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virgo woman dating aquarius man

Even though Aquarius men are Very Man-like.. These are designed to show exactly how compatible you are with a given partner and explore everything about your relationship, including a detailed analysis of your personality and your partner's personality. However, my Virgo thinks that I think to far ahead, which I have learned to keep those thoughts to myself. She, like you, is not a game player. How to know if you're with your soulmate. Awaiting for your reply..

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At this point it is one month later. He just got out of arelationship so I don't know maybe It's me wanting too much too soon, but I needsome help what should I do? He was very hurt and I truly hope he finds someone who loves him as much as he loves her. Terms and conditions Privacy policy About Contact. Others may think you as a less passionate or sometimes unromantic, but this is not the case. We are both very independent minded people, but it seems like we have found each other and enjoy being in each others' company all the time and we consider each other the other half of the other.

Sex between these two becomes a precious form of communication, never emotionally exhausting or physically demanding. They may be relating in a way that we all will be one day, there is such fairness and consideration apparent in the negotiations. Both these signs are somewhat androgynous which adds to the intellectual pleasure of coupling — because there are four different ways to do it. This one is likely to last a lifetime, but if it must end, they will probably be on the same page — as always.

It is simply time to turn to a new chapter, and that, dear friend, means laying the past gently to rest. No need for hard feelings. It just is what it is. Click here for your Free Numerology Reading. Ive been married to my aquarian man for 9 years hes the coldest infuriating self obsessed person ever but kindness comes when i least expect it, hes cold but kind, callous yet loving, cruel but forgiving.

How can you not adore his faults. Im a virgo woman september 8th hes 2nd of feb. Love isnt abundant in words but actions. I have lots of faults im im argumentative and he hates that i get the higher ground. I was also born on Sept. Later, read that we are not compatible.

He was bipolar, and had PTSD, which contributed to the constant conflict. But if you can make it work, good for you. Goes to show the horoscopes are not absolute, but I had a lot of your same observations. Wishing you the best. What should I do?? Closed off, selfish, hot and cold. Next time you see him, just walk straight up to him and kiss him, dont care where you are or who is there or even what he is doing or who is looking, wrap your arms aroud him, kiss him and tell him you love him but only if you mean it ….

Should I approach him or wait for him to make the first move? It been 6months and i have to say i am Very Happy.. We then decided to not see each other anymore because he wants to have a twitter situationship and I want to go live on Facebook except for in a real life committed relationship where we can get super crazier with each other, because we were so good together and had so much fun in our own little world madly inlove with each other as if we were each others addiction.

So I suppose its rehab time for us both now and hope we will make it on our own without having to revert to the drug we found in each other or maybe not. I just reconnected with my Aquarius. He is several years younger than me and we were more like brother and sister, when we first met. Then after years of being friends, we became intimate after a trip out of town. He expressed to me that he had desires for me, for a long time.

At first, things seemed to be going great. He told me that he loved me. Not long after that, he started pulling away. Then he emailed me with a song, that described how happy he was and that he was about to become a father!! After I told him how I felt, he asked to see me and said how much he had missed me, although it all seemed based on the incredible sex, we had.

He came to see me and told me that he never stopped missing me. I love him deeply and this interpretation of the Virgo Aquarius, is the most encouraging one, I have ever read. Our first date was magical as we talked all night about everything and anything on the beach.

We have such a strong connection and when I first met him I swear it was love at first site. Interesting enough my ex was an Aquarius but he was an asshole and really arrogant.. Hoping the second time around with my aqua guy is successful. We always had great conversations about various topics, shared the same moral foundations and there was just this unspoken connection between us. He courted me for two months and then he asked for us to be in a committed relationship.

Things were going great for four months, built the best friendship, we fell in love, finally became intimate, went on great dates… and then be just went cold on me. Then one day I decided to respond and it was like nothing had ever happened. We talked about how we felt about the pseudo breakup and were right back in love and things were fine.

Then three months later, he started becoming more detached again so instead of flipping out I just gave him some space. Sure enough a week of spaced out calls here and there, he came right back to himself again. But deep down inside I really hope he is. Well, the last Aqua relationship went south after a few months lol. On my part because he lacked the qualities I want in a Long term partner, he was ready to be in a relationship and I did not want to lead him on so we ended things.

He was very hurt and I truly hope he finds someone who loves him as much as he loves her. I am now just talking to another Aqua and our intellectual connection is fire!!! Lol, more to come! Now what happened why you do feel you are about to lose her?

Something must have happened, you would have to share that information in order for anyone to give feedback? I just met an Aquarius man about 5 months ago, I blew him off initially because he seemed to be arrogant and controlling and as a Virgo woman, I hate that.

