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Before you get your back up, I, too, am adopted. I always loved that one. You've named them all in this group. Strenuous exercise can increase the frequency of palpitations. This stuff is really wonderful. Remove the Creed label and nobody would think this was anything special. Hi Ray, as you're on Synthroid, I take it you are in the u.

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Marc from Canada here. To my nose I detect cannibas in heart note and also voilet leaf. Some guys may prefer it that way. Lots of leaves, lemon leaves and violet leaves. Im now just thinking of getting a divorce and start again, focus on myself and just treat the wasted 5years like it never existed.

Especially of the sex she provided for you. She has a poor or average income, but she manages to afford a comparatively affluent lifestyle without family support. This applies especially student loans or expensive degrees. Who pays for it, and how? She feels uncomfortable displaying affection in public, even though she gives out a modern woman vibe. Unless she comes from a culture which is religious, sexually conservative, or repressed, most modern woman in relationships usually have no problem with light petting or affection from their men in public.

If she dislikes your hand on her thigh or a casual brush on her ass when in public, it is a sign of emotional disconnection from you. You happen to find stuff like condoms, vaginal douche, BDSM gear and sex toys in her handbag which she carries in public. Or if you move in with her, you happen to find stuff like wigs and whore outfits in her wardrobe. Who carries or keeps stuff like that? She is known by multiple names among people. Her guy friends call her with different names, or she asks you to address her by a name which is not her real name.

This is a big red flag. Multiple cell numbers are obvious: More so if these jobs are in environments when around men who are often willing to spend money at nights to get easy sex. Most women especially poor girls find it an easy way to make side money. Or she has visited or hails from the sex industry hotspots of the world. Though not all women NAWALT, lol who work in these industries are like that, the casting couch exists a lot in these industries. Stereotypes are often derived from some reality.

A typical trait of prostitutes. What else is she good at, except sex and attracting customers? She speaks out in favor of prostitution and admires famous prostitutes of lore. Birds of the same feather flock together. And if the alpha girl in her clique is a whore, you can safely deduce that your girl has also dabbled in that as well.

She avoids contacting her family, especially the males. The men in her family disrespect her. This is a sign her parents know and disapprove of her whoring, and have disowned her.

What she does in her life relives in her mind. She lets you act out all your wildest sexual fantasies with her during your first few sexual encounters with her screwing her ass and shooting your load in her mouth, golden showers, etc. She does this to impress and reserve you as a long term customer. The first impressions sexual experiences are the lasting impressions. Great, buy it, enjoy it.

If you don't, that's fine too. This parfum was made 32 years ago. A well known classic. Not all of these scents were created hundreds of years ago. Some were, but are now vaulted. They have a lot of variety to choose from. I suggest you retry Creed but take the fragrance for what it is rather then complain about their back story. Quite honestly I don't care for the back story, I know and appreciate a good scent when I come across one, and that's what truly matters for all of us.

Here's what pisses me off about Creed: This one for instance, was actually composed by the great Pierre Bourdon, who would go on to compose Cool Water, which this strongly resembles.

Of course, he remains uncredited. Though good, Green Irish Tweed is clearly composed mostly of synthetic ingredients like white musks, dihydromyrcenol, ambroxan, octyn esters, and so on. Their claim to pure unfettered luxury is thus embarassing and ridiculous. Most of the materials in Green Irish Tweed didn't even exist years ago. Hence, the vainglorious pretentiousness of the Creed line spoils the fun of their few good perfumes case in point: Creed should stop all the pointless costume dress nonsense and start crediting their perfumers, making new interesting fragrances, and using more natural ingredients.

This is an incredibly classy-yet-adventurous masculine fragrance. It's wearable any time, but shines in spring and summer. It smells familiar, yet so novel. The opening is a strong, harsh blast of a lemon and the smell of grass, moss and leaves. It smells nothing like perfume, and I find it very attractive. Minutes later, it mellows out into a smooth composition of basic notes.

The iris and violet become very apparent, adding a VERY slight powdery quality to the fragrance. I don't see it listed, but I pick up a clear mint, lurking in the background. It's a cool mint with a very polished quality. Finally, I adore the sandalwood-ambergris base. It simply smells divine. I find that in heat, or with water, the ambergris takes a very strong lead in the scent; which I love.

Longevity is about 7 hours on my skin, with good projection for at least 3. Confident, inspiring and captivating. Just got a sample of in the mail and was extremely excited to test This high-end fragrance. I also agree with other reviewers in that there is nothing daring or unique about the scent. While I have a deep respect for the legacy of this particular house, I will not be investing in a bottle.

