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The King James Bible published to the German 'higher criticism' school started ish was only a beginning of rationalism. Oxen that rattle the yoke and chain or halt in the leafy shade, what is that you express in your eyes? I hear the chorus, it is a grand opera, Ah this indeed is music--this suits me.


There is a special horror attached to the Third Reich, because those were 20 th century Europeans, Christians, and in many ways the smartest, most civilized people on Earth. Culture stars who died in Starting with translations of the Bible. Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs! And it was a major distraction. An anonymous article Dreyfus gives some background, though I should caution that parts of this story may have been fed by 'intelligence' types to the public.

She has details on reducing of British power, by the Labour Party, by damage to industry, finance, military strength, and so on, and assorted laws and agreements, including weakening treason legislation, but with no specific Jewish background information.

She noted the use of deliberate immigration as a ploy to damage Britain, and the related anti-white propaganda. Her work is based on Britain though much the same might have been said of many countries. She is aware of fifth column activity, but doesn't have a theory of what should be done where a hostile elite or layer pursues policies opposite to the general population. She had a science background, and was something of a whistleblower, for example against 'the pill', and diesel engines, but had no insight into nuclear matters.

She discusses 'Communism' with little emphasis on its Jewishness. She extends into the UNO, and the European Community, which she notes correctly is a Soviet-style undemocratic construction. In retrospect most of the big frauds were helped by supposed 'defecting spies' with sensational stories: There's an account of Roger Hollis, the head of MI5, laughing as Wright explained laboriously what evidence he had for Hollis' leaks. Lady Birdwood in The Longest Hatred pieced together Jewish fiat money, including the 'Federal reserve', and included material on coloured immigration.

She included the Talmud, Freemasons, and wars, notably Iraq. She still mentions Churchill positively, but recognises the 'Holocaust' as a fraud, fortified by Fred Leuchter, and names Jews in Britain as behind race laws and other manipulations. She doesn't mention depressions, strangling of money supplies, buying up profitable businesses, and war profits, or at least not very clearly.

She even included Jewish mal-education. However she was not much good on science frauds. Note that H G Wells wanted world government; but not run by a clique of Jews. Kitty Little is more nationalistic, though she liked the British Commonwealth and its co-operation. She has a very Christian outlook and goes so far as to take Biblical accounts of races as genuine history. She notices the use of 'war crimes' as a pretext - i. And she notices the use of law to damage whites and benefit immigrants; and the equivalent internationally, using deceit, psychological operations, and what are often called 'false flags'.

She notes the Jewish attacks on Christianity. This is just a very brief survey of just a few sources, but they help show that disentangling truth in the teeth of propaganda and violence is not a simple process. Let's take some examples: NASA's moon fraud goes back many years; peoples' awakening has been variable, and of course there are people—pop musicians, journalists etc—who haven't woken up; ditto the 'Holocaust', ditto blacks and Jews.

It's obvious that attitudes to science, to Jews, to politicians, will change; and blacks' attitudes to whites as opposed to Jewish slave-owners in the past, will change. As with a detective story, new information leads to new guesses.

For example, covert murders by Jews will be much more likely to be explored in future. The entire disaster of the 20th century is a start, but people will look at for example the 19th century—the US Civil War, for example, the Opium Wars. And earlier—Cromwell, and events after the Civil War, which probably have parallels with BBC and other propaganda in Britain after the Second World War, providing useful reference points for comparison; and the Reformation which must have parallels with revisionist awakenings now, for example discovery of frauds the 'Donation of Constantine' and the 'Holocaust', as examples.

In fact the whole of history is up for intellectual grabs: Spain and the Inquisition—is it true that Jews regard Muslims as a large dim population, and are happy to live exploiting them? China offers possibilities for serious revisionist work extending back over millennia.

