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6 Reasons I’m No Fan of Suze Orman and You Shouldn’t Be Either

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I read nearly the entire comment thread looking for this response, Shelley. Is anywhere in Panama suitable for dating mature, single men? Andrew Thomasson on October 9, at 8: I think we can do better than that for our students. Orman later apparently changed her mind about stocks, at least for us little people.

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Students have options on how to learn and if they need to watch a video they can. We would talk about what good research looks like, how to know if a site is reputable, and ways they learn and can show their learning. Having gone through both a prenup and a divorce, trust me: We need more mature single ladies. Shelley Wright on October 10, at I have often said that administration needs to allow teachers more time to teach using advanced learning skills instead of their latest fads. Peggy Severson on October 11, at 7:

Orman goes on to say that, while working there, she sued Merrill, recovered the money and repaid her would-be investors. Still, the fact remains she borrowed money and, rather than use it as promised, lost it all gambling instead. Ever done anything like that? We all love the story of someone who learns from mistakes and becomes successful.

But there has to be a limit. If I voluntarily chopped off my own foot, you might grudgingly applaud my participation in a marathon. Orman later apparently changed her mind about stocks, at least for us little people. Just one year later, in a interview with CNN Money , she decreed that broad-based index funds — suggested by nearly every money expert including me — should take a back seat to much riskier sector funds. So of the three things she suggested, all are losers, two catastrophically.

Granted, this was nearly 10 years ago. Perhaps Orman reversed course sometime between then and now. Even if the funds she recommended had been winners, her advice was still laughable. As far back as , Orman was pounding the table on prenuptial agreements. She said repeatedly in print and on air that a prenup is essential for all couples, no matter the circumstances. From an article on Oprah. Sure, in an ideal world where prenups are free and easy, maybe we should all have one.

The flip is flexible, and I see flippers evolving, having their students directing more and more of their learning. Where the evolution will go for each teacher and their students will vary. Whether it will look like a flip or not is not important. Thank you for a glimpse into your evolution as a teacher.

It is a great perspective as I venture out in my own evolution as a teacher. The traditional model of learning is simply being reversed, instead of being reinvented.

I love that you are focused on a student centered experience and letting that drive the rest. All too often we get focused on systems or buzzwords and spend so much energy trying to perfect that instead of focusing on the kids.

But we need to make sure that we understand that you and she and I and a lot of my flipper-friends are on the same team—and we have the same end goal in mind. This is exactly the conversation that needs to be heard about flipped learning AND the place of homework in learning. Many of my students went home and did research in the evening about things we were learning in class. However, it was student initiated and directed, and I think that makes a world of difference.

Because of that I feel many are starting to look at the FC as a fad or just fluff. Specifically, it allowed me to move towards a student-centered learning environment. That was a process and it took time for me to wrap my head around.

I also found I had to learn those lessons in the heat of the moment. I needed steps to get me there. Instead of saying this flipped love affair was a failure see article below , perhaps it should be seen as a success leading to a more student-centered classroom. My progression from a lecture-based class was exhausting. There were times I thought I was going to shatter into a million pieces because it required me to shift my thinking so much, so I can relate to your experience.

Anybody who claims flipping will work for every teacher and every student is trying to sell teachers something. If teachers stall at the point of moving lectures to a video format I think they are missing the point. I too am concerned with the commercialization of flipped learning. But I have always thought that it was a stepping stone to self-directed project-based learning and I am thrilled that Shelly is in that camp now.

I am on much the same journey. My class is hardly flipped at all this year but there is almost no lecture. Students have options on how to learn and if they need to watch a video they can. Elimination self-pacing has been very good also for 7th graders.

Perhaps later in the year we can move a little more back in the direction of self-pacing. Most eleven-year-olds brought up in a factory school system are not ready for self-pacing and very few can even get used to it in a single school year. I agree that flipping is not a panacea, but you have to admit it gets teachers to TRY a new pedagogy.

I was not happy with the characterization of Flipped as Failure. As I read your comment, I thought that this was sort of like saying that dating was a failure because we got married. She started by Flipping the information presentation and has gotten to the point of flipping curriculum development as they choose their own goals and resources. Perhaps later, she will develop techniques to flip responsibility for the decision to be in school at all. It would be awesome if we had classrooms that kids were dying to join.

Thanks for the nice article. What a great reflection and in my mind many of the shifts that I would love to see more teachers making. I think the names itself show the focus of the methodology: One of those approaches is making the shift from teaching to learning.

