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They did, however, have someone named Lucy Fabray—Lucy Q. He has transferred to another high school from McKinley for his senior year; he sees Kurt in a gay bar, and tells Kurt he has become a regular there and feels accepted. The only straight I am is straight-up bitch. She also gets back together with Jesse, whom she later marries. She reveals to Finn that she is pregnant and tells him that the baby is his, although the real father is Finn's best friend Puck. As time almost runs out for the Justice of the Peace, Finn is trying to hustle everyone to get moving. Ryan Thomas Ex-Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas praised by Neighbours fans for gay sex scene The steamy storyline aired on Wednesday night and delighted both viewers and critics alike

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Shelby returns in the second episode of season three, " I Am Unicorn ", having been recruited to lead a second glee club at McKinley High by Sugar Motta's father when Sugar is refused entry into New Directions. Being a ginger has plagued me my entire life. Retrieved October 5, However, Puck fights for Quinn, after Biff texts through her performance of Toxic with Santana and Brittany and yells at her after she tells the truth about her pink hair, tattoos and Beth, and the two kiss after Quinn asks him to stay with her. Although at first scared by her aggressive nature in just about everything, Finn found himself immensely attracted to her particularly the fact she wore short skirts and had a nice body saying that she was hot in a "Swimfan" sort of way.

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Probably off somewhere making out with Karofsky. Notify me of new comments via email. We need to get elected for prom king and queen. We got each other out of all this. This relationship is really confusing for me. Breakfast is confusing for you. No, I want to wait and hear what the doctor says. Well, I knew I was a bad dancer, but I never thought my dancing was dangerous. Are you suggesting that I get a nose job? First of all, I like how I look.

What does your girlfriend look like? So, a nose job. What about the risks? Your voice is amazing as is, Rachel. My dancing kind of bothers me. Uh, it almost killed Rachel, but I like the way I look. You mean with germs and pesticides all over it?

No, I mean, really deal with your issues on this stuff. We miss you so much. Wait, what did you just say? Kurt needs to be safe. Okay, can we please change subject? Um, why is Ms. We love each other. Can you give an example? Those crowns are a crock. You know what I found out? Thanks for doing this. So, we, uh, ready to pull the trigger? Yeah, well, Rachel wants it. What are you doing? As a joke, right? Who told you that? I was just seeing what jeans he was wearing.

Whatever they told you is a lie to mess with me. Why are you doing this? Because I need you, and you need me. We play on the same team. And what if I say no? I love this lesson. May I have the floor, please? I love you so much right now. Uh… okay, uh… WILL: I have made up my mind.

Rachel Berry is getting a nose job. Well, I actually wanted to talk to you about that. The word you put on your T-shirt.

I was a little disappointed. You and I both know you should have put OCD on it. It all started when I was five. And you never had any anxiety before that? I mean, I remember getting kicked out of preschool because I was having panic attacks when they made us use manila paper, but… WILL: You know what I want? I want you to have lunch with me. Is that unwashed fruit? You know what I think, Emma? I think you are an expert at deflection.

Is that a new shirt? Why should we believe you? The name was my idea. The ones you have on right now. Then, what will I wear for the rest of the day? Hey, Z, back off. Can I call you Burt? I never actually meant that, though. Your words still matter, David. What do you think, Kurt? I believe he realizes what he did was wrong. Can Dave and I speak for a moment alone? You can wait right outside in the hall.

David, I know, remember? It would have made your life a lot easier. Stop being such a broken record. Okay, I have several options here. Oh, man, just kill me now. Just keep an eye on your brother. One step ahead of you. What can I help you with today? I just want to talk to you, one hot Jew to another. I am tired of the lectures. This has nothing to do with our religion.

They all go and hug him TINA: And thank you, Kurt. No crying, no crying. What did you just call me? Well, that certainly got your attention. Can we speak privately? The "magic comb" Artie gives to Brittany. You comb your hair with it and you can't lose. Sue, surprisingly enough, for Becky and to a lesser extent Kurt. In "Rumours" when Rachel and Finn bring Sam back the guitar bought back for him by the glee club after he sold it with all his other possessions.

Will occasionally has episodes of these. Particular examples are when he finds out the sex of his baby and sees her on the sonogram for the first time, discovers Terri isn't pregnant and at the end of Season One when the class performs "To Sir, With Love.

The reason Puck and Rachel date. Not to mention that the former is a total Ladies Man who managed to steal his best friend's devout Christian girlfriend and the latter is the definition of Hollywood Dateless , especially considering her Stalker with a Crush is named Jacob Ben Israel. At the beginning of "The Substitute," several Cheerios are seen carrying a large trophy down the hallway.

Shortly later we realize that Sue is the new principal, and it's being moved to her new office. When Sue resigns at the end of "Furt," the cheerios carry the same trophy down the hallway in the opposite direction.

Rachel's quote at the beginning of the page about being in something special gets a callback in the series finale. Being in something special doesn't make you special. Something is special because you are part of it. I am actually ashamed of you.

You really hurt someone who was a great addition to this school. What exactly did we do? I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy. Good thing I'm only a sophomore; next year's going to be a bloodbath! Look at us; we're even fighting in our voiceovers. Yeah, um, actually, I kind of changed my mind about that. Every movement needs a leader, someone to step out in the light and say, "Hey, this is me.

This is who I am, and this is what I stand for. Pick up where he left off, and it'll be the best thing that's ever happened to you. Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The entirety of New Directions. Lampshaded by Olivia Newton-John, who accuses the club of invoking this trope for sympathy. Another favorite of the shows. Puck studies for his European geography test using "The Rain in Spain" from My Fair Lady , and finds out the hard way that the rain in Spain does not fall mainly in the plain.

