8 Sure Ways to Deal With an Ex Seeing Someone New

8 Sure Ways to Deal With an Ex Seeing Someone New

my ex is already dating someone

It probably seemed like just any other comment at the time — but it seems significant. Because we argue like at least once a month, I am still unsure abt us lasting and havent really thought about his lack of interest until now. Over the course of the following days I showed her love and appreciation, treated her like I had done in the past however she still wanted out. Their mother bought them anything and everything they wanted anyway, gave them no incentives to work for anything, and they loved every minute of it, so what was the point of working? If she wants me to co parent then take some of my suggestions but anythign that makes her cry she start get all weird unless of course tolder gets on her nervers.


She is thrilled to have helped so many people reignite the spark in their relationships. This website definitely contains advertisements, like you would expect in modern times. In addition to this she was telling she is working as a Sales girl in a shop in Dubai. She reached Philippines to process the visa and documents for marriage. I am a single mom too.

Lots and lots of classes together etc. And he truly WAS my best friend only it was a bad match in the sack. We both dated other people and never so much as even kissed one another again. Skyblossom March 4, , I think there is a huge difference between what you describe and what she is describing. You were seeing an ex during the day, I would call that friend time and it was appropriate to see him during that time. She is describing a boyfriend who is spending their couple time, their alone time, after 9 at night, on the phone with his ex.

She is talking about losing their alone time when they would talk and cuddle and have sex and in general build a relationship. I think it would be different if he could or would limit his interactions with her to friend time.

Lindsay March 3, , 9: Rachel Reality Chick March 4, , BTW, the site is back up for me again! Turned out it was some hosting glitch and they needed to reset the modem or something techy eyes glaze over. I was just happy to have DW working again. BossyItalianWife March 4, , 3: BUT, this whole talking obsessively with the girlfriend thing? But, if it were me, before I did MOA, I would probably give my boyfriend a heads up and see what he wanted to do once the ball was truly in his court.

I think maybe I should start looking for my own place. NoOne Inparticular September 7, , I have to agree that to some degree it is disrespectful for the bf to communicate so much with his ex if the new gf is uncomfortable with it.

Maybe if he cut back, and compromised, it would be better. Healthy relationships are about open and honest dialogue and compromise. We were together for 12yrs But she quickly went to a rebound.

Her and the rebound have settled down, and she says they barely speak or see each other. My ex asked me to connect with her in an intimate way again, but as soon as I asked her to please not talk or hang out with her rebound, she backed out of wanting to connect with me again. She is willing to say bye to me to keep the rebound in her life. So yeah, after telling me various things about not seeing a future with the rebound, but could date the rebound, and having love as a person for her rebound…I asked her to keep the rebound out of her life so we can reconnect.

Which is also recommended by therapists.. I feel like she cheated on me with this person.. I have no proof besides really odd and suspicious behavior from my ex. I really went on a rant. Good luck to this couple and every couple going to hell over selfish bullshit. Hana January 24, , 5: My boyfriend of 6 months is best friends with his ex. We had fights big word maybe discussion about his 3 times already. The last time which was 3 days ago. I gave him an ultimatum.

Either he stops all contact with her of stops with me. I felt so disrespected and somehow she makes all my emotions come up anger, sadeness, insecure, etc. The last time, I packed all my stuff and went to my house. Told him not to conact me since he made a decision to de with the past and not the future. I told him only is he cuts all contacts with her. Honestly, I felt really bad when he begged me to stay but I needed to be though otherwise he would never take my feelings seriously in the future.

It as too much if an effort to make him see what it does to me and for him to promise to cut contact. I feel a distance between us and I still feel that I have lost him…. Skyblossom January 24, , 8: This is the third time this has happened.

Also, you are finding that when someone keeps hurting you your impression and feelings toward them change. Ladybird February 14, , 6: My bf is friends with most of his exes. She spies on me and makes up things about me. This has been going on for four years. She drinks and gets angry. It hurts me terribly. He has begged me not to leave him because he says he loves me.

Yes, truth your gut. I wish you a happy life. BC March 6, , 2: He says why would I do that I love you. They were married no kids and divorced. He is to stupid to know I can see the phone calls back and forth.