Consider for example- 'Ethnic Chinese' in the far east: China appears to have had paper or silk money in parallel with cash. Is this related to literacy, and the development of a legal stratum of officials? China has, or had, or may have had, literary works of great antiquity. Have these had influence down to the present day? Has their system had the effect of choking off inventiveness? Was the competitive exam system rigged?

Is there evidence of secret groups having been concealed, as Jews and Freemasons have been kept secret? The revisionist Michael Hoffman II takes a Roman Catholic view; for example, he is disgusted by Jewish film-makers vulgarism and their lies about Germans; but he has a French Catholic view of Vietnam, and doesn't worry about American atrocities there.

He's interested in textual research, and reprinted in facsimile form The Traditions of the Jews , published in , English language excerpts translated from Johann Andreas Eisenmenger's two-volume Entdecktes Judenthum Traditions of the Jews.

Spanish revisionists have views on Jews and Muslims, who co-existed during the period of Muslim invasions and conversions; and have their own opinions on the Spanish Civil War; it may be that ETA is a fake, used as a cover for assassinations, as the IRA is possibly a Jewish front for attacks against non-Jews in Britain. German revisionists—probably semi-secretly—must take views on the devastation of Germany, and eastern Europe, and the importation of Turks.

Swedes will pay attention to the presentation of the crazed Barbara Specter. Americans will have to consider whether war with Japan was inevitable, when they fully realise Pearl Harbor was a phoney. Russians will perhaps carry out serious investigations into Jews in their country, and their massacres. Fomenko's views, in numerous books, might be called hyper-revisionism. Another approach, made easier by Internet, is research of the sort possibly pioneered by Miles Mathis: There are religious divides: Investigations of science frauds are in their infancy, and of course the whole of science fraud lends itself to deliberate dumbing-down in education and the media.

Probably new styles of economics, and sociology of science, taking into account these lessons, will develop. If censorship continues, it's possible countries will pull ahead unexpectedly, in the way Britain did after the Reformation.

Possibly, for example, someone can show that large groups of people cannot be stable, because small groups inevitably communicate amongst themselves and become de facto conspiracies; or that there are undiscovered laws about information, secrecy and societies; or that high productivity inevitably causes energetic people to take up crime, to fill in the time.

As an example, consider democracy and political parties. Viewed from a revisionist point of view, these seem ideally adapted to generate and exploit divisions—a divide-and-weaken strategy. It's possible that the movement for parties note the etymology: The 'Labour' Party, invented more-or-less in , illustrates this. Similarly, the undemocratic control of the financial part of companies, corporations, cartels, customs unions and so on may illustrate a different part of the same process.

I hope a body of work will develop, explaining what Jews have done in the last few centuries, and what, if anything, can be done to correct it. Before we start, a dash of cold water: Routes to Revisionism include: These include descriptions as for example Noam Chomsky and the Spanish Civil War, which happened in his youth. Chomsky took the Jewish side and is not a revisionist, but many people exposed to the media go through something similar, perhaps of the Second World War, or of supposed nuclear tests, or of Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on.

Descriptions are not of course the real thing, but they often have the feel of the real thing. Because Jewish media, overwhelmingly dominant, never reports these things accurately, all revisionists have to return to the topic from an alternative source. When this happens the new information is often rejected. But sometimes it is accepted, the more so with increasing exposure to more material. The European concentration camps are a popular example—large numbers of people claim to have been there first, and there are many people exposed to wars in Vietnam, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Because the money and power side is hidden, many such people have little idea of what was happening at the time. However they may be able to piece together more accurate views given time; quite a number of important revisionists came by this route. Photographic and film expertise has been a route for many. Large numbers of people are competent in digital movie media and special effects, and the earlier film media, and this has been important in exposing 'Holocaust' fakes, 'Moon Landing' and 'Space Station' other NASA fakes.

However the more recent depression, with the drop in official figures for M3, and the observation of many people that money was tighter, has focussed attention on Jewish money and frauds more closely than before.