I eventually changed my number and a few weeks ago he sent me a message on Facebook. I agreed to meet with him, after I explained to him that his approach is what drove me away. He was very sincere and asked if I could give him a fair chance and if we could start over.

I must say since we have been talking again, he has really swept me off my feet. I am glad i agreed to give him another chance. So far so good. He has already told me I will be his wife and he makes it a habit to see me every day almost. I play it cool, but he has me very interested. Of course, i wont tell him that yet. He thinks that it is so amazing that he cannot figure me out, and I love it. He said he is never letting me go and says I am so beautiful and perfect for him!!!

Hoping for the best!!!! I m virgo gal 22 years old.. I dont know where we r going in this relation but i want to be his frnd forever.. I m typical virgo n he is typical aqua.. We have been together for 11years married for 3 of them!! It was a trust roller coaster at first for both of us, but once you figure out to communicate correctly the bond is unblieveable!! The love will grow and remember while your looking for trust so is he, he just wants to feel it in a best friend way!! Good luck and go with love!!

I think I may like him alot too! Went on the best first date ever for me anyway. He was a total gentleman, sweet, great listener, and the conversation just flowed.

I was only going to see him for half an hr because I had plans right after but we hungout for an entire hr and then some. Upon first meeting this guy at work, he seemed like a real crowd pleaser: Naturally, me being the shy virgo that I can be, I remained polite, calm, and collected around everyone. It takes a while for me to open to people and be my goofy, eccentric self. But he kept persisting by coming over to where I was and making small talk and asking a lot of questions.

I think he read my mind cause he did come by to say basic small chat stuff. He came right over and was one big smile and we talked for quite a while and then he mentioned that i could stay and talk more. But being worry-wort virgo, I worried about getting back to work. When we do talk i feel so comfortable with him that after i say something I want to FacePalm! All i can think about is this aqua guy!

I often wish we had met and been friends before but i also feel we already have…. I have been involved with anaqua man for the past few months. To say the relationship is magical and almost unbelievable is really a loss for words to describe how wonderful it is. Thank God we are able to communicate as we do, and we are both at a more mature state of mind. All that is said is true. Last year he became very secretive and start avoiding my calls……..

He always accused me of cheating on him,bt for 3yrs I invested and made the most contributions to this relationship and he wanted to domInate.. I wanted to bring up the subject of taking things further but I had kept my attention on her the whole time she was talking.

Now keep in mind I did not bring up anything the whole night in regards to our dating situation or relationship stuff. Was she testing me to see how I would react? Her telling me that just came out of no where…I have never pressured her into anything nor have i EVER brought up the topic of making things official…feedback would be great once again..

If the feeling is right, and you are head over heels for this girl, then the feeling probably is mutual. Therefore, if this Virgo has stuck around this long, and made you feel the way you do there is no question she might just feel the same way for you. I say you have nothing to loose, go for it, and let us know how it all worked for you hun.

I am a Virgo woman, and I recently got into a relationship with a Aquarius man 2 months ago. Me and him got lost in our own world, and each others eyes. Initially, I was just gonna cut him loose because of that. But then I thought hold on, this feels so right. I started to ignore the whole zodiac comparability thing, because every time I would read into it still does it just crushes my hopes, makes me sad, and makes me Question our compatibility.

Anyways, I just want to say Thank you to the person who wrote this. We were getting very frisky while our dates were not looking soonenough we sent our dates home and him and I went home together!

I am going to see If and how this one crumbles. I want himevery night but another thing about Aquarian men they do not like It when womencome off too strong. Let him seethat he has a friend In me first and foremost. I'm going to play It by ear but undoubtedly enjoy everyminute he gives me of that fine Incredibly large phallus God has blessed himwith! I am a 42 year old Aquarius Man, and She's a 46 year old Virgowoman, and she basically fell In love with me, as I did with her, but she feltthat we weren't "forever", and she had specific Insecurities I think she was afraid of being In love with me, because both men before herwere like me, In that they were charismatic, and able to garner attention, butboth betrayed, which Is what I would never have done.

Then she says she's willing to play second fiddle to another woman's man,although she said that It wasn't fair for me to have feelings for her, knowingthat she wanted another She wanted It both ways, she wanted me to be totally In love with her, so thatI would literally worship her, while she was free to keep her options open, andwhen the better option came by, just close the door on me, like a worn out,used teddy bear Now I feel quite used, even though I never lied to her, hurt her, betrayed her,or even raised an argument with her But then she flip flops again, by saying that we can't be friends, because shewouldn't be able to keep her romantic and other feelings compartmentalized.

Either she's In love with me or not. Either she's In love with me, and afraid of commitment, or she's simply asociopath personality who can only feel her own emotions, without empathy forothers. Translation, "Thanks for the ride The polite form ofman-whore. So I will no loner believe a woman who claims that all men are afraid ofcommitment, because two make a commitment.

