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Staring at the cute little young thing in her short clingy skirt just underneath her barely there tube top that is struggling to contain her surgical enhancements; first moisture forms around his mouth, not unlike on a dog in the beginning stages of rabies. Now to free will. Things that I assumed about relationships have been proven false. Possessiveness can happen in any culture, it's the sign of bad boundaries and insecurity on his part. I also submit that it is impossible to have God be involved in our everyday lives if he truly gives us free will. Still so hard to see so much evil and sufferings. Please read the verses I gave from Bible.

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I think that we as individuals owe it to ourselves to keep our minds open, to try to understand the root of our own ignorance, and see the humanity in all whom we make contact. My questioned was answered through verse; Isaiah Thus, the femininity and masculinity connoted by these portrayals and any potential benefit that one may hope to glean from their perpetuation are nonetheless a perversion of the same qualities observed within the White mainstream. When a person does something the moments spent searching, the time getting knowledge, the time finding out where just only half way; either by doing starting and stopping or doing by nothing then moving and later not finishing. Why God gave us free will.. Isn't that the real reason God commands us not to worship "false" gods or idols, because He is jealous?

The stars and planets and everything in the heavens also they named. The humans grew and eventually, like adolescent teens towards their parents, thought they knew more than God. They learned more words like soft and hard, thick and thin, small and large and many, many more opposites that we all still know to this day. Perhaps everything else has an opposite as well and created many of them not even knowing what they were. They were very much unprepared.

God offered to prepare them more so they would not be so lost but, due to free will, they declined the offer and did as they chose. They learned on their own. More time passed and they had children and they had children and so on and so on Eventually the tribe became larger and larger and separated.

Then those tribes did the same and so on and so on until there were multitudes of separate tribes. What happened next was the inevitable when you have a bunch of separated peoples. They started changing the rules because they thought that they knew better than the other tribe on how things should be done. So now each tribe, as a result, also thought that the tribe they were in was better than any of the others, quite the opposite that God wanted.

Intervention was tried again because a very bad future could be seen. Humanities future of hate, wars, famines and other things that are harming, all because they thought they knew what was best. Each tribe even went as far as to say many things that I shall not repeat because it was simply not true. Everyone fighting everyone all related. They were more distant relatives but still related none the less.

It came to the point where fights and killings within tribes began Then it truly was closer family members. Still God tried helping all of his people but they still would not listen. All the predictions came true because with actions there are consequences. So I now ask you this question, and this is why the title of the book, if each tribe had a different version of God, then which tribes had the imaginary ones?

Now apply this question today. Well you're pretty much saying "Why didngod pit us on this earth, if he knew we were going to be evil. Another answer is, free will is free will, he gave it to you because he loves you. Without free will, people would basically be robots. Remember, the DEVIL roams the earth, the devil pretty much owns the earth, all of the sin and disgusting things. The devil is allowed to roam the earth, god does not.

God wants us to just believe in him, and be righteous to each other. Also, you can't put yourself in gods shoes. When you say "why did god give us free will, but he knew evil was going to come out of it. Wait, who is making evil happen on earth? That doesn't make any sense. You can't place yourself in gods shoes.

But what I still want to know is, how the afterlife will be, and why god has granted us ancafterlife. The bible doesn't contradict itself which I dispute, but that's another conversation because it was canonized in such a way that it wouldn't. The council where the Bible was canonized dismissed ancient texts The books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, etc. Likewise, the Gnostic Gospels of Jesus' disciples are not canon. Similarly, the Catholic Faith has 5 additional books in their version of the bible the Apocrypha and the Ethiopic Bible includes the book of Enoch.

So which Bible is inspired by God entirely? If so, how do you know that? The problem with accepting a year-old text as pardon the pun Gospel, is that through translation and canonization, even if the originals were inspired by the Holy Ghost, the countless translations aren't.

They were the heroes of old, men of renown. This is the ancient Hebrew word So if I find this one mistake within 20 minutes of thinking about it, doesn't that prove that translations matter? And if translations matter, then which one is the closest to God's actual word? How would we know? Are there other books of the Bible still watiing to be discovered in an ancient Library? So you can see the issues with declaring an ancient text the unassailable and only true word of God The bible is the short version of reality.

Everything Man needed to know was written in the very first chapter of genesis. That is what makes God happy. The rest was written by men with agenda's to this day they are using the bible against mankind.

Every animal on the planet with a soul could have been our best friends but we failed them and God…. The beet thing I read that made me understand or accept better these confused expeculations and why we are already chosen since the very beginning is the conspiracy theory of the reptilians. The snake in the paradise was Satan. Eve has generated 2 sons: Cain is not totally human. He is the son of Satan. Therefore we are a race of human divide into 1 Original humans.

So since we are intelligent we try by rehearsal and error, which gives everyone a state of anxiety since we know we can be mislead any time by our hybrid half-brothers. Plus, I consider anything that comes between us and God in a alive inner conversation a Idol God. One of them is exactly a book called Bible.

God needs more friends to play with. Eternity is lonely, and good and bad both are two-points of perspective. You are the third-point of perspective. Which angel, or devil whispers in your ear, or is it your own thoughts. Is that you John Wayne? I was told once, that GOD is the author and finisher of your faith. But hey GOD loves you.

Joes, and Barbie's must suffer before we become entertained? Currently, on this web site, a clock counting how many people will die to day.

