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In Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Spike seemed to have trouble remembering that Harmony was his girlfriend. From the Early Masters to the Modern. That might be a bit challenging at first, but it will have a huge effect. Moving to and living in Japan!

Learning Japanese: How it all started

From the Suikoden series Kuniyoshi , Barbie always hops onto the latest fashion friends. Turin is Oblivious to Love , he thinks Finduilas is just his friend and his other good friend Gwindor is unhappy with him for political reasons. Make Me a Pink Rockstar. Pearl realizes that telling either that they are now romantic rivals might push both over the edge.

Of course, once you live in Japan, it gets easier. I learned so much every single day just by passively listening to people around me. In my case, I picked up weird expressions from my students, but who cares. If you study kanji you will have to write a lot. You need to learn how to write them and your hands need to remember that feeling as well. With the Heisig method I wrote so many kanji, I think by the end of book 1 I had over 10 notebooks full of kanji.

But you also should practice writing Japanese in general. You could have a Japanese diary and start with simple things. This even happens to Japanese people, especially in recent times with smartphones and all. They just type it in and will be given a choice of kanji compounds. A good practice is to get kanji drill books that are aimed at junior high or even high school students where you have to fill in the correct kanji. I used to copy worksheets of my students and sat down together with them to see who could finish the task first.

I really hated my handwriting , so I had a Japanese co-worker correct it. Eventually I gave up. Digital writing is also a good way of practicing. Not so much for kanji, but for your general output. You could create a personal blog or journal in Japanese.

If you want to communicate with Japanese people, then using a platform that Japanese people often use is a good idea such as Ameblo , Yahoo Japan , Yaplog , Mixi , etc. Grammar has always been and is until now my biggest problem. As you might have noticed by now I studied Japanese on my own. Not having a teacher who can explain certain grammar rules to you certainly was an issue sometimes.

I really had to work on my grammar. For that, I just crammed. I used the Kanzen Master series also for cramming the reading part. I picked the best example sentences and studied them again and again. Most of the time that worked.

I know that all too well. I wanted to be able to understand the doctors, read any novel or watch any TV program I wanted to — and I managed to do those things just fine. However, I learned so much more from until now nevertheless.

Moving to Kansai was great, because I got to learn my favorite dialect of all times, Kansai-ben, without having to do anything! Just by listening to my students every day, I picked up everything I needed. I also noticed a huge progress as we had to translate speeches our students had written from Japanese into English. In the end, I got all the work, because among all my co-workers, Japanese and foreigners, I was the one who could do it the fastest note that neither of those is my mother tongue.

And it was a lot of fun, too. Of course, I keep reading Japanese novels, listening to Japanese music and watching Japanese media.

I think I started using it right when it came out. You could even use it to study for tests. And the program has improved so much throughout the years. So you can sync all your decks on all your devices. The program does everything for you.

Ok, you still have to study on your own, but you know what I mean. I put all of the sentences I found in novels and elsewhere into a deck, marking the thing I wanted to study. In the screenshot above it was the reading and meaning of the kanji in pink. Back then there was nothing, but nowadays there are millions of shared decks you can choose from. JLPT vocabulary, kanji, grammar points, sentences ….

There are even awesome decks with pictures and sound! I also remember seeing decks that featured anime screenshots with the translation of the subtitles. Great way to study if you like anime!

Go get it now! I tried out various programs and apps, but the only one I kept using was Anki. To be honest, Anki is all you need. I know there are a lot of websites out there nowadays for studying Japanese. Lang-8 has been one of the most helpful websites ever. They also added some premium features you can pay for. You can write something in the language you want to study and native speakers will correct it for you. The whole system works really well.

You can save corrections, so you can review them later. You can add friends and correct their articles as well. What I also really want to recommend is Kanji Koohi.

Browsing there helped me come up with ideas. I highly recommend it! I really liked it because they had all sorts of quizzes, progress charts etc.

Something like iKnow might help you to get your motivation back up. I have no idea how much it has changed now, but maybe you want to have a look at it nevertheless. These are good books to get the basics down. Just make sure you grab a book that already uses kana hiragana, katakana, kanji and not only romaji alphabet. Although not everybody would agree , I guess.

