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Click HERE to learn how to use this and other dating sites safely. For me it's more attractive on women. Because old people are weird and make those connections. In general luckily tattoos are becoming more acceptable, though I have had some odd remarks asking if I have a boyfriend when pointing to my tattoos such a weird connection for someone to try and make.

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It isn't too bad: Confidence outshines perceived physical flaws. Join for free and search through thousands of profiles Joining only takes a minute. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I love tattoos, nature, hiking, walking, dancing. As a human with 2 X chromosomes, tattoos and piercing themselves are not a deterrent for me, but how they look on a person does that make sense?

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Search Your Area I'm a Man. Looking for a Woman. Block member from your searches. I'm not against a person modifying themselves but piercings beyond a moderate level are too much for me. As far as my own preference is concerned, the more modifications the better! I've gone on dates but I feel the women aren't my type exactly. It's typically a tinder or sometimes a random ask out date and after talking at coffee shop or something else the attraction is gone. I'm not into them.

I've gone on several dates with someone but then get to the same thing. But there's other women i've talked to awhile as friends and it's not the same. Or asking other women out and I get a no or other reason and I just jump to it's me and tattoos.

Which is rude of me to myself hah. I feel like most women find tattoos attractive or don't care one way or the other. And if someone is going to look down on you before even getting to know you is that really someone you'd have enough in common with anyway? Now, I suppose people find attractive what they find attractive and sometimes that can't be helped.

But, again that isn't someone you should date anyway. You could easily replace tattoos in this scenario with brown hair, a certain body type, green eyes, etc. People find different things attractive. I have tatts myself so I tend to find them attractive. I guess if your tatts are tacky or of something dumb that might be a different story.

Yo I have met more people into tattoos than not. I would go to the mall literally every day after college JUST to see him because he was so beautiful to me.

You just have met the wrong people so far? I swear, many many women DIG tattoos. Mainly because they're art.

I don't have any bias for or against you for having piercings or tats in terms of dating. For me it's depends on the location. Face is a no go. And private areas no. Pretty much everything else is sexy. My wife has several tattoos, and they are awesome. The only thing keeping me from getting a Direwolf tattoo is the fear of the needles hurting.

Yeah, i'm a big baby, I know. Do you have a reason behind it or is it just a matter of preference? Wasn't sure if it was a trashy or unclean look or what have you. You have to find what everyone is comfortable with. I have a few piercings but most of them are pretty standard. I used to have my nose and tongue pierced as well but don't anymore.

I don't care either way and I'm fine with him not liking them because I got rid of it long before I met him. I think tatoos and piercings make a person more attractive. Because of this, I'm usually more shy around them than I am around people who don't have them. I enjoy tattoos on people, opposite sex or not, if they are well done tattoos. If you've got something vulgar though, I probably will be a little put off.

I'm not going to get any tattoos myself, but I see tattoos as an art like any other If the artist is bad though of course it's going to make you look less attractive. But a good tattoo will net some admiration and a conversation topic for me. I've definitely never experienced this. I think mine are relatively tasteful. Or I just go for people who wouldn't care. That's something a friend and I have talked about. I told him this thought and he said "Man.

I wish I could have tattoos like you" so it's definitely a 'grass is greener on the other side' situation. I have tattoos, and I have had multiple face piercings. As a female though I feel like having them and piercings kind of hurts my dating game, because I tend to attract the bad kind of weirdo, and usually they don't have any tattoos. I'm sure it's depending on taste but I love them on women. I seem to not find as many to ask on dates or that they have them in hidden areas but when a woman has a sleeve or a lot of them in general, it's a turn on for me.

That's how I feel haha. I dated someone a couple years ago and I was happy about her tattoos more so how fucking awesome she was but now she's not around and i've yet to find someone like her again. Also, I hope you find someone and i'm sure you will.

I think it's a matter of time and place. Always seems like a game of timing. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Want to add to the discussion? Tattoos definitely make men more attractive in my opinion. Cause I'm a straight dude. I love getting tattoos. Do u know where you're gonna get it? I want sleeves eventually. But keep working on it. Why would anyone connect "Tattoos" with "dating"? I just don't listen to them.

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tattoo piercing dating

People may find my stretched ears weird and possibly off putting like I must have something wrong with me to have done that to myself. Click HERE to learn how to use this and other dating sites safely. It's a random thought process i've gone through lately and it's killing me inside.

tattoo piercing dating

Body mods have become mainstream enough that I hardly notice on most people, unless they're covered in prison tattoos.

tattoo piercing dating

If you've tattop something vulgar though, I probably will be a little put off. I used to have my dating beijing and tongue pierced as well but don't anymore. I get tattoo piercing dating caught up in my thoughts of others thoughts. You just have met the wrong people so far? Tattoo Lovers is a Tattoo tattoo piercing dating for tattooed men and women.