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I think it was too early for me to do that n it made her feel as m desperate to b with her. Here people turn anything into a date! You swedish girls are very beautiful and soo nice ive heard about the marriage rates it seems love over there is a lost meaning. Meet 5 other girls, get their numbers, and start texting with them.

Hey! Chase Amante here.

Thanks for writing about it on your blog too! Still no response, any suggestions? What should I say? I am very busy. I am looking for somebody who can be my friend, and most of all be honest and loyal. Should I just straight up ask her out for coffee or something? Two weeks is a long time.

But, yet says he wants me to move to him but in my own place.. If you want me to live by you, why not with you?? He say you are not there yet. Where is there to the place he is clear he wants to sleep with someone else or there he wants to dump you. Look my dear you have to have everything you want in a relationship before you go moving anywhere.

He is not sounding secure,and stable in this committment yet. Have you talked engagement yet, seeing you as a lifelong partner yet? Have you met all the important people to him and he your people. Are you feeling that he is in love with you, and you him willing to give you the level of a committment you desire? And what is up with if you dont move there it will be the end of you.

Really well I hope you are moving for more then just him cause he sounds like this is a fun test for him. I would not move unless and untill he puts a ring on it or you have more reasons then him to move. Dont ever move in with someone with out a sold agreement of what are your terms. What you want for this move. Dont let him tell you how your life is gonna go you do have some say you are the prize here. Be empowered, be fem!

You have your own life to manage let him him come to you. You are the sure one in this not him… Let him sell you on why you should move there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is trying to find an excuse to dump you and may be cheating on you. DO NOT move to him. My boyfriend is very good and looking handsome. But he is very tough personality.

In every fight he makes me that I am wrong. And then he treated me like nothing for him. And when I am trying to call him or msg he treats very rudely. I feel like, I have no self respect. Sometimes I thought that broke up this relationship but I have no dare to do this i love him so much. Mainly we fight on this issue that he has no time for me.

When we meet and discuss on this issue, he told me that in anger he forget all the feelings and he hates those person who fight with him. I love him so much, and he knows that. He also love me. It does not matter if you dump or not If you dont work on the relationship with yourself you will only attract another looser like him. You must get your self esteem as high as you possibly can!

Your answer will be so clear once you work on focusing on yourself. What you want in a career, education, health, spiritual life, financial, friends, what you want and what you are willing to do to have it. Focus on the type of relationship you want how you want to be treated and FEEL…. Ia m sure this is not how you want to be treated or feel so why put up with it. You dont have to be in a relationship.

Get you right and a good person will match. Sorry to sound so harsh, but you need to know that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship. You are being abused and neglected and NEED to leave him for your own health and well-being. You will know when you have found the right person and he clearly is NOT it. I am sorry, but you need to hear it. Well written and informative. I feel a lot better about my love life as an independent woman and I am happy to have read such a great work of art.

So many great points!!! Number 4 is oh so true! He lives 2 hours and a half away from me, he came to my door almost begging for me to come back, he was ready this time to be in a relationship and that he was sorry. He was so afraid of losing me cause I was practically breaking up with him that he drove 2 hours and a half to apologize and be in a serious relationship with me. I text my bf goodmorning 3 days ago.. I say play the field. You should keep your options open and stop allowing one dude to have so much control over you.

Although this is the exact way articles are normally written, but for males gain, try posting stuff like this and watch all of the men who would fear a world ruled by changing for women freak out. Redirected name calling, bullying, bashing, and out right unfocused anger because they have no logical reason to be upset.

I completely agree, why do women have to change in order to please a guy? Is terrible that people actully think this is how is should be, and i even worse that they publish this stupid things. This article is complete one-sided garbage. I have never seen an article telling men how THEY can improve, even though a lot of men seriously need to learn.

Men ARE capable of communication and I am so tired of articles giving excuses for them. It is time they listened to what THEY need to work on as well.

I could have written your post. You can do better!! What if your best friend told yoU the same thing. What advice would you give her. Men are in relationships for themselves. They want something from the other one. THEY— want to be wooed. Maybe a candle-lite homemade meal or a romantic happy-hour at his place. You get it, something simple. NEVER happened with several.

I gave an gave and really got very little in return — actually nothing. I would visit him after work 10pm there was never any snacks or hot chocolate, no hot tea waiting for me, especially in winter!

No ice tea or lemonade in summer, either. They have to woo me — first. That only comes when both sides work at it. If it is not there move on i know thats hard but what this artical says is true.

In all seriousness, this is a good article. I am a guy and I just wanted to see what this was about, and she hit the nail on the head. NOW, all we need is a female version of this so I can feel better. All women are good for is to be impregnated and then kill them off after they give birth.

They are filthy sub-creatures. Can someone say jaded loser napolian syndrome. Probably drive a big oversized truck too because we know men with super small packages talk this hateful. It was the same pyschopath posting both times, the three minutes apart gives it away. All these articles claim men want more than anything to make their woman happy, yet I see very few actually even trying to.

As if a relationship should not involve any compromise or sacrifice. Fine then, stay single. They will be perpetually so anyway, with that belief. If you work in a job that employs mostly women, they only open their mouths to talk about — babies!

