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Also, the fact that these are not readily available in India. So, not only do you need to buy an expensive piece regularly, you have to buy it at a mark up. The Foreo Luna 2 is made of non-porous silicone and is easy to clean — just rinse it in water and you are done.

However, the Clarisonic brush needs to be thoroughly cleansed to ensure it does not harbor bacteria. There are other differences in the 2 devices like the number of uses with one charge — Foreo gives you 6 months of use with one battery charge if you use it twice a day.

So, if you are using once a day, one charge will probably last you a year! Also, Foreo has the massaging anti-ageing side. Having said that, I know that a lot of readers have found their best friend in Clarisonic and love the device.

However, what I have mentioned above is just my view on it and how I came to decide what is more likely to fit into my regime and work for me. You can use the LUNA 2 twice daily — every day. However, to begin with, I used it once daily on alternate days and then moved it up to once, every day.

I feel that with regular use of this product, my skin definitely has improved, it feels distinctly clearer without the stretchy feel. It seems more even toned and luminous. Before I close the review, a quick update on the differences between Luna and Luna 2.

However, the differences have been penned by the brand in the product description itself. Also, some of them are visible on site. The size of both products is the same, however, the differences are: The brush points are softer and longer 3. Luna 2 is much stronger than Luna, delivering double the amount of pulsations per minute around 16, compared to 8, of Luna 5. The silicone body of Luna 2 is supposed to be thicker and more sturdier.

If you already have the Luna, it might not make sense to buy a new Luna 2. If you are on the wrong side of 30 and want to up your skin care game, this is an excellent investment. If you are a working woman or a busy mom or just about anyone pressed for time — who still cares for her skin — do check this product.

I am not sure if Sephora India stocks this, but I do know that a couple of International e-commerce sites do have this available for sale in India. Otherwise, Sephora across the globe stocks them. So, if you have any further questions pertaining to the product, feel free to drop in a comment and I will try my best to address it. U reviewed it so well… This product has been in my wishlist fr ages..

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luna dating rumors

Enhanced T-Sonic cleansing system:

luna dating rumors

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luna dating rumors

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