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It is important to understand that the rider on the white horse is not Christ, but anti -Christ. The spiritual realities are too abstract for them: At that time, the Lord graciously revealed to me the angel that had been assigned to me so many years ago: We can hardly imagine the ecstasy John must have experienced in the presence of these heavenly wonders, glorious sights so intense as to be beyond human endurance and continence compare Dan. Almost as quickly as the demonic attack on the workers began, warriors from the ridge came to protect them. For the Son is the very " shining forth of [the Father's] glory", and "the precise image of [the Father's] essence" Heb.

Ridiculous & Random Stories & Thoughts on My Experiences

First New Years Eve party as a single person was awkward. He was unlacing a pair of silver-tipped, brown, high-top work boots as he spoke to me. On that blessed and glorious day, from thenceforth and forever there shall be "no more sea" Rev. I have seen large animals that have captured small prey, torture the smaller creature by licking it before killing it. This earthly holy of holies, the place entered only by the high priest on the Day of Atonement Heb. The gifts these angels presented included a golden heart that hung on a chain over my own heart — understanding;8 golden bracelets on each wrist — discretion;9 a golden nose ornament — discernment;10 golden rings on each finger — the ability to communicate;11 and a golden necklace — the fear of the Lord. These two symbols enclose the two symbols of the predominantly gentile ages, of which.

I knew those jewels were the virtues of Christ. He smiled down at me. He, the Great King, is the reward. Allow the Spirit to replace the old with the new. The One who was dead and is alive forevermore sends me to you to encourage you to follow the clues and receive Him in greater measure. The angel is relating spiritual growth to a treasure map.

But with a spiritual map the seeker is also rewarded when each new location is reached. Because he is giving insight into the difference between worldly treasure and spiritual. The more one learns the history of great civilizations and sees their abandoned ruins, the greater the clarity one receives about the foolishness of setting ones heart on anything in this world.

Sometimes it takes years before we receive insight — but once clarity is given — if we repent — the blood of Jesus cleanses us and automatically we receive the reward of Christ filling and replacing the flesh in our souls with Himself. Unlike the rise and fall of civilizations or the fickleness of fashion or the elusiveness of money or power — God is eternal. In all ways and in all things, He satisfies completely the longings in our souls. Therefore, the Angel of Rewards brings insight and clarity and if heeded — Christ filling that abandoned portion of the soul where the flesh had once set itself up as king.

We have grown in Christ. Our Father has assigned angels of all classifications to care for His children: But if a more personal protective intervention is needed, there is the angelic choir called: This account is of my first interaction with a member of one such squad: The incident begins with a vision.

The vision leads into an experience. A vision is outside the body - like a movie. An experience draws one into the unfolding narrative. Startled, I spun around to see a colossal battering ram relentlessly moving under its own power across a desert basin.

Blasphemies were carved into its black battering arm, the end of which was the iron head of a goat. Although it moved slowly, people on the desert floor seemed helpless to avoid its path; they were crushed as it rolled over them. Slowly the battering ram topped a sandy hill and began to pick up speed going down the other side.

Breathless from shock, I clawed with my hands and dug with my feet into the deep sand of the hill in order to reach the top and watch its path. It picked up tremendous speed as it plunged down the other side of the hill into a deep valley. In its path at the bottom of the hill was a walled city. Both city and wall were the color of the sand and seemed to be half sunk into it, almost reclaimed by the sand from which they had come. In faded lettering on the side of the wall I could read: The battering ram was massive, and the adobe wall of the city did not look strong.

It plowed through the houses and buildings, losing little of its speed. When it broke through the wall on the opposite side of the city, it slowed to a stop, settling into the sand. Occasional screams broke this silence. They came from those who had been mutilated or from those who recognized that a loved one had been killed.

But stranger than the silence was the fact that few sought to escape across the rubble of the wall — few. Then slowly, all by itself, the battering ram turned and began to start up the hill again, moving in my direction. I thought it might see me, so I left the top of the hill and began to run in the opposite direction. As I ran, I frantically scanned the desert basin for a hiding place.

I could hear the huge wheels laboring as they carried the battering ram toward the top of the hill again. Let me show you. I was still heaving from running. The angel flew beside the stairs, higher than its base on Earth, and waved me upward: There were no hand rails on the narrow stairs.

The stairs were clear like glass, which can be slippery. I could hear the battering ram rolling; although I was still panting, I began to run up the stairs. I kept my eyes on the stairs. In his hands the angel had a scarlet cord fastened to the stairs at the bottom.