Like the American deficit clock, the numbers steadily grow beyond measure. If the measure of GOD's love is to sacrifice his only begotten son, how much greater are we? GOD is a kid on an ant hill with a magnifying glass. Games are much more fun when there are participants, and winning brings joy to any victorious outcome.

Yes GOD wants to be glorified and feel good. Who among us wants to feel bad? He made us in his image. So if we are cut from the same cloth, that means there has to be some sin in GOD. His sin is reflected as the same that we reflect whenever we do sin. Then we call it nature. How many times have I contemplated who is the GOD we need to bring us to serenity. Let us dismiss all other deities and false prophets, idols and such, and be Christ like.

WHat greater comfort in the consciousness of our own existence than to know that the vessels that we travel in, exist for a reason. To reach a destination. MOrtals speak about a timeless paradise , to which no one has been there, and no one will return from. When Jesus died he went down to hell to recover keys, a symbol of his victory over death.

Something to think about. Man's constant insight of something he does not see, nor understands. What happens when you die? So many years have passed and so many theory's are known. GOD choose the people in the Bible. GOD desires your heart, and your mind, your life was always his. And know that GOD loves and kills. Hello Omar, God does speak to us. It's called a still small voice. If you are not hearing that voice then you have to make some changes.

Remember the bible says "my sheep hear my voice" so make sure you are his sheep and you will hear him speak. I hear him all the time! God does not let you worship false gods, you let yourself worship false gods. God has sent his holy spirit and angels to minister to people daily. Who do you think talks to you when you are about to do something bad?

Do you think bad people dont know they are doing bad? They do but chose to do it anyway. And God says we should pray for a discerning spirit so we can discern and know what is of God and what isnt.

You have to understand that science was made by man, remember we have free will and choice. You have the freewill to do whatever you want to do, you cant blame God for that, its your free will. Moreover science was born to try to understand the power of God. How he created the world out of nothing, Cos I can assure you even in we still dont have an answer as to how we got here.

All we have are theories, theories that cant be proven. I'm a scientist so I can tell u, science is all about investigating and trying to find an answer, it is not the ultimate. Science makes mistakes all the time, in fact we are told that in science there is no bad experiment, even a wrong answer is a right answer bcos u learn something from it.

This should tell u that science is here to investigate and know thing better. How things were created. Science does not have an answer. We all have free will and we can decide what we want.

God is fair and it would be infair to take our choice or free will from us. If we were created without free will I can assure u that Man will complain and say they are robots. No one wants to be a robot. After Man sinned and kinda showed God that they could take care of themselves and govern themselves and decide what is good and evil God let them. He let man rule the world the way they want to and see what has happened. God cant be blamed for anything man has done, he clearly told adam that if he disobeys he will die.

Adam made a choice to disobey, you cant blame God for that. What you see around you is as a result of our choice. Even in our sin he still sacrificed his only son to save us.

We dont have a right to complain, we are under grace and mercy. God is also principled and he does not lie. He has destroyed the world several times before, we should not deceive ourselves and say he cant do it again or he wouldnt let ppl go to hell.

The only reason why he hasnt swept us from the face of the earth is cos the blood of his son covers us and when he sees us he sees his son. He sees his sons suffering to save us so he wont destroy all that by destroying us. He is giving us time to listen to the truth and make a choice. All u have to do is pray to God to show you the truth, tell him to speak to you, tell him to give you a discerning spirit. We all have angels trying to pull us constantly to God and towards the truth.

God loves us all and it breaks his heart to see the work of his creation perish. It hurts him more than you can imagine. Think about it, if you had only 1 son that you love so much, will you let him suffer and die for people that hate you? No one will do that, but God did, cos even though humans hate him, he still loves them.

Brod that's true because god is a ferfect god and a true god of All man and wemen living in this world. Only in the Torah we see Yahuwah speak directly. Not a single soul is going to leave this earth without knowing him. It applies right from the time of Adam.

No soul can enter the kingdom of heaven without cleansing himself from the original sin. Eshaputhram cha maam vidhi Kumaaree garbha sambahavam Aham Eesa Maseeha nama: That man replied happily, I am the Son of God, born to a virgin. My name is Eesa Maseeha. Thomas or any of the Apostles who died for Jesus did not tell anything about muhammed or any future prophets. God freely gives us His wisdom if we ask for it. We have to imvite His Holy Spirit to dwell in us.

Omar, I see you are in turmoil, fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. May God fill ypu with His truth. The Holy Spirit entered us when we decided to give our life to Christ, to become a Christian.

But we need to continually ask the Holy Spirit to lead us, to guide us, to help us do the things God wants us to do. The Holy Spirit is our guide and gives us discernement, showing us what is right or wrong.

Thankfully God also created for us the Bible which is lifes instruction manual. The logic in this article is illogical. There is no answer as to why the all knowing God created man even though he knew what would happen we will kill each other off.

He knew what would follow. We don't know, period. A long period of evolution with evil involved, was necessary for humans to have free choice: We need to choose Unconditional Love in return for the Love given us by God. Look around you, and within you at The Glory of life and living things, and make a choice! The Love of God is fully displayed, along with the hate of evil. That is Free Choice; in the image of Our God of love or otherwise. Not only did God give you freewill he sent you with spiritual guidance.

