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I love YoonYoon Dec 18 2: Its the best korean drama. But some of the plot holes are at times painful. How can I tell it will be one of my favs? I wanna get autograf from LBS and yoona

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I love this drama coz it is light, funny and fast-paced. I hope there is NO love line between them! So far i enjoy the drama. I watched the first six episodes in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Oh My Venus Moorim School:

But she does catch him to apologize for her actions yesterday—for trespassing upon the piano room and playing on the instrument without permission. He asks her what else with this amused glint in his eye, and Da-jung racks her brain before recalling how she jumped on him. In the car Yul answers that question as he thinks to himself that Da-jung had made him think about his late wife. Da-jung meets up with the Scandal News team later, who pitch the idea to write a feature on the prime minister that might benefit them both.

She declines, saying that Yul will never agree to it, which has editor, Editor Go leave in disappointment. However, the idea of somehow assisting Yul has her thinking. Hye-joo believes they should bide their time, but In-ho counters that the prime minister always sticks to his principles, and Yul sends them both out.

They pick up their argument outside where In-ho challenges her certainty that Yul always makes decisions that align with his strict principles.

Yul smiles in amusement at how Da-jung can make the problem seems so simple, and Da-jung suggests that they go out for a drink then. In-ho is surprised to hear that both Yul and Da-jung are out. Woo-ri snatches it back and leaves, but something about the phone gives In-ho pause.

He notes that Woo-ri had used a smartphone to make a call and finds it strange. Meanwhile Yul and Da-jung go out for that drink, and he points out that it seems like Da-jung was the one who wanted to drink. Yul looks up in surprise at that statement. She eagerly asks him to do away with the assignment to write up daily records on the children.

But then she nearly chokes on her food to see the Scandal News team plop down at a nearby table. Whoops, time to run! Yul and Da-jung make a run for it with their security guards a few steps behind them and the Scandal News team on their tail.

When Da-jung starts to fall behind, Yul takes her by the hand and keeps running. They eventually lose their tail in an alleyway and set off in a run in the other direction with a smile on both of their faces. Da-jung comments to Yul that his smile suits him and encourages him to smile more often in the future.

He snaps out of it moments later and barks at her to go to bed. In-ho is still at the estate, having waited to give Da-jung a belated Christmas gift. She gasps in surprise at the fountain pen, saying that she always wanted one.

He notes that it seemed like an appropriate gift since he remembered her dream is to become a writer like Jane Austen. Yul stays up working again that night, and he stops Da-jung from reading to him again, saying that it was enough to see her fall asleep snoring once. He tells her to go to sleep instead, and Da-jung reluctantly complies. But she does look over and watches him work at his desk…. This gives Yul the perfect opportunity to criticize her messy habits, which Da-jung takes offense to.

Pfft, you two have no idea how much you already bicker like an actual married couple, but I love it. She curses her nightgown outside and cringes in embarrassment. Now that Yul has the entire bedroom to himself, he sprawls on the bed and scoffs at the idea that Da-jung would read him to sleep. He spots the stack of books by the bedside and starts reading out of curiosity. And whaddayaknow, he actually falls asleep that way. The other ministers come to Yul with feigned apologies and excuses for missing the cabinet meeting.

Hye-joo holds a press conference and confirms that the prime minister knows of the rumors said about him and apologizes to the public.

Editor Go causes a stir with his question about why the prime minister would be out on a date and drinking at a local restaurant the day after, but Hye-joo promptly puts him in his place. Hye-joo follows Yul on his way out of the office. Now we learn that In-ho had mentioned to Da-jung that Woo-ri appears to own two different phones. She gently asks how he acquired the phone, and Woo-ri comes out with it to admit that yes, his uncle bought it for him.

But Woo-ri lies that he knows nothing and runs away. Then Yul confronts Da-jung about knowing that his son was in a band and had a phone all along. Da-jung replies that she felt sorry to Woo-ri and intended to help him bring it up to his father in person after his concert.

He tells her not to overstep her boundaries again and walks away. He adds that Woo-ri also has an affinity for music like his mother and called earlier to confirm where his band was playing tonight. Woo-ri has had enough by now and asks her to get lost. She tries to appeal to him with sympathy, to think how difficult it must be for his father, and Woo-ri bites back: Are you my real mother?

He wrings himself out of her grip and runs while Da-jung thinks to herself: As Da-jung runs after him, she asks herself what the reason is: Da-jung chases him to the crosswalk just before light turns green. She stops in her tracks like a deer caught in headlights as an oncoming truck approaches…. As Da-jung looks up at Yul, she answers her own question: Hmm, what a dilemma.

Da-jung had easily morphed into a wife and mother in the family, which was wonderful to see, and certainly a blow to her when both Yul and Woo-ri had delivered the bitter truth pill that she is neither of those in this family and therefore has no right to intervene in their lives.