I continued to run up the steps, breathless. The angel pulled the thin rope, and another section of the stairs rose. With a mighty effort, I completed the stairs and turned to make sure I had indeed escaped. The battering ram was directly below, rolling beneath us as the third section of the stairs was pulled up. As the battering ram rolled past, I tried to catch my breath and settle myself. Only then did I look around. I looked out over the most beautiful park I had ever seen.

There were gentle rolling hills, beds of subtly colored flowers, and grass as uniform and green as the rolled lawns of English manor houses.

A walking path crossed this part of the park. There were also quiet pools, a stream, and luxuriant trees that on Earth would have provided shade, but there was no shade or any shadows here.

A soft light emanated from everything growing. I did not seem surprised that he read my thoughts. I turned to look at him; only then did his appearance register with me. He looked to be six feet two or six feet three inches in height and in his midthirties, if I were gauging by human years.

He had brown curly hair and wore a brown, transparent, full-length robe. Underneath the thin brown robe I could see that he had on blue-and-white-striped work overalls, the sort one might obtain in the store of a farming community.

The thought struck me that the brown overrobe was so thin that it was probably cool to wear when working. A coil of rope crossed his shoulder and chest, circled in a wide loop near his waist, and returned across his back to the shoulder again.

He wore a white belt, from which hung a white tool pouch. This pouch looked a little like the handtool belt worn by telephone repairers. He was unlacing a pair of silver-tipped, brown, high-top work boots as he spoke to me. He stood up, putting the boots under his arm. But the church — the real church — escaped; the real church is alive and can run faster than any battering ram can roll.

However, the real, living church of Jesus Christ can hide in caves, float on the water, or climb into Paradise. That person can call for help, and we will let down the stairs so that he can escape. The real church is more agile than the battering ram.

Living stones have feet. It would help you. A tray of fruit floated to us. I reached to make a selection of fruit. Some varieties I had seen on Earth, and some I had not. All were without blemish. We both made selections and began to eat. By your following His leading, He directs you to the hidden stairs. You might get wobbly doing that. He was not anything like my idea of an angel.

Sometimes a stunt person will need one of us all by him or herself, but usually we can handle five. The boss chooses who they will be. The present danger is past, but I would suggest that you take the path to the throne room. You must be here for a reason, but that knowledge has not been given to me. Your Father can tell you why you have come. It seemed inconceivable, not only that I was in Paradise, but also that I could go to see my heavenly Father as a child might go to see an earthly one.

I waved to him, acknowledging that I had heard. Then, somewhat breathlessly, I set my face toward the throne room. His purpose is to separate the weeds from the wheat of the living and true church Matt. The scarlet cord that is secured to the first section of the stairway into heaven represents the first stage of redemption through the cross of Calvary Josh.

The second section of the stairway is the second stage of redemption through the cross of Calvary. In His garden the original tree of life still grows Rev. Slaves did not wear shoes in households in biblical days; only the members of the family were shod Luke The living church on Earth is the body of born-again Christians who share a common life of glorifying and obeying the Lord Jesus through keeping His Word and through worship, prayer, and fellowship — all as energized by the Holy Spirit.

Angels only know what God the Spirit reveals to them. There are matters that Christians know but that angels do not know 1 Pet. Scriptural notes which further clarify this revelation are to be found in the section called: Our compassionate heavenly Father has assigned another angel to assist us in the coming days: The Angel of Hope.

I thought you might like to see an angel assigned recently instead of twenty years ago and hear what the Lord is saying right now for this time. Even as nations crumble, I am bringing forth a hope that will not be found empty. It is a hope that draws on My capacity — My name — My promises. Hope draws it into your hands for ready use. I am sharing this experience with you to honor four young women that visited me recently.

When they came into the office, they saw the picture from my journal lying on the desk. So — in honor of the children in China that read these true stories — Bless you and I hope you enjoy this amazing experience with our Lord. The ancient custom of giving the future bride gifts at the time she agrees to marry is still prevalent today. The man, now, usually brings an engagement ring. Supernaturally the chosen young maiden is shown to the servant, who represents the Holy Spirit.

When she says she will go with the servant to marry Isaac, the servant unloads from his camel caravan gifts for the family of the chosen bride and many valuable gifts for her. The following is such an occurrence in my life — twenty years ago, while living in a government project. I raised my hand to shield my eyes from the searing light.

The very molecules of the air within our apartment were burning white-hot from a central point. Swiftly the Holy Spirit spoke: Now, however, I had stopped praying, for I was struck by the wonder materializing before my eyes. The air sizzled and curled. From the center of this phenomenon, the fiery glory of the Lord began to burn through the wall of our apartment. The Holy Spirit had to set me on my feet, for I could not stand.