All I can say is that it made me swear a good curse word!!! It smells like a very upscale version of irish spring. Perfect for the summer months. My ratings are 4. Three words to describe this scent: It is my green lantern potion, the king of fresh greens and a masterpiece in its gender. I am going to try this rating Ability to get you laid? Best in class when talking about green fresh clean fragrances imo.

Cool water doesn't compare to me as that fragrance has a more aquatic feel, and it is not nearly as green. Cool water is cloying to me for some odd reason. If anyone is on the fence with this and cool water, just get GIT. The lemon verbena alone makes it worth it. I finally received a decant of this yesterday. I was really excited to find out what GIT actually smells like. I have never had Cool Water either.

Yeah, I know… This smell! I had smelled so many variations of this, countless copycat or derivative fragrances I suppose imitation is a form of flattery. It kind of blew my mind — this was the starting point for what the weird, blue shower gel I used in high school smelled like. This juice is pretty potent and I can still smell it on my skin the day after application. When I die, I don't want a fancy funeral, but I do want someone to empty a whole bottle of this into my coffin, because this is the best damn thing I've ever smelled.

It smells like angel farts. It's like a vacation in a bottle. It's on the short list of things to grab if my house is on fire. I want to spray directly up my nose onto my brain so I can smell it all the time. This is just so, so nice. The somewhat loud and pungent grassy green opening catches people off guard, I'm sure. But wait 15 minutes for all to settle down It's a few simple notes, blended to utter perfection. Greens, a hint of lemon, smooth creamy wood, and a hint of florals - all pulled together and turned into something elemental with the inspired addition of peppermint.

This isn't for every situation, or everyone. Its on the mature side, classy, relaxed, reserved. Its not youthful, not for clubs, not sensual etc. You may not even really like it - but you have to admire the immediately apparent timelessness of it. I just received a small sample of this, but I've drawn my conclusion already. Opening is grassy and bright. Then the dry down appears to reveal none other than Call me crazy, but I own Aspen see my review and even did blind tests of both with family members.

It's the same laundry detergent type of scent. That synthetic note gives me a headache. I'll give this a chance and finish the sample in different settings. Maybe I'll change my mind. I understand being a fan of something makes you bias, but it shouldn't make you delusional.

GIT is actually a pleasing scent that has grown on me but it is way overpriced. I'll have to put this in my top 5 scents of all time. This is very nice, quite a sharp beginning. I will have to update this review as I have only just received this scent. I did not realise initially that this was a "male" scent but I don't really care.

More to come later. So, this is a really sharp, strong green smelling scent. It doesn't layer well. It either fights with other scents for me or overwhelms them. My husband didn't like this on me so lucky him, he got the whole bottle. I would have experimented more but if he says its too masculine, then so be it. Definitely a refreshing, albeit powerful green scent and long lasting. One of the things I love about this fragrance is that I can take the cap off, sniff the trigger and be taken somewhere else every time.

The combination of all these ingredients is quite simple but so elegantly used together to create one of my favorite scents. In my opinion this surpasses Aventus. I used to not like Green Irish Tweed, but it is amazing what time and a little bit of patience does to the nose to truly appreciate this one of a kind fragrance.

It would be interesting although it would never happen to make a GIT extreme fragrance. With some added pine, or maybe some birch from Aventus to give it a more smokey appeal in the dry down. Clean, Fresh and completely natural smelling. For me, this one lived up to the considerable hype. Makes me think of early morning dew on a grassy meadow. Simple, but so very well done.

I enjoy the opening - a pale green landscape in sunshine. A great scent for the spring, creating bright expectations for a summer to come. But in less than half an hour GIT rapidly becomes more and more Cool water-ish. I can in particular sense the same aquatic chord, unfortunately.

I am not a Cool water fan mainly because of this artificial ozonic-aquatic chord probably created with subtances like Calone or Aquamor. So, despite a pleasant opening, Green Irish Tweed is not for me. Simplicity, and elegance on full display with GIT. This is one of my top 3 favorite Creed fragrances. The notes are simple, but so well blended. The lemon verbena, iris and violet are so richly floral and green. The restraint is the real key here with this fragrance, each note is just as loud or pronounced as it should be.

The sandalwood is perfectly executed and the ambergris is just this perfect accent or aura around this scent. In my opinion with GIT there is a clear theme; the countryside in all its' glory. Every time I wear this scent it immediately evokes thoughts of a cool, grassy, green valley surrounded by trees.

