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The Case Against Coldplay

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I'll give you a ring. The children formed a ring round their teacher; The hot teapot left a ring on the polished table. An enclosed, usually circular area in which exhibitions, sports, or contests take place: Also called closed chain. The gardener who lived at the lodge had heard the bell ring , and was ready with the gate open, and away we went through the park, and through the village, and down the hill till we came to the toll-gate. Poe ringing , tintinnabulation sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them" bell ringing - the sound of someone playing a set of bells. Tell us what you think.

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His offer has a suspicious ring. Electronics electronics the damped oscillatory wave produced by a circuit that rings. Coldplay reached its musical zenith with the widely sampled piano arpeggios that open "Clocks": There was a certain cynical ring in her father's voice that was unlike his usual hesitating abstraction. A band shouldn't necessarily be blamed for its imitators -- ask the Cure or the Grateful Dead. You are already subscribed to this email.

Male sensitivity, a quality that's under siege in a pop culture full of unrepentant bullying and machismo, shouldn't be dismissed out of hand, no matter how risible it can be in practice. And building a sound on the lessons of past bands is virtually unavoidable. But put them all together and they add up to Coldplay, the most insufferable band of the decade. The stock price plunged for EMI Group, Capitol's parent company, when Coldplay announced that the album's release date would be moved from February to June, as it continued to rework the songs.

Along with its debut album, "Parachutes," Coldplay claims sales of 20 million albums worldwide. Clearly, Coldplay is beloved: The band emanates good intentions, from Mr.

Martin's political statements to lyrics insisting on its own benevolence. Coldplay is admired by everyone -- everyone except me. It's not for lack of skill. The band proffers melodies as imposing as Romanesque architecture, solid and symmetrical.

Martin on keyboards, Jonny Buckland on guitar, Guy Berryman on bass and Will Champion on drums have mastered all the mechanics of pop songwriting, from the instrumental hook that announces nearly every song they've recorded to the reassurance of a chorus to the revitalizing contrast of a bridge.

Their arrangements ascend and surge, measuring out the song's yearning and tension, cresting and easing back and then moving toward a chiming resolution. Coldplay is meticulously unified, and its songs have been rigorously cleared of anything that distracts from the musical drama. Unfortunately, all that sonic splendor orchestrates Mr. Martin's voice and lyrics.

He places his melodies near the top of his range to sound more fragile, so the tunes straddle the break between his radiant tenor voice and his falsetto. As he hops between them -- in what may be Coldplay's most annoying tic -- he makes a sound somewhere between a yodel and a hiccup.

And the lyrics can make me wish I didn't understand English. Coldplay's countless fans seem to take comfort when Mr. Me, I hear a passive-aggressive blowhard, immoderately proud as he flaunts humility. In its early days, Coldplay could easily be summed up as Radiohead minus Radiohead's beat, dissonance or arty subterfuge.

Both bands looked to the overarching melodies of 's British rock and to the guitar dynamics of U2, and Mr. Martin had clearly heard both Bono's delivery and the way Radiohead's Thom Yorke stretched his voice to the creaking point. Unlike Radiohead, though, Coldplay had no interest in being oblique or barbed. From the beginning, Coldplay's songs topped majesty with moping: Hardly alone among British rock bands as the 's ended, Coldplay could have been singing not only about private sorrows but also about the final sunset on the British empire: Coldplay's songs wallowed happily in their unhappiness.

Particularly in its native England, Coldplay has spawned a generation of one-word bands -- Athlete, Embrace, Keane, Starsailor, Travis and Aqualung among them -- that are more than eager to follow through on Coldplay's tremulous, ringing anthems of insecurity.

The emulation is spreading overseas to bands like the Perishers from Sweden and the American band Blue Merle, which tries to be Coldplay unplugged. View all New York Times newsletters. A rectangular arena set off by stakes and ropes in which boxing or wrestling events are held.