His glory is almost more than the physical body can bear. As I rose to my feet, stately angels of His presence stepped through the center of the blazing light to enter the room. Four angels stood before me in a semicircle to my left, four angels in a semicircle to my right. They wore pale lavender robes embroidered with deep purple and gold on the sleeves and hem.

Golden girdles bound these garments across their chests. Then four additional angels, similarly dressed, entered the room through the burning air. Each of these held one pole of a canopy, the sort one might see in a Jewish wedding.

The Holy Spirit stirred and swelled into a whirlwind in response to the One who now stepped beneath the canopy. King Jesus, brighter than the sun, entered the room. Through the shock of unbelievable light, I could see faintly that He was wearing a rich purple cloak that opened in the front and hung in folds to the ground. It had long sleeves and was edged with a wide, gold brocaded border. Beneath this garment was a white robe that also reached to His feet.

The robe was grappled across His chest with a golden girdle. On His head was a golden crown that was similar in some respects to the crowns used to cap Torah scrolls. The Holy Spirit swirled around me to strengthen me, for the intense light and power emanating from the Lord made it difficult for me to stand. Then, as if by some silent command from Jesus, the nearest angel in the semicircle stepped toward me.

In his hands he held a golden crown, which he carefully placed upon my head. The angel opposite him in the semicircle stepped forward with the gift he was carrying. He placed golden earrings on my ears. One by one each of the remaining angels of His presence brought the gift that he held in his hands. After the physical gift was placed upon me, the angel named the spiritual gift it symbolized. The gifts these angels presented included a golden heart that hung on a chain over my own heart — understanding;8 golden bracelets on each wrist — discretion;9 a golden nose ornament — discernment;10 golden rings on each finger — the ability to communicate;11 and a golden necklace — the fear of the Lord.

It covered me like a veil from my head to my feet. I had never received such an immediate and extravagant answer to prayer. I looked down at the gifts that I was able to see.

They were princely — gifts of my Father from my Father. These gifts will unlock My heart to you and to My body. All mysteries are bound up, locked away in Me, Anna. But the mystery of My love is the greatest revelation of all. I have withheld your bearing. But now I place My hands upon you that you might bring forth good fruit — many children, all heirs, kings and priests to their Father. He placed His hands upon me. Fire and power surged through me. I am your Husband.

Let My covering be on your head. I am the beginning and the end. I am your health, your protection, and your fruitfulness. Thousands upon thousands of heirs will you bear, those who will walk right into My kingdom, those who will be at home in My chambers.

My heart is turned toward you. My desire is for you. You have captured My heart. Lock this away in your heart, for My promises are true and sure. Point not the finger. He bowed at the waist as a sign of His departure and stepped back under the canopy. Once under the canopy, He turned and walked through the burning opening in the wall of the apartment. The four angels holding the poles of the canopy also bowed and walked out with Him, holding the canopy over His head as He disappeared.

The angels of His presence also signified their departure, and two by two they followed the Lord. Then the Holy Spirit swirled before me again, this time gathering up all of the remaining fire and light.

He too passed through the apartment wall. Instantly, the gifts became internal and no longer adorned me externally. I come with nothing. Before I could continue, my Father thundered audibly in the room: There is not much information about the Elders in heaven. Many people feel that they are risen humans from the old and new testaments. Since one of those mentioned as being among them was in fact looking into heaven from earth and telling about the full number already being in place, these Elders seem to be angelic.

The following occurred on December 21st, —very soon after I began to visit heaven. That which took place was part of the equipping for the call the Lord was placing upon me. At that time, however, I knew nothing about telling the body of Christ about these visits. There is damage to the page from the fire that burned down our home— and the fact that the journals sat in water from the fire department as they tried to save the house.

This training session occurred on June 16, —twenty years ago. I am putting the first two pages into this web-site because they have the pictures. The interview, comprised of questions and answers, will be typed—except for these first two pages. I believe you have grown in thankfulness.

This pleases your Father. You might say we are here and there. Paul speaks of being in two places—where he was presently and with those in prayer in another place. You are here in heaven and you are also on earth. You can send your spirit out to another to touch and also remain touching the Godhead. But, we do not have vacations where we must go away to another part of the realm. Your Father works and we work—but do not tire of the assignments. We are spirit and healed by light and life.

The fusion for any wound is light and life Himself. As sacrifices our God desires now are spiritual, so are healings here. The spiritual realities are too abstract for them: They are already present—reaching toward you, but it will be as though they step through a barrier to draw nearer.

Mankind does not know the love extended toward it by their Father. But we are attracted to His light… I had the impression of a magnet pulling to it particles of steel shavings.

