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Burying a St. Joseph Statue

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Jim is someone I really admire. In some cases, we are educating young people for jobs that do not exist yet. Individual school scores are: So today I take umbrage with Catholics who bury statues and tell their curious Christian brethren that it is for "good luck.

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Joseph and tell a curious neighbor, "It is for good luck. I believe it is important for Catholics to be cautious of presenting themselves as a superstitious lot making use of what outsiders call "amulets, spells, and incarnations.

And for many others there is a belief that we think we know enough about our faith to practice and preach it successfully. Maybe this second bunch is the most dangerous bunch and I believe we have all spent too much time in this category, often having just enough knowledge to be dangerous. And for still others the line of understanding has been blurred and many have crossed over into practicing our faith in such a way that onlookers might rightly call us "superstitious" or even "idolaters.

Mix that with our Sacred Traditions and we have many Catholics practicing a morphed version of Catholicism. This is undoubtedly why, in a recent interview with Catholic talk show host Teresa Tomeo, she had encouraged Catholics everywhere to know their faith better, more thoroughly.

As she said, not through conversations with one another that have been influenced by the secular world's presentation of the Catholic faith but by studying Church letters, reading Scripture along with the Catechism, and participating in studies that have been approved by at least one Church organization. These are only the tip of the iceberg in regards to ways in which we grow and learn as Catholics because, of course, websites faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium offer a wealth of information as well.

But how many other sites are out there, just waiting to pull us in? But let's get back, specifically, to burying that St. As a Catholic it is important to understand that we do believe in our ability to ask for intercession.

However, unlike other Christian faiths, we are not limited to those who are with us now, in the flesh and blood, but we also rely on those who have gone before us, the whole of the "Communion of Saints. Catholics need only to look to the Catechism truly an easy-to-read book absolutely filled with every single thing you need to know about our faith to understand that the communion of saints is that body of Christ that includes the living and the dead; thus, our ability to ask for intercession knows no earthly bounds.

Patron Saints would be those faithful elect who are believed to be in God's presence and are given to us as heavenly intercessors for a variety of specific needs. Luke is the Patron Saint of Surgeons while St. Rita is the Patron Saint of Parenthood. And, as you can probably guess by now, St. Joseph as he was a carpenter, although the Patron Saint of the Universal Church, is also seen as a Patron Saint of homes and, for the past few decades or more, home sales.

It was actually called a 'spell kit! Now, what does the Catholic Church specifically teach about such practices as burying a St. Joseph statue to sell a home? Interestingly, because the Church in her wisdom understands her own roots and teachings, and has great confidence in her people, neither agrees nor disagrees with such practices. Essentially the Church says, although these are my words and not hers, "When you abide by the practices of our faith and never cross into superstition induced behavior, it could make perfect sense to bury a statue because it isn't the act of burying the statue that you see as having value and benefit but, instead, the intercession of St.

Joseph, whom you rightly call upon for help. These things that move you towards a deeper relationship with God and an understanding of His commands can be good for you. They can help you grow in your faith. The Church counts on us to understand her teachings and move forward in wisdom and knowledge so that all we do reflects what the Church teaches us about our faith.

When we are not grounded in the teachings of our one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church, we are vulnerable and might rightly be called to task for our behavior. So, with spring here and many people putting their homes up for sale, all I ask is this Should someone approach you about burying a statue of St. Joseph please don't tell them it will bring you luck! We Catholics don't need the bad press. Cheryl Dickow is a Catholic publisher, author, and speaker. Her website is www.

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Imsges: what is a good headline for a dating website

what is a good headline for a dating website

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what is a good headline for a dating website

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what is a good headline for a dating website

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