I believe that heaven and hell are a state of mind if you choose to live in misery that would be hell but if you choose to live happy no matter what that would be heaven.

We are balls of energy raise your vibrations by seeking the truth as to why we are really here and how love never dies and neither do we. Blessings love and light. God created man higher than the angels and the angels are supposed to Honor mankind.

But some angels were jealous and did not wish to honor man and hence these angels were thrown out of heaven as the 'fallen' angels. So Lucifer was a fallen angel. Dennis provided the perfect answer for your question. But as a Buddhist convert to Christian I think I can add to that. According to the bible 1 John 5: We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. Dear children, keep yourselves from idols. This is what written.

From the time Adam and eve first sinned against God. And god didn't create evil. It's because of man who sinned against God that had created all these bad things. And since then satan have observed mankind till nowadays. He knows how to trap us all. Through the media and even science. Homosexuality was a lie by the devil. Even the fake religions can impart evil sprit then they can perform healing and wonders as satan has power but God is greater.

So human as intelligent as they can be can be tricked. But the truth is, devil perform wonders to let people believe. But God first let you believe then show you wonders. As I had became a learner of the Word bible a. The bible is from heaven. Yes and also that more people would follow Jesus to have faith in one's self that his father without a doubt. Thus having no fear of not knowing , and fear would only flow through God's and his wrath.

Then science would be used for only good to better man kind. Never to be used to gain a position of power over your neighbor's. Or to emposse ownership, or in just laws that say we have to pay a tax , or use a licensing system to our God given right to fish, hunt and forage.

God does not whisper he lives in us all. He gives us all we need and in time he will give you the words to speak. Any disbelieve and then evil whispers " take it" God roars that's not yours. But you are free and have free will do as you will fear not for I am always here. God DOES give man guidance. There is this page book on how we should live our lives. Its called the bible which God gave us. Its only been rewritten to either translate or re word things for people to understand them.

Thats where we get different versions from. I don't need god, why because I could do better without him anyway god need me to do his will, even thought god know I was right, god need to exploit my life for his need wicked lord who can only think of his own feeling selfish and wicked if you ask me. I understand your question and believe me I asked them myself but the truth is God is " whispering in the ears of men" God gave his disciples the great commission which is simply beautiful job of going out into the entire world and repeating what the Holy Spirit speaks to them in regards to the gospel of Jesus Christ and saving blood and as all Christians know the Holy Spirit simply repeated what he hears from God All nations everywhere our being called to repentance and unto salvation through the savings blood of Jesus Christ John For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Scripture shows us that God loved his creation so much that he sent his son to provide his creation with the means for salvation John for God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through him this scripture shows us that God has no desire for any one of his created people to parish instead Word of God shows us that God desires is to give man li Word of God shows us that God desires is to give man life to the full God is indeed whispering in your ear Right now through his people please except the call and allow God To show you the Joyeuse Richly fulfilling life has in store for you he loves you and is offering you life to the full please except the offering.

I completely agree with you. Mankind was set up to fail. God created Adam and Eve and Lucifer. Since god knows the future, he had to know that Lucifer would rebel against him, thus causing Adam and Eve to sin. To compound this, he send Lucifer to the earth to assure all future generations would have deal with him.

God creates hell as a punishment for the fallen angels, but also sends mankind there as well for disobedience. God sends Jesus to earth to redeem us from our sins, but nothing in the physical realm changed. We still get old, have sicknesses and evil in the world. Jesus dies and goes to hell to take away the keys of death and hell, but we still die. I have studied with different faiths to get knowledge and understanding, but i: God can have the ability to wisper into our ear and tell us what is right.

But should that not be human decency to automatically know to resist the evil and continue looking to him. You have to use w. Interesting article, and I like that you have tried to follow a logical path to reason. You give explanation of evil - but you give no proper explanation for the 'suffering' to innocents caused by evil done by others. How fair is that? Ps- I am not Christian but Muslim, but I was troubles by these questions and searched the net, stumbled on your article.

Dear Muhammad, First of all, I thank you for taking the time to read my article. I really appreciate it. Regarding your question about the fairness of God to allow evils done to man by other men and Satan, I'd like to explain that the original world God gave us was perfect and had no sufferings and mistreatment from others. It was man who destroyed the perfect world God gave us when Adam and Eve decided to disobey God man's freewill in action.

Even thorns on plants weren't present before Adam and Eve sinned Genesis 3: From then on, the world started a spiral journey downwards. Sufferings now abound because we likewise continue to displease God who gave us Commandments to obey through the prophet Moses. We all have lied, stolen things, dishonored our parents, committed adultery by looking at people with lust, etc. And our sins, although when committed is technically done in defiance of God, also affects others. Criminals that murder are not the only ones that bring sufferings to others.

We also bring sufferings to others when we commit sin. How many have been hurt by lies we have said? How many people have lost something because we stole these things from them? How many parents are hurt because of our dishonoring of them? How many women have been left with scars in their hearts because we have committed adultery with other women?

All of these hurt others because we chose to use our free will wrongly. In essence, God allows suffering because we ourselves chose that sin reign in our lives. I think that's fair. But here's something that's not fair. Jesus who I believe is God because the Bible says so John 1: Why did He allow Himself to go through that?

