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This, I believe, is related to the unconscious mind. For some of you, this is a wonderful time for beginning a new business or project, taking action on a money-making idea, opening a savings account, or creating a budget — anything that helps you build up, manage, or take charge of your resources. The event is more favourable to Southern hemisphere observers although there are also good views from the Northern hemisphere.

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These tsunamis affected some surfaces in the Ismenius Lacus quadrangle and in the Mare Acidalium quadrangle. Views Read Edit View history. A BIG shift is coming. The details on this month are many, and the forecast covers them handily. Retrieved June 1, Later on opposition day, a further spectacle awaits observers across much of the world with the exception of the Northern and central Americas.

In his uplifted hand he holds a sceptre and with his right hand he holds a portion of his robe. His right foot is placed firmly upon the Pole-star, the central point in all of the galaxies and all of the heavens.

A picture of Christ enthroned, no longer the slain Lamb but the Great Redeemer. The Branch is a name given to Christ who is the righteous Branch who was to come, as the offspring of David. Thus here the Branch has been enthroned as the King. Psalm 2 contrasts the messianic king 2: The messianic king enters Jerusalem riding on a colt Zech.

Nebuchadnezzar praises the king of heaven Dan. To appreciate the NT theme of redemption, the position of human beings as slaves of sin must be assumed John 8: Thus they must be set free in order to become liberated servants of the Lord. These are supergiant stars, which are important as celestial yardsticks. J Cephei no name is just northwest of Eta Cephei. It is one of the most intensely colored stars known, it is a variable M2. The kings become drunk on the wine of the harlot, which evokes the emotion of fury.

They collectively give over their "royal power" to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose Rev. This giving over of the kings' royal power is the "bounty" in your dream, I think.

The "beast" is karma of judgment, the eighth that belongs to the seven chakras. The harlot is related to "ten horns," which I believe is related to the third chakra, which is symbolized by a ten-petal lotus flower with a five-pointed star inside.

The harlot is related to Kali, the goddess of death destruction creation in east Indian religions. The cycle of time in the lower three chakra levels is often shown as being in or under the water, or under the ground. This, I believe, is related to the unconscious mind. In other words, this refers to things below the "surface level" of consciousness. In your dream, then, the treasure of being king and having royal power, is pushed down into the unconscious. When the Illuminati was formed on Walpurgisnacht eve of May 1st , , five men gathered in a cavern deep beneath Ingolstadt in Bavaria and made contact with what they said were "unknown superiors.

The name Adam Weishaupt is profound in the sense that his name means "first man to know the superiors. We must also note that the Rothschild family consisted of five sons of one Moses Amschel Bauer, who took the name Rothschild, because it means "Red Shield. Rockefeller also had five sons to control the American branch of Illuminism. The Illuminati and all of witchcraft is obsessed with the Pentacle of Invocation, and is it any wonder that the Washington Monument in Washington D.

Is it any wonder that we have a five-sided death house, known as the Pentagon? When I think of the five Rockefellers and the five Rothschilds, I am reminded that in Luke, chapter 16, we are told of a man in fiery torment, who in verses said, " I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

A very ancient and evil book known as the Necronomicon sets forth the "Law of Fives", which has found its way into our modern day computer systems. Millions of computers are running on Intel's "Pentium Processor. According to a report entitled Microsoft And The Bavarian Illuminati, there is a secret building on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, which unlike the other 22 buildings, is hidden from view.

Building 7, which is accessed by secret passage, is shaped like a pentagon or Pentacle of Invocation. Is Satan working through the computer systems of the world? Microsoft has a book entitled, Object Linking And Imbedding 2. As discerning Christians, we know and understand who the controlling unknown is, and we also know that he has no control over us, as we are the purchased possession of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thus, we will fight this spiritual battle and expose the enemy every step of the way in an attempt to wake up a sleeping remnant, drugged by religious denominations. The number of the human being. Human formsthe pentagon when arms and legs are out stretched. The pentagon is endless sharing the symbolism of perfection and power of the circle.

Five is a circular number as it produces itself in its last digit when raised to its own power. The pentacle, like the circle symbolizes whole, the quincunx being the number of its center and the meeting point of heaven, earth, and the four cardinal points plus the center point. Five is also representative of the GodheadCentral Creator of the four fours plus itself equalling five. Five is the marriage of the hieros gamos as combination of feminine and the masculine.

