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no dating just marriage ost

Even the main leads are not the best eye candies, at least to me. Especialy considering the guy she is going to marry is not suitable for her purpose at all. He is currently giving me the silent treatment silent because he said something that I felt was insensitive. The struggle of keeping everything on yourself making your pain just your own..

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Chaos17 Mar 21 2: Beryl Russell says October 17, Dave, that sounds like what I went through for three years with a man. I need to learn to let go. Sadly ep 16 is the ending. It is so draining!!! Considering that her mom was the mistress of jihoon's dad, then im guessing she gave birth at young age. My H was incredibly hurtful but there are other men who want what I want.

So many, many cute, clever scene. Thanks those who put this drama at high quality on-line. Lynn Ho Oct 15 Elba Oct 03 Actors were great, specialy the main actors and the little girl. Very greatful for all the hard work. Many Thanks to all. Kat Oct 03 8: Loved Lee SeoJin from long long time ago.. However, my best actress in this kdrama is the little EunSung, so natural, be it her happy moments or sad moments So sad and cried a lot. I love little Eun Sung. She is very talented.

And also kang hye soo.. Greatest melodrama I ever watched. Nancy Sep 17 1: But I love it, it made me cry in the scene where they're dancing. Lovetge actors especially the little girl. Kaeselion Sep 06 4: Maya Sep 05 Miguel Lee Aug 14 5: Sonsarae Aug 12 I liked the story.

This is only my opinion - there was absolutely no on screen chemistry between the two main actors. The story line for them was great, but for me, these two people are a complete mismatch. I found it very hard to care if they were together or not.

Win some lose some. It is a good story! Aeronomer Jul 15 9: The acting in this is stellar, especially Uee and Lee Seo-jin.

But be warned, you will need your box of tissues. The second half of this drama made me cry like a little girl over and over again. CassieRae Jul 11 7: The drama would not have been so amazing without her. That little girl absolutely shines and it is evident she will have a bright future!

HME Jul 05 7: Thumbs up for this drama. KDrama Jul 01 I It needs more awards!! K Jun 29 7: This needs more awards indeed!! Richankurniawan Jun 29 1: I love them most!!! Am seeing this next,all comments here are positive,trust asianwiki audience drama reviews so it's a must watch for me..

Kdraman Jun 20 But its so realistic and dramatic at the same time. Words can't describe how I feel. Just finished watching, its going to give me some impact for the next few months. Both actor and actress just too natural in the characters. Need to promote more about this drama globally. They should be nominated as one of the best drama, casting crews in the year end awards ceremony. Rosel Jun 16 8: GMA Network already acquired the rights for this drama.

I'm so excited for this to come out on Philippine Television. Debra Howard May 31 8: Lead characters chemistry is off the charts. What does age matter? If it's good its good. Little girl is a natural. Look for her career to take off. Supporting cast, cinematography and direction outstanding. Seo Jin never disappoints. Korean dramas far surpass American dramas. Favorite scene if I had to pick only one: Her feet on top of his- that tells us so very much- such deep intimacy and tenderness.

Give us more like this please! See it for yourself drama: A Must Watch Drama! Joan May 21 8: Great role performance with this perfect story line I really loved the story Made me cried a lot Jodie May 07 I just finished watching this and i thought there was next episode. Sadly ep 16 is the ending. I cried so hard. For me, Uee's best drama is this one. Her acting is good and the storyline is good too.

I give 5 out of 5 stars. Beno May 03 2: This was one of those rare Drama's that is not set out to give you a happy ending. You cry beg and scream for the unfairness of everything that is going on but you wouldn't want to change a single thing. I love the actors and their realistic way of expressing human behavior. I cursed him alot while watching lol. Ojiya Apr 30 Her male lead did a great job helping her. But her sort of aloof persona in real life actually helped herin this role.

I thought she portrayed it very well. Loved the storyline, the lil girl, the supporting cast. I didn't fast forward anything. Mishella Apr 27 8: I was crying so many times.. Nicey Apr 27 7: She has changed a bit in this drama, eyes are more relaxed although not enough.

In High society, yes i feel her eyes are just Blank staring at nothing even if she is talking to another person. Overall this drama is great! Aside from Ji Hoon and Hye Soo who's got a perfect chemistry, i like the character of Eun Sang, she's adorable she made me cry few times, and also The Chef remarkable he's funny.