A place I think we all want to be at some time in our lives. This fragrance is perfection and is full bottle worthy. GIT is classy, and for a slightly older gentleman think early thirties and up. This scent begs to be worn with a sport coat and a nice Donegal wool eight piece cap, on a slightly cool spring day when you intend to spend your day outside, pursuing local greenery or flower gardens, in between either, cups of coffee or pints of beer.

GIT opens up very fresh, grassy, lemony and clean with an aquatic aspect. It becomes more woody as it dries down. I can see why this fragrance is so popular as it is unique and the ingredients smell really authentic. It makes me think of green landscapes, countryside and spring. I think this is more suited for a mature gentleman. I have had this for a few years now, and am getting to appreciate it's timeless beauty over time.

Spring has sprung, and maybe this is the best time to reach for GIT. Lots of leaves, lemon leaves and violet leaves. Maybe that's what gives this that nice green, grassy meadow feel. The Iris flower adds a nice roundness and complexity to this fragrance. The slightly sweet violet leaf and Ambergris give it a watery mineral vib.

A bit of sandalwood grounds it in the base. Violets and Iris are my least favorite florals. I don't like the Iris in the Dior line of mens fragrances, but here it's well blended and more earthy kind of Iris. And I like the violet leaf in this, it's greener smelling than a true violet note.

Great quality and performance. Opening is fresh with a strong lemon verbena note that later turns into a clean fresh grass note.

It is an inoffensive, versatile clean fragrance that has a decent longevity. Not wow just nice. Nothing to criticize really but nothing special to talk about it either. Smells like you just mowed your wet lawn if you lived on a gorgeous hillside with zero cares in the world.

Shower fresh, lasts all day, 9. As many other have already done, this too was my fragrance of the day. Was a little worried with the tester sample I got, but my bottle just blows me away. Projection is excellent, the notes of iris, lemon verbena, ambergris, sandalwood, and not to forget violet leaves. Outstanding in terms of longevity as well. I get whiffs periodically of a woodsy smell and again, just a huge plus for me.

Very green, and in fact my first green fragrance. Also, I have GIT in a flacon. Masculine, sexy, professional, iconic. Happy Saint Patty's Day everyone! Green Irish Tweed was my scent of the day. This is very smooth and natural smelling. The lemon verbena comes together well with the iris, woods, violet, and ambergris notes. Very long lasting on the skin. I'm able to still smell it projecting off of me after five hours. Makes me feel like I'm at an Irish countryside. While not of Irish descent, there was no doubting the fragrance of the day Simply put, Creed's Green Irish Tweed is perfection.

It is "the love of my life" and we all know the love of your life is never forgotten. Every subsequent wear, I reminisce of the moonlit walk holding hands on the shore, the warm embrace, dancing to our own tune even when no one else hears the music, and the soft and delicate first kiss of a love from years gone by. She is wonderful and beautiful GIT is everything you want in a fragrance - flexibility to be worn for any occasion, excellent performance, ability to garner compliments, and the real beauty of added confidence.

It is masculine, outdoorsy fresh, and clean. My final evaluation of GIT is 5 stars out of 5 stars with a solid love for the Fragrantica community. You will not be disappointed by the added confidence, style, and gentlemanly persona GIT will create in your life. Enjoy this fragrance as much as I have..!! Best wishes for a happy and safe St. Enjoy your day and happy fragrance hunting Sophistication in a bottle! Reminds me of being in a high end country golf course private members only club house, wearing it feels like you have too much money for your own good, amazing!!

My initial reaction was one of surprise. Why would anyone want to smell like this? Why would this fragrance have such a devoted following? It seemed to evoke images of mown grass, or a walk through vegetation after a shower of summer rain. That's fine, but not what I'd want to smell like. I quickly dismissed it and moved on.

About 30 minutes later I could detect a very elegant fragrance and checked the test spray on my arm. The sharp green opening that had put me off initially, had given way to a much more rounded and sophisticated scent. This fragrance develops beautifully over the course of the day. I do detect the violet leaves, some iris and sandalwood. The initial sharp green burst settles down quickly. I find that this fragrance continues to improve over a wearing and lasts a long time, with even the remnants of it smelling great on clothes the next day.

Younger fragrance lovers may find it a bit too grown up and formal, though I would still suggest they try it. Some may wince at the price too. Personally, I think that it is worth the price - relatively speaking.

Of course, if I could get the same fragrance at a lower cost, I would take the savings. So, I have tried the frequently compared Davidoff Cool Water. There are some similarities on initial spray, but then they diverge quickly and significantly.

Is Green Irish Tweed the subject of much hype and fandom? That alone can turn some people off it. Reviews reviewing reviewers, as much as the fragrance itself, are not uncommon.