The number five symbolizes meditation; religion; versatility. It represents the five senses taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing everywhere except in the East. In the East there are sixthe extra being Mind. We find meanings to five in the five petaled flower, five pointed leaves--especially the ROSE.

The Rose has much symbolism, but also the lily, vine, all of which represent the microcosm. The five pointed star depicts individuality and spiritual aspiration, and education when it points upward. The five pointed star pointing downward represents witchcraft, and it is used in black magic. There is a very broad difference between witchcraft and black magic. The number five formed the first counting process from which all else came.

The number five consists of two unequal parts, 2 and 3. The diversity brings evil and misfortune. The five symbolizes the individual one who defies the natural order and is punished , the five fingers on the hand, the pentagram. Pentagram derived from the pentagon was in ancient times a symbol for health and salvation, and in the Middle Ages used as a symbol to repulse evil spirits.

As a geometric form it has a multitude of different meanings. Its special relationship to the golden section represented the possibility of infinite divisions in both directions, making it more mystical. The doorbell rang also. I didn't let them in for fear that they might not be who they said they were.

I removed his work chits from his left rear pants pocket and moved them to his right rear pant's pocket. There were three of them. Each one had a number - , , and They were copper colored.

The word chit is Sanskrit for "consciousness. I was in the process of renting an apartment and started to see water coming out of the wall behind the people. We left the room and went to my own apartment. I had five keys and chose one specific long rounded one to open the door. Inside my apartment stood a black woman and her Jewish attorney. I demanded to know how they got in there and they just asked me questions instead of answering me. They wanted to know what was in the black bag another man had left with me.

My old painter Bob came and said he was retiring. I saw a newspaper with lists of people's names and was told that old men spend the rest of their lives comforting other old people and that is what he planned to do. EAch one was a puzzle in itself, but then I had to layer five of them one atop another to get the bigger picture. My oldest son Michael wasn't ready yet so I told my husband that if Michael didn't go, I would have to stay behind with him. I then set about packing my car in a garage for the duration.

The problem was I had five doves that went ahead of my car with me and if they got excited they would get up on their tippy-toes and stretch out their necks going MEEP MEEP! So, we had to carefully corral them in the garage with my car with not only regular doors but with wire cage doors as well. I finally drove out of the garage in a safer car then and I drove to my school on an open mini steam roller. My husband said he was happy I had changed vehicles because I wouldn't blow away in the wind on the new vehicle.

I looked at the clock. It was 11 am. Everyone had gone home without saying goodbye. I decided I may as well go home too. I went to the room where all the coats were kept. I saw six calendars laying there. Five of them were rolled, twisted, and crumpled. I decided to take five of them so I'd have one in every room of my house, but left the undamaged one there. However, other symbols came in which might not be strictly for that area. Others needn't worry, but should send light to the situation if you can.

I would ask that everyone pass this along to anyone you know on the West Coast. Last night, I had 6 identical dreams In the dream, I was staring at a control panel of indicators, buttons, and charts about disasters, especially earthquakes.

When the earthquake hit, even the indicator that said 'earthquake' shook violently. That means it's highly likely to happen. After I woke up this morning, I had a series of at least a dozen visions. Each one was about the types of quake disaster that is going to occur. In one, a tectonic plate dropped slightly. In the next, the plate dropped and quivered, and what looked like solid rock, turned to gravel and rolled around. In another one, the tectonic plates turned on edge like this: In another one, I saw cars on top of roadways, raise up in the air 50 feet or more.

In another, everything got all jumbled up like jackstraws. I was told that there will not only be a lot of damage, but many deaths. When the earthquakes hit, there will also be tidal waves which will kill many more people along the coastline.

For some reason, there is also going to be heavy cross winds which will cause damage to anything airborne at the time. Let me tell you this also. Many people have been getting warnings from spirit to leave, and you haven't listened. Those of you who have gotten the warnings know who you are. Not all types of quakes will hit the same place. These quakes will happen all along the west coast.

A BIG shift is coming. Watch the little quakes now. That's where the indicators will show where the big ones are going to hit. We already know that Los Angeles will be one place. Little quakes are good. The are pressure relievers. It would be worse if there were none. Also be aware that 7 volcanoes are going to go off all at once also. They will be devastating as well. These volcanoes are all linked underneath the surface of the earth. These also will be along the West Coast.