They only bond with other women that have — babies! Another takes over their work when they leave to have a — baby. As far as school, they only return to show everyone the — baby and then drop out! Their kids belong at — home, not out in public. Their raising whinny brats. They only care about themselves in a workplace or school setting. At this age, I understand why men cheat! A women delivered coffee to this office that I worked at, she was shocked that when the kids left to college, there was no relationship with her husband — he left too.

Wow you three have issues. Do you write just to stir the shit? I cannot believe you three think like this. Those brainless idiots made me laugh. They only exist to hurt women, to use us, and to discard us when they are done. No gender has a monopoly on inflicting damage. Just like I read stuff written for men I also read stuff written for women.

What a waste of time. We went on a date and it was awesome. So I need to quit overthinking everything and just calm down. I was taking to a male and female co-worker one day during our break. From personal experience, I dated this one guy and I was the ideal girlfriend I guess you could say.

We spent about a year together I never had any doubts, I trusted him completely, and I felt that we completely loved each other. Turns out he had cheated on me about five months into our relationship and I was completely oblivious to it.

I actually found out through one of my friends. I confronted my now ex and told me it was true. I need some clarification as to what my male co-worker said. Spot on — especially the texting and freedom part.

My freedom is the most important thing in my entire life along with my solitude. I have frequent short-term sexual relationships, but it inevitably all turns up the same. I get a text from my best male friends and I go days without answering, and most of the time I just never answer. I have a very specific set of ideals. If a woman is not able to give me space, it signals to me that she has no life.

When a woman begins getting hung up about every little text and phone call and what the tone of my voice means, then I know emphatically that she is weak, that she has no life, that she has no goals.

However, I doubt that will ever happen. Very interesting that you are comfortable with being alone yet you are on a website about relationships and dating. I think when you meet the one, whatever that exactly is for you, you might have a change in ideals. It is healthier to be in relationship because you want to be not need to be.

Neero, I am sure that if you traveled the whole world, you will find someone who is not only a renaissance girl, but someone who inspires you. I have seen what can happen to a person who has no real friends. A girl who inspires you will always be different, not only because of what makes her unique, but also for her sense of comfort with herself.

Most girls I have met are concerned about mundane things, such as texting or cup sizes. There are girls out there who are passionate about what they do, like me, and you should be a part of their life, not their whole life as you said. I hope you find your destiny. I hope you find your best friend and love, for that in my opinion is the best kind of relationship.

Mine told me he traveled all over the world while serving our country, and all he had to do was go around the corner, and there I was. I hope you find the love of your life worth going to the stars and moon for. You come off as very arrogant, selfish and immature. Real strong, stable and independent women will not want men like you.

You project your own thoughts onto women and disrespect them without trying to understand. Well let me tell you: They want a man — someone with strength as great as theirs, and not a boy — someone who just does as he pleases. With your standards, you will only find someone like you instead: As a person yearning and reaching to be a wondering writer such as yourself, I agree and understand that having the ability to go anywhere, anytime and do anything is important.

Classifying every woman as needy and controlling is not fair since their actions stem from your same need, to feel secure in something, not that you were grouping all women. The need to feel safe is not met, we lash out in fear, and you are driven further away by your clostrophobic fears. You get your distance, she gets support.

Then you travel the world experiencing everything with a mind as adventurous and cunning as your own, and nothing feels better than that. And never quite got it. I have been told to play head games, mirror their image. That all sounded like too much work. Who wants to make keeping a boyfriend your full time job. Your article just tells it like it is. No scamming with a build up to make you buy a book. You spoke in lamens terms, and it made me giggle, and smile, and look at my man in a whole new light.

I have recently split up with my ex.. This article was really helpful. Especially the part about withdrawal. Thanks for your help.. Answer this my man left me after 2 years because I would not go out and sleep with other men. You deserve a better man than him. What if all the no-no that you have mentioned above is done by the guy instead? How do I deal with it? My ex-husband was very kind at first , somewhere along the line he became a devil, my new boyfriend is acting like a robot being over nice ,promising me marriage , saying he wants twelve..

Like seriously and what help ed me not to fall for this was experience and relationship advice. Now he wants twelve babies out of wedlock, I told him you use Condoms and everyone is happy , cos I will never be pregnant for a stranger, when the fun is over we all go our separate ways without baggages. I am sorry for any girl that falls for such guys. So he broke up. I am so heartbroken but I work on myself and that gives me my joy and happiness..

Their failed relationship is a proof of their unsuitability for marriage business. And these kind of women are always men hating, men killing , men nagging, men shaming feminists. I know some guys will still go ahead and remarry these idiots. I am a single mom and my failed relationship was due to him cheating while I was at he with our 5 week old baby..

We are all different with different happenings in life. So texting is my primary mode of communication. I really liked this article.

With regards to the texting I have some questions though. He is awesome in person but makes very little effort over texts. Yeah he never ignores my texts and he shows interest when I ask him out. Is it too soon for this kind of behavior? Babe he him some time. He will likely miss you if you play your game right. Now this is the game plan: Each time he calls you or texts you, act really happy and excited.

