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marriage not dating dramafire

Okay, this list is pretty much growing. Seems like quite the job for her, considering that Kyung-soo just won two awards at Cannes. My Mom loves that drama too much lol.

1) School 2015: Who Are You

I love her nightly beer-drinking sessions and her defense of beer to her nit-picky mom: Uncontrollably Fond and Cinderella and the Four Knights. This drama has made a strong impact, and definitely considered it as one of my favorite dramas of the year. I'll definitely try to watch this. Back to the topic, my faves I watch them over and over:

Whaty is the tile of the korean movie with characters like Thea who owns a company called oz, Cedrik with two characters, and Roxanne. Hello friends… I started watching kdrama from last month… But in the last few weeks i have completed many korean romantic dramas. Now, I feel like i got addicted towards kdrama. My Kdrama romantic list is as follows: Ur list is very interesting… Eventhough I only watched few in the list and going to try the rest very soon.. I think secret garden, my love from another star , coffee prince , Pinocchio …could have been included in the list..

Dramas I have watched in order of recommendation: You who came from the stars Must Watch: Funny and so much emotions Scarlet Heart Ryeo Will leave you wanting more Reply Raw emotions set in time when no mobiles were there. Family , friends ,Love so much is there Jealousy Incarnate Too much oomph, equally amazing guys, you just cant choose Rooftop Prince Oh my ghostess introvert to extrovert, the change gets the guy and funny for us. Oh My Venus 2. Marriage not Dating 7. Legend of The Blue Sea 9.

Hi, your list is quite interesting. I agreed with some of them but not all. I laughed in each episode and felt the love between the main characters more than ever. The lead actress played her role so good. I was also quite amazed that your choices vary from a teen drama, boys over flowers, to very romantic ones. The heirs was a better choice than boys over flowers; the concept of both was the same: But the actings and screenwriting in The Heirs was better.

Lastly, your list helped me in choosing some new dramas to watch this summer. First time visiting here. Went on a crazy binge on k drama with my very first drama DOTS. Watched over 50 dramas since.

What l think that have fantastic plots and superb acting: Goblin watched 6 times, best ost 2. Master of the sun 3. Legend of the blue sea best best background music 4. Kill me heal me Rebel thief who stole the people. What l think are cute shows for light hearted moods: Strong woman do boon song 2.

Love in the moon light 3. King shopping Louie 4. It was my first kdrama and still remains a favorite. But then, back to each taste i guess. Yes… i agree with your list.. Another miss oh 2. Marriage without dating 3. Kill me heal me 6. Lie to me My top 10 personal fav kdrama are: Goblin; actually im really surprised because goblin is not included in your list, but everyone have different taste, eh?

Im a girl and tbh Im watching this for gong yoo and yes! Its okay thats love 3. Boys before flowers 4. Oh my ghost 5. My love from the star 8.

Fight for my way 9. I love your lists, somehow I ended up screenshot all of them and will decide it to watch the one that I havent seen. Maybe we have a similar taste, try to watch this: Twinkle twinkle- dont get turn off by the number of the episodes, the storyline is so brilliant. The girl is charming, brilliant and blunt. This is underrated drama. My girl- another old episode but its just so funny. The ending is the typical old ending, 3 yrs later. But it still good. I have seen many of your favorites already and feel a sense of validation as many are also my favorites.

Thanks for the guy perspective! I did not feel the chemistry between the two leads in Goblin but enjoyed it anyway and especially the bromance. Here is my List so far: Kill Me, Heal Me, 4. My Love from Another Star, 6. I started Descendants but quit watching, maybe I will try it again sometime. So many dramas, so little time!!! She looks more beautiful, and her acting is pretty similar with Oh Hae Young just a bit different , and I still love her. Cheese in the trap — park hae jin oppa!!

Mysterious lonely guys and cherish and beggining of an awkward love. This drama is love. Though I have watched many many dramas, the above ones are the one I really admire. Kdramas really show all the things with great precision to emotions and every day behavior.

I am a big fan of k-drama. And so on, i kept trying to find another great kdramas and watched lots of them, but had to stop because of the school final exam. It was , the periode of time when i completely forgot about kdramas, and finally one year ago, i was able to come back in this kdrama world because of Descendants of The Sun.

It brought me back, omg, and yeah i think i will be forever stuck in this world. So yeah, since i have watched soooo many dramas, in various genres, i agree that romantic comedy is my favorite.