I already know that many people will hide their heads and not heed the warnings. I was shown that too, but those of you who have the awareness will know that this is the time to go.

Make it less if you can. Here are the visions: I saw numerous pictures on two side by side pages. There were 7 of them. Each page I turned over was developing the pictures as I went. I flipped them all back to look at them again, and they continued to develop. The back of the drawer was empty. Then I saw a hand move a single large mixer beater to the left corner of the back of the drawer and a large mat on the right back corner which laid down on the empty space and draped over the top of the utensils.

A voice said, "If everyone is dead, what good is it? It'll be the gentlemen from San Francisco. The information is about to be released. What is the strategy? A voice said, "Take the music away from the yard. The voice said, "It's the water level. Then I saw three other men with dark hair and dark moustaches. A voice said, "If you don't want to!

A voice said, "Can Arizona offer any darkening? On I found this picture in a book: Then Joe showed me this crop circle from I assumed that was the end of the communications and got up to write everything down. We were complaining loudly about how far we had to go to where we were.

We looked at a map and I pointed out that there was no shortcut. Everyone of us had to come through Kiel, WI and on the map it was a big circle and I saw a white Pegasus on the circle and I pointed out on the map that we all had to go around it to get to where we were. We all got on a bus then and continued East through the city. We were a strange looking crew. One of the teen kids needed to sleep and he sat on the floor with his head on my knee. He had weird stuff in his hair like hay and oatmeal flakes or something.

We had to cross a great river then on a bridge that was oddly cross shaped but the river was so high there was water on the bridge and the water came up halfway in the bus. It was so deep the bus was floating.

I saw a red and blue balloon floating on the water, then saw that some pranksters had stretched two balloons tightly across the bridge which we had to duck under or be decapitated. Our bus driver went out into the water at this point and disappeared. The bus turned into a car as we continued and the water wasn't quite so deep so we were now walking the car and gradually the car faded and we were now dancing our way towards the end of the bridge.

We went up some steps about 7 and tap danced rhythmically up the steps and were now again on dry land. We were still a weird bunch of people. I helped make a blue dress for a girl, cutting off a large portion of the hem to shorten it. All this while every time we changed patterns of the people in rows of 2 or 3 but one behind another, so we were always in a 2 or 3 group but together equalling 5.

I was trying to figure out if it meant something. We continued dancing on up the path and I've lost the end I don't know where we went. I thought I knew what dreams were until I had this one. In this dream, I woke up and started writing in my dream journal five different times, thinking I was awake, only to discover from some clue that I was still dreaming.

People came to visit me at this house where I live now, and I thought I was awake and started telling them about how many levels of dreams I had been in and how freaked out I was, and here I was still dreaming.

How do I know I'm really awake now????? I met people who said they loved me I also knew her from other dreams. Then I went back to writing in my dream journal, thinking I was awake and discovered that I wasn't because I went up a stairway that doesn't exist here and when I turned around to go back down, the stairs had already changed to a different direction. I freaked out, realizing I was still sleeping and went to go up the stairs and realized that going up the stairs would take me further into the dream and then I'd really be lost, so I stood on the landing of this stairway, wanting to go down the steps I had come up on which were now behind a fake wall, which I knew was fake, and refusing to go down the created stairs which were available, or go up the stairs even though there was a window there but water had seeped in on the stairway carpet and it was wet.

Even where I stood ice crystals were forming on the carpet and it was slippery, but I refused to go either direction. Finally, the fake wall disappeared and I scurried back down the stairs, and then thought I was awake because the doorbell rang and someone else came to the door whom I know in the physical. A woman came in whom I know well. She brought her mother with her. When we turned around, in the hallway was a bird cage with green parakeets and blue parakeets.

I thought they might be starting to nest and before I could stop her, the younger woman scooped up all the blue eggs and rushed them to the freezer so she could use the shells for paint colors. When she brought them back, I realized the embryos would be dead, but I touched the eggs and they were hot, but too hot to put under a bird. She was so happy to have those eggs. I realized I would have to wait until they were ready to lay eggs again.