Do this even when you guys cross paths. All these should happen within 30 seconds. You will see him rush immediately and he wil even forget he needed time off completely. I text him but he reply after some days…plz plz plz tell me what to do? When they play Prince Charming early in the relationship, they should be a little more understanding that women are going to have hurt feelings when they stop this behavior out of the blue, without explanation.

There are plenty of men who are sincere and let the relationship progress at a healthy pace, thereby avoiding the freak out mode. Men who pour it on thick in the beginning, only to call you needy when you return the gestures are not good men to be with. If they do this, just move on. The more we give into this behavior, the more it becomes accepted. Thank u sooo much for this article!

It was really helpful for me and explained a lot of things that I was previously confused about. Hey, This is such a great read! I have a question: That is, that a man will automatically make plans to see you and he will WANT to make plans? Or does the idea of making plans for men equal losing their freedom? And therefore it is something to avoid, even when they commit to you? Can you puts things straight for me please. Whoa, girl, that guy is bad news.

You said one time in a comment that, Men only invest in a relationship but I forgot the res tof the comment. Can you refresh me? But i am in problem , i am engaged girl its 2 months ago but i know he is not at all interested in me from starting we dont have love relation it is arrange marriage i dont thing so he ever fall in love with me.

I cant break this engagement coz of family but i really want solution please highlight some solutions i am subscribed to nem mode also. He is not in love with me but he is not behaving anything bad with me his behaviour is good with me but he doesnt love me.

Hi Gita, I feel for you, actually I dont believe in love but I also DO NOT believe in forced marriage, every individual has the right to chose who to marry or choose to stay single if they wish.

Have you spoken to your parents or to the guy about how you feel? Hello Helen, My parents have very simple living and thinking so they suggested to continue. Yes i talk with my fiyancee i said indirectly also and directly also that u dont like me but he is saying it is nothing like that. Dear Gita, Your problem seems to be the traditions of your culture. You can either choose to go ahead with the marriage and risk a life of no love but with the possibility of peaceful co existence OR tell your parents you do not want to go ahead with the marriage.

From what you wrote it sounds like you have some feelings for the guy. Wear your hear for him. I dreaded him coming home from work. I got a new relationship and we were the best of friends, lovers, partners. Pay attention to current events, have an opinion about something.

Men want a friend, an interesting partner in a relationship, whether a girlfriend or wife. Oh, be a good cook. Good food, good conversation can bring you close, closer. The ex — when he left said about the new one, She — can really cook! He is all about actions and the texting part is definitely just a sign that he is still having his own life as I do as well. Thanks again for such a well put article. I really do love all your practical advice: I love how this is an article about men wrote by a woman.

I might as well write an article about how to to breast feed your newborn. Thank you so much Sabrina! The article made perfect sense to me! Although I learnt to deal with everything that is mentioned here, but sometimes you start getting in doubt… Reading this article every time gives me loads of positive energy and helps me stay strong and happy!!

Thank you very much! Richie — is there a specific point or points you disagree with? This artical is total BS. Totally one persons opinion through out the whole thing, and you should stop reading this trash unless you are trying to be just like the author. I knew all his friends and frankly I really liked most of them and I got along with their girlfriends and them so it was never a big deal to hang out with them. That part about men wanting to make women happy? When either Sabs or I write something, we speak to the things you can control — your actions, your reactions and your thoughts.

I have never read dating advice online. This site is awesome!! Me and my bf have been together almost 3 years. The past couple weeks he has not been texting me as much. In the past he has called me multiple times a day and texted, being more needy then I am in general. We talked tonight about how I feel ignored lately and I asked him whats up. He said he just has been busy and wants to feel like a man, not a guy in high school, calling to just tell me he loves me a few times a day, he wants me to focus on finishing college, and have my own life and do what i want.

I think he feels too dependent and needy making him feel less of a man. After reading this he wants more freedom maybe. So for other girls reading this, it works both ways!!

Worry about yourself sometimes, and not just pleasing him always. If you do your own thing and give some space, I think it makes men want you more.

It makes me want him more too. Also, when something bothers either one of us, we say hey this is whats up and then we talk not argue and deal with it. So that is also true in this from my experience. So spot on, my boyfriend wants to buy me stuff but dislikes it when I constantly Ask for smth.

I also want to note that how much he desires your appreciation depends entirely on how much he values YOU as a romantic partner, and that has to do with how you inspire him and give him confidence, if you make your bf feel good about himself as a man, his desire for your appreciation will go up.

Helen, you have been hurt, and clearly more than once. However, I am here to tell you that you are not talking about men when you say that in reference to item 3. A real man, in touch with what he wants and how his actions effect others will always want to make you happy. The hurt game is played by boys who want to keep you unbalanced and at arms length. I have a 16 yr old son, and much of this advice about men I can apply to him also in a way…I am truly feeling much happier and hopeful in life now that I am learning how men tick….

I will def be buying your books! What a load of rubbish, women, get back to banging your head on the table please. Noone gives you the right to say what we think, or feel. Well actually it is indirect communication.. I read this article and feel depressed because I seem to be behaving more like the male counterpart. I am not male. Do other women experience this? Reading the article made me sad. About two months ago, I met what I thought was a wonderful man through a dating website.