But in the end, I think this fragrance stands apart from all the hype and the complaints about the hype. The words I would choose to describe it would include, quality, fresh, timeless, elegant and sophisticated. Green Irish Tweed is probably the only fragrance that I would be tempted to buy a crate of if I knew it was going to become unavailable.

Just got Lattafa's Raghba for Men and the immediate association was Green Irish Tweed which I've owned for well over ten years now and although I was mildly curious about it at first and I have a huge bottle of vintage Millesime I must confess that I don't actually like it at all, and of all the Creeds I own and have tried, it is my least favourite.

I can kind of understand the appeal and success of GIT given the strategically clever name and in the context of the year it was created, when Sloane Rangers, Young Fogeys and Preppies were in their heyday, as GIT comes across as a very pseudo-country gentleman's fragrance, insofar as the whole "green" thing the word and the notes conjures up images of rainy, pastoral Anglo-Celtic countryside like in that stupid hymn about "England's green and pleasant lands But while I find it a curiosity with a noteworthy place in the history of fragrance, I confess that I can't stand the stuff.

It is without doubt the most overpowering, least subtle, least sophisticated and most un-sexy of the entire oeuvre of the House of Creed. The few times I wear it, I find it necessary to apply it sparingly because otherwise it makes me want to vomit, and when I used to wear it to work I worked in financial markets at the time it attracted comments, but NOT favourable ones: In terms of the evolution of modern perfumery it was in many ways unique and revolutionary, but it remains trapped in a bygone era and is definitely not a crowd pleaser.

In fact it seems to be one of those scents one either loves or hates and over the years I have inclined more towards the latter. There is no doubt that, like all Creed creations it is composed of the finest ingredients, but I find the balance and harmony of the composition to be unbalanced and discordant. The ouverture is stereotypical Creed, followed by an overwhelming blast of nausea-inducing notes that combine to create the "green"-ness, and it is this stage of its development that I find most repellent.

The one saving grace is the subtle woody undertones of the drydown, but this is too faint in my opinion to be as effective as it could be and if, as per the hype, the house of Creed is using its own select supplies of Santalum Album, it seems to me to be a criminal waste of so rare and precious a resource.

Really don't understand the fanatical rapturous adoration for this ridiculously overrated and over-hyped obsolete fragrance but I can only assume it comes from those with minimal exposure to GIT, dubious taste and a profound lack of style.

However "de gustibus non disputandum est" as the Romans used to say. Anyhow, in my humble opinion, after many many years I can say that I have grown to detest GIT, although as tastes and opinions usually change and evolve over time, perhaps sometime in the distant future - most likely when in the grip of senile dementia or something - one might change one's opinion, but these days it is clear to me that people either love it or hate it, and I have grown to dislike it intensely.

To be brutally honest I suspect that many of the deliriously amorous reviews of this mediocre fragrance - and let's face it: And in any event, we are all different in our ability to perceive, detect and appreciate different tastes and olfactory sensations, which mostly depend on our genetic makeup so what appeals to some may be revolting to others, yet having spent more than a decade with GIT, I believe I am adequately experienced to express my own humble opinion, and I encourage each and everyone of you to do the same.

In matters of taste and aesthetics there is no right or wrong, and the opinion and experience of each individual is as valid as that of the next - so long as it is truly their own.

When I first sampled this a while back I didn't really understand what all the fuss was about. To me, the main similarities between the two occur with the opening.

The drydown of GIT is very different than the opening, to my nose. Actually, the drydown is my favorite part. There is a reason why so many people still rant about GIT even 32 years after its release, because it's that good!

Is this very nice? Does it smell like Cool Water? It's like the original Cool Water and not the reformulated one which has lost some of its uniqueness. Is it worthy of the hype and its price tag? For me, no way! I've had a small decant of Aventus and I get the hype to some extent, but I simply wouldn't pay the money for a nice, pleasant aquatic that everyone else will think is a 90's staple from the supermarket or a discount store.

Awesome smells like a forest very green smell of plants and it's differ from cool water and tres nuit it's more complex and more soft for me it is very deep yes there is similar notes to cool water and tres nuit maybe tres nuit is more similar to GIT but they are very flat compared with GIT Green Irish Tweed. Just got this one today and I'm very pleased. It's my first Creed and I'm certain that it won't be the last. It has a wounderful fresh lemony opening and I'm sitting here 3 hours after I applied on my wrist and it's a wonder.