Translations of Jewish 'holy' books are online, with commentaries and search boxes. Much of this material is genuinely shocking, and often unexpected. It has been available since the s, but ignored by all churches; the suppression of such information by churches is likely to weaken churches worldwide.

Some aspects of Talmudic and Islamic 'holy books' will be compared with political events, and it will be obvious that these influences are part of the cause. Pornography, sex with children, and rape of unaccompanied women are an example. Opposition to Christian symbols and holidays, however trivial, and intrusion of alien festivals and symbols, will be noticed even by people reluctant at first to admit the influence. Other documents, notably the Protocols of Zion and Frankfurt School , will explain deliberate and secret damage to whites by Jews: Kol Nidre has been described thus: All Jews renew an oath every year to not tell the truth about anything they choose to lie about.

And lucrative science frauds will I hope be identified where they are Jewish-backed: AIDS, climate change, nuclear issues, biology issues. So will insistent propaganda themes of Jews: Here are some examples: The chain of events casts a very different light on the 'Great War' from the usual stories: I recently concluded the 'Labour' party, so-called, was a Jewish invention, an idea new to me. The 'Manhood Suffrage' Act of seems to have been drafted to allow immigrant Jews the vote, despite their having no connection with the country.

Between immigration of endless impoverished Jews was finally stopped Winston Churchill filibustered to delay this. Jewish 'money' must have been part of the process: British labour was too scattered for dues to be collected. In , the Jew Sidney Webb drafted 'Clause 4' which see above only mentioned wages, and not the super-rich, or the money system This must of course have been intentional. And so on up to the present day—supporting very many wars—where 'Labour' is theoretically led by a half-caste Jew, Miliband.

However the Jewish thread clears up many misunderstandings: JFK was murdered to keep the Fed fraud going. For which I apologise. As far as I know, Napoleon, funded by Jews, grabbed what he could throughout Europe. This led to two types of French people - fellow-travellers who were enriched, and everyone else who wasn't. So native French prosperity dropped, just as native Britons did after Cromwell.

Jewish control of money led to empires, which were described as 'French' and 'British' but were Jew-promoted, and violent when it came to Jewish greed; consider Vietnam, for example. Both Jew-promoted World Wars damaged France. David Irving's promotion for his new book in says, as a surprising shock item, that France was the second-most bombed country presumably in Europe. The Algerian War story must have a Jewish element which has been suppressed. I don't suppose there's a French version of the 'Empire Windrush' event, since there must have been influxes all the time.

We need, not only revisionism, but 'comparative revisionism' to collate all the Jewish frauds and hostilities. The story of France is just one example. The important point to grasp is that it may take decades, or centuries, to understand a people.

Many breakthroughs in understanding have been painfully slow: Intentional misinformation by Jews has slowed the process. But it's not unreasonable to suppose that experts will come to understand Jewish malice and harm, just as there is widespread expertise on engines, vitamins, and bacteria.

And many non-experts will come to understand Jews, too. More knowledge islands will emerge and be made firm As the ideas of malign Jewish influence spread, truthful people will look for, and find, Jewish influence in their own lives and experiences. Common threads will appear, and will be made firm Comparisons with other people and groups, including international evidence, will lead to reliable evidence on multifarious Jewish activities.

Hierarchy of information about Jewish methods will be established It will become clearer how Jews operate. Very diverse fields—schooling, political parties, advertising, genocides in remote areas, corruption of governments, prostitution, weapons, charities, fake think tanks, body parts, family law, secrets and concealment, religions, multinational organisations, poisons in everyday life, real and bogus scientific research, farming and food—will be compared, and discoveries made how Jews operate, and how their policies were originated i.

Not as simple as they seem to imagine! Financial roots will be identified and made clear The underlying use made by Jews of paper and e-money will be quantified. Simplifications and slogans and numerical approximations will be established, plus more detailed theory and more accurate history The techniques of identifying groups and setting them against each other, so that both are weakened, and also Jews benefit, will be simplified, so phrases and proverbs will be understood by everyone.