I felt he was different, I thought that he would never hurt me. Few weeks after our first encounter, he admitted that he lied and hide some details about him. Well, I just told him that I understand why he was not willing to share his whole life with someone he has just met through the web.

The next two weeks after his revelations were actually very great. I could sense that he really liked me. After those few days, he just stopped communicating with me. Texting was our only way to communicate. He canceled all of our meetings for about 4 weeks I did it once, but I have a very good excuse… medical reasons!

I know he has an erratic schedule, but he was basically spending all of his free time hanging out with friends. I was hurt, but I thought that I should not expect to become the center of his world after only few weeks.

At the end of those 4 weeks, I was just mad at him, and discouraged. To be honest, my self-esteem is already low enough, it is not healthy for me to wait after someone who will perhaps never come to me. I said that I was very deceitful because I really liked him, and that I was hurt that he could not even make an hour or so to see me.

I felt that I was rude! Fine, I was fine with that… We continued to be in touch, and I finally agreed to see him at his place after his job on Sunday night.

At the end, we shared some intimacy touching and kissing. Anyway, on Monday night, I texted to know if everything was fine. And it really does hurt me. I really try to be comprehensive, but it just seems that there is no room for me in his life. If he wants to be with you — he should find a way.

If you are not available to him.. He may realize that he misses you. Either way , I relate to your story and know that the right person will always want to make it work.

This article is amazing. I have realised where i was going wrong in my past relation and what he wanted. Its true that guy need their space and their freedom. I think about the woman I love every waking minute.

If you actually love someone, you can no more stop lvoing them than you can stop breathing…and either leads to death. There are people in my love that I love and would do anything for. Even if they were no longer in my life. Are you suggesting that the only suitable men to be in relationships are extremely testosterone endowed?

Would you recommend that men who are unsuccessful with women should just do steroids? That would be quite a world to see…. If u love people, it is ur present that u need to share with them, every moment. Otherwise, if u are lucky, yes maybe they will live long. Maybe they will die tomorrow. But near these days He starts replying me with no more than 3 words Is it suppose to be normal? Does he not care And he never texts me first Why? It is clearly placing all men in a single category, saying we are all the same and thats that.

I came across this article because all this is happening to me. I always have to initiate calls and messages now. I know she is free and doing nothing and yet still doesnt find 10seconds to send a simple message. Its me who has ended up analysing, being frustrated and constantly waiting for the phone to ring. She comes to see me rarely, we have sex, then she leaves, now i just feel like im being used, it feels awful.

I cannot agree with the advice given in this article, every person and situation is different and cannot be generalised. Im with this guy for 5 months now, and he is ignoring me like to the max. At first, he was very very close to me.

Now he says he is quite busy. But, when we talk or text, I really feel that he really cares by the way he talk. But recently, he is being like im a stranger. On the 20th was my 5th month anniversary, he wished me in the morning, saying that he was sorry for not being early coz he slept early last night, and he even told me that he wont be able to talk to me till Tuesday, as he is very busy. He has time for others, as he comes on whatsapp again and again to chat with others.

But, he hasnt got any time for. Im very scared of this situation. I really dont wana end this relationship with him. I really need some advise on this matter. Is he really not into me now? Is he really ignoring me? Has he lost interest in me? What should I do? Nashy-this guy has obviously lost interest in you unfortunately.

He is putting a lot of emotional distance between the two of you by not having any time to hang out online or even in person. The fact that you say he is acting like a stranger is a blinking neon sign that he wants out of this relationship.

Try distancing yourself from him-stop initiating all contact. If he wants to talk to you because he misses you, he will let you know in some way. Wish you the best of luck! In the beginning of the relastionship he struggled when he meet me if he should date me because he had planned on being free as a bird for the next year and work on his career. However on our first date he drove 50 miles to pick me up…he talked so easily the whole ride..

Sometimes, she downright pursues you. Especially of the sex she provided for you. She has a poor or average income, but she manages to afford a comparatively affluent lifestyle without family support. This applies especially student loans or expensive degrees. Who pays for it, and how? She feels uncomfortable displaying affection in public, even though she gives out a modern woman vibe. Unless she comes from a culture which is religious, sexually conservative, or repressed, most modern woman in relationships usually have no problem with light petting or affection from their men in public.

If she dislikes your hand on her thigh or a casual brush on her ass when in public, it is a sign of emotional disconnection from you. You happen to find stuff like condoms, vaginal douche, BDSM gear and sex toys in her handbag which she carries in public. Or if you move in with her, you happen to find stuff like wigs and whore outfits in her wardrobe.

Who carries or keeps stuff like that? She is known by multiple names among people. Her guy friends call her with different names, or she asks you to address her by a name which is not her real name. This is a big red flag. Multiple cell numbers are obvious: More so if these jobs are in environments when around men who are often willing to spend money at nights to get easy sex. Most women especially poor girls find it an easy way to make side money. Or she has visited or hails from the sex industry hotspots of the world.

Though not all women NAWALT, lol who work in these industries are like that, the casting couch exists a lot in these industries. Stereotypes are often derived from some reality.