I just love the balance of simplicity and complex of the story. Love story that everyone can relate. Seo Hyun Jin amazed me there. I remember my stomach was hurt because i laughed too much in just one episode. My favorite is Maybe I — Roy Kim. You know, the fact that i am still able to fall in love with them makes me want to find more. Stair way to heaven 3. Tree of heaven 4. Green Rose not sad ending. They are the blocker buster kdrama. You can watch here.

If you live in North or South America http: If not check this link out ;- http: Thanks for the recap, Heads! I watched the first two episodes but I'm just not sure. I love the three friends. I find the three different life situations allows for the viewer to identify with one character more than the others.

My only qualm with thus drama is the mom of Eugines character. She overacts her roll, and considering her stupidity is the reason for a major part of her daughters trouble, a good amount of the second episode is dedicated to her, which made for lots fast forwarding and a reasonable amount of, "maybe I should drop this drama if I have to deal with this for 20 episodes.

I'll give it one more week before I decide if I'll stay on, but it's good knowing I have recaps to fall back on. I love the two episodes Its the first cable drama that ive watched this year A very satisfying opening of a drama. I hope the tone and quality continue. And that you keep recapping it: What I like most is the fact that this show seems so well thought out. It is realistic in feel but not boring, the problems are relevant but not yet overwhelming and the main characters are multi-dimensional.

I was pleasantly surprised that there can be a daughter-in-law who finds tiny little ways to claim her independence from a nasty MIL. The smoking scene was fantastic. Oh I love this Drama I've been watching the first two episodes three times acting and story is lovely and solid. Thanks for the recap! So it was a pleasant surprise to see her playing another multilayered female again.

Eugene is one of my favorite actresses and I'm always willing to check out her dramas. Not to mention Uhm Taewoong and Kim Sungsoo. You bump into and meet the ex love of your best friend's life and you don't recognize him? I find it hard to believe that friends for so long, who went to the same college would not have known each other's boyfriends I don't get why Ji Hyun had to break up with the man she supposedly loved, Do Young just to marry a rich husband.

Isn't Do Young rich as well? Just dropping by to say thanks so much for the first ep recap, and I really do hope you keep doing it because this is shaping up to be a quality drama! It's very JTBC - great slice-of-life feel to the story, relatable characters and a solid soundtrack. I inhaled the first two episodes and was immediately anxious to get the next two!

This was a really strong beginning, I agree - and when Heads said it felt like we were plopped in the middle of a world that had already existed - well, she hit the nail on the head for me. That's exactly what it felt like. I couldn't get Viki to work today. I'm looking forward to this drama with a great cast As always, am a great fan.

Watched 2 eps and I love it. Never imagine that Eugene would able to portrays late 30 ahjumma so convincingly. Love all the female leads, and Uhmforce, of course. Loved both episodes so far. I am in my early 30's and I can identify with the women. Ji Hyun's story struck a reality cord in me and made me cry.

The writing is excellent. All thanks to great writing and acting. I think the writing in CWGM is better - the characters are much better developed and they feel like real people. Could We Love has a lovely soundtrack though. I have to agree, while I enjoyed the first episode, I didn't see anything particularly new. It's been done plenty of times. The writer of Can We Get Married? I watch can we get married too n like it, but i like could we love more, it's because their situation is different one is housewife, single lady n divorce woman so their problem is different.

I was really hoping you guys would recap this show. I wasn't sure about this drama but decided to give it a go. A great cast and a great first episodes! The three lead actresses are superb and the two friend's of Eugene each gave riveting and heart-rendering performances in in the pool and party scenes. Eugene, the magnet who draws me into anything she attaches herself to is still as pretty as any woman in the business and makes my heart stir each time that I see her ever-lovely face In Korean dramas it's probably impossible, but they do exist in real life!

My MIL is the best! But one of the reasons I loved Playful Kiss is that the lead character's mom is so totally on Oh Ha-ni's side, to the point that it drives her son crazy. I really liked the character of Jung Won. She's living with her choices, protecting herself and being assertive when she can, and just generally being rational, likeable, and putting a strong face forward.

It also doesn't hurt that she remains cordial to her ex, even though the marriage was bad enough she wanted to leave it, and is devoted to her son their relationship is adorable. I think I'm just mostly refreshed to see adults acting like adults.

Case in point, Jung Wang's embarrassing moment with kyung soo and Do Young. She's humiliated and runs out, but apologises first and freely admits she's blown it no hysterics other than the initial embarrassment.

