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Difference Between Oxycontin and Oxycodone

ex-addicts dating

Its normal to wothdrawl. I wish I could write you a helpful reply but with all grammar mistakes, spelling errors and incorrect abbreviations I found I could not understand Yet, in the end, All did very little to help.. I am at the point with medications and surgeries that there are no other options for me but a pain pump. Hi everyone, I have some questions and I am really confused about somethings.


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Psychological toll of having one breast bigger than the other: Two women reveal how the condition left them Believe it or not, all these clothes only come in a single size that's meant to She knows it's incendiary, but meet the woman who admits: What I will have is a lot of pain, that is not necessary. I have read a few comments on here that it really seems like their doctor is to blame for them being addicted.

I would really be interested in reading your book. I know there needs to be a solution to the opioid crisis that we all of a sudden seem to be having, but keeping it from those who use it responsibly is not he answer!! With all due respect, Suboxone and Methadone are just as bad. I was put on Phenabarbitol for a month, no side affects, one in the morning until it was gone, it worked for me.

I pray God blesses you and gets you through the good fight. Subs are a joke! Dr are jokes and only want that money! I longer than two weeks! I went on subs off and on for 2 years and their a lot hard to get off! Anyone can stay clean when taking subs! This article says all OxyContin is time released. It also comes in immediate release. OxyContin is 20, 40, 60, I believe all OxyContins are extended release.

That was what OxyContin means. ALL oxycontin IS in fact time release. The word contin comes from the word continuous. It comes from thebaine which is part of the poppy plant.

Same place heroin comes from. It is NOT time release. It is time release. There is also hydrocodone. It came out right after oxycodone. Oxycodone used to made only with Tylenol added. It was called percodan. Now they make it without Tylenol. Hopes this helps clear up any confusion. Not being rude but your wrong..

I have 3 types of cancer and my onc has me on 50 mg oxycontin a 40 and a 10 every 12 hours, This is because they are extended release, and in between these 2 doses I take the Immediate release every 4 hours 10 mg which is Oxycodone HCI. My lady suffers from lupus is on so many meds for so long it not good or right.

Not everyone is a smoker. I have never understood why people would want to put smoke inside their bodies, a place that is supposed to be the Temple in which your Spirit resides. You never made a point? It seems like you might seriously be on too much medication as the spelling and grammar in your post was barely understandable.

That extremely long post was definitely written by somebody that has a serious drug problem. Talk about serious run on sentence s. I had to stop ready her babble. It was giving me a headache. Not to mention the rambling that seemed to make no point, that was previously pointed out. I am an ex-addict to opiates, and am now taking pain medication. I do not abuse them. I take my meds as prescribed. Often, if I am feeling painless I will at times not take a pill, if I do not feel the need for it.

Although I will have to take one for the next dose or else I will feel withdrawal symptoms. Btw, addicted and dependent are very similar in meaning. I feel the use of the word dependent is just a less tainted word than the word, addicted.

I am dependent and addicted to my meds, period. And yes these pharmaceutical drugs do have side effects such as deterioration of teeth etc.

I am not a Dr, nor do I think I have the knowledge of one, I am speaking only from personal experience. Yes, addiction and dependant are similar in their meaning, but you need to understand that there is a physical addiction and a psychological addiction. The physical addiction shows itself in your response to the withdrawal of the medication.

That is where you will have the nausea and vomiting, tremors, etc. The psychological addiction will show itself when even though the problem that required the medication has resolved, you mentally crave or desire the medication even when you no longer need it.

Hey guys Jasmine may be addicted but it seems like she is in real chronic pain. I have pain every day. I have had multiple back procedures and multiple back surgeries. I was one of the lucky ones and weaned off the pills. I go to physical therapy 3 x a week and have a TENS machine implanted in my back they help. I now take non addictive pain meds that dont help as much but help.

I agree with your observation. Just by what you said. I deal with lots of pain,i use two pills in twenty-four hr. I pray ask God for strength. I have fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, sciatica,spurs, migraines, just in pain bones ache, but I know God will continue to help me and I pray for you all,too.

God Love You and Bless you. You are NOT alone. Keeping my faith though. Thank you for your post Tweety. Hope when i read your note its was like a replica of the pains i go through daily. In my case it started after sustaining an injury at work on both knees, shoulder , neck. After these injuries caused by a violent aggressive patient my life has never been the same.