I was very disappointed she had ruined such a good thing just for paint colors. She left and I went out on the porch. There, two of my cats were making love. This was a disgusting scene because it wasn't normal Then other cats started doing it, so I pushed them all aside feeling disgusted and went back into the house to finally write in my dream journal. I had to go through a hallway which had a wooden bench, a couch, and a yellow chair with only the left arm on it which was black wrought iron.

I went through the next door into the house and found the matching yellow chair with only a right wrought iron arm on it. Inside the house, which was more like an apartment building, there were toy trains on the floor with the tracks all apart and the train cars laying on their sides.

I stopped to pick them up and move other toys over so people wouldn't step on them. Other people came along with whom I had loving reunions in the scenes. I went back to write in my dream journal. As soon as I did, another friend came to the door whom I know well in the physical and who is interested in my dreams. So, I started talking to him about how I had been five levels deep in my dreams and he was so excited because he had never known anyone to be five levels deep before.

I'm still dreaming this. Finally, his wife came to fetch him and I went back to writing in my journal. Then another man came to the door. This time a movie star He is telling me how much he missed me, but his wife is with him and she's standing there listening to this. All around us, people are like refugees, living in tents, trying to find a place to sleep. People are arriving in cars and practically falling out of them, so glad to be out of the cars from traveling so far. I'm starting to realize I'm still dreaming because nobody goes through real life falling out of cars.

I start to leave, and behind me, the man is holding his wife in his arms and telling her he is going on a mission and wants her to know that he loves her and wants her to wait for him. In my head, I'm thinking, "Oh brother!

I almost fell for that too.! No such luck, I just think I am because I'm again writing my dream in the journal I can't actually see what I'd written in the dream journal before I go to the bedroom window but can't see anything so go to my office window.

I still can't see anything, so I go to the front door, to find another visitor. Thinking I'm awake, I go back to the bedroom to get my dream journal and tell this person my dream which I just woke from Am I really awake???? I lived in a huge apartment building with other people. I came home from work and found a young man dressed all in white standing facing the window. He was keeping score on what was going on out on the street.

The people were playing some kind of game and he was keeping track of it. I thought I could probably do it easier with a calculator, but he was doing it by moving five little white rings back and forth. I watched him a bit, but I had visitors, so I had to talk to them.

Five white rings is the symbol of the Olympics. See below Two women came in and I was introduced to the young dark haired woman. I was told her name was Jane Twyman and she had written many books, and I was intrigued and wondered why I had never heard of her before. Her books were about metaphysics and I wanted to read them. I planned to get them as soon as I could. The older woman then said she had a business she wanted to sell and she wanted me to have the first opportunity to buy it.

We went east on Greenfield Ave. Right on the street, set back just a few feet was a country-western bar. It was decorated with all blue lights and people stood at the bar and chatted and were having a good time. I told her I would have to think about it, but knew that this was the bargain of a lifetime because it was a good business and the income from it would pay for the price of the business, whatever it was.

It was right in front of A-C where lots of people worked and the traffic would be really good. I then went back to the apartment and had to go to the bathroom. I had three bathrooms, but two of them were being remodeled and the toilets were torn out of them. I was going to use the good bathroom, but the man in white was using it when I got there. I went out into the hall to go to another apartment, but they were using their bathroom too, so I had to come back home and wait until I could use my own bathroom.

When I got there, I found that the man in white was remodeling my apartment and had taken the plaster off of the edge of the wall where it went down the hallway and saw that the wall was bowed out where he pointed at it. I told him he'd better not plan to take all the plaster off the walls because they were very rough.

I told him the job would be endless and he laughed. He planned to replaster and paint the apartment white. I had to change clothes and he almost caught me naked, but I had my green and white robe there and I grabbed it and held it in front of me. We were both laughing. I never found out for sure what his name was, but I thought the other woman called him Jim and I thought for some reason that his name was Tyman I don't know if there was a connection between Jane and him or not.

I wasn't told that they were related. James Twyman biography I went to work again then, and there were hundreds of people there. I was still thinking about the country-western bar and whether or not I should buy it. I had a feeling that the man dressed in white was a good business man and thought maybe I should ask his opinion but I didn't really know him well.

So, I asked one of the other women about him and she said she knew him and told me that he was a really fast driver. I thought then that if I ever got into a car with him, I would insist to drive it myself.