I am a Virgo woman 26yrs old and my boyfriend Is a 31yr old Aquarianman. We have been together for 7 years and we have a 5 year old son. I love himbut I don't want to be with him anymore. He moved In with me this summer and I ammiserable. We don't communicate , we argue every other day and when I tell himto leave he wont. Nothing I do seems to work to get him to leave me. I havetold him I cheated on him, I have plainly said I don't want a relationshipanymore, I have thrown his clothes out.

I hate for my son tosee us argue all the time. It effects his days In school. Before he moved In meand my son were happy now even my son says "mommy when Is daddy going back towhere he was before? Aquarius man who was In a relationship with a Virgo woman. I cannot begin to explain how much I dislike drama and how much persistentreminding can distance an Aquarius from the other partner.

I am not one to focus on reminding someone on how much Ilove them, every second and even further being told to say It. I show my loveas It comes and In my own way not because someone feels that It should have tohappen this way. Sometimes It best to show It than to say It because In theend, words are just words but actions speak louder than any word could everhave meant. I like being me, not someone else In that partners past, so changingme Is the wrong approach.

Wear this, do this, say this, etc. Is what distancesme away from a woman. I do not mind recommendations and will try to make mypartner feel happy and considered. But when I distance myself, then comes theclosing remarks to the relationship. Distance Is the Aquarius cure all. Here beings the drama. Do you love me? Why have you changed? Your sexual drive Is not there? What Is wrong with you?

All these questions come out and that creates more distance. Until the pointthat the cold withdrawn me kicks In and I travel back to my little space todrain from all the drama.

But that distance creates more drama because theVirgo pushes her dominance and like a spoiled brat wants It her way. Well I amstubborn as well and really do not need all the drama and change In my life. This Is my perspective. I have read all the messages posted here andagree with all of you ladies.

Give me the space I desire, respect my views andideals, because by doing so you will get a man who Is totally devoted to youand will worship you like the Goddess you are.

Happiness, Success, Luck, and Blessings to all of you wonderful ladies. I can'treally get Into any detail cause we don't see each other very often but I'vehad the longest crush on him forever. I really want to know how a female Virgocan please a male Aquarius? I am a Virgo female I have been dating my boyfriend an Aquarian for a yearnow and live together. Weboth have our own space and see our friends often.

When we are at home he sitsin his chair and I wait on him, cooking dinner getting him drinks etc then Isit In my chair and watch TV. I do sometimes feel neglected as I would like tosit with him and cuddle him all day but If I did he would say I am smotheringhim.

He also has really bad mood swings and we argue. He punches the wall, doors anddamages everything. Once he was working early. I woke up before him and madehis sandwiches for work. Because I was noisy he stormed In the room grabbed theplate and threw across the room In his anger.

We have nearly broken up lotswith me always going to leave. He always says he Is sorry and that I am thebest thing that has happened to him. Some days I just wanna cry at how low I am feeling and how he talks to me.

I dolove him and I know he loves me but It Is really hard. I know what he Is like and try and to stay calm and not let It bother me but Iam sensitive as a Virgo Is and It does annoy me and he sees when I am upset. I love or house I buy so much for It to make It lovely and welcoming. I Ignore him and do It anyway as my home Is mycastle and I will make It as lovely as possible with the little money I have.

We have great days and have a connection and have lots In common and enjoy hiscompany. I am lost when he Is not around and I know he Is when I am not here. If you love him you can only accept his ways. If you can notaccept him then you will never be happy.

We met 3 months ago and from my perspective sparks flew wildly. I'm guessing since It Is In a Virgo woman's nature 2 have big and loving heartsthat It could just be me who have fallen so suddenly. When we went out on ourfirst date we went back to his place and had such chemistry beyond what I haveever experienced. I stayed with him for 2 days and 2 nightafter. He seemed to be happy I was there and didn't want me to go home but Inthe same instead he was very quiet, distant and aloof. I gave him his spaceassuming and reading that he had very heavy thoughts.

After we stayed In contact texting every day I am a VERYbusy woman but shortly after our encounter he had 2 leave for a new joblocation.

I went to the state he was In as a get away and planned 2 hook up with himand we did. It was short but boy was It sweet. I just don't knowif I'm putting my heart In a dangerous place being that we are both Indifferent states those rumors could be true although he says It Isn't and hisdistant ways are over whelming. I sent him some pictures recently nothingX-rated but sweet lace. I thought I was beingspontaneous and exotic but I think I may have shattered the respect and picturehe had of me being different than what he was accustomed to.

I'm an Aquarius man and just wanted to post a quick thank-you to those who have shared their stories here. I don't have one of my own yet as only just started dating a wonderful Virgo lady, who I'm here to understand better. But to those people who have posted I appreciate your sharing and I'm sure others do too.