Feel free to ignore what I have to say, but here goes:. That might be a bit challenging at first, but it will have a huge effect. You learn a new word by reading the explanation for it in Japanese. If you happen to come to Japan, USE that opportunity. I remember I was so busy with my full-time job and preparing for the N2, yet I signed up to take part in a prefectural speech contest.

All the other participants were exchange students at universities and had teachers who practiced with them. I had to do it all by myself. I almost died of a heart attack on stage. I was so nervous! At the beginning I made the mistake to buy too many books. I ended up selling most of them again without ever really using them.

And by living in Japan I had access to so many books, it was insane. Choose books, manga … maybe even the blog of your favorite Japanese actor — and read, put it into Anki, study, repeat! This will keep your motivation up a lot more than studying with boring textbooks that have nothing to do with your interests. If you have to invest in books, try to get those kanji drill books for jr. Especially if you study on your own, connect with others. Find language exchange partners.

Create an Ameblo account. Follow your favorite idols on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter. That you went through Heisig in just 2 months is very impressive. My first time through I did the first kanji in about 5 weeks, but the reviews killed me I used the Reviewing the Kanji website and burn out followed.

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The affair ends with a Suicide Pact wherein only Sonoko, betrayed by the other two, lives to tell the tale.

A Home at the End of the World also a film: Jonathan loves Bobby and Bobby clearly reciprocates to some degree, but is also in a sexual relationship with Clare, who loves Jonathan platonically, as he does her. For a time they all live together and raise Clare's baby, who is presumably Bobby's. Utau and Razi appear to be a gay couple when the unworldly protagonist first encounters them; then she finds out that as well as having a sexual relationship themselves, they're married to the same woman.

In their culture, birth rates are low and marriages are often dissolved if no child is conceived, to give at least one partner a chance to have children with someone else. When Utau and Sarri didn't conceive, instead of splitting up they brought a third party into the marriage and had a little girl. It's clear in later books that polyamory of this kind is unusual and not everyone approves. The first sonnets are full of Ho Yay and written to the Fair Youth.

The following 28 are written to the Dark Lady. Sonnet brings the triangle full circle by implying that the Fair Youth and Dark Lady are also lovers. Of course, there is jealousy and angst, at least on the narrator's side of things, and it's not clear whether he is still involved with either at that point, indicating a potential shift to Type 4. The husband is a wolf most days of the month and a human for three days; one is married to the human, and the other is married to the wolf.

Joly and Bossuet "shared everything, even, to some extent, Musichetta [Joly's unseen mistress]. Marina, Ursula, and Vlad seem to fall into this category, though we never see them closely enough to be entirely certain. Mentioned a few times in later parts of the the book as the eventual state of the relationship between Elphaba's parents Frex and Melena and Turtle Heart.

Elphaba suspects that her parents' uncertainty over which man was little sister Nessarose's father is a large part of why Frex favors the younger daughter after Turtle Heart's death. You were in love with him. We both were, we shared him. Your mother and I did. Anime and Manga In Macross Frontier , Sheryl and Ranka are both in love with Alto and are good friends sometimes acting quite sisterly with one another.

The last scene in the TV series even has Ranka declaring to Sheryl that she's not giving up on him, to which Sheryl smiles and nods encouragingly. In Touch , twins Tatsuya and Kazuya are both in love with the same girl, Minami Asakura, who loves them both. Unfortunately, this one loses a leg early on in the series. Fortunately well, fortunately-ish , it's not the leg she's interested in romantically.

Just one of many situations in Mahou Sensei Negima! Being bookworms, both the girls are incredibly Genre Savvy as to how its likely to end and the presence of a triangle is even Lampshaded by them at one point.

Konoka and Setsuna both initially showed interest in Negi enough to pactio, at least , but as the series continues it's become increasingly obvious that the two will end up together. At this point, the pairing is one step short of canon. It's heavily implied but not confirmed that the two of them got married in A Type 9 forms the core of My Monster Secret 's conflict.