I had a huge bottle of red wine in my office I had a locker down in the basement and decided I would put it in my locker rather than take it home. I went down to the basement and the farther down the hall I went towards the elevator, the darker it got because the lights were out.

Someone was following me down the hall and I started to get scared because it was getting darker and darker the farther I went. I finally stopped and let the person go by. It turned out to be a woman and she got on the elevator. The locker room door was right next to the elevator. I opened the door and entered it. It was brightly lit and hundreds of women were in there, sitting around waiting for job interviews it seemed. People would look right at me and talk and I would think they were talking to me, but they really weren't As I walked along the hallway where all these people were sitting, I didn't talk to anyone I hadn't gotten to my locker yet either.

I just kept walking and thinking until I woke up. All I know is that when I thought about James Twyman I was feeling so much love I could hardly stand to just lay there. I needed to do something with it. There were four silver dollars in it, the upper right one was 'Mercury' with wings.

Mercury is known as quicksilver, because it flows easily, and it's silvery. This is all because Hermes was such a quick god. Olympus now is the root word used in the Olympic Games and the Olympic Mountains. The Olympic Games are a competition that takes place every four years where the world's best athletes compete against one another. It seemed to be a school for adults and I was one of the teachers.

The conjunction is a relatively good one to observe from the Northern hemisphere. It enters the constellation of Virgo , the Virgin, five days later on October 12th. Jupit e r , currently in Western Libra , has recently emerged into the dawn sky at the start of its apparition. The name Zuben Elgenubi means 'Southern claw', a relic of the pre-Roman days when the stars in this region of the sky were considered part of Scorpius , the Scorpion, positioned just to the South-east.

On January 7th Mars mag. Indeed, the name Antares derives from the ancient Greek ' anti Ares ' meaning 'rival of Mars ' Ares being the ancient Greek god of War. The planet 's passage through the constellations during the early part of the apparition i.

Aug 17 to Oct Oct 12 to Dec Jan 31 to Feb 8. Feb 8 to Mar Table showing the position and apparent magnitude of Mars for the early part of the apparition. The magnitudes, diameters and solar elongations listed here refer to the middle of the period in question. In this and the tables which follow, the rising and setting directions of the constellations listed can be found by referring to the zodiacal constellation rise-set direction table. By late February twilight is beginning to interfere with observation of Mars from higher Northern latitudes as the Northern hemisphere Spring equinox approaches.

The planet leaves the constellation on March 11th when it enters Sagittarius , the Archer. Mars crosses to the South of the ecliptic on March 16th. The planet's ecliptic crossing at this point is significant because it determines the shape of the loop described during the months around its opposition see below. If a superior planet is positioned well to the South of the ecliptic at the time of its opposition to the Sun , the loop described by the planet against the background stars will be South-facing.

Likewise, planets positioned well to the North of the ecliptic at opposition describe North-facing loops for more information on the loops and zig-zags described by the planets in the night sky, see the Planet Movements page. On that same day the planet passes two gaseous nebulae , one visible in small telescopes and the other to the naked-eye; Mars is positioned between the two nebulae at around UT.

Seen through telescopes under dark skies, three dark dust lanes can be seen, from which the nebula gets its name. At the centre of the nebula is a double star comprising components of 7th and 8th magnitude.

Gibbous Mars sketched by British amateur astronomer Paul Abel in March using an 8-inch Newtonian reflector telescope at x magnification. The planet was in the first half of its apparition and measured 11". The path of Mars in passes just to the North of the teapot. The Martian disk now appears 8". However, the planet's high Southern declination at this time means that this is not the case; in fact, observers at Southerly latitudes see the planet for a longer period before sunrise than observers at Northerly latitudes.

Later that same day, at about 21 hours UT, Mars passes just 1'. The planet is now brightening significantly with each passing week, its pale orange coloration seemingly more obvious than in the preceding months.

For observers at high-Northern latitudes, low altitude is not the only problem. Table of selected data relating to the brighter part of the Mars apparition of The data is listed at day intervals, corresponding with the dates on the star map.

The Central Meridian Longitude provided for telescopic observers is the Martian longitude which appears at the centre of the disk when seen from the Earth at the time indicated 0h Universal Time, or 0h GMT. The Martian disks appear at the same scale as those in the Mars Opposition data table here. Eighteen hours later Mars leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricornus , the Sea-Goat, where it will spend the brightest part of its apparition.

