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Are you any better than the person making the original comment? And then we beanies have to guess the actor and drama based on the description. It was really misleading though. He left for his acting tho. O shows an intense and excellent performance in acting, that's for sure. His breakout came in Who Are You—School , and for good reason—he got to play the brooding high school rebel from a broken home, who masked his vulnerability and pain by lashing out at others.

I'll talk about dramas if I want to

Wag-a-muffin January 27, at 6: Viki January 27, at 7: News say he was acquitted, but it did irreparable damage to his image. And it's still a favorite. Nadila Nadila January 27, at 3: I actually predicted him not to be in this list because he is more active in movie and hasn't headlined any drama yet. Shiwon would have confronted her and have a freakin fight showdown with hair pulling and all the works.

Seriously, you should be the one committing suicide instead of you-know-who. Hope you will die from your self-proclaimed depression. Depression is a clinically diagnosed mental illness and not a matter of joke. Now you are even making joke out of his tragic death. Third, how old are you? If you are underage then let me tell you that that is a very lowly thing to write that is neither funny nor appropriate.

You need some growing up to do and maybe go ahead and apologize to your mother for turning up to be a human garbage. Key — suicide is not a topic to joke about! You are an insane moron. Well, prettyautumn calling people dumb and delusional IS offensive as well, even though I admit my comments are far worse. But what are the actresses doing themselves to push for this in Korea. Why are they many female drama script writers but very few female directors and producers?

If its money issue excuse, Its not enough. Because their male counterparts especially in movies do work together just fine even though they command high talent fee.

Some actors like Jung Woo Sung even produce and star in their own projects. But he tried to invest to try to shake things a little bit. The answer is easy. Because they are women.

Hollywood has the same problem, so do film industries around the world. We have the same person above making comments pretending to be someone else!! She needs to leave this site. Mind if I ask you who that person might be? And with what right do you think you are telling who gets to comment or not? I think you may know who it is…and your comments were just as disgusting as any other disgusting comment.

Sorry Gilgit…you may find hateful comments funny but I dont. Are you any better than the person making the original comment? Do you feel any better? The question does not even need to be asked. Clarissa dear, I do not understand your point at all. How am I, who called out a person who talked so lightly about depression and suicide, disgusting?

What was so hateful in my comment? Please do tell me. Everyone calls excessively rabid fangirls from rivaling fandoms dumb and delulu. What do you mean by original comment? The one that pointed out the double standards in the treatment of male and female actresses?

I think it's safe to say that both are controversial figures right now, regardless of personal feelings about them. Omitting Yoochun probably seemed like the safest bet to not have things blow up.

He was charged with solicitation on top of that he ran away without paying to be exact which started the blackmailing fiasco and as far as I know its not accepted like Charlee Sheen's misdeed in Hollywood, its K-ent so his prospects look bleak for now. Not just him, his brothers prospect looks bleak just by association when the boy did nothing wrong here. Can he make a comeback, way way down the line maybe but I don't see the point in placing him on the list.

Its back to the beginning for him with a ruined public image. Funny how people only cared about the scandalous media slaughter and not facts that have so far been under reported:. Yoochun has been cleared of all charges and his false accusers have even been sentenced by court to JAIL. I read the official report a while back and later didn't follow. I don't know if later was cleared off that too. I'm not up to date with Yoo chun's case so I can't elaborate on that but it is a fallacy to claim that the entire case is a lie.

Certain kpop sites have made a hash job of translating articles from korean news outlets which further muddle the case but it is important to have clear distinctions on what the charges are and what legal rulings have been made which in the case of the fraud charges against the ex, have yet to be determined especially on serious issues like domestic violence.

TLDR; the veracity of one of the ex's pregnancy is in question but it still does not clear KHJ of his other incidents of admitted violence and abuse and it definitely does not mean he should be welcomed back to the industry. Please don't use articles from Koreaboo and Allkpop as your primary source of Korean entertainment news. As the person below mentioned, there's a lot of crappy translating as well as favoritism towards certain entertainment companies going on at those sites.

I agree about his future being in the music industry at least for a chunk of time. No PD is gonna put him in a role like, say, Sensory Couple, after this mess.

Not sure if I got his name right , who got cleared of assault charges but confirmed he'd had a hook up in a bar while doing his service, still sitting on the side lines since getting out of the military..