I was created and assigned before you came forth on earth. But we are not as great a friend as our God. I do not want you to tire. Return now which means to return to earth You may come again whenever you wish. Do not tire yourself. She felt a little different from a human person. She could see that I was registering perplexity. We can be subject to the Father of spirit s and live. The earthly tabernacle was a copy of the true one in heaven.

All that is from God is everlasting. A golden nail would secure the truth of God in our lives. Exactly one year ago I showed you Daniel to demonstrate angelic attire. Now I am showing you another time of encountering the angel Daniel. In seeing Daniel on this occasion there was greater clarity as to the assistance that he, himself, renders to me and, I am sure, to others.

I will type the text. You will be able to see some of the writing on the pages with illustrations, but reading it is always difficult. Therefore I will hope to give to you greater clarity by typing that which is in the journal. Going up the tunnel, I was singing. The lavender and blue lights in the tunnel were rolling like neon. An echo of my song came back to me.

Either it was an echo or someone else was singing the same thing after me. I was going forward in the tunnel by swinging on the bars of lavender and blue like a jungle gym.

They held onto my arms and up we went like three stunt planes flying together. We zoomed and turned and rolled. Flowers popped out all over my clothing and then squashed down to become a flowered pattern—then faded to dazzling white. Seated on a rock near me was Daniel. His staff was propped against the rock on which he was sitting. The staff has an orb at the top of a tall blue pole.

The orb is full of eyes. A golden cross topped the staff. That seemed too familiar for such a venerable angel. Do you assist me in the understanding of these? Your giftedness in this area will be assisted by me. If you will give yourself to this study, your Father has much for you to relate. I am the voice for the eyes. Also, I hear for the eyes and what I hear travels through the staff to the eyes. I am the hearing for the eyes.

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding, as well as discernment through perception are included. More mysteries will be revealed. The Lord wishes to find you faithful, Anna. Be faithful in the small and He will add the larger to it. Do you desire this? If you wish to live in God for eternity, why not start now? Begin to live in your heavenly home. There is much to do today…but do not do it apart from Him.

Simply learn to live in Him. While holding the staff there were panoramic visions around me. I handed the staff back to him. He spoke of it as though it were a person. Seeing my puzzlement, he added. We, too, are with you. He smiled and said: There are dreams or visions that give the believer indications that the Lord is accelerating the speed with which He is drawing the person into the bridal process.

He is drawing you closer. The pictures were simple. However, I certainly did not understand their meaning when they were given. Even when I asked my friend, Bob Jones, I did not understand the full implication of all the Lord was showing me. It is from the copy machine. If you have begun to have dreams or visions of wedding attire, or of being carried away to the Lord or the sun or the Prince as in Cinderella , rejoice, for the Lord is drawing you into greater intimacy.

Al and I had recently moved to the Panama City area. About two months earlier I had begun to see into heaven. When we moved to the Gulf Coast, we joined a little beach church. The pastor and the congregation were in their twenties or younger. They all wore cut-offs and baseball caps turned backwards. The pastor preached a good sermon, though. He knew the Bible. It was very lively, to say the least.

That is only preliminary background to the actual day of the vision. After receiving the revelation, I tried to draw and color the mountains that I had seen….

However, I went to the Panama City library to begin research on these spices. While there, the pastor of that little church came in and stopped by the library table. He asked what I was doing and I showed him—with great embarrassment he was a professional artist.

I am trying to console myself by hoping that, now, the picture is history. As soon as the Lord saved me, I began to hear His voice. I could hear and talk to God—and I knew it was God.

Almost immediately He told me that He had set me aside to be the wife of a minister in the small town I was visiting. I was a new Christian and to tell you the truth, neither the minister nor I were even vaguely interested in one another—I mean—not the least flicker of interest: But because the Lord had said it to me, I thought: But I needed to say that I would, indeed, marry him.

God requires no one to accept something against his or her free will. Now, there were huge considerations to take into account: I traveled the world and lived a life most people only dreamed of living. I would need to give up all of that to be married to a minister who lived in a town of 2, people and a church with a congregation of Well, really there was never a contest.

I chose God, the minister, the small town and the church…and never regretted it. I walked away from the other life. When I made the decision to follow the Lord however and wherever He led me, He assigned to me two angels. I did not see them—nor hear them; but the Lord told me their names and their particular strengths.

But there were so many new events in my life at that time that I did not pursue finding out. That was in …the year I married my husband. I did not really think about the angel of Zeal in the years after that. I never saw him, nor heard him, so…. Now let us zoom forward the —20 years later—. Right before we moved to Florida, the heavens opened and I began to see into the spiritual realm. Now I was seeing angels and Jesus and our heavenly Father and our home above.