The stars are not physically related, since they lie at very different distances from the Earth; the closeness of the two stars is therefore a line-of-sight effect. Through telescopes, however, each star is seen to be double. The fainter component of Prima Giedi is of 9th-magnitude and is not physically related to it. Secunda Giedi has an 11th-magnitude component, part of a true binary system but which is itself double.

Al Giedi is therefore a 'double double' star or, more technically, a multiple star system. Optical Instruments for Astronomy. Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

The Red Planet now shines at a brilliant magnitude of Although the planet's brightest moment takes place on July 31st, it shines at magnitude At opposition, a superior planet rises around sunset, is visible throughout the night and sets around sunrise. Its highest point in the sky is reached when it crosses transits the observer's meridian at local midnight due South at midnight in the Northern hemisphere; due North at midnight in the Southern hemisphere.

It is much less favourable for telescopic observers in the Northern hemisphere, the more so the further North one is located. A list of meridian transit altitudes and directions of the planet at opposition for various latitudes over several Martian oppositions is given in the table below.

All the terms given in this paragraph are explained in more detail on the Martian seasons page. Prior to , Mars last reached opposition in Scorpius in May This photograph of the event, taken by the writer, shows the Red Planet two days after opposition day.

Saturn, then in Ophiuchus , is just within shot on the left. The pale glow in the lower part of the photo is from moonlight the Moon was only a couple of days past Full.

The photo was taken facing South at around midnight local time Roll your pointer over the image for an annotated version and click on the thumbnail for the full-size photo. The opposition of Mars is the best since August At the current opposition Mars is 0. Such close oppositions to Earth are known as perihelic oppositions , since they take place when Mars is close to the perihelion position of its orbit for more details, see the Mars Oppositions page.

Later on opposition day, a further spectacle awaits observers across much of the world with the exception of the Northern and central Americas. At UT the Full Moon enters the Earth's umbral shadow , marking the start of the umbral phase of a total lunar eclipse , with maximum eclipse taking place at UT.

Due to the effect of parallax, the angular separation between the two celestial bodies depends upon the observer's location on Earth. This is the only occasion during either the 20th or 21st centuries on which a total lunar eclipse has coincided with a Martian opposition day.

Mars and its moons Phobos and Deimos. Martian Moons Observing Challenge. Considered by most scientists to be asteroids captured in the Martian gravity, they were discovered within a week of each other in August by Asaph Hall using a inch 66 cm refractor at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, D. They are named after the sons of Ares, god of war, with whom, according to ancient Greek mythology, they accompanied into battle.

Ideal observing times of Phobos and Deimos in the days around Mars' closest approach to Earth in July 31st.

Both moons are irregularly shaped and are relatively small in size. Deimos measures just 16 kms by 10 kms 10 by 6 miles and it orbits the planet in just over 30 hours at an average distance of 23, kms 14, miles.

Much like our own Moon, both Phobos and Deimos continually present the same face towards Mars. They are best observed under excellent seeing conditions when they are close to their greatest Eastern and Western elongations from the planet. Phobos will be seen extending to about 33" to East and West of the planet about 1.

What size of telescope is required to see the Martian moons? Doing so would be a real feat! Crinklaw has much useful advice on attempting to observe the moons dating from the opposition on his website SkyHound.

Ideal times to observe the two moons simultaneously when they are both at, or close to, their greatest elongations from Mars in the days around closest approach to Earth are listed in the accompanying table.

Moving retrograde, Mars begins to pass the stars it had passed over two months ago, except in reverse order. The planet now sets at its most Southerly position on the local horizon. Typically this will be towards the South-west at latitudes far away from the Equator and towards the WSW at Equatorial latitudes. The planet's high-Southern declination dramatically affects the duration which it spends above the horizon at any given latitude.

The planet re-enters Capricornus on September 1st. Mars at the Opposition imaged independently by two Italian amateur astronomers on the same day, showing the differing details resolved by different telescope apertures under similar observing conditions. As Mars heads into central Capricornus , it leaves behind the ghost of an apparent loop that it has described in the night sky over the last four months: It is an eclipsing binary , meaning that a smaller component revolves around the parent body, causing the star's brightness to fluctuate in a regular cycle.