Very well stated and interesting articulation of the paradigm shift. I have some students by grade who have checked out of the school thing and refuse to re-engage with something they consider irrelevant. And nothing I try helps. This is why I advocate for studen-driven classrooms from K Sounds like a vote for student-based curriculum and individualized learning paths based on interests. Finally someone gets it! The flip is NOT just about recording videos of lectures to watch for homework!

The flip in my work is all about what you have described here. THAT is the flip. Thank you so much for sharing this post and your experiences. Can you or someone within the blog offer ideas as to how to start a flipped classroom in 6th grade math or social studies? I loved this article! I started using a flipped classroom this year, but love in very rural area, so I used worksheets with examples as resources instead of videos.

I teach math in high school by the way. It seemed to be working really well but recently it seemed like the flip was disappearing. I was concerned about this, but after reading yur post, I have realized that my classroom has morphed into the one you describe! You mention flipping as a transition to student-centered learning. All of these routes are OK, as long as one is moving along a route.

Music to my ears, Shelley. Thank you for stiring up so many important elements of reflections. I now need to share, debate, construct with fellow teachers.

Thank you for your kind words. Every teacher is on a journey. They allow us to hear from one another, debate ideas, and share. Thanks for the link to that TED talk. I thought the idea of flipping a classroom provided another great tool for the instructional toolbox http: Currently, my students are working on an open-genre writing project.

Some working on video and audio, others are making eBooks, graphic novels or classic hand-created books. Throughout the project, small groups of students need specific lessons. By creating short videos for them to view in class on their MacBooks- not at home , students get the short mini-lessons they need when they need them. It is limited to 5-minutes or less. The video pertains to something the students both want and need at a given time. Sometimes my classes have created large projects, like a Holocaust museum.

So it really depends on what my students need and what inspires them. The mini-lessons you create respond to immediate student needs in your classroom, which to me, is what student-centred learning is about. I am also project-based. I have produced more authentic projects by forcing myself to remain true to being project-based. Thanks so much for posting on this topic, and for your transparency in recognising the need for a shift in your approach to a flipped classroom.

You may be interested in reading my blog post about my experiences with a flipped classroom: I share the same teaching philosophies as you but am still trying to discover the best way to facilitate this in my classroom. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas! Every time I have a new group of students I have to figure it out all over again.

Most of the assessment that happens in our classroom is formative. They get almost daily feedback on their work, mostly through conversation. I also have students self-assess. You mentioned this earlier, but I would imagine that it is very challenging to get students who have been groomed in the broken system to be willing to change, until they see the value being placed on them and their learning.

Some of my classes have students who can self-assess. Other classes have students who can provide feedback to peers. Others are iron-clad test-takers. You need to have a full toolbox assessment, or else watch out for the students and their parents. I flipped my classroom 15 years ago by designing my own set of directed reading assignments from our textbooks and requiring that my students have them completed daily. There is reading, of course, and some open ended writing items that I hate grading.

I would like to congratulate you on moving from a teacher centered to a student centered approach. I feel that the flipped classroom allows you to appropriately rethink your approach. Transferring control to your students and allowing them to take active part in the learning process is huge. There are lots of systematic advantages to using video for reviewing and sharing key concepts.

Ones who say the flip is about video are a bit short sighted. That would be true for middle and high school low performers too. I admit that the early elementary classroom has unique challenges that need to be addressed for inquiry and PBL to occur. Thanks for this post. I think you really figured it out and the fact your kids are Learning the way that is best for them is very powerful. The points about homework are also very important. I just blogged a post about that in elementary school and am getting mixed response.

Just glad I am not the only one. Happier still these views are help by someone in HS. I think many of us just assume that since it was part of our own schooling, it must have value. Thanks for championing this idea at the elementary level. He just stinks at getting work done. Finally, this is great to read about and to see PBL in action. Student-based and paced learning is so very rewarding.

Individualize pacing is a very important benefit. There can also be individualized instruction by using a library of videos for each concept. I agree with Barbi and a few others. It seems like the whole point of the flipped classroom was missed by many. They run their classroom everyday like the Stoichiometry unit that was described. The videos are one part of a bigger approach to student-centered classrooms.

You missed a great opportunity to incorporate videos as part of that stoichiometry unit because some kids may have learned more effectively by using them. Use the flipped classroom like you would any other technique — when appropriate for your course and your students. This is an awesome discussion thread!!! My students tend to incorporate videos in most of what we learn,as some chose to do in our Stoichiometry unit.

Like you said, students have to get the info to learn from somewhere. I found that the use of videos NOT made by me was actually an important component of students taking more responsibility for their learning. They accepted the challenge willingly. My graduate students and I have been experimenting with https: It seems one more way not only to build personal expertise or cooperative group projects, but also to develop collaborative intelligence.