It reminds me a little of Truefitts Grafton, which I used to wear years ago. However I like this better. GIT is amazingly versatile!!! You can wear it almost any day any time and works great its one of my favorites with SMW. Stop to compare it with cool water, it remembers it but please Not like cool water that is pure synthetic. What do you think about the similarity between GIT and Eternity? Davidoff Cool Water was my favorite scent for a long time, once I started getting into fragrances I obviously came across GIT and the comparisons between the two so decided to purchase a sample of this.

This was my first ever niche fragrance sample and to be honest I did not like it, it was way too natural for me so I didn't use it for another few months. When I tried it again and let the scent work it's magic over the course of a few hours I was entranced, this is now the second best fragrance I own behind Aventus and I can no longer wear Cool Water as it just smells extremely synthetic in comparison to this master piece.

Let me preface this by saying that my skin must be different from everyone else's or the Nordstrom where I sprayed this on was carrying a stale bottle. I adore Coolwater on my skin. It's an incredible, timeless fragrance, especially since I wasn't alive during its heyday. Green Irish Tweed, on the other hand, is absolutely abhorrent.

That's right, I said it. On my skin, this smells like someone mercilessly stomped a bunch of lavender, used band-aids, and syringes into a toilet with a wet boot covered in grass.

I have sprayed multiple bottles onto test strips, and they have all smelled like I'm cleaning the old wet grass out of my lawnmower, at best. On skin, it blooms into your worst nightmare.

After I sprayed it on at Nordstrom, I went home and got the opinions of my entire family. They all said "what the actual heck did you put on your skin. This fragrance isn't for an old man. This fragrance isn't for a young girl. And it also isn't for a grown woman. It is a fragrance for people whose noses are clogged with hype. In all seriousness, you would literally have to pay me money to wear this fragrance.

No one who smells you in public will know that, and even if they did see the bottle, they probably have no clue what Creed even is. And btw, if someone smells this on you, they will think someone dared you to go dive into a hospital waste receptacle. If I had only one cologne to wear the rest of my days, Green Irish Tweed would be the one. It's not over bearing or flowery. The smell is very sophisticated. This is the cologne of the original "Most interesting Man in the World.

I've received complements from women over 60 to as young as teenage girls. It's a scent that takes getting used to at first but it towers over all others.

Beware of the newer batches people. I respect the fact that it smells so good one of the most natural smelling green fragrance i come across just had to buy this but didn't knew about the performance. It sucks the most in performance category. Before purchasing GIT i'v tested this in to shops and they really lasted on me. May be the tester was from the the older batch. You buy a fragrance that disappears without even hitting the average time mark.

I don't expect it has to be last forever. At least it can hit the average time mark. I heard about other creed fragrances that those have issues accept GIT. And guess what its the least performing fragrance in my arsenal. This is my first niche purchase. I have checked its batch and the batch no is 14K So i would warn everybody before purchasing creeds fragrances with your hard earned money. May be the earlier batches are well performer or if you can find earlier batches try to buy those.

This is a more natural scent unlike cool water which is very synthetic but still nice too. I can see how they can smell close but i also see the difference. GIT is a beautiful scent. Fresh forest scent that gets good reactions especially right out of the shower.

I just love it. GIT is a great fragrance if you can afford it. Very clean, green blue salt water mixed with silver. Cool water is noticeably more linear with less complexity but with the same middle notes and feel. I love this fragrance but if it just a more classy distinguished cool water. I was on the verge of buying this one this afternoon. While I do like it,the first initial spray can be a tad confusing. Trying to distinguish certain notes and break down the chemistry of Green Irish Tweed was challenging.

Not to mention I was almost sweating buckets inside Holt Renfrew which kind of played a factor with my reaction to this scent. Stores still have the heat cranked even at this time of year I get the lemon verbena absolutely, and I can definitely smell iris. But I feel that because my skin got really hot on my forearms, the scent smelled like nothing. The SA was holding my arm telling me it smelt beautiful on my skin she was really pushing me to buy it and I told her I would between now and spring time.

I do have a blot to sniff from the tester paper, and once it settles it is quite unique. I find the heat literally melts the fragrance off your skin and speeds it up to a skin scent, as opposed to natural heating from our skin. Compared to what I own, I don't own anything "green" per say unless you count Polo Green with notes of vetiver and spice. However, several hours since the initial test spray; on my skin, its gone probably from my body sweating.

Plus I find forearms don't hold much scent as the neck does but on paper, its still very green, and you get a oaky, woodsy smell that is starting to grow. I didn't like Green Irish Tweed when I first sprayed it, but it is growing on me. I'll most likely be getting the ml bottle. Aesthetics aside, though the black on black bottle is pretty cool. I'm going to say it is a year round scent, providing you don't wear it on a really hot day. Its also nice in the cold I found that out today.