He has had to pull out of a drama and who knows when he'll be able to work again. Yoochun should have been here!! Not because I am a tv5xq fan. Not nominating changmin or yunho. Jaejoong also did well in triangle but not worthy top I notice mostly newer boys are mentioned.

Too bad his career was ruined by that scandal. News say he was acquitted, but it did irreparable damage to his image. He's one of the greatest and I'm sure he should top 1 refer to the awards n recognition yuchun got. But I see many people are even avoiding to say or list his name in any list or poll rn. Excuse you this list is not complete without Jinyoung B1A4. I thought he really did an amazing job in Love in the Moonlight. He's definitely ready for lead material. In all seriousness, Jinyoung's acting was pretty green in all his other works, it surprised me how good he was in Moonlight.

I don't think he's as good as the others on this list, but I hope he steadily rises. My other love, Baro, deserves an honorable mention for taking on so many different and challenging roles.

I think he's good enough to be in the list with the others. I was never really a fan of him, but I did watch his acting in movie Miss Granny and Warm and Cozy before and thought he's quite good. But his acting in Love in the Moonlight really impressed me a lot and turn me into a fan! If I don't know the fact that he's an idol, I might think he's a real actor. He is that good. I hope he will get lead role after this, he's handsome and can act, he really deserved to be offered lead roles after starting from many of small roles.

Anyway I really adore idol actors that are not greedy and take step by step by taking a lot of small roles to learn and improve their acting before transitioning to bigger role.

I think Jinyoung is pretty lucky that the role is very suitable for him. I dont know if he will lead drama anytime soon. If Suzy and even model-actor Nam Joohyuk can lead drama with their arguable acting skills, I don't see why he cannot lead a drama. If he is not busy with group promotion and is offered lead role which I'm pretty sure he is, then he definitely can be a drama lead.

He's secondary lead in Love in the Moonlight, he's literally lead the drama too. Suzy has the face, Nam Joo Hyuk has the height. Jinyoung has nice face but his body is quite thin in modern clothes. I think he's more into composing, trying everything than focus on acting.

Jinyoung was good in Love in the Moonlight, but he's only been so-so in all of his other works. I wouldn't have included in as a part of the list either although if this list was done a couple years later, I might feel differently. I think he's promising, but it's way too soon to tell whether or not he can consistently act well and grow as an actor. I loove the list. Glad to see park hyung shik and yook sung jae in it. Now going back to read again. But I totally agree with most everybody on the list.

I don't remember Eunji's projects much, but I remember her characters having a lot of similarities. I'd love to see her branch out more. I saw someone on kkuljaem mentioning that Jung Eunji's characters in Reply and Sassy sound like they probably similar on paper loud characters , but that person watched Reply after Sassy and said the feel of the two characters is totally different.

It's the other way around for me. On the paper, the characters were quite different, but when I was watching these two characters, Sung Shi-won and Kang Young-do, I got the similar vibes. She'd beat her ass for doing that. She's not gonna let Soo Ah walk all over her and listen to her countless lies. Shiwon would have confronted her and have a freakin fight showdown with hair pulling and all the works. I agree, the two characters are not at all similar to me. I liked young do a lot possibly because she was played by eunji but she didn't have anywhere near the level of sass shiwon did.

Shiwon is my favorite too, I absolutely adored that character. I was holding my breath all the way down the list, hoping to see Uee. She was so amazing in Marriage Contract that just the memory of her emotional scenes can make me teary-eyed months later. This is a great list. I do feel sorry that it's limited to only ten because there are some great ones named above who are definitely climbing into the acting stratosphere. I will be forever grateful for the villain in IRIS to grab my attention so fast that I had to look him him.

What is this "BigBang" group? Down the rabbit hole I fell into K-pop! Thanks for this fun list JB and GF!

I had to google to know who he was, he was so freaking scary. Then It's Ok, That Love. Then My Annoying Brother. He is so cute in real life. But maybe because of his look he might be active more in movies than dramas. In fact, everyone in IRY gave solid performance other than the actor who plays DO's adult counterpart. Some people will not agree with me but I felt like he lacks this mean, chilly, empty eyes that the other serial killers have. O way much better than lee joon btw. And did you know that he rewrote his parts of script in Satoori and the script writer accepted his suggestions all the while promoting and preparing for his group's comeback?