Do Young and Kyung Soo take it in stride and accept her apology although KS teases her a little, personally I thought it was because he actually sort of does want to see her naked and then its over. So many other dramas where a similar opening conflict has occurred, the cold chaebol heir spends 5 episodes calling her trashy and hating her and being insulted, and the heroine is hysterical and apologetic and insulted and then they HATE each other except not really because love has to be declared by the end of episode 10 so something can tragically break them apart, reaffirming that they can get beyond obstacles for their reconciliation with an hour to go.

Or maybe I'm overselling it due to the contrast with Eugene's Hundred Year Inheritance character, where she had to get locked in a mental institution and suffer amnesia before she'd stop crying and stand up for herself already. She was a scary scary lady. I really, really, liked the first 2 episodes, even with the questionable I might be in a Shakespeare production, or a porno, facial hair on Kim Sung-soo.

Three mature women friends and their various issues. And if anyone knows me, they know with dramas I am Ms. Reserve my Judgement approach from the side and poke stuff with sticks. Thanks for posting on this! When the cute Yoon-seok came over and brought food and cleaned Sun-mi's apartment I was like hello, yeah, um, this guy is attractive, sweet, is totally into you, pays attention, is trainable, and will totally take care of you when you get old and sickly so you might want to marry the crap out of him now before one of your rich clients notice him.

It will be interesting to see how the character of Yoon Seok develops during the drama, and how he'll play it. I'm confused about Jung Wan's son's age. If she had him in when she was 26 because she was 19 in , how come he's only 9 when she's 39? One Warm Word has a nice mother-in-law. In fact, she and DIL have almost like mother and daughter -relationship, warm and close. Very nice thing to watch.

I don't think she have a nice MIL. They don't have a good or warm relationship. In fact she treat her like a slave. Do this and do that.

I can't really stand the MIL. Thanks for your list I too love secret garden and personal taste How come there are thousands of SEO workers come from Pakistan? Maybe I am not finding the best workers. The Producer is not so good. I won't suggest to watch it. I love many k dramas.

You're beautiful and pinocchio are my favourite so far. Had to watch it over and over again. Try to watch divorce lawyer in love starring jeon woo jin. Very funny yet very touching Can u pls suggest me ,where do I download these K drama Hi, I apologize, I don't download korean dramas though.

I only watch them via online streaming. Currently watching through www. I like ur list a lot: Hi there, I have actually watched that drama, but I kinda don't really like it. Thank you for your recommendation and reviews, i will try to watch some of your favorites.. Omgg finally found someone who have a similar taste as mee: Almost all of the dramas I love are on your list.

I think more people should watch it. Oh yeah did you watch "What Happens to my Family? I love that drama. Pretty long but cute and funny. Hi Olivia, I'm glad to hear that we have the same likes in regards with Korean Dramas. I love Incarnation of Money as well, that one is definitely one of the best korean dramas I have seen. My Mom loves that drama too. Will check it when I get a chance. What drama are you watching right now?

I started to watch Korean dramas the last few months and yes I have gone through 1 drama series a week lol since TVB has let me down. At the moment im watching "Ghost" also known Phantom. On episode 13 at the moment, the first 10 episode wow me, took me into the world of computer and phone device hacking world.

If you like police stories and computer hacking, its a must, well at least for the first 10 episodes but also bear in mind the sounds in the background can make you jump and scared at times, but a good drama.

The main actor is the guy from The Master's Son so if anyone likes watching him then u must watch this. Also the "Level 7 Civil Servant" is a good police drama to watch if u have time. I think u should include 'her legend' in your list. What should I watch first? Bride of the century, Queen in hyun's man, or Secret garden? Please, I need your answer. I want a korean series that is as good as the korean series Healer. Have you watched City Hunter? That's somewhat almost similar with Healer Thank you for dropping by ;.

Hi ive watched all in your list. And all of them are good, i reallyliked its okay thats love maybe thats because im a psychology student and it suits in me. Any other suggestions that is similiar to its okay thats love? Ive already watched sensory couple and emergency couple.

Dito k pla makikita ang mga sisters ko Hehe di nyo na mention full house ganda din yun. I really enjoyed it. Thank you, thank you so much. This list is exactly what I was looking for. I can't wait to see some on the newer dramas on your list.

My very first Kdrama was a rom-com: Fantasy Couple aka Couple or Trouble. Its was so funny! I have been addicted ever since. Highly recommend if you have not seen.

