Why Men Don’t Write to Curvy Women on the Internet


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There's really nothing to worry about. There are very few women who choose this, and even fewer of them that are a "healthy" thin. Because clearly, a woman could be totally amazing, but if she has a little tummy pooch there's no point in even talking to her.

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Maybe you should move to America. You know Match is doing it wrong if the most desirable female body type has to be classified as average. You accuse me of being here to verbally prove how successful I am. Curvy will definitely fool you. But any debate about this and who is petite and who is curvy should be solved with accurate pictures.

Recent photos are really much more important than the word you choose to describe your body type. I agree that Curvy sounds right for your body type. Unfortunately some men think that women who put curvy are BBW and will not search for that body type.

You could put average to show up in more search results. However no matter what you put the most important thing is to show full length pictures of yourself that are flattering but honest. Mail will not be published required: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 of 7 total. August 25, at Curvy sounds like the perfect word to me. They are deluded average body type women who are clinging onto the hope that they may one day be able to return legitimately to the slim category once again.

Just as soon as their body recovers from, childbirth, eating to much food, not exercising enough or having a being on a see food diet for to long or whatever excuse they cling on to. If you get a real slim body type stick with her as they are a rare commodity indeed. Average - Is in the eye of the beholder isn't it? I found this out myself when I was talking to a girl on Plenty of Fish.

She was a nurse, very pretty and the one full length photo on her profile looked "curvy" and had written Average body type on her profile. We arranged to meet up but before she logged off she told me she was a size 16 as she didn't want to waste both our time if it put me off meeting.

When I questioned whether that was average she told me a size 16 average nowadays. A few extra pounds - This is clearly not very attractive to most men online especially when you think most women carrying a bit of extra weight will class themselves as Average body type. Any woman that classes as A few extra pounds body type has probably come to the conclusion that even saying average is stretching the realms of truthfulness a bit too far!

It follows on then that this category should be named the "Way to many pounds body type". Not two adjectives I would normally put together but it seems to have infiltrated the urban dictionary. It's a bit like adding the term Cuddly to Man Eating Tiger. It's still going to eat you alive whether it's cuddly or not. Probably happy to pretend they were average a few years back until the zips, clasps and ties broke under the increasing strain of squeezing her body into clothes two sizes to small.

An urban dictionary entry invented by large women. In essence they're a few extra pounds body type with an attitude. Stay clear of them. Not alone at all! I do well dating thanks! Haven't got an issue with fatties just with people generally who have no pride and have an attitude. Why can't people be comfortable and okay in their own bodies? I realize that being obese is unhealthy but man, just leave people be. I am currently on POF. I have also labeled myself as "average" body type.

I have always been in great shape, and I am a very attractive woman. I have been told by so many people throughout my life. No I do not have a big head. Figured it would be good to get back into dating online and try things out. I still have more to go. But by eating healthy and actually getting out of bed and starting my days makes that much of a difference- I was so depressed for the longest time.

I do let the men I talk to know that I am on this journey and if they can accept me now, they will be more accepting when I reach my goal. I'm not telling you this to feel bad for me or anything, just sharing so you know not all "fatties" wanted to be that way. And that some of us are making the conscious effort to better ourselves. About 10 to 20 pounds over weight but nearly all of them carried it well.

I was not turned off in the least. I speak as I and most men on dating sites find. Way too much thought perhaps but it takes my mind off raiding the fridge every hour.

Thin, he's right, they are primarily so thin they may have eating disorders or health conditions. There are very few women who choose this, and even fewer of them that are a "healthy" thin.

The large majority of this category is clearly overweight, ranging from normal to extremely obese. Literally everyone thinks they are "average".

There's a few in shape people, but the large majority, hands down, belong in the "few extra pounds" or even "bbw" category. A few extra pounds: There are very few women honest about their weight in this category. There's a few who are actually a few extra pounds, but now the majority in this category are morbidly obese to the extent that you wonder how they walk.

I'm not trying to be mean, I know it sounds that way This tends to be the same as a few extra pounds but it's "body positive" and entitled. This is where you find the begging choosers.

Very large women with huge entitlement issues. I don't mean to write this list to be offensive. I'm sure men do similar things. I have my weight listed as a few extra pounds. My BMI is "overweight" so I think it is suited. I don't know if this scares women away or not, but I am at least honest, something that I value highly even above body type.

And even though OP came off as mean, I think that's the take away here, most people I'm sure both women AND men are not honest about their appearances on the personals. I'm a guy and even I have to say you sound like a shallow douchebag. You also don't speak for all men, so get out of here with that "clearly not very attractive to men" shit.

Many people lie on dating sites, but they also have pictures, so who even cares? You clearly just want to fuck 90 pound supermodels, so why are you even wasting your time on dating sites? Just cut to the chase and go to escorts.

So people have photo's Most aren't an accurate representation of what the person looks like. I don't need to pay for escorts mate. I get a ton of attention on dating sites and have shared what I do on here. So I get pissed with the inadequacies of how online dating works out for most men and you slate me. I speak as I find,. I was saying you're a douche because you make generalizations about men only be attracting to super-skinny women and only focus on women's body types and how much they displease you, especially when not as slender as you'd like.

You seem to troll this sub a lot. Like some kind of shady con artist looking to make a buck. While I'm merely giving out free advice over Reddit, without any links to any self-promoting bullshit. I think you're jelly.

Don't worry; I'm not trying to "move into your territory" of bullshit dating advice, buddy.

Imsges: online dating profile body types

online dating profile body types

I admit I find fat to be very unattractive, but I give a lot of credit to a woman who is at least trying to stay thin and who can keep up with me in outdoors activities. I put down average, but apparently everyone on this sub thinks it means anything other than average. My profile on eHarmony has accurate, recent pictures, but I still wonder… Telling this story as I have here is not exactly something one should put in their online profile.

online dating profile body types

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Have a horrifying Internet dating experience you'd like to share?

online dating profile body types

I think that the whole body type thing is incredibly subjective, and, especially for women, it just leads to more harassment than anything. Dating is a lottery; the more people there are to choose from, the harder it will be online dating profile body types find the right one. At least I have a reason for being here. The primary photo is the one that pops up in the array of all the other people on that page. Look at what your representing and have realistic expectations please. I have always been in online dating profile body types shape, and I kirstie pentatonix dating a very attractive woman.