So that man's sins which is punishable by death Romans 6: It was us who did those sins and enjoyed doing them, but it was He who made a payment for them. Now that's not fair. But He did it anyway because He wants us to someday have a life way different from the life we have here when He brings us to Heaven. If we want God to be fair, what we should have is not just suffering in this world.

We should have death and Hell because of our sins. But God instead, gave us mercy and grace when He took our punishment by dying at the cross.

All we need to do now is come to Him in humility, acknowledging our sinfulness, so ashamed of them that we desire to forsake sin once and for all, and trust that what Jesus did on that cruel cross is the only payment for our sins. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus , that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.

He rose from the grave. And because He was able to do that, everyone who have trusted in Him can also be assured that death will not have dominion over them because God will give them eternal life in Heaven when we part from this world Romans 6: It is my prayer that my reply to your comment will be helpful in answering your questions in life.

I took time to make this response because I care for you. Please read the verses I gave from Bible. It won't hurt to just look them up. I pray for God's blessing to you. Sincerely Dennis Mark Y. Dear Dennis Thank you for a detailed reply. I agree with the explanation that evil is man's doing - that the original world God gave man was free of evil and sinless and it is man's sins that have started the downward spiral you mentioned. By analogy, would you give a child a knife when you know the child will hurt himself and others?

You said in the original article that the purpose of creation of man was for God to receive freely given love from man — sounds very unfair selfish and even cruel if I may, of God to put man thru this evil just to fulfil that purpose. I am also Christian, and also happened to stumble on your article.

I couldn't help but notice you say It is hard to discern the exact reason for our creation. Since God needs nothing. I will say though that we know that if God created us, we are accountable to his law, and for breaking his law, we deserve death and eternal wrath. How much more do we deserve suffering in the present? All suffering is caused by the sin of man, which God created. I believe in the end it will work to God's glory. Scott, I find it hard to believe that we all deserve death and eternal wrath for breaking any of his laws.

The Bible is huge and in many parts contradictory, but at the same time, the Bible commands us to not work on the Sabbath capitalism has led to the complete destruction of that , we can't eat pork, we are supposed to stone to death any rebellious teens, anyone who is of a different religion, anyone who curses their mothers or fathers, etc.

Jesus also taught us that we should mutilate and maim ourselves if it means that we are sinning, like gouging our eyes out, as it is better to live with one eye than to sin and live the rest of your eternal life in hell. But that would pretty much make everybody maimed and deformed.

I know the Bible isn't supposed to be taken literally, but you can't have it both ways, where people take the literal meanings of the bible like gay marriage and abortions , and twist it to fit into their beliefs, but get upset when these things like what I said above are pointed out. It's either we must live where all those who follow Christianity abides by the literal teachings of the bible or we take the metaphorical and use it as a moral compass, but it cannot be both.

That is the biggest issue with the free will debate. That from a religious standpoint, they'll take the literal meaning of it, but still claim the Bible to be a metaphorical piece of work, that we must apply the teachings to our daily lives, not to live by every word written. Hi, I think that God allows these pains and sufferings because He loves us.

Why do i say this? Take you earthly father who regardless of your nagging to go to that high school party says NO. He says know because he loves you and is trying to protect you because he knows what goes down at parties like that. He says no not because he wants to be mean but because he wants to teach us a few things through experience so that when he sees we are ready to go to that party we know how to handle it.

It comes back to experience and value. If we look at life we often value things more if we worked hard for them The good people that seem to suffer at the hand of evil are going through exactly that. The good people that die because of seemingly evil situations dont die from the evil they encountered but because God has called them to Him. God's love has been misunderstood by the way we see love today as the airy floating butterfly love but does it really last.

Our grandparents are still togther for 50 years because they have been at it There are so manythings happening in todays world because God i believe is saying "Look my beloved children, I love you so much I have left you to go out and see the world, but is there any good from it, the idols you worship have they brought any change into your world? I wont disappoint you" We have troubled Christians of which I am one because we ignore God's request to help us with everything we need be it losing weight or relationships He wants to help us.

I dont know the Bible from beginning to End but because Jesus lives within me thats enough for me to try each and every day to act in LOVE. Dennis, I believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. May you be able to continue receiving love and wisdom from God so that you can continue to bless and guide others. Dear Muhammad, First of all, I'd like to tell you that I really appreciate your openness to a discussion with me.

If only you can see my heart, you will discover how much I care about you and how much I want you to embrace Jesus in your life for I truly believe from my study of the Bible that He truly is the only Way, Truth and Life and that no one can get to Heaven except through Him.

I'm not engaging you to a discussion so that another person will be included in the list of Christians. I only want to lead another person like you to the only way to be reconciled to God. As to your opinion that it's quite cruel for God to put man thru evil as a result of his free will just to fulfill the purpose of receiving freely given love, here's my best answer to that Man will have so many questions to God that will not get it's answer in this lifetime.

And the Bible is also so clear about that. And I'll be honest to you. That's the best answer I can give you. But in my heart, I know that God's wisdom is so above man's combined wisdom. If you feel that the Bible has not fully answered your question then probably, the answer to your question falls on the realm of the "secret things that belong to God". This is something that we should humbly submit to God As just God's created, I must understand that God is more powerful than me and must believe in faith that He has a good reason for doing and allowing things.

In the Old Testament, there's this man, Job, whom God allowed for sufferings to come to his life. He lost all of his wealth, his children all died and he got so sick.