He certainly is hardworking! Also, high-five to the Lockets. Never been into K-pop before. I was gonna say he's too old for School , but then I remember Episode 5 with him and Minho and become convinced that he might just pull it off. As i fast-scrolled down i accidentally read your comment as "Key needs to be more erratic in dramas this year. As much as I would love to see him in a new drama, he's already so busy with his normal idol schedules.

He's pretty booked for the first half year with concert tours and album releases. And I believe he's also working on a Masters degree. Torn between wanting to see more of Key and wishing he would rest more. Their schedule is crazy, and he's still studying? Color me impressed even more. I excepted to see D. O, his performance in the 2 first episodes of Hello Monster was, at first, the reason I kept watching the show.

D but my friends are, so I'm bombarded with all sorts of EXO memes on twitter. Satansoo is the most hilarious! For some reason I thought misaeng' ang Geu-rae was reply's writer's inspiration behind writing Taek. The baduk factor and the way im shiwan played the role was beyond classic.

He made me see a drama and go through some boring, mundane day to day office drama and politics which I would never be so much invested in the first place, if not for him. That's one hell of a performance. And goes without saying, Sung Jae was beyond adorable on school It's upsetting that his agency is not giving him much roles to act in, or show people his talents, while fellow actor NJH has been getting big breaks. YSJ is one of the under rated actors from his generation and he has a long way to go for sure.

And as an idol, whereas some of them are criticized for not being able to 'act', nevertheless how pretty they are, like [kai or suzy], it's amazing how much range in terms of expressions or micro expressions he can give. Well to be fair NJH is only busy with acting while YSJ is still very much active in his idol career which I dont have any complains because BTOB is an amazing group , but I hope he'll finally land a main role in his next project.

Siwon is wonderful with these tangy comic roles. Among the three, I think Yoona has the edge, but even her facial expression still looked kind of stiff sometimes, she always seems to have a problem on emoting her expression.

Yoona always looks like she's posing for a photograph, she's ok sometimes but never seems that natural onscreen like Eunji or Sooyoung. I've always thought Yoona would've done a better job if she was put in a secondary roles instead. She has this likeable aura, but lacks charisma to be carrying a whole drama on her shoulder. Maybe she would've fare better as a female lead's sidekick, or a clingy ex-girlfriend.

I like the idea of that clingy ex-girlfriend for Yoona. I only liked her in Prime Minister and I though I think it's because the character is not that complicated. I dropped K2 despite of Ji Chang-wook. Out of the three, I really, really like IU in all her roles. Though there really is something wrong with Moon Lovers that showcased her worst performance yet. I also liked Suzy in Dream High but won't follow her in all of her shows. I have this illogical dislike for her these days because of Lee Min-ho.

It's just me being possessive. And no, I didn't have SLS. Quite the opposite actually. Kudos to javabeans and girlfriday for this post! I think you mentioned all the people who deserved it the most! Couldn't put together a better list that what you got already! Anyway I want to say, please never let idol fandoms stop you from what you wanna do! They have to understand NO list is exhaustive. If you were to list every single oppas, then there will be no Top 10's posts!

But to put myself in their shoes, I guess they wrote those comments because they fear that people may forget about their idol oppas' endeavours into acting. What I want to say is: Your Oppas need to work harder to earn their spot - be it in this list or in dramaland.

I agree with this, even some of my oppas and unnies got left out Jaejoong, Nana, D. The top 10 here earned their place, the people I like just have to do better or show more good performances.

Loving these lists by the way - I learn something new every week! Had no idea Lee Joon or Im Shi-wan were "idol actors". Whenever I am reminded of School , I can't help but be disappointed that he didn't get the girl.

I hope that there will be a School soon. And please give Bo-gum oppa the lead role before he outgrows high school drama!

It confuses the audience. The drama PDs probably didnt want to have a bad blood with YG NJH's agency , when they accepted the role it was pretty sure that he's the main lead. It's clearly shown in the drama posters as well. I think what they did not expect is how well YSJ will be received by the viewers so for rating's sake they give him more scenes. But they had to stick to the original storyline. It's reallly obvious with the promotions that NJH was to be leading man. There were unaired scenes in YouTube that should have supported the fact that he was the really the one.