Today I am the proud owner of a ml bottle! It took me a day to decide but glad I took the time to think! Eventually I became obsessed and couldn't go another day without it! Got off work and bought it instantly.

Had the same SA which was amazing! But this parfume is stronger than Davidoff. Yes its a fresh scent- but my chemistry just dont gel with it- shame because i find it has a really good staying power.

Needless to say, I'm hooked on Creed. Fortunately my birthday is in March, when is right into the spring season, which calls for something tasteful, classic and redefining. I smelt Green Irish Tweed before Aventus, but with that aside, a man must own both if not at least one of these fragrances. To me, its iconic. Very fresh and I love that. Similar to Aventus, it compares to nothing that I own and overall, well worth the price.

Price should be the furthest thing from your mind when it comes to fragrance. If you find you can't live without the scent, and you must have it. To the scent, just immaculate.

Very green, very different, very, masculine. I will have this by March! And maybe you should too! I feel very fortunate to have found Creed. One can become fully immersed in every aspect of the process of its effect. The two I have sampled, including Green Irish Tweed have proved an obvious and welcome departure from most modern manufactured scents.

There is potentially a 'feeling' for the wearer, unavailable anywhere else. Any attempt at comparison will only draw you away from a truly wonder-full experience.

Insights into parts of the everyday and private self that are heightened by the sensual experience of the fragrance. My work demands I dress well, and I wear this for myself only. With the addition of Creed, people are noticeably more amiable, even seeking me out from afar or simply saying 'hello' and smiling in public; something that I have only noticed when wearing Creed.

I can respect the differences and tastes of others, but can only highly recommend at least sampling this sublime formulation. There are quality ingredients here, no question. A full bottle makes sense for those under the spell and when in love, what's money? Emphasis on the Cool Water. I wore Cool Water as a pre-teen. This reminds me of it so much during the first hour, that it's actually a bit off-putting. The dry down and complexity are the ultimate savior of this fragrance, which is where it diverges from Cool Water - but I still can't fall in love with it.

I understand why it's widely viewed as masterpiece, and as a classic. But I think we've moved on from this fragrance profile. Even though I have my very own bottle of GIT, it almost serves solely as a reminder; an important note in fragrance history. A statue in the hall of fame. All I can say is I'm not wearing it again any time soon. It's for Christ's sake. I love Green Irish Tweed! This timeless classic is every bit as good, fresh, opulent, exciting and relative today as it was when it was first released back in Moreover, as much I love the much hailed AVentus, this fragrance may very well be the best that Creed has to offer.

There is nothing more I can say about GIT that hasn't already been mentioned And I've discovered that it is also an excellent evening scent. I own over fragrances and GIT is one of only a dozen or so fragrances that earns a "Perfect 10"" in my collection. What sets it apart is that it is, IMO, the best clone that captures more of the GIT experience than all others - at a small fraction of the price. While it smells very similar to GIT i. But if money is an issue then check-out Raghba for Men.

Regarldless, I feel that all man--young and old--should have an intimate relationship with Green Irish Tweed each and every Spring. I'm now through with my first GIT bottle and I'm now sure that this will be my signature fragrance for years to come I'm now 27 years old. For the past year, I've been using it in for work office , chic dinners, casual get-togethers and even lazy Sundays. Pretty much for all situations outside clubbing I still have my trusty Versace Eros for that.

I would say that this is a perfect, fresh fragrance for every man to use every day of the week. Green Irish Tweed gives me a feeling of sheer confidence and energy that I cannot explain.

Although it may be the most you ever spent on a fragrance, I'd say it's well worth it! This is not a review but all i can say about this fragrance is: This is a fragrance to wear when you attend special event or is in special occasion. When i use Dior Sauvage, i try to be noticed by girls, to make a statement. When i use GIT, i try to be proper gentleman with a proper lady doing a romantic date. Thats the closest definition of GIT that i could imagine.

Btw, my lady absolutely love it. She said that i smell great, loud yet not offensive. When we were alone, she cannot stop sniffing at my neck and constantly complimenting me. An absolute class fragrance i must say, completely on another level.

For my nose, this scent has it all; lovely, evocative opening; green, sensual mids and almost a warm, sexy base. I know that this is supposed to evoke green fields doesn't need to be Ireland either , but what it conjurs for me is my boyhood summer days spent lying on the lush lawns of our local suburban swimming pool.

Great fragrances reach into our subconscious and remind us of things that we thought were only imagined, but actually experienced. I have received a compliment from someone 6 feet away, 6 hours into a wear, so sillage is there. I smell it on me after 10 hours. Best thing is that it's versatile and i would wear this in any weather, for any occasion. Pure masculinity and freshness in a bottle. I understand its popularity and love it even though Clint Eastwood wears it or not. I get associations to a wet cold green forest with smoke coming out of the ground and filling the air.

So refreshing and green but at the same time dark and masculine. For men only according to me. Both think this one is darker and more mature while Cool Water is sweeter, more colorful and playful and of course more synthetic and oceanic.

I prefer this masterpiece nowdays though. Back in time i had a sample of GIT, and i liked it, but not loved it. Hence i did not buy a full bottle. My mind changed a month ago, when i found the old sample.

Tried it again, and now i own full bottle of this masterpiece. Girls will not like it, but women will love it. It is because of GIT is not sexy, but perfectly elegant.

Combine it with formal clothes and you are good to go. I got to sample this today at Holt Renfrew. I do like it, it is pleasant. BUT, where is the longevity?

It has become a skin scent with less than an hour of it being on my skin. I like it, very professional! But Creed Aventus may reign superior I don't know, it was a tester bottle and unfortunately they didn't have a Aventus tester, but this scent is very green! I could not compare like I hoped to, but please don't give up hope on this one! Very masculine, and fresh and quite woodsy!

Perhaps just a bad bottle! My story with this perfume began in , with a 30ml bottle. Then, it was followed by many bottles and flacoons of it until today batches from and This is a green scent, as the name suggests, but decorated with easily detectable iris and sandalwood.

GIT provides what one would find in a walk by the Irish countryside: It smells hugely natural and deep, burying any possible comparison to Davidoff's Cool Water in other words: The creamy touch that the ambergris brings to its base, the house signature, gives the whole composition a little heat and a big refinement, enveloping like a sophisticated tweed its wearer.

My only complaint is regarding the batch and the more recent ones. I understand that Creed says batch variations are due to the use of natural ingredients, that vary every season.

I managed to buy again last week a BNIB bottle, to my satisfaction. It contains the perfume which is my signature, the one I find fantastic! The abysmal difference from this batch to the more recent ones is the main characteristic that makes this perfume so beautiful: The newer GIT has lost this, being a 'green bomb' solely, which is certainly pleasant, but has nothing to do with the splendor of older batches!

I am sad that Creed made this to one of its best creations, and I am glad I was able to put my hands once more on a new bottle from an older bacth! This isnt for everyone, smells like a forest, trees, grass,leaves and woods in spring after a rainy day and its a litttle breezy with freshness.

You dont appreciate them till you give them tries. Give it a full wearing then you will discover the secret hidden inside this dark bottle. I am ready to be thrown in the fire, but I went to a fragrance store back in October in San Antonio. I just don't see how this is so iconic.

It smelled like a fresh cut yard to me, and that was that. I mean, it definitely didn't smell synthetic of anything, but it wasn't something I could see being enjoyable to wear. It made an impression on me, but only because I was so excited to finally get to smell this, and ended up being extremely let down.

Very classy and sophisticated fragrance. So green and fresh, smells like the forest after it rains. Long lasting as well. The dry down is powdery. Looking forward to sampling this again come March! I'll be 25, and with every milestone should come something special. I am thinking about purchasing either this or Aventus in a 75ml bottle. Or maybe I will do 30 and 30 so I can have both! I am one who loves cologne, I absolutely love it. Well worth it as everyone on here would know.

I find it very hard to choose! Much pleased to have it. Definitely turn heads to you. I picked up a bottle of this a week or so ago and have rapidly turned into a huge fan. It's not an attention grabbing scent by any means, but impresses with its subtlety and detail.

It smells very natural, elegant without being pretentious. Clean, calming yet confident. There's a very 'spacious' quality to it, in that you seem to be able to step inside the scent and identify each part as opposed to being presented with an overall impression.

In short, it's not so much the actual olfactory profile, but rather the supreme balance of the individual elements in GIT that wins you over. Projection is relatively soft unless you spray a lot but the scent lasts all day on me and everybody who smells it loves it. I think it's going to be my scent of choice for a long time to come. As for the comparisons to Cool Water, which I have owned many times throughout my life, I would say that there are strong similarities but also a world of difference between the two, especially for the wearer.

One word of warning: GIT, in my opinion, defines the "green aromatic fougere" genre. Upon spraying, you are enveloped by the all so missed sensation of sniffing the countryside's early morning fresh, moist, uplifting, cool herbal aromas. The well made spraying mechanism diffuses the perfume perfectly, distributing it evenly on wider areas of the body.