At that time, the Lord graciously revealed to me the angel that had been assigned to me so many years ago: I am including a paint chip from a store in Panama City.

I asked them to show me the color cerise. Here is what they sent me. The angel is wearing the true color.

The angel looked young. He had fire coming from his hands and feet—and actually left fire where ever he walked. Looking at the fire radiating from him, one would surmise that he was zealous. Cerise was of great help in the twenty years after I married my husband and his assistance is doubly needed as we head into the future.

It has now been 40 years since he was assigned to me. His influence, instead of waning is increasing. Because of that which is facing the body of Christ in the years ahead, we will need zeal for the Lord. We are fortunate, for we know that since there is a whole choir of angels that assist us in acquiring zeal, we may ask the Lord for an increase.

Our Father will send the Holy Spirit, as well as our dear Lord Jesus and choirs of angels to give us more godly zeal. He will set us aflame with His love and passion—even as the angel of zeal appears to burn with fiery love and singleness of purpose for our Lord and for accomplishing His will. I am including the text of the picnic with the illustrations drawn at the time of the revelation.

Remember the text and pictures passed through the fire that burned down our home and the water that was generously poured upon the house by the fire department in an attempt to save the structure.

There are all manner of angels that specialize. They teach while cheering us up…something of a rare combination. Suddenly two angels came strolling down the path near the pool in heaven. They looked like young men of about twenty-five years of age. One had brown hair and wore a brown robe. The other had blond hair and wore a blond robe. There was something comical about them. But I did not know why I felt this way. Salt and pepper came to mind when I looked at them. They were laughing and talking.

Sense roared with laughter. Nonsense began to sing the song again. We joined in when we could. We began to walk and sing the song again. We sang it again and again and again. The more we walked and sang, the funnier everything seemed.

We all began to laugh uproariously. In fact, we laughed so much that we could hardly stand. At times we had to hang on to one another just to remain upright. We almost fell down laughing because the song was true, but absolute nonsense.

We walked and sang and laughed until we neared a large verdant garden, the entrance to which was guarded by two enormous cherubim. This experience in the spiritual realm takes place in heaven right after I first arrived. We have four separate age groups for our events, starting at age 23 and up.

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Gail 7 in-Heaven Singles Events On your search for the one, we make being single fun! But for those of us that are single, this can be a rather challenging day to get through without the valentines in your face reminders of our unattached status and not having someone to spend the day in romantic bliss with. Instead of letting this mostly commercially-fueled holiday drag you down, why not celebrate being single?

Your children who love you or fun faithful friends! Spend time with the family and friends in your life that love you at maybe a coffee shop, book store, anywhere but the restaurants packed with both happy and unhappy couples going through the motions!

Are you ready to start dating again? Do you know how to start a conversation with a stranger? Do you spend time in places conducive to meeting new single people? This will be a non-structured open mingle for ALL ages, so take a chance- you have nothing to lose and see if Cupid is on target tonight! What is a Hungry Ghost? Its not that love has not come their way… Hundreds of time in their life they are led to tables spread with endless food and precious delights, but no matter how much they eat date … they cannot be satisfied.

Hungry ghosts might sample one relationship after another yet not knowing how to digest it, never satisfied. Their pleasure is in withdrawing the love they seem to be offering. This p rovides these ghosts with a sense of control so that nobody will ever control them through the strange experience of love.

In terms of relationships, they go around and around on a merry-go-round grabbing for the gold ring which is always just beyond their reach. OR if they do catch it, they soon discover to their horror that it is not actually gold!

Even when they are with someone they love, they often wonder, could someone else be their TRUE soul mate out there? Could they missing them? What the hungry ghost is lacking is the one missing very important ingredient to falling in love…. It takes time for a person to feel at home in a relationship and to reveal whom they really are so you can see the good inside.

It takes time to wait for another and to develop true caring and trust. Starving for food and love they will often grab at anything just to satisfy themselves.

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speed dating 7 heaven

But God does display Himself in visible form as in our immediate context of Revelation chapter four , and when He does so, the nature of the theophany is entirely consistent with the picture painted by David in this Psalm. I had never seen an angel clothed in purple.

speed dating 7 heaven

His kingdom is a kingdom of unity and love.

speed dating 7 heaven

This "sea" Greek thalassa: Speed dating 7 heaven a soldier is on the battlefield, a letter from home telling of the people and places of home gives the solider great hope. As "doors" in the heavens cf. The One who was, and who is, and who is coming! When He had accomplished the cleansing of [our] sins, Ddating took His seat i.