An enclosed area in which bets are placed at a racetrack. An exclusive group of people acting privately or illegally to advance their own interests: Mathematics The area between two concentric circles; annulus.

Mathematics A set of elements subject to the operations of addition and multiplication, in which the set is a commutative group under addition and associative under multiplication and in which the two operations are related by distributive laws.

Chemistry A group of atoms linked by bonds that may be represented graphically in polygonal form. Also called closed chain. To surround with or as if with a ring; encircle: Guests ringed the coffee table. To ornament or supply with a ring or rings: To remove a circular strip of bark around the circumference of a tree trunk or branch ; girdle.

To give forth a clear resonant sound. To sound a bell in order to summon someone: I'll ring for the maid. To have a sound or character suggestive of a particular quality: To be filled with sound; resound: The room rang with the children's laughter.

To hear a persistent humming or buzzing: My ears were ringing from the sound of the blast. To be filled with talk or rumor: The whole town rang with the bad news. To cause a bell, for example to ring. To announce, proclaim, or signal by or as if by ringing: Chiefly British To call someone on the telephone.

Often used with up: She rang me at noon. Let's ring her up and invite her. To test a coin, for example for quality by the sound it produces when struck against something. The sound created by a bell or another sonorous vibrating object.

Give me a ring when you have time. A suggestion of a particular quality: His offer has a suspicious ring. To record, especially by means of a cash register: To accomplish or achieve: To call a batter out on strikes.

Used of an umpire. Jewellery a circular band usually of a precious metal, esp gold, often set with gems and worn upon the finger as an adornment or as a token of engagement or marriage.

Boxing a square apron or raised platform, marked off by ropes, in which contestants box or wrestle. Wrestling a square apron or raised platform, marked off by ropes, in which contestants box or wrestle.

Agriculture esp at country fairs an enclosure, often circular, where horses, cattle, and other livestock are paraded and auctioned. Gambling, except Cards an area reserved for betting at a racecourse. Forestry a circular strip of bark cut from a tree or branch, esp in order to kill it. Mathematics geometry the area of space lying between two concentric circles. Mathematics maths a set that is subject to two binary operations, addition and multiplication, such that the set is an Abelian group under addition and is closed under multiplication, this latter operation being associative.

Botany botany short for annual ring. Chemistry chem Also called: Astronomy astronomy any of the thin circular bands of small bodies orbiting a giant planet, esp Saturn.

See also Saturn 2 1. Zoology to mark a bird with a ring or clip for subsequent identification. Agriculture to fit a ring in the nose of a bull, pig, etc so that it can be led easily. Agriculture Austral and NZ to be the fastest shearer in a shearing shed , esp in the phrase ring the shed. Compare chime 1 6. Electronics intr electronics of an electric circuit to produce a damped oscillatory wave after the application of a sharp input transition.

Theatre ring down the curtain a. Telecommunications informal chiefly Brit a telephone call: See peal 1 3. Electronics electronics the damped oscillatory wave produced by a circuit that rings.

Imsges: hook up reverberation

hook up reverberation

Events Guide Television Theater Video: An organized group of criminals, hoodlums, or wrongdoers: Also called closed chain.

hook up reverberation

After Antonia had said the new words over and over, she wanted to give me a little chased silver ring she wore on her middle finger. Rang and sang are the correct forms of the past tenses of ring and sing , although rung and sung are still heard informally and dialectally: Martin, never someone to evade the obvious, sings about "the space in which we're traveling.

hook up reverberation

The band proffers melodies as imposing as Romanesque reverberatiob solid and symmetrical. As a blockbuster band, Coldplay is now looking brussels free dating its shoulder at titanic predecessors like U2, Pink Floyd and the Beatles, pilfering freely from all of them. Agriculture esp at country fairs an enclosure, often circular, where horses, cattle, and other livestock are paraded and auctioned. For hook up reverberation long time, now, the circus-running sun has raced within his fiery ringand needs no sustenance but what's in himself. To be filled with sound; resound: