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It is 7lbs total with It does like to ground loop, but it flies very well for a warbird. Mark Hibbert brought in an old starter and built a lipo battery and glow plug ignighter carrier that is fully self contained. He plugged in a 14v 4s battery. Club General Meeting Tue Apr 10

PVMAC Scale Fun Fly Event::April 13-15 2018

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Here is a link to the court breifing of John A Talor vs. Good and bad news from the Chino tower. The tower had a report of a drone; Pilot reported it the drone was flying at feet southbound, good news is it was not us, and the Tower knows it. There was a rumor FedEx was trying to move into Chino airport, which would be bad news for our field because it would reclassify the airspace. But it sound like this rumor is not true and they are trying to move into a building near by as a ground transportation facility only.

There has been a couple conspicuous visitors taking measurements and doing som survey work, Ted Novak confronted one of them. It was a guy from the county doing a survey. The Duck people apperently want to expand their operation, going west towards the 71, though it should not affect us.

Chuck also wanted to bring up a point, because of an issue that we had a couple weeks ago. Just because you are a member, you cannot host an event at the field. He put on all the decals on first, then assembled it to make it easier. Joe flew it 2 times, says its an unbelievable flier, no flaps needed. He gets about 3. He cuts the throttle, and it just floats in. They have a 90mm engine if oyu want to add more power.

Runs on 2x 6s , he has 4 sets of batteries, you can do the math on that. He could not say enough about the flight characteristics. The gear ihas been fixed. Has 1 plug that handles all the wing connections. He wants to fly it in scale this year or next. All the hardware has been changed. Steel cables were switched out to stainless. Lonnie says, You have to have the flying wires to fly, and you cannot disassemble it, as the wires are the only thing holding the wings on.

It weights 47 LBs dry. He put a DA with smoke pump and fuel pump, it calls for a He has not flown it yet. It wet together well and says its not real acrobatic airplane. Lonnie flew one at castle, and fell in love. There are 4 sets of batteries, and an added 2. A 12 channel receiver is being used, and every channel is used with all the control surfaces. Mark Hibbert brought in an old starter and built a lipo battery and glow plug ignighter carrier that is fully self contained.

He plugged in a 14v 4s battery. Took 2 days to build. And Finally, How many rc pilots does it take to fit Lonnies plane through a door? The Photos are the punchline here Published on Wednesday, 12 July Its been a while since an update has been made here on the website, but each month the club is updated at our Monthly club meeting which takes place on the second Tuesday of every month.

Published on Friday, 23 June There will be an optional date of Sunday October 8th if it rains Saturday. We will plan on a 4 round contest. A classic Pattern contest brings back competition of the 's and 's. Many of the participants will even fly with airplanes, radios and engines of the era - although this does not help with the scores.

Almost any 40 - 60 size airplane glow or electric is allowed to fly in the Pre-Novice and Novice classes. Advanced and Expert classes, we like to see an airplane more of the era. There are a couple ARF's that you can buy today, the most popular is probably the Tower Kaos 60 and We are looking for a style of flying, one maneuver at a time as indicated on the "call card". Can you fly a straight line? How about a loop - or 3 loops. Classic Pattern Association www. The site will also have the "call cards" as well as a written description of the maneuvers.

Give Classic Pattern a try! You probably already have an airplane you can enter. Published on Thursday, 26 May Chuck talked to the tower, and they said that they did receive 2 calls from pilots asking permission to fly. The Tower cannot tell them they cannot fly, they can only advise them. The tower advised them that they were too close and should not fly there. Steve Gamble has Stepped down from the board. The Club would like to thank Steve not only for for his help and support as a board member for the last 2.

As long as I've been a member, Steve has alwasy been there lending a hand at the club events by manning the grill, setting up or tearing down and assisting at club meetings. Jim Stout, another board member is moving to Texas in the next month. He is employed with Toyota, which is moving from Irvine to Plano Texas. The Barbwire fence is going to be fixed in lieu of fixing the potholes in the road. The Road will eventually be fixed, but the fence is the priority at the moment.

Cal state Fullerton is coming down to the club to fly their experimental airplane on May 11 th. Chuck will be meeting with Chino PD this week to discuss some riot control training that they want to do on the property with CS gas. Board member Larry Marsh was hit with Ugly Stickā€¦. The tail control is all internal and very challenging to build.

The landing gear are scale for that specific kit made by Robart. He added the cockpit kit, with carpet, upholstery, gauges and throttle.

It was planked and glassed by Steve Berman. It weighs 18 lbs, it has 9 servos on a JR system. Mark Hibbert brought in a Global ARF Sky raider that he is doing a complete remodeling of-, that is he removed the film, added retracts, then added more details with exhaust pipes, Magnum He flared the tail to be more scale using with floral foam and lightweight spackle. He also added missiles and bombs, with styrene.

Imsges: the hookup pomona ca

the hookup pomona ca

Almost any 40 - 60 size airplane glow or electric is allowed to fly in the Pre-Novice and Novice classes.

the hookup pomona ca

Published on Wednesday, 12 July

the hookup pomona ca

There was a rumor FedEx was trying to move into Chino airport, which would be bad news for our field because it the hookup pomona ca reclassify the airspace. Jim Stout, another board member is moving hhe Texas in the next month. It was planked and glassed by Steve Berman. Many of the participants will even fly with airplanes, speed dating gif and engines of the era - although this does not help with the scores. Fire Extinguisher required in your pit area.