The accident has really stripped off my career as a nurse which i really loved the most and cherished. Its a shame that i will not be able to save a life again. I can hardly kneel to save a life or perform a CPR. Thanks Hope, at least i know now that am not alone. If anything my Dr praises how well I utilize them. Oxy is a strict NO! It has never effected my ability to make a coherent sentence, in my opinion nor my ability to communicate verbally with others.

I feel like the last sane pain patient on the planet, lol. My doctor asks me during every visit if I wish to change or increase my meds or my current dosage.

I go for many years without changing a thing simply because I refuse to put myself into an addiction situation. I walk with a cane some days but the tradeoff is quite worth it to me. Keep it real folks because the alternative is unacceptable on any level. I was thinking the exact same thing!! I now suffer from chronic pain from psoriatic arthritis. It looks like I am going to end up going from regular oxycodone to oxycontin.

My second advocation in life is being a professional hypnotist. I have been trained to treat chronic pain and I have been treated with hypnosis for chronic pain. For many people it helps them be able to control their pain, not everyone. If I were not trained to help others with pain, I would be disabled right now. For my friend with phantom limb pain, find a very good hypno-therapist that is trained in pain management and give the person a try for 4 or 5 sessions.

Phantom limb pain is the result of a memory pathway in the your brain that actually remembers the pain. A very good hypnotherapist can help you with it. Trust me, it is worth a try. You can go the National Guild of Hypnotist website Ngh. The secret is finding some one that has special training in pain management or a excellent reputation for treating pain. Sounds a little crazy, but I have treated people with phantom limb pain.

It could help you reduce the pain. Barry have you thought about a pain pump. You take less meds and it goes through your spinal fluid so your organs are safe from the meds. Sounds like you would be a great Candidate.. He called me the other day and we talked about our senior center and then he called me around 6 p. For constipation, eat lots of fruit. If that does not help go to the drug store and buy a stool softener. For constipation I would try Blueberries.

Not only do they work for bowel problems, they also help with cleaning your organs, such as the liver and colon. Miralax is also a good cleaner of the intestins. Add them to cereals and just alone. Whatever you like them with. Long term user of Oxycontin.

I have been on pain meds for 5 years. A couple of months ago I picked up my prescription from Walgreens, count 30mg oxycodone. After a week I noticed that the bottle seemed a little light. I put a weeks worth from the prescription bottle into a pill box.

When I went to refill the pill box after a week I noticed the bottle seemed very low. I counted the pills and I had only about half of the pills I should have had. When I called Walgreens to complain they said their count was accurate. I know no one stole from me because I live alone and rarely leave the house.

The only explanation I can think of is that an employee of Walgreens decided they needed them more than I did. I went through two weeks without my meds, it was an experience I never would care to repeat.

Every time I get my oxycodone now I have them count in front of me. Walmart told me they would hold my mothers pain script for her and notify her when she could pick it up because it was to early to fill. When we went to get it they said they never had it. We are so shocked that he is still working there.

So, I guess what I am saying is I know first hand that pharmacies are not always giving your medication like they are suppose to. Good idea to count your meds when you get them and right in front of them. I have heard of other people being shorted on pain meds before when they pick up there prescriptions. You could get a grand scale from the post office or Harbor Freight. Pharmacist are liable for mistakes as well. It may not be blatant, but everybody makes mistakes.

I require every pill allowed for each day and never experience total pain relief. Am loathe to ask for an increase in dose or frequency because I will have to up the dose at some point and need the meds to do what they do now-blunt the pain.

Totally feel for your added pain without your meds. It is quite the nightmare and can be dangerous. Suggest you find a locally owned pharmacy with a long, positive, community history. Someone mentions a safe and it is probably a good idea. It was as if refusing her was me being cruel and unloving. So, I told her they put me on a Fentanyl patch. She quit asking me for pills but also had no use for me since I was of no value to her.

And yes, even hurts when a stranger from Walgreens takes meds from you. Her speech patterns and grammar are atrocious. Looking past the poor writing skills, Jasmine has some serious problems and some of them are shared with other contributors. We all have problems, so why is it necessary for some to dump on a person who may be lacking the skills necessary to communicate her concerns in an ideal manner?

These comments are supposed to address the differences between Oxycontin and Oxycodone but many instead relate to the unsatisfactory resolution of pain, bad doctors, untrustworthy friends, and people in miserable situations resulting from the above or other situations.

For this reason a bit more empathy for fellow sufferers is in order. Chronic pain patients are said to be less likely to become addicted to their pain medications.