A typical trait of prostitutes. And we kept talking for like two weeks. Later, we started talking about stuff and he paid me a pizza.

This time, we really made out. After, he baked us a pizza, we ate it, talked a lot. He said how beautiful my curly hair is. I played with his hair and he said how great it was that.

And we kept talking, but never met since then. My psychologist said there was something behind it, maybe him trying to show some feelings for me, but he rarely calls me over. He rarely does the first move. When I send him messages he tells me about his day, his life, asks me back, but never texts me first.

And he never mentioned it back. But we kept talking. This last week, I decided to ask him out, asking him if he had plans for Saturday. But we keep in touch, can it be? I do not know where to get this to or what to wait of it.

Because sometimes he seems interested and sometimes he backs off. When I talk to him, he is available. For he is so sensitive, he likes to write, and I cannot see him as a dumbass. I have a question for yall.

So i met a guy while on vacation. We hit it off, had a great time. He texted saying have a good flight. I replied saying thank you, been thinking about you. He replied saying im glad you had a safe trip home.

Then i said, it was great meeting you i hope we stay in touch. He said he agrees and we continued a convo. Well its the next day, no reply. I know he doesnt owe it to me, but its annoying. Mind you he moved from my city to another to study for school.

He will come back to my hometown to visit. With that being said, what do i do? I was thinking brush it off, next time hes in town which wont be for a while we can get together? I mean we dont even know one another too well, so its a little weird. Not a Wonderful practical experience. We were being harassed as a result of the basic safety shields who insisted upon looking us and our luggage once we sat down. Totally not the least difficult path toward commence off a stress-free evening seeing the recreation with your girlfriend.

So I met this guy on dating site and so far we been very active in texting during The day , at night. Always good morning and good night messages. We called each other cute and sexy names and we are planning on meeting next week. But last night i texted and never heard back from him.

Now I think he will Just disappear and leave like nothing happened …. Life is busy and demanding, and whether or not we are in intimate relationships with someone of the opposite sex, we both have other people and responsibilities in our lives. If it keeps happening, and there is no other way of contact, let him go gracefully.

My boyfriend completely stopped calling me cute names or even sending me cute messages. He is cold and formal whenever he talks to me and it is driving me crazy. I told him many times now how important this is to me and whenever I talk about it, he blames me for being too much of a drama queen.

Attention Maya… He sounds like a Narcissist. Those are to be avoided at all cost. There is no hope for those kind of people. They destroy anyone who crosses their path. Stay far far far away. They are broken people. What a player attitude. If two people cannot discuss issues like this, they might as well not have anything to do with each other.

An intimate relationship, friendships, and working relationships require honest communication. And not answering three texts in one week from someone YOU initiated contact with for months is childish. But I suppose telling you the truth is needy. I finally ended it with: I am aware of the fade out on your side. Would it be ok if I did that? Ok, what about those nights where our conversation was just dropped for hours or overnight? I am a patient and flexible person, but I also value myself and I DO deserve to be treated the way I treat you.

Me and this guy have been dating for a few months. Everything was going great and we have such a great connection.

The past few weeks we have bickered here and there but it never last more than a few hours and we are back to our playful relationship. I saw that he liked a girl and her bathing suit picture on Instagram on Thursday and I texted him when I saw that morning and I asked him if he was interested and other women and I just meant as a question but he took it personal and he immediately deflected everything back on me and the fact that he caught me masterbating and watching porn 2 weeks prior.

He never tried to apologize and he kept making excuses and turning it all around on me. I was highly upset so I needed some time. The fighting continued into Friday and he told me he was going to come get his stuff so I could be alone. When I came back to my apartment he was there and I parked down the street until he would leave but he saw me and he all of a sudden was being nice and wanting me to come in so we could talk.

This went into Saturday and he had texted me he forgot his medicine so I had things to do that morning and told him he could come get it while I left. He of course questioned where I was going and what I was doing. By the time I was done he still hadnt come so I was going to go swimming at my friends that lived close by and I told him that I could stop by and give it to him after and he agreed that would be fine.

So I did and we brought up the argument again and bickered for a second but the he was like text me what you want to do and went into his house. I went down the road 2 minutes and I texted him that I was going to take a shower and maybe he could come over so we could talk.

I spent Saturday night with my friends and I texted him yesterday. Then he tell anyone me that he needs to work on things for hisself right now. I feel like he is trying to hurt me since I needed some time to cool off and now he is going making excuses for us to breakup. At one point, I literally had no one in my life I could call a true friend and it was my own fault for accepting assholes into my life…so after a minute of self-pity, I focused on other things rather than my poor taste in friends and got my life back on track.

I know a guy through a mutual friend. After we met, I fell in love with his persoailty and wanted to be his friend. Only to find out that he wanted to date me. Now we discussed what the future held for us. There are just a lot of things that would need to happen for us to be together.

How do I handle this sitatution? If you tell a friend you adored him. He has always made me feel completely loved and appreciated and our relationship is open and honest. Even though we live 3, miles apart, I am a domestic based flight attendant and at his request, bid for flights to his city, where I get to see him for weekends and nights about 5 times a month at the moment.