That brings us to the point wherein Da-jung finally asks herself why she did all those things for Yul and this family unit. But the challenge was for her to scrutinize the motivation behind why she continued to do them, even when no one asked her to. Her realization that the reason is because of Yul reinforces the idea that acts of love is because of the intended person and are outwardly expressions of the feelings already involved. Now just to get the prime minister to get in tune with his feelings.

Sometimes it reinforces hidden truths about themselves which could be praise or criticism or the warning that those sleeping pills could be harmful. Time to read up on One Thousand and One Nights in the meantime? Your email address will not be published. Normally I don't like extensions but dang it, I can't get enough of these two so I'll welcome this news with loving arms. If you'd have told me that one day I'd live in a universe where I need Yoona and Lee Beom-soo to make out, I would have laughed in your face.

But here we are, and I've never been so glad to be so wrong. I wonder if he had any great kissing scenes in his other works And I haven't seen any of Yoona's dramas before Hoping for more skinship in this drama for our leads: He has some nice kissing in 'Giant' and other works.

Even tongued Lee Bo Young in a movie, but that was too funny, because it was quite a weird melodramatic scene. Oooh, I've heard of the positive reviews for Giant, thought of watching it, but ouch, it's ep long! He has another movie up his belt called Surgeon Bong Dael Hee something like that - he's not handsome or anything but definitely a good actor.

The show about doctors and medical conditions. The Lee Bo Young movie is one not I'd recommend, but it's Not one of his that I like though, even if his own performances are always top shelf. All right, thanks for the info! I did manage to catch the 'love eraser kiss' from Descendants of Hong Gil Dong ;.

Dear tebz10, I can't wait for Monday also. Wow, I watched it more carefully the second time and realized the street running scene is the cement of no return for this couple. In "My Princess" the lead couple had a street date near the end and that was the public proclamation of affection. In "Lie to Me" the male declared to the world he loves the female lead at a street corner and the video went viral and even the Chinese investors saw it.

In "Master's Sun" the second leads took a walk on the red carpet. I am sure there are more examples. I think next week the couple would have to explain to the country that they are indeed a real couple because of Scandal News' website sighting of their street date plus whatever else Reporter Byne put out.

I think in the preview I saw Da Jung walking with Kwon toward something with her holding his arm and she told him not to be nervous, just act like oppa.

That scene had both second leads behind them as if they are going to a press conference. I simply cannot wait, I can't concentrate on my work. I love how this is my dramaland fireworks for the new year!

Full of sparks and crackling chemistry! I love how they're realizing their feelings for each other at a preferable pace, not too fast not to slow either. This show's not all fluff and I love that it brings a sense of reality that balances out all the good stuff. So far, this show is doing all the right stuff.

Loooving Yoona so much more and Lee Beom Soo is a new discovery for me! The side characters are not to be ignored as well. Oooh thanks for the last screencap.

Lee Beum Soo has such an amazing smile - it lights up his whole face! You just saved me from rewinding the scene over and over again. And ditto to the looongest week ever sigh. Min-Hyuk said as he backed away, "again" I suppose that is how a female lead shuts up the male lead in Korean Dramas, a method employed by Da Jung in this series.

What's the point of having of the award then? Surely all nominations are worthy, but it's called the Best Couple for a reason? What's the point of having the award then?

Thanks for the recap Though I really found the truck of doom thing a bit worthless Wish they had used a new device instead of the same thing that dramaworld was using for the past few decades. The worst Truck of Doom in was in "Secret," it made the first 5 episodes of that series almost too sad to watch. Although the truck didn't kill anyone in that rainstorm, it caused all the heartaches for all the characters involved. Man, everytime they look at each other like that, I have this urge to get our fire extinguisher in case my tv combusts spontaneously.

I'm SO agree with you, Minea. What a great casts! Never thought a prime minister could look so sexy Happy New Year, everyone.. I love reading all the comments on this site for the past 6 episodes but I can't helped but noticed most of the positive comments tilted toward Kwon Yul. I am glad that people are starting to recognize that Da Jung is the main character in this show. Of course, there is also another title, "The Prime Minister is Dating," for that one, Kwon Yul would be the main character in the story.

I suppose most of the commenters for the earlier episodes are female and that is the way it has to be. I just want to write that I feel a star is born in Yoona in her role in this series. I read Yoona's interview online saying how she is blessed to act with Lee Bum Soo and found that he is very humorous and easy to work with. She also said that she has been praying harder than ever to do well.

I want to give her all the support she needs to become great. I find Yoona to be so involved in her role that she was not even acting. Here are some of her most natural scenes I witnessed:. She said to Yul after she woke up, "so are you going to give the exclusive interview to your lover? She had that huge smile, affectionately grabbed the PM's arm while talking, helped Man-Se with fog-folding, shyly accepted Chief kang's compliments, talked banmal to the Lilly Club big-shot women.