Best wishes to you all and thanks to the site owner for a very Informative and well designed resource. I am a Virgo woman married to an Aquarius man. I have known him for12 years JUST friends for 5, dated 5 years, married 2 So stating they like totake their time Is an understatement.

I eventually felt like I needed to leavea relationship that was not going to lead to marriage. I felt that In my gut. Iopenly explained this to him and we got married as he could not fathom livingwithout me.

Before that I dated an another Aquarius and It was very difficult. In fact Ihave found that at times they could both be Ice-men as It seemed, but at thesame time complete sweethearts, and romantics--and adventurous In bed. Sometimes, with both of them, being a sensitive Virgo, It felt like torture.

Mainly because they do need time to themselves and they are very closed up whenit comes to emotions, like a fortress. I can't figure them out most of thetime. I would over analysis both of them all of the time when In reality Is wasnothing. But deep down they are just afraid of being hurt and I take things toopersonal, you shouldn't If you are going to date one and you are a Virgo.

Bottom line It Is really frustrating to this day to deal with their quirks. Being friends with them Is truly wonderful, but dating them Is really hard,even when you have known them forever.

I am a 20yr old Virgo woman he Is a 27 yr old Aquarian. We fellin love Instantly. Days later while helping at my church he walked In to helpas well.

I couldn't believe It He quickly walked over to me as we were both abit In shock. So the next day Icall him and Invite him to lunch he tells me he will pick me up so I tell himmy address and turns out he lives down my block! LOL we couldn't believeit He Is back with his ex or so I've heard and everything Is just soconfusing because he goes back n forth He went from being the man of my dreams to hurting me more than any person evercould.

I am 35 weeks now and ready to do this alone Aquarians and Virgos don'tmix Virgos require commitment, honesty and devotion Aquarians want to befree, come and go as they please. You will only hurt yourself by pursuing anAquarian. Believe me Its not worth the compromise I am a 37 yr old Virgo woman who Is "dating" an Aquarius. This Is astrange union. Sexually he Is the best, very sensual.

However he doesn't callenough or pay me enough attention, I think by doing so he thinks he Iscontrolling the emotional part trying to keep me at bay, but this actuallyintrigues me. It Is of no benefit to express It to him our moments are justthat "moments" I can not get close to him and find he gets angry when I assumeI am??

I have dated 2 previously, both were In love with me, Intrigued and never heldtheir emotions, I was the cool one. They do hold grudges, theyare good lovers, they are productive, and detached emotionally.

There Issomething there but pleeeaassee my Virgo ladies If you have to chose a mate whois not a good match Gemini Is better as they do not like conflict andcommunicate well although they are basically as good for us as an Aquarius. Plus they are also good lovers, everything Is basically the same they are justnot as stubborn and are more mentally flexible IF your point Is valid.

I am a Virgo woman In love with an Aquarius man. I wannaask him to marry me. Hi I'm a Virgo woman have recently met an Aquarian man, he has comeout of a three and a half year relationship, Its been almost 6 months now. Itended badly and he ended up really hurt. We have been friends and I have fallenfor him big time, I know he cares about me a lot, however he keeps saying thathe Is not ready and that he does not wish to ruin our friendship, we ended upsleeping together as the physical attraction Is tremendous, but then afterwardsthings get more and more awkward and he get even more guarded, he says he wantsto leave the sex and just focus on being friends.

I have never asked for one, my only thing from day one hasbeen for him to relax and not be so guarded and If we do have sex which Isinevitable then he should just relax and let It go with the flow, but he sayshe cant. And that he really valued me as a friendd and doesn't want to lose me. He wont drop his guard neither will he let mego. I tried breaking off our friendship, but he kept coming back, so In the endI decided that having him In my life was better than not having him.

However,now his back he hasn't even spoken of what happened, and It seems we are atsquare one again with me waiting days for him to contact me. What can I do tobetter understand him? Thanks for your help. I love her and I will always love her.

This Is the worst match ever. I'm a Virgo woman who Is 38 and wasseeing an Aquarius man at We met through a website. He was the mostselfish being I've ever known. It was all about him. Seemsthat dominance was Important to him. Always got to be right. Our conversationswere mostly minimal. We argued a lot. And talk about a mooch! I never knew how to take him. The sex was good, but I've hadbetter. Plus he was loud and tactless. He never gave thought to his wordsbefore he spoke.

Oh and did I mention he was a stalker? Nothing I did,was never good enough for him. But I will say, he was quite Intelligent. Overall, I will never pursue another Aquarius male again!

I'm sorry, but Iwant a man who Is good with communication, who Is giving, understanding and canbe open as well as honest with me. And you'd think I'd know better, because my mom Is an Aquarius and we butt heads at times!