Things were going well until a week ago when he seemed a bit tired, said he was flat, fwlt like a zombie and became a bit neglectful and slack on the texting back and calling front. I feltin the dark a bit and was a bit off about it, kind of mentioning it but then retirning to normal conversation. He then said he was tired and needed to go to sleep but stayed on chat. He has completely ignored me since. He is also on Champix and is in about week 5, I am worried about him but he simply will not answer anything of mine.

I have tried to be suppirtive and understanding and also tried not to overload him with messages, but this is so out of the ordinary for him and I feel so confused and hurt now. Do you have any suggestions as to what could ve going on? I feel like its over. I would usually feel bad and irritated during these days and would ignore my boyfriend. He does make an effort to turn around my being moody which he is able to do most of the time.

However last night, it was the worst. I was with him and his parents and was feeling irritated and upset for reasons i dont even know. I then realized i was wrong and apologized to him. He told me he understands but do adjust my emotion if there are other people with us. He even texted me he loves me and updated his whereabouts. When i texted back i just said im home and didnt get a reply from him which is a bit unusual. I also messaged him in facebook and got seenzoned.

I reallt feel so bad right now. I feel like he is so hard to reach whenever he experiences bad things from me. I dont know what to do. I dont want to look needy but im so worried he might start being cold to me. I met a guy while i was out drinking with my friends. His texts were very warm and eager to meet so we went for a first date. We did try to schedule another meet up but he cancelled on me and asked if he could move to the next day because he needed to watch a sporting even and it has been his ritual that he cannot miss as he has been alone for a long time.

We met again for a second date, we kissed but I did not go back to his place. After that i notice that his texts are getting lesser and colder and he would annoy me by sending just picture of him doing his work but wihout saying anything. We were suppose to go for a 3rd date but he had to cancel because apparently he received more job on his plate.

The next day he did text and said pity we didnt meet and he got caught up at work till late and if we could meet today. So i offered to go for afternoon tea the coming weekend, he said dinner instead because he is doing something. Im not sure what i can do to get back his interest because i do want to have another try as I like this guy.

Is this a form of man teasing and in actual fact he has no interest in me or have lost interest and just being polite by still keeping minimal in touch. Pls help enlighten me. You see, if you know what he is unthoughtful, wishy-washy, do you want that? Around June last year, he contacted me on Facebook and we started texting, he said he had gone through the bereavement of a stepchild and so was struggling at the moment but would like to take me out when he was feeling better.

It never happened, I waited for months, his texts dropped off and eventually I gave up! I found out that he had still been with his ex while he had initially started text me last year, and because of what had happened the relationship had failed. He told me his head still felt messed up and that he was dreading Christmas and that he needed a distraction!

Basically I never knew when I would see him next and even tho I hated it I would never ask. Just before he started his new job he took a week off work and asked if he could stay with me, I was really pleased, we had what I thought was a nice week, we spent time together and all was great until the last night when we were supposed to be going out, he seemed to pick an argument with me, saying I needed to be more decisive!

Anyway, I decided to take his advice and I asked him a couple of times if he was free, but as I thought he told me he was busy!! He just replied fair point! I feel so low and used: I have been in contact with this guy for a couple weeks now.

This past weekend we made plans for me to go up and visit him because he lives 3 hours away. I took the train to go see him and we spent 5 days together. I had a great time and it was nice getting to know him. He took me to do things I had never done before, and he paid for everything.. And its not like I didnt offer, because I did many times, and when I tried to he wouldnt have it..

The last day I was there I asked him if it was just a hookup weekend, because I said if it was, then I wanted him to tell me so I would know where I stood and decide what I wanted to do. I mentioned that had happened in the past and I wanted it to be clear.

He just said, is this the past, and I was like no it is not.. So he was like, ok do not over think it. So we left the conversation at that. That night he told me he would definitely see me again soon. But I have been back for a few days now and have barely heard from him. I reached out to him last night and we talked for a bit, but he works the night shift, and he left me on read.. I saw and wished him a great night and went to bed.

I have not heard from him really at all. Before we saw each other, he constantly was texting me and I was texting him. I understand that we do not need to text all the time because we both are very busy people. Before I left I also told him I enjoyed the weekend and looked forward to getting to know each other better. Is this just a hookup? I replied, he is telling and showing you. If this is it, than this is it.

If he tells you yeh it was hook up, than he may loose that if he needs it again. Is it ok with you, when he contacts you again? But he has flaked out on me a few times over the course of our friendship. We texted everyday for 2 years, he needed to do police training where he would be away for 3 months and needed someone to watch his dog. His was ex was supossed to but backed out and he was upset. I know how much he was struggling financially and emotionally so I offered to take unpaid leave from work and put my life in hold for him.

So I went and did what I promised and he has started his new job. I can understand being busy but even in his days off he makes no effort.

Would like to know what others think. Am I being unfair in wanting him to make time for me or was I used and now tossed becuase I serve no purpose…. I have known this guy for almost an year. Recently we confessed our feeling for each other but before confessing he used to text me alot and used to be very quick with his replies. Now suddenly he has started texting me less and there were few times when I confronted him to which he said he accepts his carelessness and will try not to repeat this again.

