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Click on the LaFarge logo to listen to an mp3 recording of the hearing. Click on the photo to listen to an mp3 recording of the sound walk. Click on photo to hear Rep.

Scott Murphy speak with constituents at a town meeting at the Palenville Fire Department April 19, Recording by Debra Kamecke. Photo is of Murphy at town meeting in Coxsackie on April 1, Create a free website or blog at WordPress. WGXC Newsroom has moved to: Hooklifts are sometimes only employed for seldom-used equipment; they can load a variety of different equipment containers very rapidly and act as a special unit with lower investment costs. For example, the Helsinki Rescue Department has several hooklift trucks and more than 40 containers, including a water container, a hose container, and an oil destruction container.

Containers may also carry a command post, salvage tools, foam barrels, hoses, special pumps for wildfires , and field hospitals. The advancement of technology and potential for very large-scale incidents has led to many fire departments increasing their use of mobile command support units. A fundamental advantage of such an appliance is to accommodate the many different types of communication equipment needed at major incidents.

In addition to the wide range of radio frequencies used, a fire chief often needs to communicate via landlines and send and receive information via satellite links and CCTV to keep aware of and control the ongoing situation.

The command unit can essentially be used as an on-site conference center for command personnel, mapping and planning firefighting operations and directing crews as they arrive. A tanker truck, which can also be known as a water tender or water bowser , is a specialist fire appliance with the primary purpose of transporting large amounts of water to the fire area to make it available for extinguishing operations.

These are especially useful in rural areas where fire hydrants are not readily available and natural water resources are insufficient or difficult to exploit. Most tankers have an on-board pumping system. This pump is often not of sufficient power to fight fires as it is designed to be attached to a fire engine , but is more often used to draw water into the tender from hydrants or other water sources.

In some areas, the tenders are used to pump water during floods, and may be fitted with a heavier duty pump for this purpose. Many tankers are equipped with fast-drain valves on the sides and back of the truck. This allows firefighters to empty thousands of gallons of water into a portable water tank in just a few seconds. An airport crash tender , or "crash rig", is a specialized fire engine designed for use at aerodromes in aircraft accidents.

These features give the airport crash tenders a capability to reach an airplane rapidly, and rapidly extinguish large fires with jet fuel involved.

In some communities a fire apparatus, often a paramedic engine, will be used to carry first responder firefighters, paramedics or EMTs to medical emergencies because of their faster response times due to forward staging in the city. The design and construction of fire engines focuses greatly on the use of both active and passive warnings.

Passive visual warnings involve the use of high contrast patterns to increase the noticeability of the vehicle. These types of warnings are often seen on older vehicles and those in developing countries. Vehicles will also often have these reflectors arranged in a chevron pattern along with the words fire or rescue. These flash to attract the attention of other drivers as the fire truck approaches, or to provide warning to drivers approaching a parked fire truck in a dangerous position on the road.

While the fire truck is headed towards the scene, the lights are always accompanied by loud audible warnings such as sirens and air horns. An early device used to squirt water onto a fire was known as a squirt or fire syringe. Hand squirts and hand pumps are noted before Ctesibius of Alexandria invented the first fire pump around the 2nd century B. The fire pump was reinvented in Europe during the 16th century, reportedly used in Augsburg in and Nuremberg in Colonial laws in America required each house to have a bucket of water on the front stoop during fires at night.

These buckets were intended for use by the initial bucket brigade that would supply the water at fires. Philadelphia obtained a hand-pumped fire engine in , years after Boston 's model appeared there, made by Joseph Jencks , but before New York's two engines arrived from London. By , Richard Newsham , in London, had made successful fire engines; he invented the first ones used in New York City in this was six years before formation of the NYC volunteer fire department.

The amount of manpower and skill necessary for firefighting prompted Benjamin Franklin to found an organized fire company in Thomas Lote built the first fire engine made in America in These earliest engines are called hand tubs because they are manually hand powered and the water was supplied by a bucket brigade dumping it into a tub cistern where the pump had a permanent intake pipe.

An important advancement around was the invention of an engine which could draft water from a water source. This rendered the bucket brigade obsolete. In , a Philadelphia-based manufacturing company called Sellers and Pennock made a model called "The Hydraulion".

It is said to be the first suction engine. The earliest engines were small and were either carried by four men, or mounted on skids and dragged to a fire. As the engines grew larger they became horse-drawn and later self-propelled by steam engines.

John Ericsson is credited with building the first American steam-powered fire engine. John Braithwaite built the first steam fire-engine in Britain. Until the midth century, most fire engines were maneuvered by men, but the introduction of horse-drawn fire engines considerably improved the response time to incidents. The first self-propelled steam pumper fire engine was built in New York in Unfortunately for the manufacturers, some firefighters sabotaged the device and its use of the first engine was discontinued.

However, the need and the utility of power equipment ensured the success of the steam pumper well into the twentieth century. Many cities and towns around the world bought the steam fire engines. Motorized fire engines did not become commonplace until the early 20th century. By , the idea of combining gas engine motor trucks into fire engines was attracting great attention; according to a Popular Mechanics article in that year, [23] such trucks were rapidly gaining popularity in England.

That same year, the Knox Automobile Company of Springfield, Massachusetts , began selling what some [24] have described as the world's first modern fire engine.

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I think this segment had about three layers of speculation piled one on top of another. A hypothesis is predicated with some evidence - the researcher thinks, based on some evidence and reasoning, that two things are connected, for example - but there is much less existing research to back it up than would be found with a theory. Gematria, Synchronicity, and Predictive Programming

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