But Isn't It alwayslike a Virgo to give someone the benefit of the doubt, despite the odds? Aquarians like myself just want to be put first by our women, and Inthe same way we will put u first. But we are sensitive, so we do notice If weare neglected by our mate thus causing us to have noticeable odd behavior.

Itsjust a call out for attention, and If you could see this, you would realize wemay need our space but when we act a fool for u or get In your face or argueits our way of saying we have enough space and we want u back. Unfortunately,most people wont be there when you need them at first call, but Its just a yellfor loving all that we need.

And If we don't feel the love from the one wechoose we will no doubt go find It else where. Agree, Aquarius men just need to feel wanted. The worst possible thing you can do to harm us Is Ignoring us, does not matterhow silly are the things we are talking about, because we do like to entertainand amuse others. The presence of strangers will not stop us by the way, If wewant to do something for that one person we will do so, what others may thinkof It will not matter.

Persist on that and then Is when we will most likely lie, justto get you off our back. We will gladly explain If we see fit, does not matterif you are our mother, sister, wife, child, boss, whatever. We find It rude perse people not respecting you can not be forced to tell what you do not wantto. Yes we see missed calls like everyone, yes we read text messages. Continuouslytrying to call us will only shut us more, making us think something like "yes,I hear you, just do not want to talk right now, I will contact you when I feelI should".

So If youreally want to talk, a text telling so, plain and simple, will be much moreeffective. And make sure you have something to say, small talk Is really notour thing, so do not waste our time.

All this Is often confused with selfishness and coldness, but we just need ourspace to be respected. Learn that and we will be the most loyal, friendly,loving men you will ever meet.

I think It's nice that some of the post here work for the combo, butI have five planets In Virgo moon, mercury, Venus and he had five planets InVirgo sun, moon etc and It all blew up. Virgos know when people are tryingto pull a fast one and that's exactly what I found out.

Ex chick came backinto the scene and through analysis and quiet calm examination, I confirmed hisaloofness. I understand the poster above aboutVirgos giving the benefit of the doubt, but my Leo sun, said "forget thisguy".

Good bye, good riddens! I've been In 2 relationships with Aquarius men Virgo woman I am tothe point where I feel like I keep getting Involved with Aquarians as some formof self torture. I have recently met a new man, who I am very Interested In, Inmany ways, but I am severely hesitant due to the fact that he too, Is anAquarian. My past experience with the 2 Aquarians proved them to be the same, selfish,shallow, and only looking for some girl who worshiped their every move.

This "Aquarians want a best friend" crap. Well that's news to me. In myexperience, Aquarians only want some naive, weak girl who they can use and shiton, who will always come back to them, regardless of how selfish andunfaithful they are. Maybe I've had some dogs, and I hope so, because It seems like an Aquarian Issuppose to be a good man, too bad I have yet to have that experience. This Aquarius man is driving me insane He is probably the only man that I have trusted and let my guards down.

He was so crazy in love with me He promised to go back home to get some money and get ready for us, but it never happened! We never gotten married, but in the past 5 years, he keeps going back and forth with me. He will send emails that he loves me, we will fight, then stop talking for very long months, even to a year, but he always start back with his love for me.

I am not even sure that I love him. He is everything that I don't like. The worst was learning that he was separated all this years, but he failed to let me know that he was even married A part of me still wants him around, and the other one wants to run far away from this looser Im 22 yr old and a Virgo woman, I have been seeing a Aquarius man for two months now.

We have not been physical because he's older; he 35yr old. That kind of worries me because I don't have much experience in the relationship department; I know that he's been around the block. He is so sweet and makes me feel so important; he is so sexy and cute.

I don't want to lose. I'm a Virgo woman and I've been seeing an Aquarius man for a year and 4 months, our relationship is pretty serious, and we love each other very much. I hate it when he says "babe, you don't have to make a big deal out of it. I'm just worried about those differences, I even feel like he's bored of me sometimes but he says otherwise.

However, We both realized that going to bed upset with each other is never the route to go. So often times our "debates" as we like to call it, last about 2 or 3 hrs until both of us are at rest with one another.

We take the phrase "Use Facts to make an Opinion" to heart. So proving us wrong on most things is dang near impossible. Saying that, as women we must realize that if we expect men to be sensitive to our feelings, don't you think they deserve some compassion as well? Just because we may disagree with their point of view on politics, way to wash the dishes, how to lace shoes..

Etc, doesn't mean their wrong. We must Respect them just as we feel we deserve. Understand to accept the differences and a relationship with an Aquarius man is the Most amazing! They do need their space, as do we Virgo Women. Trust is huge to My Love and showing him trust, creates a happiness within him that's incomparable! He'll want to spend more time with you. Show him effort in trying to be as patient with him, as he is with you.. Yes Aquarius men are stubborn and a little whimsical.