I guess they were deleted out to focus on Sung-jae because his character was really well-loved. It was really misleading though. Did not think of this category, but yes, it does make sense.

How actors got their entry into the business. I agree with the names on the list. I wonder if it would help identifying if these idols turned actors are from the top stables of entertainment management companies? They seem to be outside of these big companies and therefore their roles have been hard-won.

And for those idols who are not consistent, eg YEH, i wonder if those roles were their choices, or if they auditioned for them? It could be that they really did not have much more opportunities, esp for non-open auditioned roles, or their small management companies may not know 'pricing'.

Just a few thoughts on why the transition is more bumpy than others. I think Goong PD coincidentally met yeh at a funeral and was intrigued when yeh wasn't following a certain korean norm. Despite the many protest to replace yeh, the PD insisted that the role should be given to YEH as he feels YEH have a lot of similarities with the character. They're all good actors, wish the list were a little longer tho, there are other idol actors worth mentioning too.

I agree with this list. Especially enjoy Shiwan's acting. Sungjae surprised me in a good way in Goblin. For the girls, UEE is good but I can't help noticing her slight lisp he he. Though I kinda disagree with categorizing Eric in 90s singers.. He might have debuted in that era, but he and Shinhwa transcends all eras of idols and still pretty much active..

I would have added "The Great Queen" to Uee's recommended list. But it is one of the first K-dramas I ever watched. I've watched it multiple times. And it's still a favorite. I was looking for this comment. X were in the same generation. Why does Yoon Eun Hye count if Eugene is disqualified? I was about to write a comment on that, and then found ur comment.

Yea, super confused about YEH here in this list. Ahhh i wished you would create another list just for the old school idols haha. I totally agree with the ones you mentioned in the list though. Or we can just list those by ourselves here. So the rest are: This list goes to show that I lack knowledge behind those actors I adore.

My reaction goes like this: Yoon Kye-sang is an idol? Park Hee-bon wasn't a comedian but an idol? Lol, and the list goes on. Thank you for the info though! To add to the list: Park Hee-bon and Seo Hyun-jin were bandmates from girlgroup M.

Hwang Jung-eum and Park Soo-jin were from Sugar. Yoon Kye Sang was in G. He left for his acting tho. But then when they reunited about 1 year ago, he re-joined. And I already have a few in my mind. They should totally make a drama focusing on secretaries because I'm curious to know when or whether they actually eat or sleep!

Another good list would be the best character supporting actors. We focus so much on the leads including secondary ones we often overlook how much these ensemble character actors' skills contribute to how well a drama does.

I guess that's why I'm glad that the Scene Stealer Award exists for much overlooked actors. Soooo many more and it couldn't be helped that they led to my Kpop obsession in addition to Kdrama obsession I wish there would kdrama equivalent to KCON!!! Love this idea, several spring to mind immediately! Ok, so after reading this "top ten": Regardless, I'm glad Yook Sung-jae is on the list.

I'm looking forward to more from him! CrimeFighter January 27, at 3: I didn't know Joo Won started from musicals! Now I want to read all of my favorite actors' "origin story" Syn Tri January 28, at 5: It's funny, two of these guys are from the same group and another three people were part of the same agency Cube I wonder if Doojoon can do activities now, or is it not possible for him to work because of the dispute with Cube over Beast's name?

Nanda January 27, at 5: Bazu January 27, at 5:

Imsges: yoona seung gi dating allkpop

yoona seung gi dating allkpop

PSH getting CF back? Is this list in order from best to worst? And no, not bashing because of his scandal.

yoona seung gi dating allkpop

I had to google to know who he was, he was so freaking scary. He shined in the role because the drama suited his comedic acting perfectly, but I was just as surprised to see that he could play a Joseon king albeit a cheeky one so well and carry the thoughtful, romantic sides of the character too. I think the other replies answered your questions already so i'm just here to share a similar experience.

yoona seung gi dating allkpop

The list is quite spot on Datung Hyun Joong aka butthole attacker really, some allkpop comments are hilariously on point is such a bad actor. The internationalization of Hallyu yoona seung gi dating allkpop the early and mids definitely created a new beast. Bonita January 27, at 6: I'd love to see her branch out more. The second drama actually gives you a glimpses of how they build idols in this entertainment industry.