But contrary to this he ends up doing the same thing. I asked him many times has anything changed about his feelings for me to which he says very confidently that he loves me and every aspect of it.

What do u suggest, is he losing interest in me? Also, suggest me what should i do because I have also started texting him less. And we stay in different towns 9hours drive. Just had a quick question…. Was sent this text by a guy that I have known for several months now. He constantly travels for work and stays very busy. We mainly have a texting relationship as he lives in another state. What does it mean when a guy texts this?

Its just hard to see. Hi guys I need you help…. Then he wrote me on my Facebook. The last time we hung out which was like 3 weeks ago he asked me over and I agreed to meet up cause we had not hung out for like a week n half due to our busy schedule which was a first as we usually met like at least once a week.

I tried to understand but I was still kinda hurt by it…so I left that night. The following week we saw in between classes and we had a quick chat after not texting since the last time we hung out…during the quick chat he hinted he was free that night so later that day I sent him a text saying I wanted to hang out that night and talk by talk I wanted to bring up how I felt things were getting one sided he then replied and said he was busy that maybe another time.

Now his reply threw me off as I thought our quick chat earlier was his way of saying we could hang. Someone help me explain this man! I think he is using you and only calls when he is bored. My advise to you is either use the same excuses he uses when he asks you to hang out or just ignore him. Hello, I need some advice on a guy I recently meet over the Tinder app. We hit it off super well and we were texting and snapchatting nonstop for a while he even snapchatted me in the shower just a few days ago.

Because of this I kinda messed up and starting acting pretty needy and clingy towards him. I realized I was doing this after a few days and apologized to him over Facebook messenger. We continued talking, and then I asked if I could text or snapchat him. He responded that I could text him if I wanted to, so I did within a few minutes of him responding. He seemed super into me just a few days ago. Some information on him: Hey there, I think he was testing your neediness. You apologized to him for appearing needy, he accepted it and kept talking to you.

Right after he says you can text him, you do, and followed up twice after. Sometimes a guy will take hours to respond, and I take hours to reply back. I started seeing this guy roughly about a month ago. I have never encountered anything like him before. My boyfriend has been together since May of He left for school in NY this pass week. He said he is going for the program which is about 6 months and then he will be coming back to were I live.

I have been texting him and he has not replied to my messages. I have asked several times if he would like for me to leave him along or if we are still in a relationship.

I notice he reads my messages but will not reply. However, he did call me back with an audio call afterwards but it was a missed called. So I texted him good morning the next day. He read it but did not reply. So my question here is: I was seeing a guy for about 6 months, it was mostly casual sex and flirtation.

I thought we were good, then he started getting pissy when I would leave shortly after sex. I liked him enough to continue on as it was or to consider spending more time with him if that was something he wanted, so I asked if he wanted more or for things to stay the way they were. He said he was busy with work too much to have a relationship, so I said no worries. I thought this meant business as usual, so we spent another evening together about a week later, and then he ghosted me for 9 months.

Then he showed up at my work, spoke with me at length, apologized for being busy with work and not talking to me for so long. Then he disappears for 3 months, appears at my work again, sits with me while I have my lunch, we laugh, we talk more than we ever had before, then he gives me a very handsy hug and says we should have coffee soon and it was really great seeing me.

I text him two days later saying it was nice to see him, no response. He comes in two more months later. The guy makes a point to tell me he came to see me while running errands on his day off, a half hour out of his way, spends an hour with me, there were awkward silent moments, jokes and laughter, small talk, exchange of how our lives are going… the goodbye was kind of an awkward hug.

I text him today in reference of a question he asked me yesterday, again no response. It is his number. He gave it to me yesterday again. What is he doing? If he wanted casual sex again, why not ask?

If he wanted a relationship, why not ask? Do I need to do something extra here? There is no pressure on my end to be in a relationship or anything. The reason he dosent bother replying you message which mean he has nothing to invest in you anymore to get what he wants since he already had it.. I made a statement on this link as well.

Will I get a notification when someone replies to it? If so, will it be an email notification being that was required to submit a reply or situation. I met this guy in my place of work about one year ago. We started cool and he really like to text and calls. And I really love him. This guy also happened to be crushing on her. So, after a few awkward meetings, we slowing started to warm up to each other. Since my best friend was already in a relationship at that time, she turned him down.

I tried to keep things chilled between the two of them. But, after a few months, they had had a huge fight and their friendship was over. Months after that, I experienced my very first break up. Heartbroken and dejected, I was, with no support from the family. My friends were out of question- I was embarrassed and humiliated.

I turned to the only option I was left with. I went to him crying, begging him to do something. Such a sweetheart he was. He asked me to hold on to him, and he pulled me out of my depression. It was a troublesome process. But he was so very patient and understanding. After about five months, I had come back to my normal self. We happened to meet one day after that, but chance. And we talked and laughed for a good three hours. It was a fun time. I had laughed and joked after so long.

While leaving, though, he hinted very subtly, that he likes me. After that day, he became distant. He stopped talking to me. Stopped replying to my calls and texts.