Of course I said nothing about that then my cover would be blown. Bella April 8, , Good day, I have a psychological question.. My ex and big love is married and has a child. I also have a child. He also informed me that he still loves me, and I sincerely feel the same.

Toni June 10, , 9: Mine was with his ex 10 years and they just broke up 6 months after I met him but they have 2 dogs together that just turned 10 yrs old.

When I told him it was her or me he went back on the dating site tinder and has now exchanged numbers with girls I am almost certain he also has gone out w them.

He lives at home w his parents still. We broke up 3 months ago right after his birthday. We had been arguing over her for months and the morning of his birthday I made him breakfast and gave him his gifts. Then it became my fault. She had two boys. The oldest boy had a some issues with behavior. Throwing massive fits, always talking back, telling her mom to shut up, and hitting.

I left for the summer for a job. So i moved back to be with her. After I moved back I asked her if she had cheated on me.

She said no but she made out with her nanny. Who was 21 and kind of a party girl. I may have been into that sorta thing, being a guy and all. But it bothered me. Not only did I feel like she had cheated on me, but her responsibilities as a parent became untrustworthy to me.

I feel that with kids having issues, it was not a good mix. But I stuck around for two years, I expected the kids tempers to get better, but it never did, and i was afraid it was going to get worse. It seemed like there was more fighting than love between them. So I bailed in jan.

Now, 11 months later, I still feel like a dead beat for leaving. I think that you need to find someone that is ready to start a family with you. Try to move on and date women that love and want children so that if it works out you can be a dad. Good luck, and for the record you are not a dead beat, from where I stand you were unsatisfied with a situation and you left. You are allowed to do that. There are plenty of families that are more functional that would love to have an awesome new member, or families who would love to be born to you.

Find those, you left her for a reason and it was a good one. Good luck in looking for the non-childed ones i would say.

Its takes to people to make stupid decision. There are many reasons why a woman could be a single parent. For every single mother there is a single father. Any judgements to place on the guys? I was put in a situation in my early 20s where someone I cared for and trusted pushed things too far and forced himself on me. Same goes to say for single dads obviously. I am 36 and dated a single mother of a 7 year old for the last 11 months. The daughter was okay but very spoiled.

The problems I had was that I always came second. I understand that the child is the priority, but I was not in the relationship to simply be 2nd to the child all the time.

I have needs to. We recently broke up after going on a much needed vacation but the child came with us. This was 3rd time this has happened and it dawned on me that this was not going to make me happy, ever.

Back to the drawing board for this old man…. It will be the same scenario for kids that genetically belong to you too. Meanwhile the poor guys are missing out since we taught them they make rubbish parents. When someone has a child — her kid comes first. Unless there is some dysfunctional situation where she is neglecting the child.

My mom divorced when I was 9 — from my then highly abusive father — both alcoholics. I think the woman needs to first and foremost take care of herself and her child. My step dad was jealous of any time I spent with my mom and he treated me like I was a piece of crap.

It drove me away from her and them both. She can have ten if she wants. But here is the deal for me. She must be a a good mother to those kids.

Dumping kids on me because she is tired is not going to work. Kids are, so to speak, a non factor for me. A woman with no kids but bad attitudes will not cut it with me either. Well my gf tried not to do that but end up doing it because her baby sitting aid never came and told the manager not to work the same shift so i can take care of her child versa. That not really made me mad fact that it affected my hours and I am good employee.

Anyway I had a talk and there was transition in management i got my hours back but now she stressing out because her other sitter her elderly mom can barely do it. She has hard time walking and has doc appointments. Pretty sure she just got fired because she called in rest of the week and demanded to speak to higher managers up about it. Matter in fact i think had to do with the fact i kinda took nutural stance on the issue as long as work gave me my hours and money i wanted.

I am not willing to sacrifice myself for her kid to that extreme. I think kids are amazing little people who are smarter than you think — so full of life and a lot of fun.

But also a huge responsibility — needs patience, love, care, etc. Honestly, I think she should give up the kid for adoption. She not ready for it. The job I got her. I have found that mature, secure men who know who they are seem to be fine if the woman is also mature, secure and a good mom, etc. Even though they are generally good children. Children I love and my life revolves around but men get off easy. However, me and my girlfriend are in love? I have a job and a car.