This technique enhances the sparkling beauty of its opening and tones up its vibrant greeness. GIT smells very aristocratic and well made with its full-body solid structure and also its beautiful evolution. Solid performance, undisputable versatility. A cult scent with a rightfully deserved legacy. A simple question for the Creed people. How many "generations" are required for you to develop a proper cap mechanism??? I have a bottle and it is amazing! I thought I understood what "green" fragrances were, then I smelled this thing!

I can see myself wearing this stuff as a signature scent in the near future. I was sketched out at first when I did this but it arrived and is the real deal! A more complex version of Davidoff Coolwater. If you can only bring one bottle of cologne for traveling overseas, it would be this one. Wearing a sample I received from The Perfumed Court. Top notes are smell like fresh soil, green bell pepper, then the woody notes and citrus verbena set in In the dry down GIT is all subtle sandalwood and iris, still with a crisp green persuasion.

Uncluttered and straightforward, this is purposeful masculine sophistication in a bottle. Longevity is very good with heavy sillage that mellows to moderate after the first half hour.

A fragrance can trigger strong memories. Green Irish Tweed succeeded to send me back in time. When I was a child I went to see my uncle scything in the garden. The first stage of the evolution reminds me of freshly cut grass. Approximately half an hour after debut, the perfume evolves bringing warm and some sweetness due to the couple ambergris ambroxan — sandalwood.

The green notes are in the background, not far away. The beauty of this perfume consists in his versatility and that green vibe which lasts until the end.

GIT shines on spring and summer nights. Nevertheless, to my surprise, the version brings a plus. The plus consists in the pronounced greenness that is flooding my olfactory receptors.

This is the only difference regarding smell. As time goes by, the greenness is sitting in the back until the end, with the same Creed DNA. Longevity is approximately 9 hours at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius 77 Fahrenheit. This is remarkable for a fresh perfume. Every man should take GIT into consideration for its greenness. This Irishtweed is just unbeatable it's must buy is so strong last hours but complements and the smell is ancient.

A compliment getter and best suited for formal occasion. Green Irish Tweed is luxury. Its the best summer fragrance ever produced. You can wear it at any occasion and any season this is so fresh and clean. Alot of people talking about the coolwater or aspen or chez bond etc that they are substitute of irish tweed,but i don't think so.

Coolwater,Aspen,Chez bond all these perfumes got the vibe of irish tweed it doesn't mean that they are exactly similar to this one. Guys do yourself good don't waste your money on buying this expensive perfume i know its good but i would prefer CW or aspen over it anytime anywhere.

Becoz both of these perfumes share the same vibe of GIT. Or unless you are a millionior and spend that kind of amount on GIT I have received a lot of awesome complement when I wear it. With no doubt It is a successful product of Creed and It never disappoints you at all. The main accords are Lemon Verbena and Iris with a great longevity and projection. It is a magnificent perfume for all seasons. My man wears this and I never tire of it.

It's less abrasive than some colognes. It's simultaneously gentle and powerful. Actually, it pains me to write this review; but the "heads up" is much needed. It was a truly magical fragrance.

I got a bottle, then another, then another of really bad smelling GIT. They were NOT bought online from sketchy sources, but from retailers. Instead of smelling fresh, green, floral, and sandalwoody, it smelled like insecticide sprayed on green plants and rotten wood.

Then, I heard the Creed Company "reason" for the problem, something called "batch variations," along with the positive "spin" Creed gives: Until the "batches" become consistent in their quality and smell, I'll just use something that smells consistent like Bond 9's Chez Bond. Or even Coty's Aspen cologne.

Undeniably high quality and fantastic. So, here is the question: Is it worth the price hike when you can just get Cool Water on the cheap?

For me personally, it is not.

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pros and cons of dating an irish woman

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pros and cons of dating an irish woman

But that's not my case. That revealed benign PVCs and bradycardia, especially while sleeping.

pros and cons of dating an irish woman

They can be tried as adults. I know that this is supposed to evoke green fields doesn't need to be Ireland eitherbut what it conjurs for me is my boyhood summer days spent lying on the lush lawns of our local suburban swimming pool. I get whiffs periodically of a woodsy smell and again, just a huge plus for me. This is the basis for the electrical system that runs our bodies. I had them almost every day for about 2 months starting this August, but lately I only get them at certain datnig, pros and cons of dating an irish woman when I am afraid of getting them or very nervous. I wounder what lee min ho and im yoona dating happen if doctors decided to say, "Hey lets work to find a cause" instead of "many people get them just ignore them" maybe the millions of people who have them would be finally free of them.