In the case of Deneb Algiedi , however, the fluctuation is between magnitudes 2. By early November Mars has faded back to 'minus zeroth magnitude' On November 15th the planet attains its minimum illuminated phase for this apparition, at Unlike at W estern quadrature, the illuminated part of the planet's disk faces Westwards not Eastwards, as before because it is now positioned to the East of the Sun when seen from the Earth.

At the centre of the 'wheel' is the star Zeta Aquarii Aqr , mag. Although not quite as close as the Red Planet's previous conjunction with Neptune at the start of , this is nonetheless a spectacularly close event, the two planets being easily contained within the field of view of even the smallest of telescopes. Neptune is only a few months past opposition and has faded by only 0.

This an ideal opportunity for those who have never seen our most distant Solar System planet to locate it with relative ease, using Mars as a bright locator-beacon. Both of these stars lie quite close to the ecliptic and, like the Omegan stars in Scorpius see above , they are sometimes occulted by passing planets.

Mars will next occult 96 Aquarii in The planet is now positioned 41'. Mars leaves the star chart coverage above on the same day. It is nonetheless brighter than any of the stars which surround it within the boundaries of Pisces.

The name is a translation of a Greek word ' ' meaning 'winepress'. However, this was a mistranslation of the original Greek word ' ' meaning 'flax', i. The planet enters Taurus , the Bull, on March 23rd. At the North-eastern corner of the group are the stars Upsilon Tauri Tau , mag.

At the South-eastern corner of the Hyades , marking t he 'eye' of the Bull, is the orange - red star Aldebaran Tau or Alpha Tauri , mag. Its coloration derives from the fact that it is a red giant star. Most of the Hyades stars comprise a genuine cluster, moving through space together, however Aldebaran is not part of the group: Now fainter than Aldebaran , it appears as an ordinary 'star' with an orange tint, almost indistinguishable from many of the stars around it, at least without the aid of a telescope.

Elsewhere the planet is setting in darkness, towards the North-west at mid-Northern and mid-Southern latitudes and to the WNW Equatorial and Tropical latitudes. The altitudes of the planet, as it becomes visible in the dusk twilight, are: The star also carries the name Gamma Aurigae Aur since, apart from defining one of the Bull's horns, it also neatly completes the six-sided figure comprising the stars of Auriga , the Charioteer, located to the North-east of Taurus.

On May 12th there is another close encounter with a double star, when Mars passes just 2'. Specifically, the stars in this region of the constellation are depicted as being the hunter's club. Mars now sets at its most Northerly point along the local horizon, the actual point of setting depending upon the observer's latitude.

This will be towards the North-west at higher Northern latitudes and towards the WNW at most other inhabited latitudes. The cluster has an apparent diameter of 30' about the size of the Full Moon and it contains over stars! In late May, observers situated at high Northern latitudes are the first to bid farewell to the Red Planet as it slips into the dusk twilight.

Over the next month the 'observing window' for Mars also reduces considerably for observers at mid-Northern latitudes. Mars heads into Cancer , the Crab, on June 28th. In late June Mercury is positioned a few degrees to the South-west of Mars. By early July Mars has been from lost from view from mid-Northern latitudes. With its return to central Cancer , Mars has now completed a full circuit of the zodiac since the start of its apparition nearly two years earlier.

Mars ' passage through the constellations during the latter i. Feb 13 to Mar Mar 23 to May May 16 to Jun Jun 28 to Jul As in the first table, the magnitudes, diameters and solar elongations refer to the middle of the period in question.

The planet enters Leo , the Lion, on July 30th, where it has a close conjunction with Venus a few weeks later on August 24th.

Imsges: mars venus five stages of dating

mars venus five stages of dating

Extraterrestrial water Water on Mars. The process of forming the terrain may begin with sublimation from a crack.

mars venus five stages of dating

T he Moon is easy to find, and on one or two days in each month, it passes Mars in the sky.

mars venus five stages of dating

Keep your wits about you, and hang onto your sense of humor! For more on that, see my May forecast later this week! Between the 16th and the 22nd, we can expect another batch of strong solar flares M and Stabes and Coronal Mass Ejections Dating dart boardas well as their manifestations here on Earth: Your ideas are inspired and inspiring. Winter Storms Noah and Oliver combined over mars venus five stages of dating of the US to deliver heavy rain and snowfall depending on latitude and elevation on and off stgaes this shock window.