I even try to get her a job in order to help her wean off Government AID. She got into argument with manager there that also mine. She told my manager to make so the days i m not working she working so i can take care of her tolder She was suppose to have daycare by this point.

This resulted in far less hours then I should be getting working there for a yr now. I was stuck cleaning diapers. I felt like I was screwed over. I told management this is not what I wished and I wanted to move upwards.

Well now, she stuck with less reliable baby sitter her mother that mentally sick and as well as old. Nothing seems to go as plan fiscally as concerned. The kid did annoy me lot of the time I just ignore it and put on the headphones. I honestly think she too soft sometimes but she has these weird cycles were she super soft gives in to all her demands all the attention I feel like i just entered flower world hahaha then all sudden bedtime and discipline. Some days she switches between the two attitudes.

The one thing I say the most to her to be consist. Two things I wish that the toddler did sleep on her own on normal sleepy time and please remain consist. If she wants me to co parent then take some of my suggestions but anythign that makes her cry she start get all weird unless of course tolder gets on her nervers. If the kid cries she gets all depress and gives in unless she finds out she faking it to get something.

The deal I made with her i just give my opinion on the situation and put on the headphones until the tolder falls asleep on the worse of days. I seen the tolder stubbornly stay up til like 5 or 4 am. This will sound cold but I think she should give her child up temporarily to somebody trust worthy for a few years while we develop career and future.

I would more then love then for the child to come back full time with my last name if turns that way and make one more of our own.

Any opinions from men on dating a woman who decided to have a child with a sperm donor around the end of her fertility years? So my question is, how do you men feel about that type of situation, where there is no father in the picture to have to deal with? I meet a man that is at the age of He is amazing ,smart, and caring towards my son and I.

He tells me that he had dated three woman that had children and it ended in non mutual terms. He is afraid that the same will happen to us. He says he loves me and my son. People seem to comment so strongly that it is such a negative thing for a woman to be a single mom. There are a lot of single dads out there too and it is NOT just his life and decision.

I think he should have not pursued anything if he felt so deeply about it — and she should decide to let go or something else. She should take care of herself and her kid.

How in the hell is that his loss LMAO. If anything he did his self a favor by dumping this broad and finding a woman who doesnt have kids. Only person who is taking a loss are you single moms LoL. When things are handed to you you jave got to play by your own cards. So shut your mouth. I had dated a single dad before and he was amazing. She sound like a real catch. Some women are even with ten kids. That is why it could be his loss. But you sound too opinionated to understand this.

Some single parents got there by sheer bad luck like the death of a spouse or rape, others the majority got there by simply not bothering to choose the right partner before having kids and then splitting up or getting a divorce.

If I were to get a gun and shoot several people, would you expect my husband join me in jail for the rest of his life? I am a single mom too. I think basically maybe you guys jumped into things really fast sorry if I am wrongly assuming and he was so into you that he pushed aside his fears.

But, we are all human. I am so sorry. The only comment I can give as a man: Really, I mean, you buy her excuses? Genetics, my dear friends. I used to date a woman a couple of years ago and she had a 8 years old kid.

As a man, I really invite all men to consider your options and what is best for you as a man. Sadly, she was a bad mother. We are mothers but we are women also. We both were aware of what could and would eventually happen. I know I was and I sure got a rude awakening.

I love her but she lives with her mom for now an its an bad environment for her an the kids drinking an smoking then bad language is being taught. They run around disrespecting adults and everything but the said thing is that her mother is telling them stuff like this she went away for awhile an came back to that.

Get the hell out of there while you still can. I am a mother of three who is just starting to date again after my husband passed away several years ago, and I hate the way people just automatically assume that there is a failed relationship in my past. I had a very happy marriage, stood by my husband through a long-term illness, and took care of him after he went on hospice, and it took me years to get over his death.

I know more white women on welfare than blacks.. Just putting that perspective out there. I am 36 from India, unmarried. I met my Filipina GF online in when she was working in Dubai. Since I had bad experience with another Filipina in my past I told her I am not ready to think again about a Filipina as my Girl Friend.