People will discover rules-of-thumb on for example the costs of Jewish money control, and the offloading of costs of wars for Jews. Better reckoning will be made of deaths due to Jews and the true costs of their frauds. These discoveries will be applied to the past, and truer history will emerge, giving an infinitely more reliable picture of the present day and likely future. World-wide clashes and reform will take place, incidentally revealing Jewish character As the necessary reforms clarify, Jewish reaction will be provoked.

My personal guess is that Jewish behaviour is, by now, genetic: When the processes typical of Jews will be understood by sufficient people, practical steps will be made to counter them. Read This to Understand Our World: How Historical Revisionism Progresses And includes: Top of Page Guide for the Politically Perplexed Jewish articles 'Real Jewish Studies' by subjects March of Revisionism ] At the present time, here are just three examples of Internet revisionism, each trying to identify and disentangle Jewish malevolence: However, perhaps appropriately, it has material on 'Biblical Prophecies' and 'Satanism'.

My short review —the book has no conclusion section, and doesn't investigate how e. However some of the site needs a small payment. Survey of world history, and detail on the 20th century wars and 'Jews'. An obvious example is the forgiving attitude of [parts of] Christianity. Another is the viciously homicidal and genocidal God. Bishops, Popes and so on more or less correspond to 'politically correct' collaborators of Jews.

Fortunately, Christianity, despite its power, never overcome local forces of opposition. Most economic theory is short-term and does not consider money backed by governments or other force, crashes, panics, and financial subsidies in a way analogous to wars. And science revisionism including everything from education theory to biology and nuclear weapons and nuclear power. And reconsideration of general personal histories: I've noticed material on Sumer appearing, and Babylon and Egypt, somewhat along the lines of J H Breasted of Chicago, first published in And protests against their suppression in American 'World Histories' controlled by Jews.

Wars, notably in Iraq, have contributed to this small interest. Jews suppress their histories, stories, myths, and legends, probably because Jews don't like to admit their writings are parasitical. In the s, Alfred Whitehead praised tolerance, exactly at the time the Judeo-British Empire was collapsing.

The childish discussion of 'battle' and 'war' without examination of the causes and effects will I hope be replaced by something more intelligent, and of course is part of the motivation for my writings. Genetic studies on Greece notably to what extent modern Greeks resemble ancient Greeks must in my view be in their infancy.

I select that publication to exemplify the slow spread of revisionist ideas back in time. Decline and Fall of Rome. Christianity allowed after Jews Judaised it and supported an inferior Roman Emperor. Jews waned; Islam was a later 'Abrahamic' invention by Jews to exploit Arabs against whites. A few centuries later, the Khazars were converted, or taken over, or genetically changed by the new 'Judaism'; but were positioned to significantly affect the route between Asia and Europe.

This movement must have been taken over by Jews; the process has been analogous in modern Europe, and what became the USA over a similar time period. Essentially, Jews took a chance on inventing a new group which they could secretly run. Probably all the Gospels and Acts were forgeries, designed to implant 'Yeshua' into Christianity, where it did not previously exist.

Judging by Jewish techniques now, their documents and preachers and hired followers and thugs would shout down and drown out opposition. Anyone who thinks that this is implausible should examine modern Jewish techniques: Propaganda about Nero is an interesting parallel from the Roman world to propaganda about Hitler now.

The 'black legend' about Spain, parallels the vilification of Germany now. Having felt the sharp end of Roman power, they would preach self-absorption, other-worldliness, pacifism and 'turning the other cheek', chastity a white population control method , leaving families, and giving money away. He may have relied on Jews to support his army.

The Christian States which succeeded it continued to fight each other, though also Whether they have anywhere to go if the US fails must be something they consider. Why not try to improve matters? Jews are concerned with themselves, and, probably genetically, are programmed to hate rivals. They were not interested in prolonging the system, any more than Jews now want the white world to flourish.