From chapters 3 to 37, Job wanted to understand God's reasons for allowing sufferings in his life despite him being obedient to Him. He even said at one point that "he looked up, down, left, right, but couldn't find God. When God eventually answered him from chapters 38 to 41, God's answers were questions. God started by asking Job, "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? He went on to ask Job questions about his ability to do what God has done through His creation of the universe.

The gist of God's oration of questions to Job was this, "Are you as powerful as I Am for you to demand an explanation as to why I allowed sufferings to come to your life?

That makes God look sadistic, right? God uses His power to do things as He sees it right, including giving us free will that we use to do evil that brings us to Hell.

But He also exercised His will to come down from His glory and die a criminal's death so that He can show us that He has a loving heart, willing to give a second chance to the very people that chose to dishonor Him with their sins. I'd just trust that He knows what He's doing and focus on what He has allowed man to see like the love He demonstrated for sinners like you and me when He died on the cross 2, years ago.

I would also dwell on the fact that after 3 days, He rose from the grave, because that means that I can have full confidence that He is able to give what He has promised any person who will repent of their sins and trust Him for his salvation I'll keep on praying for you. I'll pray that God would grant to you, not understanding, but faith to believe that God knows what He's doing. Dear Dennis First of all I want to thank you. Your words are sincere and your concern for me and others genuine and this is priceless.

As I mentioned earlier, I am born muslim and have lately been troubled by these questions hence posted a question here on your forum. The last answer you gave i. I suppose this is one of those points where Bible and Quran agree. When you mentioned the Book of Job, I was surprised, because I have recently read the first 20 or so chapters in one sitting and believe me I could relate word — for — word how Job related his feelings.

I could not have expressed my questions to God better than how Job did. I think I owe it to myself and read the rest of the book. But the end explanation, either in Quran or in the Bible, that God is above our judgment questioning or reasoning is not satisfactory. I still think, no matter how powerful God is, He does not have the right to make another sentient being suffer — let alone create a sentient being for the purpose of suffering to fulfil His desires or plans.

I will complete the book of Job soon, and will share my thoughts here. Thank you and bless you. Hi Muhammad, Hope you don't mind me jumping into the discussion. I totally understand where you're coming from; I asked this and a host of other questions myself. Your question was that why would God give us free will if He knew we're going to use it for evil.

Try to think about this scenario first: You have a lovely son and you're enjoying every minute of him. He's growing up as a smart intelligent kid. He's very kind to his friends and other folks except a certain group of people.

He grew up to be a typical teen, smarter but not any less "annoying" than any other teen. Let's say you enjoyed being your son as he grows up to be a fine gentleman. He has illusions of grandeur but that's not exactly a bad thing.

Now here's the question, what if that son of yours grew up to be the leader of a country that wipes out a jews in the most horrible ways and other people in war? What if you knew the moment he was born than he was going to do all those horrible things to other people, would you sacrifice all those years of him growing up in your arms.

Now relating that to your question about God, is the "juice worth the squeeze"? For me, I don't think it is. Looking at the world right now and how horrible it has become, I'd rather not create man if I were God. But I'm not God. I don't have infinite knowledge and power.

Maybe the juice is worth the squeeze. Or maybe He has other plans for the human race that we don't know yet. And that's the rub, we don't know… yet. At this point, I'm more than satisfied that He does. I don't want to keep this post too long, but I'd like to add two more points. One being this image: Now, I don't understand why anybody would spend a lot on that.

Maybe he's seeing value on that image that we don't see. Maybe he has a purpose for that image that's worth more than the value he spent for it. By the same token, why would God pay for us miserable humans with the precious blood of His Son? I don't know either. But I'm confident that He either has a purpose for us or we're seeing a value in us that we don't really see. Last point, if we stop believing in the God of the Bible, what options do we have?

We could be atheist but atheism can't account for evil. If we're all molecules in motion, killing an innocent would help in the survival of the fittest; which means evil is good. We could go to Islam but Islam instructs that Muslims kill people of other religion where they stand Sura 2, verse , which includes innocent people.

I'm sure you could relate to this more than anyone else. So that doesn't account for evil either. We could look at all the different religions including atheism but no other belief system fully accounts for evil other than Christianity. Sure there are things that we don't understand but we're not Christians because of the things that we don't believe.

We're Christians because of the things that we do. Hope this helps answer your questions and I pray that God would help you find answers to the rest of the questions you have in mind.

Ishmael ps The question of free will doesn't actually oppose the question of his omniscience all-knowing but his omnipotence all-powerful but that's a discussion for a different day. God does not want his creation to suffer. That is why He gave us the Torah, Gospel and the Quran, to guide us. We are the one who failed to live by it and as a result, everyone become a lovers of themselves and started to treat others without love and respect.

In that process, we hurt each other. We often see things in our own perspective view. Do we ever ask ourselves; how much have we hurt others? If everyone live by the standards that God teach us, do you think that evil can even exist in this world? I am surprised how all you people need a certain answers why and why and why. Sometimes you get no answer, why do we always look for explanation of God is do it.

His reasons only concern him, let us stop questioning his choices. Dear Dennis, Amen, you do have The Spirit! And The Lord will teach all of us who love Him: Dennis every time I read your words I get this sense of peace and understanding; like you are being guided by the Holy Spirit.