Perfect, those moments he is.. Is worth the wait. Virgos enjoy the little things in life, so thinking up of small sweet things to do, is totally worth your 5 min.

A random note on the mirror saying baby I love you will make our week. Hand picking flowers on your way home will be on display for a week. Bring us our fav ice cream when we don't feel good and you have our hearts. Small reassurances prevent break ups.. You should be awed by her complex, independent beauty everyday. Let him call You! Do Not Overstep your bounds. Take one random day a month to do something fun and try something together y'all have never done before.

His easy going side will allow us to see the beauty life holds, in all aspects. Appreciate him and walk beside him. Remind yourself communication is key. Just because something makes complete logical sense to you, doesn't mean he's comprehending it..

Try to think before you talk.. Even though Aquarius men are Very Man-like.. It's shocking how sensitive their emotions are. Never ignore his tone.. I hope this helped.

Sometimes he has to remind me "No Worries Babe".. Remember there's a time and place for everything, ESP disputes.. Well I have a question I am a Virgo who is married and I have a major crush on a Aquarius man who is married. How does this work.. I am a Virgo woman and have been dating an Aquarian for over a year now. We are both in our late twenties and our relationship has been a roller coaster to say the least. We have great conversations and enjoy doing things together, but when we disagree on something it seems things are taken to extremes.

Neither one of us wants to give in because we both believe we are right. I have come to realize that if I want to stay with this man I will have to become more docile, accomodating, and learn to let things go. This is something that I do not know if I can do!!! My patience is wearing thin and he nearly drives me crazy at times.

Our relationship requires too much effort. I am a Virgo woman with many Libra qualities. I have been seeing an Aquarius man who I have known for many years but recently started seeing. There are days when I love knowing him and being with him, then there are days when I just want to throw in the towel.

Sexually he is great in bed, one of the best, and when I am with him he is totally into me. But then he goes off into his own little world, and I just let him. I have so many friends and such a huge social life, that fine whatever. When he does come back to earth from rotating the planets, he is the coolest guy to ever meet! I am Virgo woman and I was and am happily married. I met this aqua guy and we had this amasing chemistry. He was the one to approach me and I tried to stop but nothing worked and we ended having sex.

He is tooooo good physically but is never available when I need him. We had this amazing time which I couldn't forget sexually and as friends. He has a girlfriend whom he loves a lot. I have tried everything to stop but nothing works. I just want this to stop but don't know how. He make me feel miserable and pathetic.

I just want to get out but am unable to. I feel like killing myself for not able to leave him. I would die if I don't get help. I am a 20 year old Virgo woman who has began seeing a 24 year old Aquarius man.

I met him at work a year ago when I was in a 5 year relationship and we have been friends ever since. I broke up with my boyfriend in February and he asked me out on a date in July but then left for Europe two weeks later pre planned. We kept in touch but his close friend told me he is just sleeping with me until he finds someone better, that he slept with everyone in Europe and that I was just a conquest to him.

This really hurt me so I pulled away and I was really cold to him while he was overseas. The friend who told me this then broke up with his girlfriend and he told me that he liked me and that the guy I was seeing didn't deserve me and then told the guy I was seeing that I was still into my ex and to 'watch me'. I know that we are not overly compat ible but when I'm with him it feels perfect, there is never a quiet moment and the sex is so passionate and amazing.

He keeps telling me how he really likes me and go's on about my appearance face, boobes, bum and body in general a lot and how beautiful I am. I am worried that he is just in lust and will get bored of me quickly or if we do stay together he will be unfaithful.

In saying that, he will spend hours and hours cuddling me and talking and he seems like he is genuinely interested. Are Aquarius men known for being unfaithful? Do we have a chance of making this work based on our strong sexual attraction, our general interests politics, both worked in advertising, both interested in music etc. I am an Virgo and he's a Aquarius man. I'm 16 and he's I really like him but I just don't think he feels the same way about me. At first he was so into me but I never showed any affection.

But when I did he became a different person. When I see him it's very nice but I barely do. I really wanted a serious relationship with him but he didn't see it. He has very bad trust issues and so do I but I try not too. I'm so very confused and I feel played.

I want to stand out to him. I see him around but I always be the one to say hey not him. I understand that though because I did not speak to him one day when he spoke. If anyone has advice I would love to hear it. I am deeply in love with an Aquarian man. He has shown me the greatest love that no other man has shown me. I have never met anyone that was strong minded and sensitive at the same time.

I've been in relationships but never one where I love him so much that I will except his faults also. I'm no where near perfect but he excepts my faults also and we both agreed to help each other through them. He is my best friend as well as the best lover Ive ever had.