A controlled Church suited them. Or at least they moved towards it, with fanatical and imbecilic lack of thought. Jews may have declined, or been killed or thrown out—perhaps a motive for trying the same trick on Arabs, and fleeing to Khazaria. I'd suggest much of the destruction of documents was a Jewish activity carried out with the concentrated energy of parasites: Many Americans at the present day seriously imagine that belief in the mythical 'Christ' figure will stop wars.

For example, the Old Testament was made official in the final assembly of a canon of works, all, absurdly, Jewish. Much of the Middle Ages is a tug or war between lurking Jews, who generally made trouble by fomenting wars, and the more overt Roman and Eastern and Orthodox Churches, who often foolishly took up larger loans than they could possibly afford. Denunciations of Jews and usury by the Church looks likely to be partrly fake: The 'they killed Jesus' idea may have been made up to pretend the Church was very anti-Jewish, or to highlight real or supposed supposed differences between sects or groups.

At present, Jews have the upper hand, and have changed many tenets of churches unrecognisably; and of course they had the triumph of massacring millions of Orthodox Russians, equivalent perhaps to massacres in north Africa and Cyprus in about AD. But it's possible early Jews wanted to rule; maybe they were not powerful or convincing or impressive enough to impose themselves.

Considering how the 'Holocaustianity' fraud is being pushed worldwide, I'd guess the unstated aim was to rule—something to bear in mind. In my opinion this separation was most fortunate, since it allowed some scope for creativity and genius.

Based on so-called 'Jews' and their behaviour today, it's also possible to reconstruct the invention of Islam, as Rome and Christianity finally weakened and failed. Truths about Judaism ] AD very roughly to the present day.

Muslims, and the lost Khazar Empire: Note that the combination of a nomadic group, unused to towns, and the opportunities for parasitism, plus the crystallising effect of book-induced inbreeding and hatred of other groups, seem to have combined almost ideally after about AD to produce cults dangerous to all who came into contact with them.

The parachuted-in version of 'Judaism' post-dated Islam, though not by much, suggesting that parasitism had become a workable lifestyle preying on static civilisations. Possibly predator-prey relationships will be found, if serious history continues to increase.

The Khan added nothing to the material resources of the Khazars, and yet, within a few years, they had acquired a large empire. Undoubtedly, the religion imposed by the Khan was an essential element in the success of this nation.

If interested, see here, below. The 'Abrahamic' religions seem to have had more conversions and alliances than customary history likes.

David Duke quotes Arthur Koestler, a 'Hungarian Jew' and populariser of the Khazar idea, who hoped that if most Eastern European Jews were descended from the Khazars, the racial basis for anti-Semitism would be removed and anti-Semitism itself could disappear. However, Koestler did little original research, but simply quoted from a number of sources, probably authentic, some very early, on the Khazars who lived between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, north of the Caucasus Mountains—which are taller than the Alps.

Other books on the subject include a Russian I think precursor, Lev Gumilev, head of an ethnographic institute—though I haven't checked Koestler's book. Similar Tribal Cults look at some of the issues, post-Roman Empire. Kevin MacDonald's work on Jews assumed they were 'Jews' as defined more-or-less Biblically in the USA, and wanted a genetic link, not a discontinuity between two separate groups of 'Jews'.

Most 'Jews' seem to have settled down into opposing the Khazar idea, within themselves, by This seems a mistake to me. They object because of behaviour, not the 'racial basis'.

Changing the name makes no difference! A Jew by any other name smells the same. Islam was influential at roughly the same time, spread widely, and must have had effects promoting inbreeding, fanaticism, and so on in the affected populations.

So I see no difficulty with a somewhat isolated tribe, the Khazars, being genetically modified by Talmudic material over a few centuries. As a thought experiment: It's possible Duke and MacDonald have a submerged aim in mind: With luck, counterattacks like Open Borders for Israel and detailed analysis of Jewish assets will finally weaken them. The family of Rolf took the name 'Sinclair' from this treaty.

