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jtbc dating alone ep 7

We want the kids to be happy. August January 13, at 6: But one of the reasons I loved Playful Kiss is that the lead character's mom is so totally on Oh Ha-ni's side, to the point that it drives her son crazy. They would make a cute cpl in real life!

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And tbh i dont mind with the plot. JAC Jul 31 9: Lol Feb 04 8: I also love the ending that is full of rain and feel that love between of them. I always want to try watch family drama, but I never found such a family drama that I can watch full till last episode. Ziva May 06 7: Comedic parts were greatly executed I especially love Baek Tak and Co's scenes but the mystery if we can call it that and love conflict scenes were lackluster.

All is best, especially, Yun Wu Jin and Hangroo play as natural and very cute. I also love the ending that is full of rain and feel that love between of them. Iwell I hv not finish mine but I really hope dat d guy who want to be alone will finally marry d.

Girl who wants to get married. All actors and actresses acting — bravo!!! One more thing, Yun Woo Jin looks here, in this series, somehow reminds me of Pierce Brosnan — one of the James Bond — the hair style, tall, slim, neat…etc…. A bit correction for my previous comment — in this type OF not if story.. JAC Jul 16 9: It great to watch a family film that makes you feel good about life. Thank you for your quality acting Five Enough. Obet Jul 15 9: It maybe her top secret but its just a crush.

Pity Sangmin who changed for good because of love. Happy that Sangtae and Mijung are married and together with their kids. They will survive all the pressures from their in-laws. Shortfus Jul 14 Sang-Tae and Min-Jung's relationship, especially when they first started dating, was very realistic and refreshing! Two grown-ups who haven't had a new relationship in very long time, acting exactly how they should act. Very cute and again, refreshing. I've found myself smiling while watching them get excited about prospect of having boyfriend and girlfriend!

JAC Jul 13 8: Viewers get bored of the same old negative drama that show both Korean women and men as heartless greedy corporation that is anti-family. Thanks for a healthy show that tell a funny and positive story about Korean Families.

Hope you win many awards. JAC Jul 10 Great drama about family and real issues that anyone can relate to in any culture. Anisatur Rohmah Jul 08 5: JAC Jul 04 What about a s the series season 2? Love the drama writing,acting, and overall concept of family. Mari Jun 28 JAC Jun 19 First two brothers want to marry and there a new baby on the way. JAC Jun 18 Both single father and single mother knows what's best for them.

Mgr An son think he is the man of the house;therefore, he to be around his dad and meet his new step mom and step mother in law. Soo does know anyone but his two bitter grandmothers. Mgr and grandmother will enlighten him about the real world.

Still this is the best drama on TV in Korea and the world. JAC Jun 17 The acting, writing, and directing is so entertaining. Love it and its music is healing.

This show is just awesome! PradaGirl Jun 17 4: There are funny, happy and the sad moment in different episodes. Emotion runs high by each characters with every episode. Actors and child actors are cool with their characters, it came out alive I love watching this Five Children drama!!!. Jac Jun 14 We want the kids to be happy. Jac Jun 12 Bahja Jun 12 8: Jac Jun 11 3: They are excellent parents to to be their children. How rude and sad these women are trying to control others life. Xanne Jun 08 1: I love to watch the scene of Sang min and Yeon Tae I'm sorry if my English is bad Jac Jun 07 Great acting by both lead actors, they should get awards.

Nanette Jun 06 2: My weekend treat to myself after a busy week. Love this drama because of good story line and great acting. It shows good family values ,and relationship between families which is in tune with times.

I also love the comedy side of this. Happy to hear that it is number one in Korea. Jac May 31 She is playing grandmother, she is really the same age as the two mothers in the film. Romesh Khanna India May 30 9: Jac May 30 9: It is funny and send a message that older people can date and marry for love. Jac May 30 7: An's grandmother and Team Leader should get award for great acting in Cal May 28 I look sooo forward to the weekends now!! Chatelaineces May 28 1: The viewers have put in their vote for lovable parents, good children and supporting extended families.

I have not watched an American movie for almost 6 months. I find they tend to sell too much sex, profanity and support deviancy. While, you must admit they make great action movies and spy thrillers, the level of blood, gore and unmitigated violence has actually numbed me. Instead of getting swept into their films, I have learned to back off, with arms akimbo, from such intensity and force. This drama is the feel good drama of the year! DankGod May 16 2: Sherry Mathew May 16 Joz May 10 3: CoolBeans May 09 7: The supporting characters fit well with a story of families and single parents who have to please a lot of people while trying to make a happy home.

The script is almost perfect except for the deadbeat son and his boring girlfriend. Grand mother takes revenge on anyone who does harm to her adult grand daughter! Supervisors will pretend to be a boyfriend to save an employee's pride against the second wife! The first wife will squeal with joy when it happens just like any woman would do in real life verses other dramas where the lead female looks at her feet, plays coy and submissive!

This type of writing has kept this drama number 1 in the ratings for months! He elevates a potential irritating character to a level where he could be the main reason to watch the drama! His characters snobby, arrogant, condescending persona is scraped away as he falls for a dating dummy, one who has no clue when a man likes her. The crack in his idol facade gets bigger the more he boldly tells her she cannot get a better boyfriend than him and he has never pursued any woman in his life!

He is all pudding and puppies inside as he desperately throws himself in the most adorable ways at a woman who finds him a bit weird! Their interactions alone takes the drama to another level and makes it a must see!

Expect many awards for this drama during award season! DinDa May 09 3: Mj May 03 5: I dont even know how tae min likes her she's not even pretty. On the other hand I already want mi jung and team leader lee to be married all ready. But those in laws are soo rude This is story about the lead couple and their hardship.

We already have web toon and simple romcom for young leads fall in love. There is nothing new about that. This drama is more bigger and deep than that. So many of the dramas get weighed down with too much drama, and the same story line is repeated across dramas. It's refreshing to see a fun light hearted drama with a unique story line. I love So Yu-Jin! She is so fun to watch and so very cute! Makes the drama so good when you have interesting characters with good acting skills, and Sung Hoon is really easy on the eyes: Nanette Apr 11 6: But yes the main lead are so cute falling in love again for the first time Assistant Ahn is so cute and theTeam Manager Lee is so sweet.

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jtbc dating alone ep 7

Abhie Nov 07 4: Amena Feb 22 7: No doubt nothing would have worked without the great chemistry and the versatile acting of Park Bo-Young and Park Hyun-Sik.

jtbc dating alone ep 7

Embassy of Brazil in Seoul.

jtbc dating alone ep 7

Neelima Apr 16 3: The Chosun Ilbo in Korean. Peggy Sherratt Aug 21 9: Clara Mar 31 6: She basically complains about everything-- to the point where I loathed her and cursed the time i wasted on watching this kdrama. Megh Apr 16 3: Asian dating site commercial December 2,media reported Enes Kaya's alleged involvement qlone a scandal.