I, too used to have questions and I prayed and asked God to forgive me if I am questioning him wrongly. My questioned was answered through verse; Isaiah All for the glory of God. May God continue to bless you with wisdom from Him. He is alpha and omega. He knows the beginning n the end. Why does he write the in between better? Good comments about our amazing n infinite God. Still so hard to see so much evil and sufferings. How some children even have to go through unimaginable things.

If I knew my son would grow up to become a rapist and murderer. If I already knew before I chose to have a child. If I already knew way before even getting married. Would I hv chosen to go through the journey of having him as a son. Someone would create so much pain. The victims may or may not live before they become saved. They hv gone through undescribable pain and will end up as unbelievers in hell. Maybe I should not be questioning God.

To see the pain and horrors. I wouldn't have bought the toy in the first place! God knows beginning to the end. Plus what's in between. Why not write a better in between??? Can I recommend a book? Try reading "If God, Why Evil?: It provides a clear, comprehensive approach on answering the most difficult question. Hi Anton, thanks for the suggestion. Norm Geisler is a great thinker of our time. I don't exactly agree with his position on the age of the earth but he's a brilliant man nonetheless.

This 'freedom' is contradicted. If it is the latter b 'free choice of the will' does not exist. Hi, Thanks for the comment but if you think really hard about it free will and God's Omniscience aren't contradiction.

Let me illustrate why. After the counting, the announcement was made that PNoy won. Now let's rewind time and change it a little bit. Right before the election, somebody hands you a video tape.

When you watch it, you discover that it's a news report announcing that PNoy won the election. You're shocked about the futuristic news since the election hasn't happened yet. Now, you already know what's going to happen. You know that whatever Erap does in this race, he's going to lose. Essentially, you KNOW that the decisions that Erap is going to make is pointless because he's going to lose. My question now is that, did he lose his free will?

Were the choices he made not of his own because he was pre-destined to lose? God knowing our what our actions are going to be doesn't change the fact that we're the ones doing those actions.

Free will and omniscience are not contradictory, that's just a false dichotomy. Sorry if you don't know the Erap and PNoy reference.

I was assuming that you're from our uncomfortably humid country, the Philippines. Love, Just plain Fritz. What if god is just waiting for all of us too not sin and live by the book and believe and thats when we all go too heaven??? And meet him and that's when we complete what he created why not try it and accomplish it and see what happens too bad we couldent get everyone too do that i think then we will find are answers were looking for god movement.

Personal pride, like that of Satan causing His fall from Heaven The Eternal Dimension is what condemns unbelievers When will they ever learn? We all need to confess that we know almost nothing, and are powerless to save ourselves from Death! My friends, its because there is appointed time for the judgemen. God bless us all. I just stumbled on this page and found it interesting. I was just wondering what you thought of things that are sins but are not committed with malice in mind for example, a poor person stealing to feed his or her family, lying to protect a loved one, going against the wishes of irresponsible parents, etc Do these things also deserve eternal punishment in Hell?

Hi Eric, that's am excellent question. I believe that there are two problems with the modern "Christian" mindset. One is that we only think of the now and completely ignore the afterlife. Dying is not such a bad thing. In fact it's a good thing because we get to be with our Lord. Second problem is that we prioritize ourselves more than God. We don't care about breaking the law of the infinite God who spoke the whole universe into existence.

I'm not saying that this is easy, in fact I know that this is easier said than done. But we have to remember that God is a loving god. He's not going to put anybody in a situation where they will sin without giving them the power to overcome it James 1: Hope that answers your question.

God, is not a person. God is not even human. God is the very conciusness of every physical living and non-living thing in the universe. We are in fact a remote very tiny fragmentation of God's concisuness. The very fragmentation of God's conciusness created small vessels for each fragment called souls. And for those souls to be able to 'exist' in the physical plane a semi-pshysical vessel exists called the 'spirit'.

The timeline for human evolution is very very very old, dating perhaps millions of years. In one point, the souls didn't want to continue this ilussion called LIFE on earth. That is how EGO was created. At first, it was a necessary physical organ in our bodies. In every age, some very few souls were saved. Be your brothers keeper. God is all people and free will is yours. And it can be taken. Then you should see evil. Your on the right track. Project free will at all cost.

God knows a good lie. You find God in yourself. And he'lol bless you live your life the way you want. But always hold fast for he is just and merciful. I've been doing a lot of reading and soul searching, so this is what I think so far. Could be way off base, but I'm going to throw it out there. I think all of those things you mentioned are still sins that are punishable.

I think the things you mention is part of God's plan using suffering for whatever reason he uses it for. God will provide food, protection, and guidance if you ask, have faith in Him AND it aligns with what He wants you to have. I think that God uses suffering for his own purpose.

It is up to Him when to alieviate it and how it is alieviated. You can not take it upon yourself to try and circumvate God's Plan by breaking the rules. Breaking the rules is breaking the rules. Jesus Christ is God.. God is a single, solitary Spirit known throughout the Old Testament as the Father. I just want to say that God does not want us to suffer in fact we brought the suffering upon ourselves but most of it is because of one rebellious angel named Lucifer or Satan that destroyed a perfect world when he tempted adam and eve.

That is why god sent jesus as his vessel since Jesus is God and died for our sins and its only through Jesus we can know our heavenly father and worship him. But the one question is must ask is why did God create children with down syndrome?