I am a 29 year old Aqaurius man, who has been dating a 21 year old Virgo woman casually for just about two months. Now, no one is perfect You see, she is in actuality a lot more aloof than I am, although she has a real excuse. She recently had a baby, about three weeks before we met, and gave her child up for adoption. I don't have any children, but one thing I do understand is loss. I have ex whose entire family really damaged me emotionally and it's taken me several years to get over it.

And I understand what it's like to feel neglected as a child as well She herself was adopted, and I went through years of emotional abuse from my parents growing up. So, I have always used art to expres myself and try to grow instead of hurting others and lashing out. I feel a closeness, a kinship with my Virgo. Not as strong of a connection in a like-minded emotional rollercoaster sense like I did with my ex Who was a fellow aquarian We are both highly literate, and the sex is tender, full of love and playfulness in a relaxed way I'm just not used to.

She makes me forget my troubles. And I am trying to be a comfort to her, without bringing the magnifying glass over her recent loss. I keep a lot of distance, more for her In the begining we could just talk I have abandoment issues and I am making myself give her space because it's for the best, but I wish we could spend a bit more time alone.

I want to know her I do love her romantically, we clicked so easily it was kind of silly. And she is a brilliant person, my equal. But she is always going to miss her child, and I feel selfish even telling her I'm in love with her right now. She's not ready to hear it. I'm just trying to be there. Hey an Aquarius male 26 been over a year since my Virgo girl.

Can relate to a lot of what's on this page. We went out for 5 years and lived together for two. The positives yes we where the best of friends, so important to an Aquarius male. Really clicked and had the best of times together. To the Virgo woman out there struggling with their Aquarian. Firstly sex and especially courting is a game to us Aquariuses. We love to be able to figure you and out and find those hidden depths. Tease us, don't always want, want ,want. I know you do but you got to play the game, deny us, tease us and withdraw things and you will have our interest.

Come on too strong, demands, needs we'll either withdraw or run. Well im a Virgo girl and I just started talking to this Aquarius boy not that long ago.

We talked for a while and then he said he had a girlfriend and all I wasn't really hurt by it, just a little shocked. But im really shy so he wants to meet in the halls and stuff of my school.

So I want to but I dont. I really like him a lot he's really nice , cute, and funny. It almost feels like a curse on me that I like guys like this but..

I have no idea how to deal with this whole "I have a girlfriend" situation. But I really need help on this I think im thinking way too much about how this is going to work out and his girlfriend and I know for sure that Aquarius guys and him period are very loyal.

I am a Virgo woman and I'm being chased by an Aquarious man. He's married and honestly I have NO interest in him, because, he's married. If he wasn't "involved" it would be a possibility: Oh yeah, we work together!!! He's been with quite a few of the women at my job, but in my opinion being with a married man is beneth me.

I've even tried being mean, but no cigar. Honestly I like the thrill of the chase from him to me. I'm a Virgo woman and had a really good friendship with an Aquarian. We connected both mentally and I think, emotionally too. Not sure though if we were on the same boat because he is not verbal of his feelings. Too bad our friendship ended because of one night that changed everything. As a Virgo, we don't usually give ourselves easily to anyone unless we feel it is true.

Too bad, Aquarians can just be casual about it. I ended up hurt and broken and he moved on. I miss our friendship but I do not think we can regain it back. We tried but it will just not work for me because he does not feel the same way. I will just be torturing myself by being his "friend". Avoid this man if you want a real relationship but if you just want something "on the side", it might work.

We have a wonderful time together no matter what we are doing. The communication stinks the rest of the week! I was having a sleepless night "trying to figure him out" and finally said I don't care what time it is.

I sent a text at 2 am expressing my thoughts about his crappy communication skills. He called the next day and we decided that we both needed to work on it. He said sometimes he doesn't want to text, he wants me to call him so he can hear my voice. I, on the other hand, don't want to talk. I just want to know I am being thought about. Things were fine for about 2 months and then he just stopped texting, calling and coming into my work.

I chalked it up to him seeing someone else, got over the sting of him not being man enough to let me know, decided to cherish the memories and went about doing what I normally do. A month and a half later he sends me a text with only saying he was sorry and had a lot going on.

Fair enough, but he needs to say a little more than that. I agreed to go to lunch with him and it was like he never stepped away. He senses when I am upset but doesn't say anything until I spill it all out later in a text message. Then he calls and we talk about it.

Yep, he did say I am reserved with my emotions and feelings just like he is. It is absolutely true.. I gave up trying to figure this guy out. I decided to just enjoy him and his company when he decides he wants to spend time with me. The tables have turned on him. I am not as "convenient" as I was months before. I am not giving in to his sexual wants, even though it is probably killing me more than him. He now says I am not nice and a tease. Score a few points for this "reserved" Virgo.