Asahi is very much in love with Youko, but she's Oblivious to Love for a good part of the story. Aizawa develops feelings for Asahi, and briefly tries to sabotage his attempts to confess to Youko, but feels guilty about it and quickly stops. She and Youko are good friends and start cheering each other on, though Youko doesn't realize her own deeper feelings for Asahi until the sight of him with Aizawa starts making her feel sick and upset. Two intertwined cases in Ouran Highschool Host Club.

On one side there is Haruhi-Kaoru-Hikaru. Haruhi likes the twins platonically though , both twins are in love with her and the brothers love each other just as much. It breaks when Kaoru willingly gives up his love so Hikaru can have a real shot at getting Haruhi's attention.

The second triangle is Haruhi-Tamaki-Hikaru. While the relationship between Tamaki and Hikaru is very strained especially during the main arc of this conflict, they always hold respect for each other. By the point that Tamaki finally manages to confess and date Haruhi, Hikaru is ready to give up and fully supports the couple.

In general it has been implied that almost every member of the club had at one point fallen for Haruhi while staying very loyal to the others and the club. Mary Sue is at 'a', of course, and B and C are occupied by lesser mortals who have been enchanted away from their sexual identities, loyalties, duties, and all other responsibilities by the mesmerizing beauty of her violet eyes.

Naturally, Mary Sue is too noble to allow them to depart the Righteous Path. Film My Father the Hero , where a girl tells the boy she likes that her father, who has taken her on a holiday, is actually her lover.

In silent comedy film Hands Up! Each daughter nobly offers to step aside for the other one. He resolves this dilemma by marrying them both. Fitz eventually gets Delia , though. In Vampire Academy , Dimitri and Rose are in love, but worry that their relationship will get in the way of their mutual duty to protect Lissa. In Pearl's eyes, she is Z. In the sequel Dreams of Joy , there is a partially platonic one going on, with both Pearl and her daughter Joy actually May's child with Z.

The Doctor, wary of relationships to himself and Jack , tries to keep all three relationships platonic. It all sorts itself in the end. In Darkest Powers , in pure Sibling Triangle fashion, Derek and Simon are brothers and best friends, but both are very attracted to Chloe. Despite this, they don't fight about it and neither wants to hurt the other.

It's to the point where Derek tries to push her away and over to Simon so that his brother can be happy, but then Simon turns around and does the exact same thing upon realizing that the one Chloe likes is actually Derek. Not that Chloe is aware of this at the time, however, and remains in denial about it for a while even after Simon tells her so. On Glee , this happens with Jake and Ryder, who go from bitter enemies to frenemies to best friends due to their shared interest in Marley.

Charlie, for his part, is pretty oblivious to anything but their friendship. As he grows more distant, they start to depend more and more on each other, eventually parting ways with their leader. The strength of the B-C bond and how persistent you are in making up determines whether she steals your guy or decides I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and tells you to take care of him for her. Word of God says that Maya was Tatsuya's first love; he is fiercely determined to protect her, but due to the nature of their relationship does not see her as an eligible romantic option.

Maya's feelings for him are unconfirmed. Jun is Tatsuya's best friend who shares his devotion to Maya, but is also romantically interested in Tatsuya himself. Their pairing has been borderline confirmed and the promises they have made to each other drive the plot. Katsuya, on the other hand, is Tatsuya's older brother who falls in love with Maya over the course of the second game, though his devotion to the former prevents him from acting on his feelings for the latter.

Since Courtney and Duncan are in relationship and Gwen has been hiding her feelings from both this has elements of Triang Relation 4. Very recently this has become a 10 with Duncan revealing he wants Gwen, while at least for the moment still being with Courtney.

Anime and Manga Maison Ikkoku: The last major conflict of the series to be resolved is that Kyoko is B to Godai's A and her late husband Soichiro's C. School Days starts out like this.

Makoto and Sekai are childhood friends, and Makoto has a crush on Kotonoha. And Sekai has a secret crush on Makoto. Sekai helps Makoto and Kotohona get together , turning it into a Type 7 or 8 depending on how you want to interpret Sekai and Kotohona's relationship. When Sekai and Makoto take their relationship to another level, however, things go bad and then get worse. Could also be a number seven, if Zero still feels the same about Yuki.