Our theory is that instead of an isolated teacher going it alone, that adding specialists to the mix, particularly those with expertise in information and technology, might demonstrate the idea that two adult heads plus a number of student investigators might just be better than one….

Any educational process, whether it is flipped classroom, project based learning, inquiry, or whatever, is only as valuable as the guide of that process allows. When the teacher-as-guide skillfully leads the student through the adventure of lifelong learning, the importance of the details of a given lecture live or on video can be supplanted by learning momentum fueled by curiosity and product creation generated by an innovative spirit.

Flipped or no flipped, the teacher-as-guide no longer needs to limit techniques to an 8 hour school day homework , a brick and mortar structure mobile resources , or a particular mode of delivery video.

In Day of the Flipped Blog bit. Education is child- or student-centered in Montessori classrooms everywhere, everyday. A problem seems to be explaining what student-centered education is and then scaling it up so that it is the norm. Yes — I love Montessori!

I wish all schools had that philosophy. The idea of moving away from inquiry and play based is rooted in so many systemic issues. I sometimes wonder if the edtech movement tries to pick up the pieces that true arts integration has not been able to provide the momentum to. As with the scientific process, art and design are modes for in-depth inquiry and play-based exploration. The art and design disciplines provide opportunity for iteration and how to deal with failure in a way that is a possibility for growth and discovery.

I think we can run into trouble when trying to classify this type of learning environment and that type of learning environment without honoring what other disciplines have a solid grasp on. I am saying this from the perspective of a technology integrationist but also one that has a foundation in the performing arts…video production was how I started down this path.

Is is about the tools or is it about the creative process a process that encourages self reflection, discovery of new knowledge etc.

I view EdTech as a catalyst for change. Education is missing design elements of iteration and multiple solutions. In fact, the US is less tolerant of struggling in the education vs other societies — see this excellent NPR report n. I enjoyed your post. This may sound odd from the guy who wrote the book on the flipped class.

Video as HW and class time for work time. That is not what I believe about education. I see the flipped class as a way to get TO deeper learning—to get to a learner centered classroom. You might want to see my blog post at: But creating a classroom environment that empowers learners, that takes a lot of effort, failure and frustration to figure out what works.

For us, the flip was a stepping stone to being learner-centred. When my students took control of choosing resources, it disappeared.

I appreciate you taking the time to be part of the dialogue around this. I think you, Aaron, and Shelley actually had very similar paths and experiences. I think teachers need to be learners and keep up with the latest research and collaborate on how to implement best practices from the research. At the same time, teachers need to be suspect of technology-driven solutions. Teachers need to remember that technology products and textbooks are sold to make a profit and not necessarily improve education.

One of my suggestions for faculty who are considering trying this is to have their students supply the videos. Assign them to cull through all resources and return with 1 or 2 videos that best explain the subject matter. This way the students are learning to research and evaluate resources and have ownership of the content being learned. I think this is a good starting place.

Your idea invites students to become active participants in their learning, which for many at a college level will be foreign to them. Enough small changes like this eventually become significant. I thought it would be interesting to see how different companies were composing their job requirements. The labels are tricky. If you define the concept of flipping as lots of video-lecture-homework, then thank goodness you ended the love affair quickly. If video lectures helped you on that path, then great — just another tool in your toolbox.

I read here that you also teach high school English. Thanks for this article. It would seem that an important side-effect of this approach is to free teachers to deliver those things that are uniquely theirs to give — guidance, encouragement, feedback and motivation.

When you shift to student-centred learning, the role of the teacher changes significantly. Most of the time my job was to listen and watch — to figure out when to ask questions of my students so they would think more deeply, and when to let them struggle. Have you tried it with younger students? So we spend a lot of time talking about and learning these skills, and it has a lot of structure.

Since I teach in a smaller school, I also have the benefit of teaching the same kids for three years in multiple subjects and across disciplines. So for many of the students in that Chem. I was wrong, and it was disastrous. We had to sit down and talk through what they needed for support. I agree with your second point. I read nearly the entire comment thread looking for this response, Shelley. Frankly, I was hoping not to find it, actually. I have not flipped my physics classes exactly, but we are a 1: We are new to this, but my experience is paralleling that of many others I learn about online.

Not all students are ready to drive their own instruction. More specifically, the higher achieving students love self-paced, question-driven instruction, and lower achieving students are often crippled by it. I keep hoping that we can prove the research wrong or simply add a new dimension by adding the x factor of ubiquitously available digital curricular materials.

Tell me if I am making incorrect assumptions, but I inferred that since you are experiencing success in your chemistry class with student centered instruction, and since you are unable to replicate this in your grade 10 classes, that your struggles might be similar?