For this we should be grateful! More understanding is also in order for pain doctors who are responsible for detecting the differences between drug addicts and pain sufferers and for treating them accordingly. Where do all the drug addicts go when they get older? Drug addicts are people too. People who jump on other people have very low morals and only think of there selves your response was dead on. You are right about having an awful dilemma having pain and then becoming dependent on the only thing that brings you any relief, they need a pain medication other than narcotics and then the problems solved!

That is the longest sentence I have ever read. Jasmine needs to be reevaluated by her pain doctor. Jasmine should also seek a good psychologist and a NA meeting. Talking about yourself in third person is a sign of disassociation.

As studies by REAL doctors have shown, those in chronic pain not only lose their jobs and homes but the very people who are supposed to help as well.. They get to walk away … like you….

Based on your comments, I imagine the majority of you fall in the category of those who leave because they are not emotionally equipped to show compassion for someone via the simple act of listening. The question is, who is more pathetic? Do you know what that means? What is also clear in her plea, is that she is aware the American govt continues to deregulate availability of these drugs even to those who need them AND has instituted punishments that threaten to ruin doctors for regularly prescribing these drugs — even if their patients are in horrible pain, like those with progressive MS that being Jasmine for which there is literally no other help.

By the way, do any of the pious pithy who condemned her actually have progressive MS? If you did, surely you never would have behaved in such an inexcusable manner. If only there were more regulation or accountability of the ignorant and hateful behavior that most of you have displayed. To deliberately wound the wounded or desparate because of willful ignorance AND arrogance is despicable.

Would you be so brave as to condemn any one so clearly in unending systemic pain publicly, say on TV with your face and name for all to see? Better yet, are you confident enough to post your phone number? For those who recommended psyche care, perhaps a medical psyche class, not your college psyche , would help your understanding of these pain issues along with your own personal therapy. Thanks for your comment.

I, too, have MS,along with trigeminal neuralgia, severe back issues upper and lower , and too many other medical issues to list here. I sometimes go for 4 days on an hour or scattered sleep due to the pain I am in. I am at the point with medications and surgeries that there are no other options for me but a pain pump. It is scary as hell. To those of you putting others down, it could be any of you, and you obviously have not seen hell yet. To those of you kind enough to understand, thank you.

I was diagnosed last year with Leukemia, malignant metastatic melanoma, And Lymphoma and take pain meds and was just looking for someone to talk to. Not the place for me!!! Woman you repeatedly stated that you are not an addict so many times, and that you were never a drug addict or addictice personality so much that it is very apparent, even to a blind person you are in DENIAL!!! I dont know who you were trying to convince us or you but lordy you need help.

Your med amounts are enough to kill a horse. Your pain management doctor needs to be jailed. Your comment small novel , I believe to be nothing but a cry for help. Fire that so-called doctor, get in rehab, try a non narcotic for what you have m. You really need help. God bless you, and Im so sorry for your pain and suffering.

Im thankful that you get to have some quality of life with the pain meds. I pray I never have to do permanent pain management, but I already made up my mind that I would for the same reasons you have.

I had Hep c real bad, and was suffering so I did start pain management until I got my treatment, then for a while after…Only as needed. It was a big decision, and it messed with my head because I have an addictive personality but that was that. Im glad I did, and will do it again if ever I come to that point.

Thank God you have to courage to, for your grandkids and yourself! I fell asleep before finishing your post, sorry, it was way to long. I can relate to some of your comments.. I started taking OxyContin 80mg 13 years ago because of back problems and three surgeries… I can say that it worked perfectly for me. I never had a high feeling. I was a police officer and could function well. I retired after 20 years of service. I was enjoying the retirement years but like you I never told anyone of my meds because people will judge quickly… My story ends with after 13 years of getting my meds from Perdue Pharmacy of St.

Louis, they decided I did not need this anymore. Stop sending it to me without notice and override my doctors orders. The new Obama law gives them the authority to do this now. I have not had anything for 12 days now.. I did get insurance I can not afford because Obama said I had to….. Gary… Omg, I am so very sorry.

Get an attorney and file for disability. You do not have to pay the attorney up front. I have had 13 vertebrae filled, Vertebral Plasty after a 2 failed back surgeries. Thank you for your service sir. I will keep you in my prayers! I am very close to having thus same rule imposed on me.

I am SO sorry you have to suffer because of a bunch of suits who are healthy as hell, making determinations for us chronically ill! I can understand your issue with both the pain itself and the drugs to control it. I was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma almost ten years ago, it will be ten years this fall.