William the Conqueror was Rolf's great great great grandson. The Sinclairs founded Freemasonry. So here we have supposed 'northmen' who opened up England to the Jews.

Truths about Judaism ] c - c Expulsions of Jews. This very much shortened list is from Frank Britton's booklet , the source probably being the Encyclopaedia Britannica of the time: Jews expelled in by Edward I. Not permitted to re-enter till Expelled in by Philip the Fair. A few were permitted to return but were again evicted in Jewish settlements remained in Bordeaux, Avignon, Marseilles, from where they were evicted in and in the northern province of Alsace.

By the Jews were in control of Hungary's tax collections. In they were expelled but later returned. In they were again expelled from the Christian part of Hungary. A few settled there again in , but no large numbers came till Ousted from Prague in Many settled there again after In Marie Theresa expelled them again.

Expelled in by Albrecht V. Expelled from Utrecht in Expelled in by Grand Duke Alexander. Expelled from Kingdom of Naples and Sardinia in Banned permanently in Jews were not permitted to enter Sweden until None were permitted to enter Denmark before the 17th century and they were not allowed in Norway after Jewish policy is essentially parasitic, and a hit-and-run strategy is an example of this.

It's possible some 'expulsions' were in fact Jews moving, taking loot with them, and falsely claiming to have been thrown out. Or 'expulsions' may have been secretly agreed, Jews escaping punishment for murders.

Such agreements might well have included payments from Jews. The invention and enforcement of paper money altered Jewish strategy: Belgium, France, and Sweden, then move out, claiming to have been driven out.

For example, any mobile or displaced group may have been called 'Jews', or may have called themselves 'Jews'. The etymology of 'Jew', and the ways the word was used as printing became established, and the ways the word was used in religious speech and writings, appear to be contentious—but it's difficult to be sure even if the issue is genuinely contentious.

A passing remark by Miles W Mathis in his benito. Burgundians in my recent paper on the Crusades: This reminded me of Ganshof on Feudalism and suggests Jews may have invented parts of the 'Feudal System'. Feudalism may be conceived of as a form of society possessing well-marked features which can be defined without difficulty. They may be summarized as follows: It came into existence in France, Germany, the kingdom of Burgundy-Arles and Italy, all of them states deriving from the Carolingian empire, and in other countries--England, certain of the Christian kingdoms of Spain, the Latin principalities of the Near East--which passed under their influence.

A revisionist view is that William 'the Bastard'—note the surname suppression—was Jewish, and the 'Norman' Invasion a Jewish event, probably preceded by a feint with Norwegians attacking in the north. The small size of the invasion suggests there must have been collaborators. Might be compared with Jews in Russia after , and 'Communists'—the 'harrying of the north' having genocidal population-killing effects, and the Domesday Book a bureaucratic list of assets.

The 'New Forest' seems to have involved the destruction of Anglo-Saxon or other churches, a typical Jewish marker. There are suggestive comparisons of mediaeval guilds and modern times: And teaching—because of its long-term nature, and because serious education was largely private—was excluded from guilds.

Law was another exception, easy to understate. Perhaps builders of out-of-town huge stone castles, cathedrals, churches, and perhaps houses and halls, who must have been skilled and somewhat mobile, gave rise to the 'Freemasons' idea, later of course taken over by Jews and collaborators. They are supposed to have been an Islamic splinter-group or cult, with intense internal propaganda, and with members who were killers of rival Islamic leaders. Based near the Caspian Sea, they were based in the extreme south-east of the Khazar empire.

They seem to have been erased by the Mongols. Names include Timur or Tamerlaine and tribal descriptions include 'Turco-Mongol'. Although largely forgotten outside Russia, these invasions made a great impression at the time.

