes Chris was right. The gang then sets up as sting operation on the radio to trap the director into admitting what he did.

Meanwhile, El-Train falls out of bed and hits his head. After a few coincidences, El-Train believes he now has premonitions of the future and even goes so far as to predict that Death will be visiting Ms. There is a heat wave going through New York, Dawn convinces Ms. Noble to allow a small waiting pool on the roof of Manny High.

Instead Al and Chris secretly set up a large swimming pool for the whole school to enjoy and relax. Noble later finds out about the pool when one of the many interruptions preventing her from having a peaceful lunch break is leaking water coming from the ceiling. She tells Al to get rid of the pool. Before he does this, Al attempts to conquer his fear of the pool and learn how to swim, but in the process he almost drowns. Noble comes in the nick of time to rescue him and decides to teach Al how to swim before she gets rid of the pool.

Meanwhile, Jamal's father and El-Train's mother develop an attraction for each other while attending a parent-principal conference. They set up a date and have the time of their lives. Jamal freaks out and doesn't know what to think of this blossoming relationship, the possibility of someone else being his mother, and the future of a new family.

While El-Train is ecstatic that his mother is finding some happiness in her life and he is looking forward to a possible future of Jamal becoming his brother and Mr. Jamal wants to get into USC , but his coach tells him that he isn't in shape enough to be considered for the team. He starts working out and is offered steroids at the health club.

Pro wrestlers might not be the most famous people in the world, but it is still risky to assume that nobody will recognize them. The note instructed her to give him money or he would shoot her. Wrestling fans were quick to point out that the suspect looked an awful lot like Nick Gage, a mainstay attraction of Philadelphia-based promotion Combat Zone Wrestling CZW.

Eventually, Gage recognized his folly and turned himself in. He got a five-year prison term for bank robbery and was released in During a prison interview, Gage admitted that he was broke and addicted to OxyContin at the time of the robbery. When told that he was recognized immediately from his surveillance photo, Gage looked on the brighter side: His name was Disco Inferno.

At the time of the arrest, Roswell authorities called it the biggest local gambling bust in decades. Besides gambling, police also found drugs and one illegal handgun. Some of the players caught in the raid were subsequently interviewed and claimed the scope of the bust was blown out of proportion.

Gilbertti and Tyre were charged with commercial gambling and drug possession while 25 other people faced various misdemeanor charges. As was customary, some of the wrestlers did media appearances to promote the show.

During the meeting, presenter Bassam Al Othman asked the question all wrestlers hate: He grabbed Othman by his tie and started cursing and threatening him. The presenter subsequently filed charges, and Vader real name Leon White found himself under house arrest in Kuwait. The television station got in more trouble for the cursing on live TV, and wrestling was unofficially banned in Kuwait for 11 years.

The saga continued in an interview where Vader claimed the whole thing was staged. Canadian wrestlers seem to have a fondness for organized crime. However, he was still small-time compared to Johnny K-9, whose criminal career was far more fruitful than his wrestling career. K-9 real name Ion Croitoru was born in Hamilton, Ontario.

He had a year wrestling career and made appearances with various promotions, including the WWF. He also had a few small acting roles and worked as a bodyguard for several celebrities. Over the course of his life, Croitoru was involved with three major Canadian criminal organizations: During that time, he was involved with crimes such as trafficking, assault, extortion, and bombing a police station. Eventually, Croitoru was arrested. In , Croitoru advanced to murder, executing lawyer Lynn Gilbank and her husband in their home, allegedly for working a case against the Gravelle crime family.

Croitoru was arrested again in for conspiring to kill notorious Vancouver gangsters the Bacon Brothers and other members of their gang, the Red Scorpions. He struck a deal that got him released on parole in and died in a halfway house in Back in June , the WWE embarked on an ambitious story line involving the fake death of company owner Vince McMahon, seemingly killed in a limousine explosion. It never got that far, though, because Vince was standing in the ring alive and well the following week.

He was giving a heartfelt tribute to one of his performers who had just died over the weekend. His name was Chris Benoit. At first, authorities believed that they were the victims of a home invasion.

But it soon became clear that Benoit had strangled his wife and son and then committed suicide. Common motives suggested for his actions included brain trauma, depression, and alcohol and steroids abuse, all leading to mental instability. Once they found out about the true circumstances surrounding his death, they had to open their next show with an apology for the previous one. This happened 14 hours before police found the bodies. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our daily or weekly newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest lists.

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He is hesitant, but Dawn urges him to go. If you want to wow the crowds you have to be a litt …. Once they found out about the true circumstances surrounding his death, they had to open their next show with an apology for the previous one.

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