She promised me that she will be truthful to me. When I asked about this she said her family is trying to destroy her life. But never rejected that news as true or false. She always blame family and say they are trying to destroy her life. I trusted her thinking that what I heard is false and gone and met her in Philippines.

Interestingly she never took me to her home. That made me to keep a distance with her. In addition to this she was telling she is working as a Sales girl in a shop in Dubai. But later her Dubai friend told me both of them working as caretakers in a home. But she was crying since I have shown rejection and I started feeling that she is innocent and truthful and I continued believing her. We planned next month 4th year of this relationship — over internet and phone mainly she will visit india for marriage.

She reached Philippines to process the visa and documents for marriage. But all of a sudden her brother send me message saying that she is a widow and she has kids. That is again shocking to me. I always felt she as a good woman with simple life, anger and an eagerness for a peaceful family life. In this 4 years only once she asked me money. She never tried to squeeze money from me.

I have met my GF 3 times in this 4 years. Once in Philippines and twice in India. I need your inputs in this issue. I am not able to understand why she is hiding these important matters still now?

If I marry her what are the issues I am going to face? I had a similar kind of issues. I thought the girl is nice and good. We had problems because I had a doubt whether she is married. But at last I caught her in fb that she is married and having child. So ask her email is and try to find her previous fb. Which I used to find her. Its common in Philippines. What we should know is the differences in culture and mind set. I want to tell to all Filipinas that hiding the important information about marital status and children is considered as fraud in India that can lead to punishment and divorce.

If you love someone say the facts sincerely. I am a single mum to two children and will refuse to bear any of the stigma or assumptions about me single parents that I have seen in some of these comments. I made a decision to bail out of a toxic relationship that had I stayed in it would have been emotionally harmful to my Kids. Their dad and I have put sensible and practical arrangements in place and mine is a harmonious and happy household.

He has yet to meet my kids and I intend to keep it that way, if the relationship develops, for a long time. They are three and five and sometimes a noisy handful!

I will keep these worlds apart for as long as possible until such time as it feels appropriate and our relationship has developed to the point that we know we both see a long term future. My mum remarried with two Kids at a time when the stigma was much greater and my dad loved her and my two older siblings, likewise my sister remarried with a child and the family are very happy with two more kids.

Her ex husband and his wife are friends of the family and. Enlightened folks can lead enlightened lives, Kids or no kids! BUT I will say this.. My ex-wife is infamous for smudging the truth in her favor. You must pay close attention to whatever the single parent says and also get the story from the other parent.. On the opposite side of the spectrum- denoting some crazy thing they did and only explaining the negative reaction of their ex etc.. I understand exactly where you are coming from, unfortunately my situation somehow the role is switch, I never dated a man until last child father with so much uncontrollable emotion , that not even a few females satisfied his craving for attention.

My advice for dating a women with a teenage kid? Biggest mistake of my life. I dated a chick with a 8 year old kid. She told me straight up that here kid would always come first.

So unless I have kids I will never date a single mother again. It boils down to this. When it gets serious and the two fall in love, no matter what your never the number one in her book always her kid first. Parents who see this split are not mature or ready to be in a relationship.

In a normal relationship this split does not exist because everyone is a team to try to do what is best for the others.

I see a lot of immature men and women on this post. Seriously some of the comments on here are just… Ugh. I was with their Dad until I was three months pregnant with my little girl, at which point I found the strength to leave his emotionally abusive ass.

He came crawling back when I was seven months along and asked to be in the room while I was in labor. So when people start talking shit about single mums, it really gets my back up. And why is she dating again with a little baby! If you end up living together and you walk in on a three year old about to smear paint on your tv, are you going to run up and stop him or just hang back and wait for Mum to come deal with her kid? Plus some guys are getting shitty because the mums they dated put their kids first??

I would put my kids before literally anyone and anything in the world. Yes… it takes more thought and explaining than when you were single… but, a different situation, calls for different action.

I just got out of a relationship with a single mother, I lasted a year and a few months, we lived together, it was hell, you have no idea, follow my advice, keep out. Why would you put yourself out for a women like that only to be in a worse situation where you are not even the childs father and will always come after her children. A tragically simple outlook from a tragically simple person. If you are a secure, rational person you are not second to the children, you are a part of the family.