I also told him that I hate him. In fact, I had totally forgotten about him. Two months ago, on an impulse, I text him. And within minutes, i get a response from him. I somehow convince him to be friends, to continue the friendship that had just began almost a year ago. A few weeks, it was all great.

I thought I got my friend back. The same quirky, wacky, weird ass guy who had been my support during my bad days, was back! I was so happy. He started flirting, leaving not so subtle hints here and there. A guy like him can never be serious about being committed. Uses too many fullstops.

Gives one word replies. When we started officially dating, he was great. Nothing long, but little check-ins through the day made me know he was thinking about be. Recently he invited me away on a couples trip with him and his friends, he confessed that he has liked me since we were 18 and things have been getting much more intimate.

We are planning to go away together next weekend for the weekend. He will go days without texting me and sometimes it has taken him hours—like a whole day, to respond to my text. He also recently told me he is purposely taking things slow because he made mistakes in his last relationships that ended up really hurting him. Hi i have been on and off with this guy for over a year now.

We met when we were I liked him at the time but ended up meeting my ex I was with for 6 years. I thought we went separate ways at like year 2 but we never did. We ended up swapping numbers and talked as friends. He takes forever to text which is fine also cause fast texting annoys me. He told me he liked me about a month ago and said he liked ME…my personality. Now I text him and he opens the text but never responds and I see him tweeting and looking at my snaps.

I just want him to answer so I can pop the question. I really struggle to tell if a guy actually likes me… I met a guy in a bar the other night, we danced, swapped numbers and even had a cheeky snog before parting ways. The next morning I text to see if he enjoyed his night, he text back pretty quick. Do I just leave the ball in his court now? Should I text again in a few days? He showed interest on me when we first met and got in a relationship after 2 weeks but he was always trying and wanting to hold hands from when we first met and this is little weird to me..

We had a several little fights about ways of showing affection to each other. Cause i needed more time for knowing each other. But how could he never call me if he likes me?? Then he said he would not push me but wants me to be more open.

So we are dating only at the public places yet,but of course he wants me to come over his place and saying that he wants to cuddle with me.

Me and my boyfriend been together for almost 10 years already i cannot say that its a smooth sailing relationship cause me my self i admit that its really a rough relationship with lots of ups and downs.

This guy and I have been talking for almost 4 months now. We recently have hung out and went on a romantic date together. He finally kissed me. Recently, we have been texting like everyday, and all of sudden he is taking hours and hours to respond. I feel like i have bad luck with guys. Am in a situation where me and my crush are married and are in a professional relationship.

We have been very professional towards each other. I sense that he is attracted to me but am not sure. I am crazy attracted to him. I know that he values my advice and has respect for me.

During our professional relationship we have gotten quite friendly but never crossed the line of a client with each other and i have taken the initiative to be just a tad flirty if you can even call it that with him.

He always responded to my texts even the cheeky ones almostin 2 or 3 seconds. Recently my advice has been completed and there is no reason for us to be in touch. Even though I missed him like crazy , I didnt reach out to him as I thought that if he needed my advise he would.

So after about couple of months i did text him and ask him how his matter went. His reply was as usual in 2 seconds ,where he said that it was nice to hear from me and he went on a little to tell me about his matter , he ended it by saying that he will revert to be by that nite with the relevant document.

So i replied something friendly and said like Ill wait for that. Its been about 5 days now and i am really missing talking to him. What should I do? Dont know what I want from this but i guess its just a rush to know if he could be attracted to me. Yes i know I sound silly. Im not happily married. We have talked about separation. The guy who Im attracted to well , he has shown some signals that he is too but since my last text in reply to his I havent heard from him.

Not sure if I should reach out again. Ok i get the confusion. I recently began seeing a guy that I met a work related function. Typically we laugh and have an absolute blast together. We started dating and saw each other three days in a row the first weekend and then the following weekend same thing and then this weekend happened. I should add he is in the process of a divorce and is still living in the house with his wife who met someone else and spends most of her weekends with her new boyfriend.

So this weekend we spend at his place — Friday night I made dinner and Saturday we were supposed to go on this day trip which would take about 4 hours of traveling time. Initially he wanted to spend the night at the destination but half way through the day he changed his mind. He had been quiet all day and rather distant. I could feel it and at lunch excused myself to the bathroom to gather my thoughts and re-focus myself on maintaining a carefree, unaffected attitude towards his rather unattractive behavior.

I returned to the table and he began to express to me that he was struggling with coping with the divorce and he had spent a lot of time in this town that we were passing through with his soon to be ex. He actually started tearing up. I was understanding and supportive.

Imsges: how often to text girl im dating

how often to text girl im dating

Focus on your schoolwork or job.

how often to text girl im dating

So, I did the only logical thing I could think to do: And we messaged each other..

how often to text girl im dating

Please hep me figure out what to do! Anyone fancy doing a Brit version of this in response? The little changes i have noticed in him ever since we reconciled after a fight is that he blatantly tells me that he wants to talk to me instead of chatting. And I thought she loved me too … But when I asked her she andorra dating site that she only considered me as a friend. It is a piece of trash and honestly, is only spreading around old, distorted misinformation that makes it O. I really try to be comprehensive, but it just seems that there is how often to text girl im dating room for me in his life.