It was discovered when I broke my back while water skiing on my 48th birthday. There was no accident, the five vertebrate in my Thoracic spine, sternum, five ribs and a cracked collar bone all went at one time. A special blood test is the only way to discover if you have it or not. Best of luck, I just wanted to pass along the info to you so you can get as much of a head start on it as possible.

The procedures you have had. Lord sweetie, that was painful just to read. You are all jacked up on meds and blabbing away. Take a breather and spell your words out.

Do you think we give a shit about all of that? I stopped reading after the first sentence when the abbreviations started to hurt my brain. Have you never been in so much pain that you HAD to reach out to whomever you can just to keep from breaking down? Lastly I know how much all of you hate long paragraphs have you never taken 2 pills at a time for breakthrough pain?

I was injured at work in So I have been given by docs every long acting meds out there…. Unfortunately i moved to Dallas from my home town of Houston [pre accident] to have my daughter around family. He was allowed to terminate his relationship and not pay child support.

I was too afraid to speak up that I was on disability now and needed the support where prior i did not — so the judge oddly and rarely so I hear was relinquished of parental and financial responsibilities. I take xanax for panic disorder — one day where stolen then I actually had meet my life and financial goals and bought a house and was in the process of setting new goals. I was injured at a insurance carrier — I was the scape goat by approx 5 men above me. I was the marketing mgr….

I was having dreams of being kidnapped and tied to a chair forced to chew glass and swallow it night after night — so yes I have PTSD. I also have Sjodens which is dry everything and it does not help.

She is 14 in class of She is beautiful on the inside outside and then add brains — I have warned her about the enemies she will automatically attract merely bc of these 3 traits. My self esteem will not allow me to acknowledge if I was ever one sadly. It has been what 14 years now…….. My house may be cleaner but i am then down for the count for as long as i was up. I literally have lost my ambition passion desire to leave my house communicate with those i know love me except my child. I cant risk it and yes i have had those shitty thoughts about breaking every moral ethical loving belief that i have held my entire life….

Girl… I am in trouble — my daughter goes to college in a year and half to be either an astronaut, astrophysicist, astronautical engineer…. How I managed this well to her my injury created this bc i am a workaholic and she believes that if i was not injured that we would not have the strong relationship we have….

I believe we have much in common. My monthly bill as I take 3 80 m Oxycontin per day and then have norco i can take for breakthr0ugh pain yes even on that dose i get it. I smoke cigarettes — go figure the one item i knew i would give up — is my best friend…sick but brutally honest.

Just like being called a drug dealer bc I did not want to loose my norco script — back when you could get refills. I was picking up my last refill from prior script and asked them to hold it till next month….. I am not a religious person more a spiritual one….

Nonetheless, could almost feel your pain from knowing how similar it is to my own. If your interested and still looking to talk to someone, email me and I will give you my cell number. You are hanging out with crack-heads and junkies.

Typically misery lives company i. You yourself are a junkie. Her death is your fault. Your death is well on its way by self admitted dosages and the actual truth hiding by reading INTO what you wrote, and not what your content was. Bottom line, let your pain doctor and a psychiatrist read that post, and if they change nothing at all I will happily admit to being wrong and being judgemental and not an observationalist myself. This is your wake up call.

From one pain patient to another. Since nobody wants to help you save yourself, I will gladly. When you wrote this, you were high. Re-read that and have others who take ZERO drugs but know you read it. Those who tell you in some form you were high are people I would maybe trust to help you help yourself. I cried when I read it because I have been you in my lifetime and nobody but the rock I hit at the bottom told me so. Consider me the rock, and this post your bottom. You can make it.

You must work hard. You must be brave. You must admit it to yourself. You can overcome this obstacle but you must come clean first, then get cleaned up, then clean up your company kept, then clean out your negatives with seeing the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold waiting there. What are you some kind of expert? You need to watch how you address people.

I wish I could write you a helpful reply but with all grammar mistakes, spelling errors and incorrect abbreviations I found I could not understand A lot sounds just like me. I would be curious to know you situation now and how is the ms. Most would rather risk dependance than arachnoiditis.

Please think about it before having an ESI. I have been on Oxicontin 20mg twice daily morning and night and when I picked up my prescription yesterday from the pharmacy they gave me Oxycodone and said it was exactly the same medication.