You only stand to gain in this situation if you have the right outlook. This is the best of several worlds in my opinion. The US is full of single mothers.. Pretty much every black girl I met had had kids by You seem to be right but you are too generic in a way….

I think it depends. Some black girls are brought up in a nice family and some are…just like whites and other races. So, I would say avoid black girls. Just find someone out there…. White girls have babies young as well..

Single parenting is not limited to black women. And some women only have one kid, not a whole parcel. You should totally get educated before you make an uneducated opinion, which no one is entitled to.

I guess u have 0. I have a three yr old son and his father passed away when he was two months old. So how should I get my boyfriend to kinda accept my son as his own? Oh my this is a tough issue. I dated this woman twice and now in the throughs of a very slow moving 3rd time.

The kids seem to like me and I am very good with kids. She loves poems, so Im just tinkin of writing her from time to time and give her calls to keep her close. She accuses me of this behaviour always. I just wanna be strong and good for her.

The other person will want it to go back to the way it was, even if they punish you by being cold, for example at the beginning. Just do the best you can and be mindful. If you feel like withdrawing, communicate with her. Hi my boyfriend and I mutually decided to split be he had cheated and I became clingy. I told him not to contact m e bc I needed time to detach even though he insisted we be friends and talk from time to time.

It has been almost 3 wks since we have spoken. I have talked to his family bc we are friends. He has been seeking attention through social media to get back to me. We were together for 3 yrs and I know I love him but I think its the rejection and normalcy that is eating away at me. Me and my boyfriend were only dating two months.

We are in our 50s. We had so much fun together. Then he just stopped contacting me. When we finally talked he told me that he cared so much about me but it all went too fast he had me meet his family it was awesome I was totally blindsided he said he had been alone for five years and although we only saw each other on the weekends he was feeling a little Smothered.

My ex bf broke up with me for the third time almost 2 months ago. We met online and had the greatest connection when we met. Things were going great but 2 weeks after we met he told he he had to let me go. He came and broke up with me in person. I totally said yes because i was starting to get into him and missed him so much. He came and told me he made a mistake letting me go and to give him another chance and I did.

I was very hurt as to why he did this to me especially since i always been such a sweet and caring person to him. He called and asked if we could meet up. Of course i accepted. So he came and he gave me the thighest hug. He then said he really missed me in his life.

And he said I love you which he rarely did before. I told him to SHOW me and not just say that he loves me because actions speak louder than words. So i took him back and everything was blissful until i confessed that during our break i had slept with my sons dad.

I have a 9 year old btw. I told him i never cheated and respected our relationship. I got so upset because this was the first guy my son met as my bf besides his dad. It was a big deal. Btw the third time we got back together he officially asked me to be his girl. Regardless this situation hurts so much. I feel he kept leaving me cause he wasnt ready. Well i have texted him three times after the break up. He said im a good mother And wished me the best.

My second text he replied cause i wished him a nice thanksgiving. He said thank you i hope you had a good day. Enjoy your holidays take care. My third text was because i had made him a video. Tbh was kinda of like a video to give myself closure and to tell him how i feel about him etc. I texted him to let him know that i made him a video and that it would mean alot if he saw it.

Tbh im not sure if i want him back. My ex brokeup with me 3 weeks ago. And asked for some space a week ago. Havent heard from him since and its hard! He is going through a hard time in his life and i think a bit depressed. His parents dont approve of us and he has work and money issues forcing him to move back to california. He lives in nyc. When he asked me for no contact he only gave me 5 min to talk. He told me we cant be for now.

Imsges: my ex is already dating someone

my ex is already dating someone

Can you help me to win him back? Because during the next day of our first date, I did not look for her at her locker and I did not even hug her or kiss her.

my ex is already dating someone

They are three and five and sometimes a noisy handful!

my ex is already dating someone

It has been a battle, both on his end and my kids to find that bond, mainly because double dating on valentines day always put up emotional barriers. We hung out and text. You can screw all you want to. At this stage, I would my ex is already dating someone not worry too much about it and alteady to give it time and see if it heads to one direction or another. She was silent and begun breaking down.