I mean he must have something special for them. I still struggle with this idea. Recently I watched the Bible series. He would attack a retail worker if they did not have all of the answers to all of his questions about all of their products. He would say embarrassing things that I would quickly cover up with a joke or give a wink to the offended to try to lighten the situation.

I noticed it happening more and more. Even with his lack of social skills I was excited for my family to get to know him. We spent time playing cards with the kids and Candy Land with the grandkids. He enjoyed taking the little ones to the pool at the YMCA, the play center at the mall and fun movies complete with candy and popcorn. My grandchildren loved him, my adult children were not so sure. Slick liked my kids and loved my grandkids.

He asked if I did the shopping and he supplied the money if I would put both of our names on the gifts for my family. That sounded like a pretty good deal to me. Just give me a number. One hundred dollars each?

I had no plans to spend ten thousand dollars. I asked him again the next day and got the same answer. A few days later when I asked again he told me that he does not have anyone else to spend money on and really wants to make Christmas great for my family. I told him that I would start shopping. Before long the boxes started arriving at my house. I shopped online while working in Haiti. I shopped online while working in Santo Domingo. I shopped online from airports, hotels and restaurants.

I did not spend ten thousand dollars but I had a great time picking out just the right things for everyone. Everything was wrapped, ribboned and tagged from me and Slick. After midnight mass Slick and I did our own gift exchange. First Slick opened all of his gifts. He had done some shopping for himself at an outlet mall. With a big smile on his face he opened his two shirts, package of tee shirts and dozen socks that he purchased at Polo and Hanes for a fraction of their retail price.

Next he began to open the gifts that I purchased for him. I shopped and shopped wanting to get the perfect gifts for Dr. I found just the right golf scope since he often complained about a lack of yardage markers on every course we played.

His next gift was a pair of beautiful glasses made specifically for the kind of wine that he most enjoyed. I happened upon at a popular discount retailer. Certainly he would love my third try. Many times I watched him hunt for golf tees, balls and shoes in his full car, I was excited to find a container specifically made for a trunk to hold all things golf. Wow, you are so generous! You told me how much you wanted to spend. I did the shopping. What do you not understand? We are just a few hours from everything being opened.

We need to settle the finances. That is what I mean. You can tell me what it is that I misunderstood not once, not twice but three times when you told me how much you wanted to spend on Christmas gifts.

How much did you spend? What do you think dolls and Legos and sweaters and Barbies and boots and Nintendo games cost? How much do I have to pay you to shut you up? That is what he said! I could not believe it. All this time, little clues here and there, red flags that I ignored, curt words that I forgave, months of my life given to this relationship with this man and now he asks how much he has to pay me to shut me up? After threatening to wake up a son or two to help him out the door he left.

Alright, so my Dr. Wonderful had a second personality in Mr. But I did learn a few things. Or in this case, a lot of issues. Second, if he has money it is probably because he has never spent a dime. Third, handsome is in the eye of the beholder. Last, age is just a number. Is there such a thing as a handsome, wealthy, single man with no children that would like to become an instant dad to kids his own age? I had been experiencing an incredible drought. I have spent a several weeks in Haiti over the last couple of months working not looking and due to a poor choice at the hairdressers mine not hers I have not had many good hair days lately.

Put those two things together and a dry spell is bound to happen. The Week started out in Haiti. I was minding my own business, going about my work of trying to save the world, when a Haitian god, sculpted like Hercules, with a handsome chiseled face, eyes that find your soul, and luscious lips that turn into a smile that could melt the heart of Sister Mary Elephant walked into the room.

He spoke little English but plenty of body language. Through my bi-lingual friend I found out that the police officer yes! A man in uniform! Me, the one with the really bad hair in the degree high humidity weather that does not allow for even the slightest bit of make-up to stay on my melted face. I was very flattered to know that even someone who does not speak my language could recognize my inner-beauty, my depth of character, my formidable list of non-material assets.

After a little bit of unnoticeable blushing due to sunburn I decided to strike up a conversation via interpreter. Oh my, not only does he have a voice that would hypnotize even the strongest minds but he speaks French, the language of love! As words tried to form in my head, I stood agape unable to speak without my chin which was setting on my chest at the time, I stared into his chocolate brown eyes noticing that my heart was beating as quickly as if I had been on a three mile run.

Why is this incredibly gorgeous man unmarried? What is wrong with him? Is he a heart breaker? Does he prefer to bat for the home team? Or has he yet to meet the one true love of his life? I really need to rehearse a list of intelligent, well formed sentences to say to a man. As in under thirty?

Just one year older than my oldest daughter? No wonder he is not married yet. He is barely off the bottle. His training wheels got taken off his bike just last week. I could be his momma. I could have birthed this man-child. I was celebrating my first anniversary of marriage when he was born. Not just a chuckle. A full blown, all out, no holds barred, eye squinting, belly jiggling, head bobbing, nose snorting laugh. Are you kidding me? You are just a baby. What are you looking for, a Visa?

I am not birthing anymore babies. I was married for more years than you have been alive. Your momma would be embarrassed if she knew that you were hitting on someone who is probably older than she is. Sonny, you need to go find some cute young chickie to reproduce your handsome self with. I am an Uma for goodness sake. That is an old thing to say. Well, needless to say, I did like it that he had a little thing for me.