I took one 20mg tablet last night as I always do for my pain but boy did my body go into physical withdrawal as if I had never taken it. I took it at 8pm before bed as normal and went through hell till 1am the following morning. There is obviously something different between Oxicontin and Oxycodone and for me to have to go through what I did last night on top of my chronic pain and servers illness was unjustified.

Obviously when you take these painkillers for a long period you have to me gradually weaned off them as your body does go into physical withdrawal! Should I give my pharmacist a rark up today over the phone? As I assume the same thing is going to happen this morning with the medication. From what I have always been told, oxycontin is time released and oxycodone is instant release. Here is what wiki says. I know this is an old post but, I was curious what happened? I was googling to find out what the difference was and came accross this page.

From what I see, the person that responded to you is correct. One is extended release OxyContin and one is quick release Oxycodone. Can you explain why this works for you? I personally use the fentynal pain patches and I do sleep with them on so, essentially I am doing the same thing but..

Just curious your theory. I have been awakened by burning pain in my back. And have to take a pain pill. If I take on before I go to bed, the medicine is fighting the pain while I sleep. I am so sick of this pain. I am passed crying. I now get mad. I hope that answered your question and sorry I went off topic.

Have a blessed day. I know about pain and not being able to sleep. I have had a couple of surgeries in my lower back and had to have a bone spur dug out in ever since then I have to take pain meds just to get relef from pain especially when I just sit or lay down aching pain keeps me from sleeping that is why I take pain med before bed to at lease get some sleep FYI about taking meds before bed.

If it is your opinion that you do not need to take pain meds before bed for pain relief while sleeping, then can you explain to us why you use fentanyl pain patches while your sleeping and explain to us how or why it is any different. Legalgirl I know your post is old as well, but I wanted to let you know I take Percocet almost every night before bed. If not, I can not sleep because of the pain. I am not addicted because I have stopped for weeks at a time for one reason or another.

Never went into withdraw, just unbearable pain that causes me to have zero quality of life! Furthermore, it brings up suspicion to why the pharmacist would actually do such a thing, when the pharmacist is fully aware of the difference between the two drugs. Both Oxycontin and Oxycodone are Schedule II 2 drugs, which means that there are very close rules and regulations which the pharmacy must follow when filling the prescription.

Amanda, I cannot stress the importance of this enough! That is why you received terrible withdrawals last night. Oxycontin is not the same as Oxycodone at all! Oxycontin is a primary painkiller, whereas Oxycodone is a breakthrough painkiller.

Many patients are prescribed both medications to achieve full pain relief, or as close to full pain relief as possible. Oxycontin Extended Release, which you were original prescribed and have been taking for some time now, is released into the bloodstream, where it then releases acting agents into the bloodstream every few hours; thus, only two doses are needed each day.

Oxycondone on the other hand is a breakthrough painkiller. As I mentioned, many patients are prescribed both Oxycontin and Oxycodone to achieve full pain relief. Oxycontin is taken once in the morning and once in the evening; then the Oxycodone is taken 2 to 3 times daily in between doses of Oxycontin, when the patient begins to experience pain. Since the patient is allowed a limited dosage of Oxycontin within a 24 hour timeframe, the Oxycodone IR Immediate Release provides temporal pain relief of pain symptoms until more Oxycontin ER Extended Release agents are automatically released into the bloodstream or until the following dose.

What his or her intentions were? Make sure you make a copy of the current prescription receipt and medication bottle, which was given to you yesterday.

Then go back to the pharmacy and demand to have your original prescription filled. I just hope it is sorted out today, so you experience the withdrawals which you experienced last night. Those withdrawals just show you how less potent Oxycodone is than your original medication, which is Oxycontin.

Just post a message or comment, and I will respond as soon as I see the post. First I would like to thank you for your fantastic reply it was Amazing and so informative thank you so much! Very supportive of you: I did go down to the pharmacist and demand my proper script for OxyContin 20mg and they had none in stock.

Imsges: ex-addicts dating

ex-addicts dating

The dangers of over dosage in oxycontin are more pronounced. I will keep you posted on any developments. The action peaks within a few minutes, but falls within a few hours.

ex-addicts dating

So to everyone take your meds as prescribed and that means dont snort or inject in veins.. I too found this site very helpful and easy to understand.

ex-addicts dating

Not everyone is a smoker. Since the amount of oxycodone is large, lack of a sustained release may have severe effects on the patient. Said she had been miserable in her ex-addicts dating marriage, the eex-addicts was great but not for her. Thank God you ex-addicts dating to courage to, for your grandkids and yourself! From 'lol' to 'omigod' You yourself are a junkie.