Cast good job all! Nicey Apr 26 Here in MC, she changed a little, her eyes a little relaxed but not enough and is a little expressive, i have no problem in her crying because we cry in different ways. Overall, this drama is great, i am satisfied! Aside from Hye soo and Ji Hoon who is very charming with dimples and their perfect chemistry, i like the characters of Eun Sung and the Chef! That child is so adorable, she made me cry in different situations.

This drama is highly recommended! But UEE's crying made me cringe. I liked how almost all the characters matured in their own way and grew. And I like how they didn't push love triangles too hard and focused on the natural progression of the characters growing and understand each other. You know how some drama's the main gets sick but than their are so many other things like an ex comes back and they leave each other. Only to realize at the end they love each other.

Or murder, mystery thriller and the illness gets pushed to the background and only comes back near the end where one of them is in the hospital and they realize they love each other. But this drama showed a lot of the pain and more reality in a situation like that. Which helped see how the characters grew so naturally. And everyone gets what they deserve good Mother cured, son got a family who really loves him etc or bad LSJ dad now lost everyone because of selfishness and is alone.

It was good but UEE's crying the sound she made was the only distraction and her face and mouth are seems stiff. I really liked her why did she do that to herself. Chris Apr 26 8: Story was compelling, acting was superb by all. I would like to have such a love in my life. Aiat Apr 26 5: Such a perfect drama!!! LSJ and Uee did an outstanding job, everything felt so real -their love, sorrow and passion! The whole cast did a great. Shin Rin Ah acting was so natural, so talented! I am sure that all the people who wrote negative comment, and said that UEE can't act and commented about the age gap thing are eating their words now.

Sorry for my English, anyway there is no words to describe this great drama. If you haven't watched the drama, you should watch it!! Hits all the right spots. It lures you in with its warmth and the characters feel real, like they're someone you might have known, a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. Even the "villains" were well-written and layered, imo. Overall, a very satisfying watch. Thanks to the whole production team and actors for bringing us this beautiful drama.

Nani Sutjipto Apr 26 4: Your inventiveness is ridiculously awesome. Your choice of pairing the main lead actors is just mind blowing. Their chemistry is off the chart and they are naturally compatible. I can not express enough gratitude on how much I appreciate this drama. Thank you so much Mr. Kim Jin-min and Ms. Jung Yoo-kyung for creating this beautiful artwork.

Thank you casts and production crews. Nuna Apr 25 Mai Apr 25 3: I agree with huge gap of the main lead but it doesn't matter at all.. Hoping for another project to this couple LSJ Apr 25 This drama really has a justifiable ending. It may dissatisfy some fans but who knows what's next for Kang Hye Soo and her courage to fight against her illness.

I really wish a guy like Soo Jin still exist in this world. Purely an unconditional love story. Kudos to the writer and casts. Rosel Apr 25 I just love every episode. I have nothing more to say. I think I am in love with all the the characters.

Lee Eun Dok Apr 25 The ending was really nice. Kecik Eko Ernasari Apr 25 8: Why they are so lovely and great combination even with a huge gap the chemistry still there. Dreamhigh Apr 25 8: Hidayah Apr 24 Even they have huge age gap but I never felt that way. I cried so much for this drama.. Love Uee and Lee Seo Jin-shi so much Hopefully I can see their combo again in future.. I cry, i laugh and i am on every emotional ride with drama. I really hoping for happy ending.

They both deserve happiness. But I just can't stand uee at times sorry fans! And when she talks, it's like the cheeks can't move It's just weird, looking at her I wish she had her old features back She was ok then M in LA Apr 20 4: You HAVE to must!!!

My heart will drop if you don't. There was not one episode that I did not cry with. I binged watched all 14 episodes, pulled an all nighter, my eyes were soooo swollen and dried up the next day I had to wear my sunglasses all day. It's seldom I get hooked like this to a k-drama. That means this is a well written and directed drama.

Like the Cinematography, too. It makes me so happy and appreciative of my family esp my husband! To have Someone you can trust and hold hands with. Gonna make him watch with me to teach him some smooth moves by Lee Seo Jin. Chloe-USA Apr 20 6: I see great things in her future!!!