The new kids in season 4 Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty, and Unique were mostly ignored by both the founding members still in the club and the graduated members of New Directions. Come graduation, and the founding members essentially forget about the other five now that the club is officially disbanded, instead going on to focus on their own drama.

Come season six, when Rachel is trying to put the club back together, and Kitty takes the group down a peg by reminding them that they never bothered to get to know her or her friends, they never stayed in touch, and after they way they were treated she's not interested in coming back to the club. Real Life Writes the Plot: Finn disappears from the series before the last three episodes of Season 4 when Cory Montieth checked himself into rehab.

And then when he died in between seasons, Finn died too. Also Heather Morris's pregnancy necessitated writing Brittany out for Season Five, dropping her to recurring. Real Men Wear Pink: Puck lampshades it earlier: I could wear a dress to school and people would think it was cool. Since it's not Puck, it doesn't get the desired result. In season 3, Puck ends up wearing a dress and wig to school. And no, people don't think it cool and he ends up getting in a fight about it.

Sue and Santana are the masters of this. Though it bites Santana in the ass, when Finn retaliates in one episode and outs her in a hallway, after she goes too far. Holly gives a minor one to Rachel, asking her if anyone has ever told her how much she sucks? Rachel herself gives on in "Laryngitis" when she figures out that some of the others in Glee Club have been phoning it in during rehearsals.

Santana lets Sue have it big time in "The Quarterback", giving her hell about her bad attitude towards Finn, but it's immediately clear that she's yelling at herself too.

Rachel lays one on Sue in "Opening Night", telling her exactly what a horrible, awful person she is and how she'll never really know the kind of love in her entire life that Rachel has known in that one night.

There are a lot of characters that consistently show up in the background for the specific purpose of Season 1 introduced the jazz band, Azimio, Karaofsky, and Lauren. The last two ascended in season 2. Season 4 introduced Dottie Kazatori and Jordan the neck-brace Cheerio. A number of plots, characters and ideas are blatantly lifted from Popular , also created and written by Murphy.

With Season Four, the show is recycled itself with all the new characters being only slightly different versions of older characters. Then in season five, Bree is Santana. They also recycled the Aesops of previous episodes. You could make a drinking game out of every episode that boils down to Be Yourself. Sue lives and breathes this trope. Anytime Sue looks to finally stop going after the club, you can bet the Status Quo will be back to normal next week. When Rachel's dads appear in person on the show, they look nothing like the picture we saw of them three years prior in the pilot.

And Hiram has a lighter skin tone than before. The first half of season 1 put a lot more focus on Will, and had a more quick paced storytelling and him narrating throughout the episode.

But after the second half of the season got on, it began focusing more on the students and slowing down the plot to allow more drama to unfold. Season 5 had the most dramatic retool of them all; New Directions is temporarily disbanded in Episode 11 leading to the departures of Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist, Alex Newell, and Blake Jenner , and the last seven episodes were entirely based in New York.

Season 6 returned the action to McKinley. The show regularly has to introduce new Jerk Jock and Alpha Bitch characters because the previous owners of the titles inevitably go through character development into nicer people Karofsky for the jocks, Kitty for the Cheerios. Later it extends to the rest of the archetypes, as the characters evolve or graduate, and the authors are not especially shy about this trope, often having the new guys dubbed by the other characters as "New insert previous one ": A mild example, but the first season especially before the mid-season break was a lot darker and more dramatic.

In the 2nd season, though, some episodes do nothing but bounce from gag to gag. Played for laughs in Dynamic Duets with Hunter Clarington, the Warblers' new captain, who is presented petting a white cat.

Ripped from the Headlines: Kurt's "Single Ladies" video mirrors Joe Jonas' inexplicable decision to do so. Jacob Ben Israel getting attacked by Twilight fans. In "Wheels," Puck and Quinn have a playful food fight while making cupcakes for a bake sale.

Puck goes to wipe flour off of Quinn's cheek and they lean towards each other To a lesser extent, Ken later Carl for Emma but Ken was never taken seriously. Quinn starts out as one for Finn and Rachel. All but the most unrepentant Jerkasses have been shown to be basically decent people or at least have some desire to do the right thing. Of course, the more central a character is to the plot of an episode or to the show as a whole, the more likely they are to fall into this trope.

They were shown a couple of times in Season 1, but it's at the point in Season 2 where it become a symbol of the series. Ad campaigns for the second season feature the actors throwing slushies at the camera and they're the album artwork for iTunes singles. Sam literally has a really big mouth. Will has a butt-chin. Kurt is one of the ladies though this one is sometimes played for drama. Whenever a girl member is about to reveal a secret, the response is usually along the lines of "not another teen pregnancy".

Will's Season 1 affinity for rap music is periodically referenced and criticised thereafter, mostly by Sue, though Quinn gets a line in the Season 3 finale.

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rachel from glee dating

Will's ex-wife Terri takes a special interest in Finn, because he reminds her of a sixteen-year-old Will. When Quinn got kicked out of her home by her family, Finn stood up for her, and he and his mother took her in.

rachel from glee dating

Blaine is injured during a confrontation between New Directions and the Warblers, and has eye surgery to repair the damage.

rachel from glee dating

Some show their emotions openly, while the others did it more privately. Those crowns are a crock. To thank him for letting their kids be raised Jewish, she lets him touch the sides of her breasts. Retrieved October 4, Don't you get it, man?