Hi Honey Lou, I need to update this list actually hehehe Sensory couple is also good, Pinochio also, and I have watched few more I will update this list this weekend. Thanks for your reviews. Was wondering if you have watched Star Lovers and My Last Scandal the leading lady committed suicide sadly?

I find ur blog very interesting and I think that both of us has almost the same taste in k dramas. Do u think its worth watching?

My addiction towards korean dramas started when i was in college.. Then after long time i again felt same addiction.. I like the actor who played Healer ji chang wook so much.. I am in love with him.. He is so hot.. Also i have finished watching pinocchio,it is also good.. I think in 3 years korean industry have changed quite a lot,storyline,performances have become better..

I watch dramas with eng subtitles but i have learned few korean words also like Chogiyo,saranghae and few more: I really like your blog.. Please suggest me some more drama like healer Certified korean addict here!!! But im kind of different in you guys in terms of selecting what to watch.. Action, mystery, romcom, melodrama.. Try to watch Smile Honey!!! It's my number one fav kdrama EVER!! My 2nd best now is My love from another star.

I love your reviews but please include Smile honey, it maybe a long run but i swear its worth watching!!! I'll check Smile Honey when I get a chance. Thank you for recommending it ;. I got over Healer by watching Reply and although healer will always have special place in my heart but i found reply a lot better then healer I like your list and I've watched them all already.

I've been watching korean dramas for 5years now and I can't even count how many I've seen already. I started with BOF then personal taste, lie to me, coffee prince, and so on and there are some that left a mark in my heart.

Here are some of my favorite dramas in no particular order: Now I'm watching so many ongoing dramas plus the ones that I missed in the past. Often times I stop watching in the middle ofthe drama because I found them boring and too common already. I guess that's the disadvantage when you've seen a lot already it's difficult to find a drama that has a unique plot and story.. I've seen them all already all good! I used to watch in gooddrama I got annoyed it's time consuming to watch in parts..

Can you please update from list as i have watched almost all of them after your recommendation here.. I have seen most of the kdrama's that was listed here, I must say It's good to find a blog where you can relate to, thumbs up to you Honey. You all guys have to watch oh my ghost so funny, its still running but I must say I like it very much. I have just done watching warm and cozy which is good as well.

Hi ChapSean, thank you for dropping by. I need to update this late actually. I have seen a bunch of dramas in the past months lol And yes, currently following Oh My Ghost right now and it's freaking hilarious haha Warm and Cozy is quite a refresher too. Modern Farmer and doctor stranger are the best for me. I decided to create a separate blog post for additional Korean dramas.

I thought this list is getting too long and some of you might be having hard time loading the page. Please click here to check the part 2 of this list. I would say I used to hate Romantic Comedy dramas. And then I met my husband, Lee Min Ho. I know they were crap, but some unspecified addictive chemical in them kept me drinking.

And because I got too addicted to it, I came up with an idea to embark on a quest to find the good quality romantic comedies. Feel free to scroll down below. Descendants of the Sun Main Cast: This guy, how can you not love him? He, alone, is enough reason to watch this drama. Lol Anyway, kidding aside, the drama was really good. The plot, the actors, the chemistry between the casts — total package.

Plus you get to see tons of good-looking-shirtless actors running around. I have no idea what else can top this. The story is so smart, filled with great characters.

Not so much on the love interest side, no big battle, but the best story you will ever find on a drama, a wonderful story emotional, realistic, and dramatic with things that will chill and warm you. Aside from the three main actors, who gave their best to portray their characters, I would also like to express my admiration to Jang Hyun Sung.

Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung. Kim Go Eun as Hong Seol. This drama started so good. The actors were all good; they played their characters so well. The drama was mysterious but cute and very engaging. Unfortunately, the PD decided to give this beautiful drama a terrible finale. Yes, I thought the finale was terrible. I felt bad for the whole cast, especially Park Hae Jin. But overall, I still recommend this drama.

Moorim School Main Cast: Hong Bin as Wang Chi Ang. I watched this drama because of my Mom. Though a lot of people say that the story line was kind of boring because they were dragging out the story-line for too long , I still find this show cute and light to watch.

The finale was satisfying one, and I am glad that everyone was given a happy ending. If you want something easy to watch, this might be for you.

Rain as Lee Hae Joon 30s. Yoon Park as Jung Ji Hoon mid 30s. I started watching this out of curiosity, but I end up loving this. The flow of the drama was good, and I find it entertaining. This had me laughing hysterically so many times but also provided its fair share of heart the finale has me bawling!