Loved and hated Kim Yong-Geon's father role Kim Young-Pil, you personified jealousy! But in the end Uee and Lee Soe-Jin A Standing Ovation of Bravos to you two!!!! Me Apr 19 I accidently stumbled upon this drama and after watching the first two heart wrenching episode said: Honestly i stops watching DOTS to fully enjoy this drama..

Such a wonderful job done by the actors! Yes for me has tit and miss dramas.. I wasn't blowb away byyour beautiful forgive me fans but i wasnt then she blew me away in Hogu's Love.. Another fail in high society.. And now she is on her a game in this one So i guess I'm looking forwaes to her project after marriage contract?

SonHee Apr 19 5: Kdramas raising my expectations in men higher and higher! Seriously he's so perfect!! What a great love story. The man love his girl soo much he willing to give up everything in life. Oh i cry n cry sooo much with both happiness and sadness of this drama. I really do hope this will have happy ending.

Please please have happy ending xx. BiGuel Apr 18 2: I'm crying with happiness. That would be a great ending thou but hoping for better. This has been impossible to see for modern eschatological futurists because they have ignored the importance of the sacking of Jerusalem in 70AD.

For myself, I would like to read what archeologists have to say on the physical place. They would have a much better understanding than old and religious texts. If there were a garbage dump somewhere in the valley, it would be a treasure trove of information of that area. I have not searched for archeological papers on it, so I cannot comment with an opinion. I can but I will not. I have read many religious writings on the place, but would rather base my opinions in facts than myths.

All myths have slivers of truth, but are blown out of proportion to make poignant points thus should not be considered historical fact. Marty, this is a good point, but the question remains: Archaeology might be able to tell us whether rubbish was burned in the valley of the Sons of Hinnom or not.

But my argument in this post is that this is beside the point. In other words, literary sources known to Jesus account for his language, whatever archaeology may teach us.

Jesus quoted Isaiah The prophet Ezekiel states several times that hell is in the center of the earth. Gehenna is just an example of what hell will be like so I think it would matter if it was actually burning during the time of Christ. He most likely used it as an example to get his point across to the people living in Jerusalem during that time period.

If you are claiming an exegetical knock out for Rob Bell, maybe you should include all the verses for discussion? It was a literal place for Jeremiah also. In the greek Hinnom becomes gehenna. Its fire pit has been made deep and wide, with an abundance of fire and wood; the breath of the Lord, like a stream of burning sulfur, sets it ablaze.

Isaiah refers to Topheth or the Valley of the Son of Hinnom as the place where the dead bodies of those who were killed in war would be burnt. For Isaiah it is the place where the Assyrian armies would be defeated and the bodies of the dead consumed in the literal fires that burned there Is.

H Andrew, I appreciate your tone and honesty. I see you have written a book on this topic so i am obviously out of my league. I have been studying Isaiah for 2 years and still struggle with whether he is talking about immediate fulfillment in his day or fulfillment at the time of the first or second coming and then when he weaves the three together….

You could make the case he is a brilliant poet who makes Shakespeare look like a novice. I am not sure why you are so confident in light of the following scriptures Isaiah 37 36 Then the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning—there were all the dead bodies!

He returned to Nineveh and stayed there. And Esarhaddon his son succeeded him as king. The King of Assyria is also documented to have escaped in 2 Kings There was no national coming to faith in the Messiah. Rabbinical traditional has taken this verse to mean that Hell was created on the second day of creation. Nice talking to you! To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies.

Hong Suk Goo Original writing: Synopsis Wi Mae Ri is a stubborn woman and the daughter of a failed businessman without much experience in dating. She starts to date tough rocker Kang Moo Kyul.

Problems arise when a perfect guy with a good background and prestigious education, Byun Jung In, gets in the way. Jang Geun Suk Format: Download All torrents August 12, Posted by dramaasiatorrents in Uncategorized.

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no dating just marriage ost

Favorite scene if I had to pick only one:

no dating just marriage ost

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no dating just marriage ost

So I think he is mostly at fault and should get all the scorn. Woman found dtaing she has cancer, worry about daughter, marry some man to care for daughter after no dating just marriage ost die. It sounds like Chuck Mangione Moe has been depressed as fuck lately. But my argument in this post is that this is beside the point.