I find Yoona so attractive in her simple and conservative clothing even Hanbok and extremely light make-up. I hope that is the trend for the young actresses. That is my two cents worth in the support of our heroine. Exactly, she's handled herself really well, and I like how Da Jung's character even handles her mistakes well! Loved the scenes you listed.

I haven't watched her in anything so she is a much precious discovery for me. Really loving this drama, and pleasantly surprised at the zippy pacing. It's interesting that Da Jung is being challenged to find her place by the Prime Minister's side, but I also like how they're using the so-called villain Joon-ki to challenge Yul's shortcomings as a family man. So much has happened already, our heroine has already fallen for our Prime Minister I'm actually in Sydney, Australia, plus we have daylight savings, which puts us 2 hours ahead of Seoul, and some parts of Australia, even!

Happy New Year to you, too, Thursdaynexxt! And to all you awesome beanies! Wishing you all a kdrama-filled goodness for ! Still a couple of hours behind me, though - being almost first to see ach new day means being almost last to see eacn new ep! You're still a couple of hours behind me, though: Somewhat ironically being almost the first to see the sun makes Aotearoa a sup-optimal place for watching K Dramas, the time difference means I'm almost always last to see each new ep.

Lee Beom Soo should continue as Yul to smile lots in this Kdrama. I'm determined to now watch everything he has ever done just to soak up his smiles.

Thanks for the recap! Am really liking Yoona. Saw her on Happy Together. She seemed so sweet. Heck, they all seemed sweet. Favorite scene this episode: Did dead wife betray him? I don't think hero is shown as hating women, but he is definitely shown as prickly about possible betrayal. So Chief of Staff is really going to follow through on his revenge? How can one bring Prime Minister down to a vegetative state? He is indeed going through with his plan.

This episode was awesome! I liked the narrations at the beginning and the last part. The first one was Yul's and the last one was Dajeong's. However, when she started pestering Kwon Yul to marry her, In-ho began to perceive Da-jung as just another woman who wants to get close to the Prime Minister, and despised her greatly. Later on, when he got to know the reason behind Da-jung's actions, he regrets misunderstanding her. Deciding that he doesn't want to have any more regrets in life, he falls further in love with her.

He just wants to prove to Da-jung that when he said he would protect her, he truly meant it. Seo Hye-joo, 35 years old, was Kwon Yul's hubae from university and is the staffer closest to him. She has also been his confidant since his assemblyman days.

Calmer than anyone, she is a decisive and smart woman, but a fool when it comes to love. In college, she fell in love with Yul at first sight, but never disclosed her affection for him. She continued to hide her feelings as they worked together, and is satisfied with just being able to always stay beside Yul. Until one day, Nam Da-jung appears in their lives and puts herself on a path that Hye-joo has never crossed.

This drives her mad. He is a man full of confidence and ambition, and is currently in a political marriage with Na Yoon-hee. He works hard for his career, and awaits his time to shine. During his university years, he and Yul were very good friends, but their friendship ended when he found out that his first love, Seo Hye-joo, was in love with Yul. He assumed that his sister Na-young's death was due to the weariness caused by her husband, and thus cannot forgive Yul.

His only ambition is to win against Kwon Yul in every field. Kwon Woo-ri, 15 years old, is the eldest of Kwon Yul's children. Woo-ri is in his first year of high school. Woo-ri has had enough by now and asks her to get lost. Back in reality, Yul denies any recollection of contacting her at all. Just then, Da-jung walks in, all prettified in her sparkly black dress and heels. She agrees, but worries about her currently casual appearance. And Yul tells her: Things are looking up.

Yul is still stinging in pain as he heads out to work later. Da-jung calls him petty for that, but Yul tells her to mind her own business and find the spy.

He means his clients and on tells her to use the other vis from now on. Da-jung challenges dating field with the Road News team later, who yuppie the idea to quality prime minister is dating ep 3 eng sub consequence on the essence minister that might dear them both. He recruiters himself out of her being and recruiters while Da-jung recruiters to herself:

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prime minister is dating ep 11

Live your life without hurting the feelings of others. Orion January 1, at 3: Shaine Dec 20 5:

prime minister is dating ep 11

I loved "You're my destiny" and "Love Rain" dramas. Hope this feeling will become true.

prime minister is dating ep 11

And I haven't os any of Yoona's dramas before Yul is a widower who lost his wife in a car accident seven years ago and prime minister is dating ep 11 now raising his three children alone. I really wanted Yoona and Lee Beom-Soo with the three children live happily after! I have found Da-jung very take charge. The thing I don't get is why people see Da Jung's tendency to speak up as a character flaw.