A little boost in confidence never hurt anyone. Our relationship remains one of policeman and crazy American trying to save Haiti and nothing more. Does age really matter?

I am pretty sure that even Miss Piggy has several years on Kermit. I guess if Journey, Boston and Kansas ever came up in conversation a younger man might think that I am talking about a trip rather than some of the greatest bands of all time.

I will stay away from the youngsters. Two days later my cousin Cher and I were listening to a band in downtown Grand Rapids when I noticed a drink in front of me that I did not order.

When I looked up at the delivering bartender he pointed over to two young studs sitting nearby who both gave a little wave of affirmation. In thanking them for the libations, a conversation ensued. Nice young men, respectful, well mannered, great jobs, intelligent, funny, and did I mention young? When they made us guess I said twenty five only to discover that I underestimated by only two years. For the next thirty minutes they tried to convince us of a few things.

No, they never want to have children but it is alright with them if a woman they date already does. No, age was not an issue, even if we were old enough to be their. Really, they are attracted to us for who we are not for what we could give them. So even though it is a bit unsettling to think of my son asking out a woman my age, it does feel good to know that in a smoky bar, after a few beers, with all other options gone, a twenty seven year old good looking man?

I would like to introduce him to my daughter. The whole week continued this way. I got a couple of emails from a guy two years older than I am asking me out to coffee. I was approached by a man in Boston who gave me a couple of compliments and asked me for my phone number.

Here I am, in third month or as I like to call it, my first trimester of this dating thing and so far all I have to show for it are a bruised ego, tattered dreams and an inclination to quit. Morning sickness and cankles would be a welcome diversion from the men and boys.

The first trimester is typically the toughest when carrying a little one so I am hoping second trimester dating is better. Like babies, men drool a lot; especially if he was twenty years old when she was born. Staring at the cute little young thing in her short clingy skirt just underneath her barely there tube top that is struggling to contain her surgical enhancements; first moisture forms around his mouth, not unlike on a dog in the beginning stages of rabies.

All it takes is a couple of seconds of eye contact followed by her coy smile and there it is, saliva dripping down the side of his mouth. I remember too well this dialogue with my toddler. Men cannot make up their minds. Hamburger or chicken nuggets? French fries or apple slices? Chocolate milk or juice box? BBQ sauce or sweet and sour? Twenty five year old hottie or smart forty something? Arm candy or intelligent conversation? A night of passion or a lifetime of companionship?

Just when I thought that I was done with always having a glob of something on my shoulder from carrying around a teething baby, I am back in the baby business. It is just that these babies walk and talk and some are even employed. Perhaps just like the bun gets bigger in the oven, men in the second trimester of dating will be more grown up.

I will have to pass that joke on to Jerry Seinfeld. Did you ever wonder why. Open minded, open hearted and open to research, I walked into the Speed Dating venue with my head held high, my shoulders back, and a small piece of toilet paper attached to the heal of my shoe. This was going to be a great night. The small lounge was pretty packed with male and female hopefuls.

After bellying up to the bar for tall glass of ice water with a twist, I met a few of the women and discussed strategy. The veterans had some great advice for us newbies.

You only need a couple because you can use them over and over. Armed with my ice water, Speed Dating Rules and Notes Sheet, and very clever questions, I sat at table number six and waited for date number one. Within seconds after the sound of the bell, I discovered through sly inquisition that the handsome gentleman seated across the table had a great job, great personality and just a couple of months away from a doctorate in law.

Intelligent, hard working, interesting; if all of the other men were comparable to number one this was going to be a fun night. While I was preparing for worldwide mayhem due to computer caused power outages, he was drinking some mixed concoction out of a bathtub with his high school football team. Six months previous he shared a birthday party with a girl from his home town and now they share a four year old son.

Child support is nearly up to date even though it is a miracle that just the one time could end up so costly. Although I did not find him amusing, number three wants to be a stand-up comedian. Numbers four through seven were unemployed.

Eight looked promising until I saw his toothless smile. Nine was older, shorter and had worse hearing than my dad. Ten has been at the same job since high school. Fortunately for him minimum wage increases have given him steady raises all these years. Number ten wore plaid. I am not anti-plaid, I just think that it belongs on kilts, sometimes couches, maybe the floor of a warm, wood trimmed office, or sometimes on a shirt. But not on pants. Twelve has no idea why is ex is his ex and not his current.

By the end of the six minutes I found out a lot more about her than I did him. Maybe I will invite her to lunch sometime. Subway Diet, the comedian and one of the several unemployed.

Imsges: things to know when dating a haitian man

things to know when dating a haitian man

Christians never seem to remember the God who commanded the Israelites to murder homosexuals and stone to death ill-behaved children and non-virgins.

things to know when dating a haitian man

Hi my saga is so sad, I fell in love with a Mexican guy, and he was fantastic, but he decided he wasn't ready for a relationship, code for I don't want one with you.

things to know when dating a haitian man

So now each tribe, as new matchmaking shows result, also thought that the tribe they were in was better than any of the others, quite the opposite that God wanted. God started by asking Job, "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? I did the shopping. Don't get me wrong we have our misunderstandings and arguments but it's really great how we work through them. GOD is a things to know when dating a haitian man on an ant hill with a magnifying glass. A careful examination of it will show you that it had declared scientific truths way before those truths were datung by scientists. We can not trust a book lost in the age that has been rewritten millions of times.