Comics Interestingly done in the original Spider-Man comics. At the same time, Gwen and Harry were in a relationship, but Gwen wanted to be with Peter. Interestingly, both Peter and Gwen are seen sympathetically, despite their gender. Then again, the male is Spider-Man. Film Shaun of the Dead: Live-Action TV Smallville late season one: Chloe is in a relationship with Clark, but Clark also wants Lana.

Very briefly in the finale of season five: Chloe gives Clark a passionate Now or Never Kiss and he definitely reciprocates In Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Spike seemed to have trouble remembering that Harmony was his girlfriend.

In Downton Abbey , Mary and Matthew are clearly attracted to each other despite each being engaged to other people. This doesn't last; Matthew's fiancee dies of Spanish flu, and Mary breaks it off with her fiance when she decides the dirt he plans to blackmail her with isn't enough to risk a miserable marriage to him.

A slight mix with this and type 4, as Alex reciprocates Tyler's feelings. Guns of the Patriots as this. Snake A and Otacon B are even raising a child together and Naomi C acts as a foil for their happiness right up until she dies. Naomi is usually portrayed as only using Otacon's affections to further her own goals. Anime and Manga In Toradora! This is a very strange twist of Matchmaker Crush. Taiga is trying to set up Ryuuji who starts to take care of her with Minori who is Taiga's best and initially only friend.

Taiga develops an emotional dependence on Ryuuji, who develops feelings as well. It turns out that Minori already had a crush on Ryuuji, but also had strong feelings for Taiga. Taiga remains good friends, but doesn't quite reciprocate Minori's feelings. Since everyone in this triangle is too nice to betray anyone, this draws out for a while. Subaru B is Nanoha's biggest Fangirl following a Heroic Fire Rescue that turned her life around and is about as straight as a rainbow for Teana, her longtime partner and soulmate.

Teana A will never admit liking that baka Subaru and simultaneously has a Rage Against the Mentor -turned- Rivalry relationship with Nanoha C , who seems to acknowledge said rivalry if ViVid is any indication, the two of them still have a bone to pick over who is better at Shooting magic but does not pay much mind to Subaru's fangirling beyond encouraging her to follow her dreams which boil down to being more like Nanoha, anyway.

Adding Daken's emotion controlling pheromones into the situation just complicates things further. Rin makes it well-known that she not only wouldn't mind sharing, she'd prefer it.

Hisao is perfectly fine with this idea , but Emi isn't, hence the placement although Rin and Emi still are friends just like in canon. They both love her, and they are best friends with each other, but each wants Vicky exclusively. The film plays this way up. You can almost feel the U non -ST coming off of Dickon and Mary swing scene particularly , and Colin flat out says he wants to marry her.

Folklore Some versions of the Tristan and Isolde story portray the love triangle this way: Isolde A is married to Mark C but in love with Tristan B , who is in love with her, but is also loyal to Mark, who is his uncle. Same thing happens in Arthurian legend: Annie first marries Enoch and then, after he is lost at sea and presumed dead , she marries Philip. The overarching plot of Tabitha King's Pearl: Pearl develops a romantic relationship with both Reuben and David without knowing that the two men have a had a decades-long, extremely painful history with one another before Pearl's arrival.

David has only recently forgiven Reuben, while Reuben, out of guilt, is now highly protective of David. Pearl realizes that telling either that they are now romantic rivals might push both over the edge. Water For Elephants , kind of: Jacob feels guilty about his attraction to Marlena at first because he is loyal to August, but when he realizes how dangerous August is and how he mistreats Marlena, he grows to hate him.

However, he has to pretend to still be loyal to him to protect the two of them, as well as his other friends in the circus. Mary, Colin, and Dickon. Make of that what you will. It's strongly hinted that Adrian is interested in Bennett as well—the narrative comments on it several times—and at one point, it's implied that the two men slept together. Rose, Jack , and the Doctor.

Rose and The Doctor are heavily implied to have feelings for one another in the first season of the new Doctor Who series. When Jack shows up, its obvious that there's something between him and Rose as well.