What does your student body look like title 1? How big are your classes? Once kids acquire these, they can become highly successful at student-centred learning. But I think trying to implement this type of classroom without trying to shore up skill deficits could be disasterous. Research tends to show that higher achieving students have self-regulatory skills. Many lower achieving students tend to be missing many of these, which is why schools really need to teach them K My class demographics tend to be pretty middle class, although we do have kids who live in poverty.

My class sizes tend to average around Teachers should consider the following with each potential flipped class: Even without all of these, it could still be worthwhile. This still leaves more time for the teacher to work with students who did not fully buy-into the flipped classroom i. I think perhaps the first thing you have to do is stop calling it Algebra class.

Seriously, the naming of the class is the key step in determining what will be taught there. I think we can indeed strike a happy balance between required subject matter and student-centered learning. I think I was most excited about how students helped one another and fluidly moved between and among groupings to achieve their goals.

For example, in math, we should identify a core of basic numeric literacy skills that every student should learn. Beyond that, we should let students choose how deep they want to get into the various math tracks.

A high school student should be able to decide to do less math and spend more time writing, etc. But, with colleges dictating the K finish line…. I have been trying to figure it out for a a few months….

Some of my classes had authoring privileges for the wiki, others did not. My students knew that I could check every edit that was made to the wiki, and they respected that. I never had any inappropriate material posted.

Shelley I congratulate you and admire you for sharing your learning with the world. This a fantastic example of how teachers also are learning and need time to develop deeper understanding of teaching and learning.

I remember reading your article on flipping from last year and used many times to help teachers understand the benefits of flipping at our school.

This article will be very helpful in this process. Thanks for sharing my work with others. Thanks for sharing your experience! Again I am inspired by your voice. I appreciate your giving an more detailed example of what it could look like.

Thank you so much for sharing. The concept of the flipped classroom is just that. Flipping what you normally do in the classroom with what you normally assign as homework. A different way of doing what you already do, just flipping it. I can certainly relate to the notion of students owning their learning vs. I have often said that administration needs to allow teachers more time to teach using advanced learning skills instead of their latest fads.

I wonder how this learning assists students with learning disabilities. Would LD students be self-motivated enough to grasp this type of learning? One of my students, who had always struggled academically, was the lead thinker when we built our Holocaust museum. He knew how to build everything, and his peers supported and helped him. He took a great deal of pride in his work. It just looks different. Thank you so much for this exciting, well crafted blog post.

I love how you think, teach and think about teaching. I also love how you write. I am currently soliciting essays and stories by teachers for a compilation book call Keeping the Faith in Education.

I will be editing the project. I would be honored if you would consider submitting an essay or story about the end of your love affair with the flipped classroom. If you have any additional questions, please be in touch with me via my email or at info avenidabooks. Hi Shelley, Thanks for this post. More power to you. Thanks for sharing your insights. I think it depends on how one defines the flip.

It tends to be a bit of a moving target! Students become their own teachers—with the goal being to produce active learners rather than passive ones. That, to me, is what a flipped classroom embodies. Keep up the good work!

Some, like you, see it as giving control to the students. Others, see it in a much more limited way, as simply reversing the order of instruction and homework. I like the definition you use, but not the one that simply rearranges the traditional model. I think we can do better than that for our students. Thank you for a well-written and thoughtful as well as thought provoking post.

I began flipping a year ago in a college prep ESL writing class at a community college and have been learning as I go. I like your evolution and many of the ideas shared by your respondents. I have found my experience flipping the writing class has changed how I teach other classes. I have been thinking about how I would share my experiences with interested colleagues, and I was thinking that I might use a large deodorant container to represent the biggest difference for me. Now, I spend so much time around the students that the front part of the room gets neglected.

Thank you for this dose of re-energizing. I, too, started with changing one class. They were small changes at first, but eventually they irrevocably changed the atmosphere of our classroom. A key outcome to constructivist approaches like these is ultimately assessment of learning.

What approaches did you use to determine the outcomes of their learning? Constructivist approaches are great for the kids. The really enjoy the freedom of choice and collaboration they afford.

But can we measure outcomes and we need to that supports the approach you are suggesting compared to more traditional approaches? I appreciate your ideas and evaluation of your class. I am a vocal proponent on the flipped classroom and have met hundreds, maybe thousands, of teachers that flip.

All have done so in order to be a more student-centered classroom. Regardless of that, I found your post to be well-written and thoughtful. I was no longer chained to the front of the room, and we had more time for student-centered activities. Socio-economically, how diverse is your classroom? How motivated are your students and how much support do they have from home?

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