Marlowe's Tamburlaine the Great was written after about the same time as we are from Napoleon. I'm assuming conventional historical dating. As with the Hun empire, something like a millennium earlier, there's some insubstantiality, caused perhaps by the lack of written material: So they join the pre-Greek and pre-Roman empires of antiquity in surviving only when specialists decoded their writings or inferred their beliefs.

However, it ought to be mentioned that there may have been Jewish involvement. Note that, unlike many epidemics, plague 'cannot be traced with certainty to definite time and place'. The topics have fallen into the world of hack writers. Starting with translations of the Bible. It's not known, or not clear, to what extent this was a Jewish movement. Note however the important division right through the movement.

Luther, having read Jewish 'holy' books, became anti-Jewish. On the other hand some states were undecided: Though of course this process took time, and was not completed in Britain until Cromwell's death, after which the Restoration of the monarchy made things look somewhat as before, plus such organisations as the Bank of England.

When people discuss Jews in say Venice, Italy, or Spain, bear in mind this year hiatus. No doubt there is an intimate connection with the immense flowering of the Renaissance in Europe.

And no doubt a connection with the finance of wars and their locations. Jews of course would want to prolong the absurdities of 'Roman' Catholicism, many aspects of which worked to their advantage. Revisionist-minded people might consider reframing old-style Jew-denying history to include hypotheses involving Jews.

And here's a good one, from Miles Mathis: I suggest he was chosen as a scapegoat for the King's death and didn't appreciate it. I also suggest that with the murder of his King, he became aware of what the Medici faction was up to: So Montgomery's war wasn't against France, it was against the Medicis. He should be seen as a hero. This means the religious wars of that period have been sold to us under a false pretext.

We are told it was between the Catholics and the Protestants. But seeing that Paris was ruled by the Jewish Medicis, we see it was a war of the Medicis against the Christian Church more broadly. Catherine ordered the rich Huguenots murdered in the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre not because they were Protestant, but because they were prominent aristocrats and Christian.

That's convenient for the Medicis, right? We see that these religious wars did double duty: The history of France has been rewritten by Jewish "scholars". And Jews owned slaving ships. I'd like to suggest what happened may rather have been connected with Jews attempting to get access to Japan. Orange is an area of the Netherlands. King of England, Ireland, and Scotland It's easy to miss Dutch connections with Jews: Boers despite being Dutch in origin are ignored, no doubt because of Jewish hate of whites.

Prynne is now usually dismissed as a Puritan fanatic who hated the theatre. These were written in shorthand. I suspect, by various clues—even the name—that Pepys was a spy, perhaps a one-man Mass Observation, whose job was to watch for Jew-aware people and movements in London of the time.

The diaries are supposed after three hundred years or so to have been transcribed correctly. I'd be surprised if this is true. Only about five years after Cromwell gave Jews a foothold in England. See also the Cestui Que Vie Act complete with bilingual confusion and substitution of 'state', or at least private corporation, for monarchy. Earlier finances in Italy and Germany faded. This set the stage for Jewish movement to Britain from the Netherlands and from Venice, under Cromwell: Britain was nearer the New World, and had many ports for ships.

Probably the Bank of England was built after deliberate fire clearance in London. And probably the decline of the Hanseatic League followed and was planned. War devastated German states: And in the following century enclosures improved farming, but not ordinary peoples' lives.

A downloadable or , or ! Metapedia was taken over and ruined. Internet permits families to be checked for distinctive signs of Jew tampering, biographies to be compared and checked for absurdities, intersections detected between organisations, and so on. Perhaps unexpectedly, the Jew-patrolled Wikipedia is a fertile source for data mining of biographies.

An interesting possibility is that monarchs and dynasties may be checked for Jewish infiltration. This technique is well-adapted to smallish groups—families, aristocracies, leaders—but less useful for large-scale events, such as wars, invasions, and anything large-scale. If records will be published giving information on corporations, armies, large industries, governments and so on, no doubt data mining could lead to huge advances in understanding.

Mathis supplements 1 Biographies with 2 visual clues, derived from his portrait painting, as to facial and body similarities and sizes, and related issues of photo fakery; and 3 organisational procedures and promotions in legal, military, aristocratic family, and intelligence structures. So that—just three examples—Charles Manson, bearded and in prison, is impossible. And the Tate killings were a fake. And the Dresden bombing or photo s? Published February 19, at 9: Published February 10, at 1: Published February 9, at 9: Published February 6, at 9: Published February 4, at 2: Do we need religion?

Beef festival held in Guruvayur Devaswom collegellege. As per Shiv Purana the twelve Jyotirling temples are th The article presents an intersting view point about Chi Stop this shocking discrimination against Hindus By J Polls Do you think India should attack Pakistan?

Mr Edhi was suspicious: Travelling to Rawalpindi to speak at the national assembly, he delivered a passionate denunciation of political corruption, telling an audience of MPs, including Zia himself: Mark my words and heed them before you find yourselves the prey instead of the predator.

Mr Edhi did not distinguish between politicians and criminals, asking: This impartiality had its advantages. It meant that a truce would be declared when Mr Edhi and his ambulance arrived at the scene of gun battles between police and gangsters. Mr Edhi eventually found a wife, Bilquis, but his personal austerity was all but incompatible with married life. When the family went on Hajj, a vast overland journey in the ambulance, he forbade Bilquis to bring extra clothes, because he was determined to fill the vehicle with medical supplies.

Reaching Quetta in northern Baluchistan, with the temperature plunging, he relented enough to allow her to buy a Russian soldier's overcoat. Later on, when their children grew up, Mr Edhi would not find time to attend his daughter's marriage.

But Mr Edhi's epic achievement would not have been possible but for this inhuman single-mindedness. Today, the influence of the Edhi Foundation stretches far outside Pakistan and Mr Edhi has led relief missions across the Muslim world, providing aid at every international emergency from the Lebanon civil war in to the Bangladesh cyclone in There are no horrors that Mr Edhi and his incredibly brave army of ambulance men have not witnessed, and the numerous lives they have saved.

The story of Mr Edhi coincides with the history of the Pakistan state. More than any other living figure, he articulates Jinnah's vision of a country which, while based on Islam, nevertheless offers a welcome for people of all faiths and sects. Indeed, the life of Mr Edhi provides a sad commentary on the betrayal of Jinnah's Pakistan by a self-interested political class.

One evening, as the sun set over Karachi, I asked Mr Edhi what future he foresaw. Defenders of Karachi', to be shown on Channel 4 this Friday at 7. Martin Chilton selects 30 great one-liners from the comedian and film star Woody Allen. Stunning aerial shots of London's football stadia by photographer Jason Hawkes.

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Comedy Martin Chilton selects 30 great one-liners from the comedian and film star Woody Allen. The best British political insults. Culture A hilarious history of political insults and putdowns, from Churchill to Corbyn.

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Imsges: karachi defence dating sites

karachi defence dating sites

There's an account of Roger Hollis, the head of MI5, laughing as Wright explained laboriously what evidence he had for Hollis' leaks. There is currently a push to persuade the Canadian government to grant him and his family political asylum.

karachi defence dating sites

The US 'Department of Justice' finally includes Hispanics as a category—but still as part of 'whites'. Jewish 'money' must have been part of the process:

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Out of the dimness opposite equals advance, always substance and increase, always sex, Always a knit of identity, always distinction, always a breed of life. See the list at the bottom sunshine coast hook up this post for links to the previous installments. There may also be US novels of the time, though I'm not aware of any. And here's a good one, from Daing Mathis: I exist as I am, that is enough, If no other in the world be aware I sit content, And if each karachi defence dating sites all be aware I sit content. He had no idea Sitfs may have been a marrano Jewish construct, karachi defence dating sites did he see any connection between JFK's murder and Jews. His recapture will make trial and execution possible.