However, while Jack initially simply seems to feel competitive towards The Doctor, the feelings seem to develop into However, it's clear that things won't go beyond flirting where Jack is concerned, and the Doctor tends to flirt back at him, making this an oddly chaste and playful 8. Nothing "odd" about the chasteness.

The Doctor had previously been presented as asexual so they didn't want to upset the old fans. Plus, it's a family show with a primary audience of kids. The fans of this OT3 normally see it as a case of a blooming relationship tragically cut short by character death.

Effy loves Freddie, and he loves her back, but Cook also holds affections for her, and Freddie does not want to betray Cook by going out with Effy. Frasier had a variation on this with Frasier playing the role of C. Being romantically interested in a woman A who was in a romantic relationship with another man B , but is herself at least very open with Frasier.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, has no idea that Frasier is a romantic rival and thinks his constant presence is a result of his undying loyalty as a friend. Matthew and Lavinia are engaged, but Matthew and Mary are still in love with each other. However, Lavinia turns out to be a sweet girl and she and Mary become close, causing Mary to feel torn between her love and her friend.

It's worth noting that Mary and Lavinia's friendship is strong enough to make them one of the more popular non-canon ships. Visual Novels Sasami's route in Little Busters! Kengo and Riki are Childhood Friends , and throughout the route, Riki starts to develop feelings for Sasami, who likewise starts developing feelings for Riki. However, Sasami already had feelings for Kengo before the start of her route, and Riki starts out trying to play The Matchmaker between the two of them, which develops into a Matchmaker Crush.

Kengo admits that he is aware of Sasami's interest in him, but he rejects her feelings when Riki pressures him into admitting how he feels about her. Web Comics Incredibly, this is the resolution of the love triangle in Fans! Dale and Nancy are married, Nancy has had a years-long affair with John Redcorn and has had his son, who Dale believes is his, being oblivious to the obvious clues , but Dale has generally positive feelings about John Redcorn who he believes merely treats his wife's headaches.

Comes to a head when Dale assists John with his suit to gain land as reparations from the government, and John decides to end the affair since he cannot screw over someone who has treated him as a friend.

After some developments, this setup evolves into a Type 11, then reverts back to 12 in the most tragic way possible before being ripped completely apart by the events of the Eclipse. If you haven't figured it out yet, relationships between people in Berserk are kind of screwed. Film The relationship between the main characters in Being John Malkovich. Craig A and Lotte C are married, but Craig falls for Maxine B who couldn't care less about him and is enamored instead with Lotte but only when she's in Malkovich's body at first What makes this situation particularly interesting is that one bad choice on Hisao's part when the unfortunate Misha comes to ask Hisao for "comfort" can unravel all three's relationship.

Peanutbutter A , who in turn wants to be BoJack's friend. Of course, this being a Harem Series , there's a much larger Love Dodecahedron involved.

Chinatsu in turn is head over heels in love with Yui, while Yui doesn't show any such feelings to anyone and is happy with being friends with both. He was dating Donna and loyal to his mother, Kitty. Kitty and Donna then start going out shopping and lunching, cutting down on Eric's happy naked fun time with Donna.

In season one of Merlin , Gwen has a bit of a celebrity, would-never-admit-it crush on Arthur, but spends most of her time pining over Merlin. Web Comics Penny and Aggie:

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manga dating was the easiest

All 3 of Hak, Jaeha and Kija are shown to have romantic feelings for protagonist Yona, and for much of the series, each of the men appear to be a Hopeless Suitor.

manga dating was the easiest

We work on those! Carburetors, starters, air filters, fuel …. That was back in the 80s.

manga dating was the easiest

Chazen Museum of Art. Pink sugar girl is getting ready to go out! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Of course, these ponies are going to have to be incredibly cute and colorful to be chosen as vg dating princess's easieest, so they be In the late period, Hokusai produced the dasiest One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji and the fifteen-volume Hokusai Manga dating was the easiestthe agnostic dating website a compendium of over sketches of a wide variety of realistic and fantastic subjects. Eri has some kind of rivarly with Yakuno, but its a friendly one. Beyond the Great Wave: