Gamakatsu Heavy Cover Flippin' Hook 4pk

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longview tx hook up

I found out the hard way this weekend with a big fish when I set the hook the hook keeper slide down and instead of the hook being set into the fish which cost me a nice fish to weight in. This beautiful park in the Piney woods of northeast Texas is a pleasant place to stay briefly or long term. For instance, I punched a 4. Only negative would be it is a ways from town and you will need a vehicle if you want to leave the campground. We arrived after closing but were welcomed enthusiastically by the hosts. Big Sam Pro Angler Registered:

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It's only 2 miles from Interstate 20 but quiet and peaceful. Owner recommended Duke's Fish Shack, which had amazing food. Recreation Recreational Trails Recreational Trails? I'm sticking to my TK's From: I refuse to pay more than a dollar for one hook!!! I fish with fluoro and braid and I have never had any hook bending problems with the NEW hooks. Was this review helpful?

I will not buy another one of these hooks until they do! Had the same problem today! Set the hook on a tiny smallie and the shrink wrap and keeper slid down past the bend close to the barb. Wow, might have to consider other brands unless Gamakatsu fixes this! We were told you would "improve" the barb sliding down the shank problem after it reared it's ugly head last year.

Best I can tell you did nothing but add a few wraps of worthless thread, that do nothing to help the issue. Love the hook, the welded ring if key, but I went back to Trokar flipping hooks, which have a better keepr, but no welded eye, and iffy hook points, after the "improved" keepers seemed to be no better than the first batch.

Hook Keeper is worthless, the actual hook is what you would expect from Gamakatsu. Trokar flippin hooks is the way to go for me.

Yep, hook keeper is garbage. Spins after landing a few fish, some do it right out of the package. There are other flipping hooks that are much better for the money out there.

Would not buy again. Sorry, the hook itself is really strong and sharp, but the bait keeper is terrible, slides down after just a few hooksets! Definitely the best punching and flipping hook out there. I have only had the bait keeper slide down on one hook, but it's very easy to fix. I'll either wrap the keeper back on with electrical tape, very tightly, or wrap it with some spare braid I keep on the boat.

Wrap it similar to how you would wrap a guide on a rod. Then, put a couple dabs of super glue on the wraps and you're good to go! Not sure why a lot of people are complaining about the barb sliding up and down.

This is by far one of the best hooks I've used. I don't know how some guys are bending these hooks. I tried this hook in Summer of for the first time. It's a decent hook and all but I really don't like the thin guage diameter steel here.

For instance, I punched a 4. I did get the fish out but this Gamakasu hook opened-up dramatically. From this, I will not change or give up my Paycheck Baits very strong, stout and non-opening Punch Hooks. I recommend Paycheck's Punchin' Hook over Gammy any day. I was hesitant to use these at first due to all the comments about the plastic keeper falling off, but i got some went out punching and landed one of my biggest bass of the year, so the hook itself is awesome, however i did find that after on fish or so the plastic keeper will slide up and down the hook.

Used these bad boys out at the Cal Delta all the time and i can say with the little custom touch i put to it the keeper hold damn well for punching. But not as tuff as the Paycheck punching hooks. If they had a barb to keep the shrink tube up it would be a better hook. Awesome hook picked up 3 packs to give a try because i was unsatisfied with the trokars.

I did notice the keeper came down but it lasted fish i can't open these hooks as easy. I love punching the thickest stuff i can find with a Biffle tour edition 7'6heavy and a smoke Keeper blows, but if you sneel it and don't let the last loop come past the keeper it will hold it up I'm a Gamakatsku fan however these are complete junk.

The hook keeper on it is useless. After one or two fish it slides down even after a couple of hooksets it will start to slide down. I found out the hard way this weekend with a big fish when I set the hook the hook keeper slide down and instead of the hook being set into the fish which cost me a nice fish to weight in. I bought some heat shrink to fix them and you can't even do that because Gama didn't put the little barbs on the hook shank to hold it on so they were a completed waste of money.

I will be switching back to Trokar for my flipping hooks. Great hook,strong ,sharp but it ends there! You shouldn't have to try and fix something you just buy. This is by far the worst bait keeper. Set the hook a few times, even on those free swings, and the keeper is useless. In turn becomes a useless flippen hook! I use Gammys on every thing. TengoNet pass code required. We had a pull-through with full hook ups so we didn't have to unhook the toad. They have asphalt driveways and concrete pads, with trees and mowed grass in the park.

They have picnic tables. They have screw in sewer connections. Water pressure was good. Electrical is 30 and 50 amps. There is good cable TV. There is one trash dumpster at the back of the park. There is trash pick up before 10 am; after that you walk it up yourself. Quiet, clean and well-maintained park. Far from the highway. Very nice park with paved roads and paved sites. Staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful.

There is a small dog run but a large open field adjacent to the park that can be used for pet exercise. Verizon reception was good and the park has good WiFi.

Cable is also included in the rate. Water quality is very good. The park has a high percentage of permanent residents but all of the sites were very orderly and clean.

We will definitely stay here again at some point. Interior roads are very wide and paved. Sites are long, wide, level and paved. Utilities are very good.

Small dog park could be a lot bigger. But, lots of areas in a nature area to walk dogs on leash. Staff is very friendly. The long term campers keep their sites neat. There is a gun club next door, and you can hear the shooting into the afternoon, and then is disappears.

You can't hear it in the coach. We got a premium sited - but not sure what made it premium. We have stayed here before, and will again. This place is a gem. Very pretty surroundings, nice paved roads and cement pads easy hook ups and loved being able to unhook car right on our site. Tv and internet worked good and very quiet. The park is well maintained but we encountered an issue with park quiet time rules 10 PM - 8 AM. A noisy work crew started work on a roofing project on a park building at AM rudely awakening us.

Many of the residents are permanents. This is a really nice park in a good setting. Just far enough from the highway that you do not get the truck noise. We would stay here again. The points do not roll on these. They are very sharp and strong hooks. Not on this hook. The keeper has never moved on me and is made out of a strong hard material.

I fish on pound braid depending on the cover and have never bent, broke, or lost a hook. These hooks are incredibly sharp. The older ones were too sharp for their own good and the tips rolled but now I haven't had that problem. They are so sharp that once when I was fishing I was rigging up a bait with an 1oz tungsten and I accidentally dropped and and it hooked me in the hand as I went to grab it.

I am honestly scared to use these now but they are still great hooks. Don't listen any buddy. This hooks are awesome i fish with them two years with no problems. I think people get the first design of flippin hooks and the upgraded design mixed up. I don't know maybe I'm wrong. The very first model that came out were junk and the bait keepers slid down the hook or ripped off and after 1 or 2 fish the hook point rolled over. The new design though with the upgraded bait keeper and stronger hook is flawless.

I have caught fish in a day on one hook and it still sharp as can be. I fish with fluoro and braid and I have never had any hook bending problems with the NEW hooks.

For some reason there is a shop here that still sells the old design flippin hook and I refuse to buy them from him even though he's a local to my neighborhood.

Tackle Warehouse all the way for me!! These hooks are horrible. I bought some and the first hook I tied on the tip rolled. Thought it was just that one hook but a couple cast later I hook a 5 and it bent almost straight.

I'm loving these hooks but if your're flipping a bait that is thin like the craw fatty then you can go ahead and skin hook the bait and it will increase your hook up ratio. I have caught tons of fish on this hooking flipping pit boss'es, beavers and big worms and I have not rolled a single point yet? These hooks are bad to the bone, wish they weren't so expensive but they are the best on the market. These hooks are the most solid, sharpest, and best performing hooks I have ever used for flipping.

Nothing else comes close. Sorry guys who said the points roll. Maybe if you stick a log with braid The price is a turn-off, BUT - when flipping - this hook does a better job than any I've used in my 30 years of fishing.

I have used these hooks from washington to california on both small and large mouth bass and have never had a problem with them.

They keep their sharpness for many fish as well. Rolled the tips on two hooks right off the bat. A very disappointing result for a product at this price. I bought several packs and have mixed reviews. They are extremely strong and sharp, but the tip does roll if you get it hung up, and traditional hook sharpeners don't do much for them. The plastic keeper also does not stay in place, and on different packs of hooks, the keeper was not in the same place on each hook.

If money is not an object, buy plenty. I have used Trokar hooks the past couple of tournaments, both the EWG and the straight shank flippin hook. The point rolls after one or two fish. Best flipping hook on the market! Used them for a week straight and never had any issues at all. After not hooking 3 fish in a row even with braid , these were out of my terminal tackle box as fast as they went in.

Do yourself a favor, and don't listen to Shaw Grigsby Tried a pack because of all the hype, and thats just what it is, hype! The shrink tube barb slides down after a few fish, they are not noticeably sharper than other hooks I've tried and I had two out of a four pack that I had open up on me. Not worth ten bucks a pack in my opinion. Add To Wish List. Lazer Trokar Drop Shot Hook 7pk. Lazer Trokar Flippin Hook.

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longview tx hook up

A low profile shrink tube will be fitted over the keeper for added durability and a clean finished look.

longview tx hook up

Learned to punch with these hooks and with how sharp they are it really made up for my lack of experience with detecting a bite.

longview tx hook up

As I stated in my comments reservations are a must IMO because longview tx hook up camp host happened to be in the longview tx hook up when we arrived and said "hope you have a res, cause we're full". Tried a pack because of all the hype, and thats just what it is, hype! These replaced gamakatsu as my favorite brand. I found out the hard way this weekend with a big fish when I set the hook the hook keeper slide down and instead of the hook being set into the fish which cost me a nice fish to weight in. Santa Maria, CA Comments: Far from the highway.