Well, I am a Virgo man who fell for an aqua man. Both closeted and very cautious. We had a great first 2 months and then problems started. As a Virgo I made one scene after the other. Not a whole lot of drama, but definitely some: Regardless, we had a great comnnection, great sex, hours of talks and laughs.

Our relationship has been very meaningful and real, very fulfilling for both of us at least from what we dsicussed.

That followed several weeks of weird behavior, distancing himself from me etc etc. Now the question is: Virgo and Aqua man Well, I am a Virgo man who fell for an aqua man. I'm an Aquarius man. I don't let on to people believe in stuff but so many qualities about me fit into the different relationships with every sign. But ive never been with most of my compatible signs. Sure I've slept with many woman and I'm sure they were those signs but I'm never stuck around long enough to find out or even care.

In all the forums about Aquarius men it's sounds like we have so much to offer but were just not connected. In my case its true and it's caused me to loose some wonderful women. I did and still do care about the ones that I actually loved but couldn't express it cause it just wasnt natural as weird as it sounds. Until I met a Virgo I just came out of a 3 year relationship but we were very disconnected cause of me. I wasn't happy and felt like I was taking care of a sister piscies.

The Virgo also came out of a 3 or 4 year relationship. We worked together as I was one of her superiors. It didn't take long for us to hook up and decided to have no strings attached relationship. I really liked her but decided to go along and still paint a picture of me being the big player and basically just to use her.

But I really didn't want to treat someone I cared about for once like this. We talked on the phone a lot, plus every other if not every night for a few months at my house. I thought if I stuck it out she would see me for what I could do for her and how much she drove me crazy. I fell in love! Fuck the on e thing I never would do usually in these type of circumstances. My usual next step would be run! I loved her but couldn't tell her cause of our arrangement.

It wasnt even about the sex which was good. I would just hold her kiss her. Im never like this usually and not for so long. I was almost 30 by the way. She was like me in the sense that she came across as very detached with her emotions.

I know she cared, I would feel it. But I started to play little mind games and plant ideas in her head that people from work will find out. I only did this cause it was 8 months this was going on for. I was hoping she would just say something, that's all. I didn't want to say anything cause I just didn't want to get hurt. So, she did what I usually do That's karma for you! I know I went about things the wrong way but I just didn't want to get hurt. On the outside people think I'm some tough guy.

But on the inside I'm not. I did email her a week or two after. She responded a couple days later and tried to clear things up, but I had more questions. She got nervous people would find out at work so she ran. I left my job and retreated cause I couldn't work with her anymore. I haven't had real contact since and when I have seen her it's like we never even knew other.

Crazy a women got Me like this finally! And I couldn't even bring her in one date which I usually didn't do. I couldn't have her, the one I finally fall for. I also started to act weird and erractic cause I didn't kniw how to communicate my feelings to her without getting hurt. Almost like planting a seed to our destruction but sub consciously. All I have to say that it's a curse to be an Aquarius male at least for me , I promise you Virgo women if worked with us it would work wonderfully.

You need patience and to reassure us and that's it, you will be happy trust me. It didn't work cause for us cause we both looked at each other In a different way cause our arrangement. I lost respect for her for doing this sort of thing. Just never would've thought she would've been that type of girl. Aquarians might act like players but we or at least me will loose respect for women I f they act like this.

We would still have a relationship but not take emotions or feelings in it seriously. But even after that I still loved her. And I never use that word. Only woman to have me look past my petty ways and break my systems in dealing with women. I will always cherish the time we had together and miss her.

She became a very good friend. In response to "I met an Aquarian man about a month ago. He Is 42 and I am 48 and a Virgo woman. He Is In a relationship with his girlfriend not married and they live together. He has been after me since day one and makes me feel I am his entire world. If he's in a relationship No good will come out of this.

Imsges: virgo woman dating aquarius man

virgo woman dating aquarius man

If Aquarius is going to be romantic with anyone, it will be with dear gentle Virgo.

virgo woman dating aquarius man

At least he Is good to himself. There are days when I love knowing him and being with him, then there are days when I just want to throw in the towel. Crowd his space, you will lose him easily.

virgo woman dating aquarius man

If you would like to post your own experience or question dqting use the form at the bottom of this page. I am 42yrs Aquarius unmarried man and have a same age Virgo lady friend. This story Is about my boyfriend who Is an Aquarius and myself a Virgo. I wish I was more relaxed we virgo woman dating aquarius man of at least exchanged numbers He is very womab, keeps me guessing, and is wild in bed. But I will say, he was quite Texas dating. Please note that you greatly increase the chances of other visitors reading your comment if you use full sentences with punctuation.