After we die, we will never be given a second chance to do the things we wish we should have done. Give this drama a shot; you might end up liking this as well. The drama plot is light and simple, and journey is sweet and entertaining. The chemistry between the leads is more than enough reason for you to watch this drama. I laughed and giggled a lot through the whole series. Honestly, I expected more from this drama, but nevertheless I was satisfied with the flow and the finale.

I literally cried when this drama ended. I adore this drama and the main leads. Lots of life lessons in this drama and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey with the whole cast. I am happy with how it ended, but it would have been more fulfilling to see the romance with Hyun Suk develop.

This drama is sweet, light and funny. Plot-wise, it was so-so, but I like how things turned out. The satisfying finale was also a plus. But I truly wish, in my dreams, that second lead would be given a chance to live a happy life as well. Enough with my whining! I still highly recommend this drama. Ji Sung truly took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I loved all the characters personalities he portrayed, I laughed and cried my eyes out because of them.

This drama is great, and the finale was sweet and heartwarming. This is one of the few dramas I wish would never end. I cried my heart out with its finale, the emotions were so genuine, and how the goodbyes were beautifully done. Oh My Ghost made me laugh, weep, and the story-line really warmed my heart.

The actors and actresses portrayed their parts really well, not to mention they all have great chemistry. The bromance will make you giggle, and the kisses were so real. I am giving this drama a perfect Lol Kidding aside, I love this drama, not just because I love the leads but also the story is heartwarming.

I appreciate how it shows and centers the importance of Family. The writer deserves the credit, for bringing such a thoughtful, compelling story to viewers. This drama carried a meaningful message while giving us lots of entertaining and cute moments, and of course a sweet and satisfying finale.

Definitely a must watch. Though I said the story is a bit dragging, but you can completely relate to it. Warm and Cozy is very light; it makes it easy to watch. I kept laughing at the silliness of the characters.

This is a gem. I tried watching this because I was out of dramas to watch, but to my surprise, this one is really good. This is worth a try. This is a cute and interesting drama. Though I have so many unanswered questions, I still think this drama is good. I actually am thankful I gave this a try; it shows me different side of Yoochun and Se Kyung, the funny sides. Their chemistry overshadowed the flaws of the series. This adorable drama is worth watching.

Not to mention the main leads are high caliber actors and actresses in the industry…their acting is flawless. The story is light, hilarious, very relatable and realistic. Although I would not say this drama was perfect, but I must say that this was a very well written and executed one. They tackled a lot of important issues that has been happening in our society right now, quite the sensitive ones, but they were still able to keep the drama light and youthful. It was a crazy-funny ride.

Literally crazy I would say. It's a sweet story that has real and down to earth dialog. Surely a must watch. Han Groo as Joo Jang Mi The chemistry between the leads, the hilarious scenes, the awesome script, the acting, the facial expressions, and the kissing scenes — everything was just too perfect, realistic and so convincing.

I honestly have zero expectations when I started watching this, but the story totally blown me away. I thought this would be a boring series but I was completely wrong. Never thought this drama would turn out this good. I love this drama from start-to-finish, and for that, this series made it to my list of Favorite Korean dramas ever.

Seo In Guk as Kang Woo. I love this drama -it was definitely an awesome ride — and gave me one satisfying finale. This is a must watch drama, but I would have liked more kisses! This drama is one of the best dramas I've ever watched. Yes, there are flaws, right at the almost end part but that was totally fine. Through the story, in each and every single episode, I got to know the characters more. I had mixed emotions.

I love all the cast. Not because he is bad, but because of his story. And you'll know it if you'll watch it! Definitely a must watch! The most fun drama, ever! I laughed out loud at every single episode. This was charming, witty and very engaging. I am so sad to see it end! Well thought-out, well acted and directed, well written. I can't say enough good things about this drama.

Thanks for making this drama!

Imsges: marriage not dating dramafire

marriage not dating dramafire

Fun and lighthearted romantic comedy! Each got some or all of the ff in them: So many dramas, so little time!!!

marriage not dating dramafire

Napanuod kuna halos ng nsa list mo. Anonymous December 19, at

marriage not dating dramafire

After the movie has ended, Ji-hyun spots Do-young mingling among the industry folk and ipuwer papyrus dating dead. If only they knew. Its ok thats love is number 1 marriage not dating dramafire my list: I can't wait to see some on the newer dramas on your list. Hello friends… I started watching kdrama from last month… But in the last few weeks i have completed many korean romantic dramas. My2Girls January 12, at 8: